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Ameb is back (from hospital)

I got released early, which is a blessing (cuz fuck cannulas in general), tho I still need to take it easy next week.

Thank you all for your kind comments and asks, i read them all, thank you so much, you’re the best <3

I’ll slowly get back to my old self, duncha worry!

And here is the second one! As suggested by M. In the Providence Ice chat 😁
I actually managed to finish it in one day bc a terrible headache kept me home and all the notes and comments on the previous one kept me motivated ♡ now I just gotta find a cute lace to add and it’s done! (I also need to iron it ssshh)

If you’re interested in buying this or other Check Please related cross stitch, stay tuned! I’ll set up a shop as soon as I figure out how to price them! (Cross stitch is tricky bc it’s really time consuming but if I were to price it by the hour I doubt anyone would buy it 😟)

Again, thank you for the wonderful comments and tags on the other piece, I hope you like this too!


The anatomy of a Mamoru smile.

But no I mean really, look at that smile developing with aggressive application of Usagi to resident irritation. Look at how it changes the most in his eyes. Look at how it goes super soft and gentle and made of affecton. And just keep in mind that Mamoru smiles used to be rare as hens’ teeth, but each progressive season it happens more and more, as he discovers that it’s actually okay to be happy.


I think this is the best bookbinding I’ve done.

So everything I’ve read about bookbinding always says “paper grain is the most important thing!” and I’ve always thought “psh, whatever it can’t be THAT big of a deal.”

Paper grain is THE most important thing.

I also used binder clips to make sure my stitching job stayed nice and tight, I used more glue because I think I’ve been undergluing and after backing it with brown paper I let the text block dry in my book press.

I reused the headbands, but that didn’t quite work because i kept my book thinner, as I’m going to do collage work in it.

I used the first page as my end paper but that didn’t work well in an old book with a smaller text block so it creased. oh well.

I also cut my pages too small, but I don’t really care you can see the old endpaper. Next time (I have 3 of these encyclopedias) I might find a way to keep it



anonymous asked:

tell us about your ocs please!!!

:000000 oml this is like a dream i never thought i would get this but um…

aaaa theres so many but i guess i should start with my fursona??? 

his name is extra and i play with his design a lot , but he has a set of stitches that stay in one order/// he isn’t really a dog or anything, i never gave him a specific species i just call him “canine” ,,, he is missing his let back leg but i draw it a lot just for the sake of symmetry,, and he has highbloog pressure so he bleeds from his nose eternally. um extra has no defined personality because he represents me, and im kinda fickle, but he represents my inner feelings and is un-accustom to change and adjustment, he also quits a lot when one thing goes wrong, like me and tend to be kinda childish and he has an alternate color palette which is actually the color palette of my persona, or how i draw myself….. his best friend is names chernobyl (ALSO i always furget to mention this but canocially he has human hands, not like as in anthro form but as in feral. human hands covered in fur, and his pinky is painted red.) 

chernobyl is kinda quiet but not shy, and is a born leader/responsible person!!! he is kinda small but loves to read/carries a simple life, living in a small village. a curse was placed on h im and his innards have turned into stone, so he can’t die but rather chips hims, but thoose pieces of rock float in place, so he will never die but just break into so many tiny pieces loose consciousness,, but later in his life he is cured, and his predicament never really bothered him.

chernobyl has a brother, noodle 

who’s in collage, i have this one’s story planned out until he dies but basically he becomes friends with this dude named HI, and they eventually start a band, go on tour after collage, and then the bands popularity kinda fades,,, noodle is really tall and quiet like his younger brother, but can be kinda immature sometimes, and never really wants to do any work, but he’s a smart kid and kind at heart 

noodle (also know as noods because of a joke) has a friend named hi 

hi is shorter than nood’s and a bit more stocker/muscley he loves football and is a great team player but can have really heated strong opinions about certain things, and can be oblivious to when he makes ppl uncomfortable sometimes. he is noodles best friend/and band mate,,, 

noodle and HI date for a while in collage and after but break up and remain best friends until the end. their sexualities are presumed straight, but are left undefined because they did have romantic relationships. they could possibly be bi i dunno id rather leave it at that. 

so um kale is a french horse like creature that moved to england to study. he is kinda quiet and shy but is a bit spoiled because he comes from a family with riches. he doesn’t like interacting with ppl, but soon learns to be more confident with himself and others

vvv kale

he has a boyfriend, mantle , who was kicked out of his house, and lives in an apartment on his own. mantel started off as one of those typical “edgy punk teenagers” and his delinquency earned him an addiction to weed and a small shitty apartment. this of course happens before kale moves to that school, but its NOT kale who “helps him”. manatels best friend, midnight, helps him though his addiction ,a dn back onto his feet. he wears a pair of earrings she bought him, as a remembrance of what she did for him. now, a lot more mature, gavin still has an edgy punk look, but is a lot more chill. when you get to know him though, you learn that he’s just a big dope that worries about his friends ;;v;; 

vvvv manatel 

and finally, midnight is manatels best friend, a cynical girl who is not quick to be friends with anyone, and has a rather sour look on life. she does not take bullshit and is very independent, leading a club after school (lmao sorry for the ancient pictures) she gives manatel a pair of pink star earrings, and helps him to work with his addiction. 

well i mean these are the characters i draw the most i guess but i have around 100 characters, which annoying me,, i would trash most of them but im too attached to them;;;0;;;;; i also don’t like my characters because their all dogs or dog like creatures and i hate that ;;;v;;; um i draw a lot of these chara’s so if you have a specific one ur curious about please just ask me 

Self Stitch Safety

Since I post pictures of my self stitching and even though I clearly tell people not to try it without learning the ropes I still feel obligated to explain the way to do it safely so if people try it they at least have a basic guide

☠️Preparation ☠️
1. Use a small small needle, thin thread and GLOVES
2. Use alcohol wipes to wipe the needle down before and after each use.
3. Keep scissors handy, if you experience any pain, cut the thread and remove it all.
1. Thread the needle carefully, tie off one end.
2. This is very important, use ONLY your palms and feet. The way skin stitching stays harmless is by puncturing the epidermis -first layer- of skin. On hands and feet the thickets layers of callous exist on the body. Meaning it can be pierced with no lasting or painful damage. For the people who point out that I use my thigh occasionally, I have bad nerve damage there and feel no pain in that area. Please do not mimic this, it will hurt you.
3. Pay close attention to the needle placement and make sure you are comfortable and -if using your foot- you are in a position that you won’t have to move from until you are finished.

1. Do not for any reason EVER leave the thread in your body for extended periods of time. Finish your project, photograph it or enjoy it for a moment, AND THEN TAKE IT OUT.
2. Cut in between the entry points to patches of thread to make removal easier and cleaner. Don’t pull it all out at once or rip it out. Patiently remove it all in small patches and use tweezers if necessary.

☠️Clean up☠️
1. Wipe down the needle with alcohol wipes, put into a sealed container.
2. Wipe down the site of the stitching with alcohol as well and if it’s feeling tender run under cool water and put on a tiny bit of moisturizer.
So please if you are gonna try this follow these basic guidelines for safely and cleanliness. Thank you!