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etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.10.17

leather blueprint tube by walnutstudiolo

i heart the bespoke vibe of walnutstudiolo’s varied leather-and-wood wares — from travel games to bike accessories to this high-end blueprint or artwork tube, you’re bound to fall in love with their helpful items, too.


RETURN OF THE JEDI: After meeting the young Ewok Wicket, Leia returns to his village where she is given a new dress to wear, crafted by the Ewoks. While the dress is made from simple, natural materials like animal hides, it possesses a rustic beauty. Leather sandals and two braids interwoven with leather complete Leia’s look.

DESIGN: To create a dress that looked like it could have been made on Endor, stitcher Laurie Rudd used chamois leather with an integrated crepe blouse.  The dress was stitched together and then leather was handsewn over the seams to create a primitive, decorative cross-stitch pattern.  This is Leia’s last costume in the Original Trilogy, and its informal, casual nature is representative of the peaceful conclusion of the saga.

Green is the Colour


Clara Velvet Collar Check Dress ℅ Joanie Clothing ✶ Tabbisocks Snowflakes Textile Knee Socks ✶ Vintage Velvet Beret via Fabgabs on EtsyBrit Stitch Half Pint Leather Satchel ASOS Suede Clogs

I’d been admiring all the cute and elegant offerings from Joanie Clothing for the past few months, ever since I saw their pieces on Em of Terrible Tumbles but this is the first time I tried on anything by them. I might be a little bit in love! Vintage clothing has forever been my jam, but plus size vintage clothes are hard to get hold of, especially from the pre-80s era. Which is why I always appreciate it when contemporary pieces somehow capture the feel of vintage without going overboard - like this green plaid dress from Joanie Clothing. I mean, look, it has a velvet collar and pockets! 

While plus size fashion is a lot more diverse now in terms of aesthetic than it was even 3 or 4 years ago, I still find that there’s a lack of cute, classic pieces. Stuff that’s simply cut with attention to detail and a general air of vintage. The Clara velvet collar dress ticks all those boxes. I sized upto the 20 as I wanted it to hang a little loosely on me, but it’s not necessary! The dress is quite roomy and the fabric is the stretchy, woolly, flannelly (not a real word) kind. 

I completed the outfit with a vintage velvet beret to offset the velvet collar, my favourite new pair of knee socks from Tabbisocks, low heel leather clogs, and my Brit Stitch satchel to match the red on my ankles. (Sticking quite doggedly to the fifth item rule, apparently!)

All photos by Shutter Diaries, Bangalore.

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彡☆ day 2/365; it’s day 2 of the year 2017 and i must say that i’m already dreading to go back to uni! i’m honestly scared of what awaits me this semester and i hope i’ll make it through ㅋㅋㅋ anyway, i’ve been re-writing a few of my notes from the past semesters (you can also see my little doodles!) and it’s quite therapeutic, tbh (it’s makes my head feel less messy). and the notebook that i used for rewriting my notes is the notebook that i made!!! ta-daah! i just bought the grid paper from muji and i stitched it to this leather that i found at home (i’ll probably show what it looks like from the outside soon hehe). also, i’ll be repainting my room tomorrow!!! i’m just really excited right now and i feel like i won’t get to sleep tonight!!! hope you all have a happy day! (ノ´ з `)ノ


A Basilard

Based on several monuments of the mid-to-late XIVth century (mainy in Frankfurt and Vienna) ; the diamond section blade is made of hig-carbon steel. Oak wood and mild steel for the handle, with the top and bottom plates nailed (with square-section nails, as befitting to the period) to the handle.

The scabbard is vegetable tanned leather, hand-stitched, iron acetate-dyed ; very plain, with no decoration nor ferrules, as visible on the Frankfurt sculpure.

355 mm overall for a 210 mm blade (28 mm wide at its base).

Basé sur diverses sculptures du mileu du XIVe siècle (principalement à Francfort et Vienne) ; la lame est en acier au carbone, et la poignée est faite de chêne. Les plaques supérieures et inférieures y sont clouées avec des pointes à section carrée.

Le fourreau, sans ornement aucun conformément à l'exemple de Francfort, est en cuir tanné végétal, noirci à l'acétate de fer, cousu main.

New assembly process makes the Norseman Crafts axe frogs more durable than any others i’ve seen to date at Renaissance faires

These and more new items now available in the shop:


Today’s brief:

| Lighting |

Yesterday’s design, delayed post

Image 1: Machined brass base with stitched leather shade. Lamp pivots around brass pin to adjust the direction of light.

300mm tall

280mm wide

100mm deep

Image 2: Adding lights into the scene make it look more dramitic but they also increase the render times significantly. This render took 90 seconds with the light off, 14 minutes with the light on. It has many more reflections, rays and shadows to calculate that my normal hour/hour and a half is blowing out big time this week.

Image 3: There was no way i was rendering these 10 frames with the light source on. It would’ve cast some pretty cool moving shadows though.


Raven LARP Costume

I started building this together about 5 months ago for my raven beast-kin Kircha.
The head-dress was designed by me and stitched with the help of a friend due to my shakey hands. I collected the bone and wood beads and threaded them into necklaces and decoration as well a stitching them into the loin cloth I stitched together from scrap leather and an old potato sack.
The poncho from a charity shop. The gloves and feather boa from Amazon. The mask is leather and I found it on Ebay.
I bought the beautiful chest feathers from etsy (her work is amazing);

Photos taken by a friend. :)

Glenfiddich 50 Years Old

A true legacy whisky, this extraordinary expression has been created from some of Glenfiddich’s rarest and most precious family casks. Exclusively handcrafted for DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits, this is a whisky like no other. After five decades spent quietly maturing in oak casks, Malt Master Brian Kinsman deemed it had reached a patient perfection. Bottled at cask strength, only two hand-numbered decanters will ever be created, its rarity and individuality available nowhere else in the world, and celebrated in every precious drop. As you would expect from Glenfiddich, each luxurious decanter is cast in the  nest Baccarat crystal, hand-blown by expert craftsmen. It is crowned by a stunning triangular stopper in very rare red crystal. The final touch is a deep red hand-stitched leather box. The owner will also receive a leather box containing two 5cl bottles of the precious liquid.


Finished commission for @roterwolkenvogel I was basically given carte blanch to do whatever I wanted as long it fell under the ‘warrior’ umbrella. This is what I came up with. I made everything except the doll. I also don’t have a head that fits this body so you’ll have to forgive that.

Outfit includes:
Quilted gambeson/saddle pad, front and sides
Chainmail cover
Stitched leather belt
Back woven pad with armor
Woven leg covers
Front leg shin covers
Leather and fur corset
Woven belt
Shoulder pauldron

A winter outfit for Maeve, of LDB infamy.
The outfit features long boots with the bootlegs wrapped closed with rags to keep snow from getting in. Thick knee length fur breeches follow, sewn together from alternating slips of dyed and plain fur.
The upper body is covered with a padded gambeson, with a fur-lined, heavy, sleeveless, leather vest with a few reinforcing pieces of hardened leather stitched on to it on top. The gambeson can be seen covering the arms. The pauldrons and gauntlets are made of an outward sheet of hardened leather, with a cut from a pelt stitched to the inside for padding and warmth.

The original lineart was a bit out of proportion, I tinkered ot fix it, but it probably could use more fine tuning… Oh well. x'p

I was at first going for a darker color theme, or deeper red and whatnot… But it wasn’t really panning out, so I resorted to an actual color scheme designing tool, and eh. Eh… Maybe I’ll try that again in the future… <u<