stitches on his arm and a black eye

saltystarfish  asked:

*offers a box of random goodies, from medical scalpels, to a bicycle horn, to a one-eyed green teddy bear that looks stitched together from the remains of other less fortunate stuffed animals* No question for you today, just some things I thought you might like in appreciation for you always being so good to your Raisins. Thank you, Anti.

“T͜h́is̸ ̕is̛ t͢he sw͢eet́est́ gift any̶o̡n̷e̛'͢s ͘e̡ve̡r gotte̶n̸ ̶m͠e.̀ I'̶l̴l͠ ad̡m͡it,̀ i͡ţ is, l͡ikè, ̀t̡h̸e ͏o͟nly͢ g͝if̸t͠, ͟bưt̴ still̸.” He grabbed up the mangled teddy in his arms as a small, black tear leaked from one eye. “Tha҉nk̡ ýou̴,̛ de͠ar͞i҉e.͠”

anonymous asked:

Will you please write puppy play with pup ty and him calling josh alpha?

the plain black collar digs into the soft flesh of tyler’s throat, still loose enough for him to breathe, but tight enough for josh to see how the skin dips just beneath the stitched edges, how his pulse is jumping at the hollow of his throat.

he’s curled up on the sofa, tv playing flashing lights across his face and bare torso, fractured images on the reflective glass top of the coffee table. dark eyes stare unblinking at the television and one tan leg is curled atop the other, arms clutching an old, frayed pillow.

josh clears his throat and tyler perks up immediately, nose twitching, searching the living room doorway. “thought i told you puppy’s aren’t supposed to climb on the furniture.”

with a yip, tyler is off the sofa and scrambling across the carpet on hands and knees, tongue wagging out and eyes bright and wide.

josh flicks the overhead light on so they can see each other better.

tyler is wearing a pair of plain black briefs, leaning up onto his knees and letting his hands rest on the waistband of josh’s jeans, nuzzling his nose into the denim just beside his crotch.

josh cards gentle fingers through his dark hair and then rests his hand at the back of tyler’s head. “what d’you say, pup?”

tyler has to clear his throat, walking on his knees so he’s fully settled between josh’s feet. “’m sorry, alpha. it won’t happen again.”

Black Masquerade | Staying Alive

Jess sipped her drink and waited for the booze to unclench her back. Maybe it was impolite but all the undead just really set her on edge. She wore her ‘costume’, a half-a-size-to-small shirt of an eye-burning pink and ‘Camp One-Eye’ written in gold. A black skinny jeans and green sneakers completed the outfit. The black, rune stitched, wrappings covering her arms from hand to elbow did fit the jeans, but were not strictly part of it. More…insurance.

I can’t wait to see Jarl trying to look unperturbed by this. Wonder if he knows he has this little vein popping on his head if he does.

With a grunt, she ex-ed her drink and put the glass down. Well, maybe some dancing would help her relax.