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Come Here - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Can you write one where you think jughead looks amazing in the south side jacket and you let him know and you always pull him by the jacket to kiss him

A/N — I could not get over this request, that finale episode of Riverdale last night FUCKED me up so bad like… can Jughead not get any hotter it’s great and I’m actually loving it. Also, this contains spoilers (duh) since it’s based on episode 13 so if you haven’t watched it yet I’d recommend not to read it if you haven’t watched it yet. Anyway I hope you enjoy this imagine and it may or may not turn into some sort of smut (?), and I’ve changed this up a bit so I hope you don’t mind.

Words: 1050

Warnings: Heavy make out

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (H/C) , (E/C) - Your name, your last name, hair colour, eye colour.

Riverdale was finally coming to a peace. The mystery of Jason Blossom’s murder finally came to a close and all was calm. (Y/N), Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica all sat in a booth at Pop’s sipping on a milkshake flavour of their choice. This whole year, you and Jughead got closer and closer due to working on the case with him and the rest of the gang trying to figure out the murder of Jason. Spending long hours alone with you and your crush at the Blue and Gold after school made you really realise your feelings about him and how it affected you. One night, (Y/N) and Jughead stayed together investigating down at Sweetwater River and shared a kiss since the two of you knew that there was sexual tension was there with them. Ever since that incident they haven’t touched each other since. Sure, every time they have a moment alone they always wonder who’s leading who first, but the both of you were two shy at that moment.

After Pop’s, Archie walked Veronica, Betty went home to join her family for dinner and Jughead took (Y/N) to his FP’s house in the Southside. When Jughead broke the news to everyone that he got transferred to Southside High and live with his new foster family instead of living in Riverdale with Archie and his dad. Everyone was shocked and devastated by the news but not as much as (Y/N). So this was her only chance to try express her feelings towards him before he leaves since she doesn’t know when she’ll ever see him again. He bent down to the doormat in front of the door, picking up a key and digging it into the door. The house was still knocked around and ruined since he last came and had his breakdown, making Jughead get chills. You knew something was bothering him, so you walked over and held onto his arm.

“Hey Juggie, are you okay?” You asked him, looking up into his green eyes with your (E/C) ones. He sighed deeply, taking off his familiar crown-shaped beanie and throwing it to the ground.

“I don’t know, I mean… I’m not feeling it. This place just reminds me of him, y’know. This may be my last time ever coming here, (Y/N), since I have no idea how long my dad will be in jail for and I’ll be living with my foster family.” He brushed a hand through his hair as he explained to her the situation. He sat down on FP’s couch, holding his face in his hands as shortly after, you joined him.

“H-Hey, Jug? Since this may be the last time I talk to you for a while, God knows how long, I just wanted to get something straight. Since we kissed at Sweetwater River that one night, I literally have not stopped thinking about you. I’ve had this feeling about you for, I don’t know, months now. You make me so happy every time I see you and it makes me smile knowing that you actually acknowledge me. I guess,” (Y/N) paused. “I guess I love you, Jughead. I love you, Jughead Jones.”  You finally admitted. He stared at you, before you noticed his lips creep up into a smile as he scooted over to you, placing his hand on yours as he stroked his thumb against your soft skin.

“I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He smirked at you, making you bite your lip. And just like that, you found your lips back on his once again. The familiar sensation running through your body sent tingles down your spine as it did for him as well. He moved his hand from yours to your left cheek as the kiss deepened. You felt yourself smile in the kiss as your tongues intertwined.

As the two of you both pulled away, he smirked leaning over and pulling you onto his lap and kissed you passionately once again in his arms. You pulled his face against yours again connecting each others lips. He moved his hands to grip onto your shirt clinging at your waist as your tugged on his hair. A small groan escaped his lips, easily turning him on. He then picked you up, pushing your back against a wall as he held you up, quickly after attaching his swollen lips back at (Y/N)’s matching ones. As you tipped your head back, he kissed his way down to your neck, nibbling against your collarbone making a moan escape your lips. In the middle of leaving his mark against your burning skin until a loud knock interrupted your heavy moment, breaking up the intense moment. Jughead quickly put you down as he fixed his clothes, walking towards the door and opening it.

As (Y/N) waited for him to be finished, she quickly stood up pulling her jacket over her body as she waited behind the door to find a returning Jughead, holding his fathers Serpent jacket. He shut the door, staring down at it.

“Is it your dad’s?” You asked in curiosity. Jughead simple just nodded, still scanning his eyes over the embroidery stitched into its leather.

“Should I?” He turned his gaze to settle on her, wondering if he was to wear it. “The Serpents dropped by and gave me it. They have my back, (Y/N), does that make me one too?”

“Jug, if you want to join The Serpents that doesn’t make you a bad guy. Stop worrying, at least try on the jacket!” She gushed over him, leaning against the wall as she watched him.

Jughead stared down at the jacket, taking in it’s final details before slipping it onto his broad arms, turning to look at a mirror as he adjusted it, a smirk falling onto his lips as he turned back to look at you. “So, how do I look?”

(Y/N) smirked, taking herself off the wall as she bit her lip, strutting over to him.

“I’m loving this bad boy Jughead Jones, hopefully I get to see him more often. Come here.” She smirked back at him, pulling him to her by his jacket and leaned up to finish where they left off.

A/N — So this didn’t exactly fit the request, so hopefully this can be a part 2 sometime when I get some time to write it where the reader pulls him around by his jacket because it’s so hOt. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine although I rushed the fuck through it so please don’t mind me.

So there’s this long list of prompts, and I love all of them, so I’m going to do a bunch of them completely unprompted.

Number One: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“I can’t believe this is your dirty secret.”

Boyd raised his eyebrows, adjusting his belt. “What did you think it was?”

“I don’t know, scrapbooking? Ballroom dance? Secret piccolo prodigy?” Stiles tried to shimmy the massive wedgie out of his buttcrack, but it just slipped in further. God damn it. He was wearing way too many layers to go after it, at least two of them chainmail.

“Piccolo?” Boyd’s tone itself wasn’t threatening, but picking up a broadsword and sheathing it on his belt certainly was. It was much bigger than Stiles’ sword, that was for sure.

“Come on, dude. Do you really not see the irony of a literal werewolf LARPing? And not as a werewolf? You wouldn’t even need prosthetics!”

“It’s not roleplaying if you’re just being yourself.”

“Okay, but why roleplay when you’re already a badass? Let’s face it, if anyone here should be roleplaying, it’s the pack human who doesn’t have superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers!” Derek’s usual reflex response came from behind the curtain, and then he added, “Are you sure you didn’t give me Kira’s outfit?”

Boyd rolled his eyes like they were the ones being unreasonable here. “Yes, I’m still sure. Come out.”

Stiles couldn’t actually hear it, but it was like a sixth sense by now; he knew Derek sighed before yanking back the crookedly hanging sheet that served as a dressing room in a corner of their massive canvas pack tent.

“So, the skirt is supposed to be this short.”

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the loft was heavy with navy blue as the sun set, all contrasted by the flickering light of yellow gold candles close to the windows and scattered throughout the living room. the light was catching on the tight lines between magnus’s eyebrows as he stood near the window, a glass of whiskey in his fingertips and a darkness underneath his eyes. it had been about an hour since magnus had stepped through a portal back into the loft after a day spent halfway across the globe, negotiating the unlawful imprisonment of a warlock in the london institute. the warlock was free, but magnus’s shoulders still had the tight clawing pain of stress clinging to them. his neck was tense, his jaw tight and his whole body felt like it had been straining against his anger for entirety of the day. which was because it had been.

the alcohol was numbing his tongue, thick, warm and fuzzy but it didn’t seem to be doing much else for the rest of him. all he could think about was sinking into bed but his mind was abuzz, flipping through too many thoughts, too many feelings. he knew the minute his head hit the pillow it would only get worse. all of those thoughts would grow into a roar that would make it impossible to slip off to sleep. so he brought the glass to his lips slowly and took another long sip, the silk of his shirt shifting, a huge sliver of his chest showing as he took another slow, heavy breath.

when it happened, he felt it. that familiar tremor in his wards, the shift of a certain person through his lofts protections. it made his eyelids dip just slightly but he was too lost in his own thoughts to acknowledge it, turning and heading back over to the bar cart to pour himself another whisky. he was just pulling the top off of the decanter when he heard the click of the door and then when he finished pouring himself a glass, the thud of footsteps slow across the floor echoed towards him. so he was ready when alec pressed up against him, arms sliding slow around his waist, his chest pressed to his back. “hey you.”

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etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 3.10.17

leather blueprint tube by walnutstudiolo

i heart the bespoke vibe of walnutstudiolo’s varied leather-and-wood wares — from travel games to bike accessories to this high-end blueprint or artwork tube, you’re bound to fall in love with their helpful items, too.

anonymous asked:

Hi! How did you make the boot straps for your Kanda cosplay? :o

Hello Anon! I used leather. I’ll give you a breakdown of exactly what I did and what materials I used, because I’m trying to start compiling a list of leather tutorials for beginners, and these straps are a great starter project!

Here’s the reference image I had to work from:

And here’s what my straps look like:

Tools/supplies you’ll need:

The main technique used is called saddle stitching. Because the leather is too thick for most home sewing machines, you need to punch the holes with the chisel set and then sew them by hand using a saddle stitch. It’s much easier to watch this than to try and explain it. This is a great youtube tutorial explaining the double-needle method, which is what I prefer!

To punch the leather, line up your chisel punch against the edge where you want the holes, on top of your cutting board, and hammer the chisel set with the poly mallet until the chisel set has gone all the way through your leather strap. You should be doing this on a flat, concrete surface, like a sidewalk (or, in my case, my cement fireplace). It’s very loud, be wary of your neighbors/roommates/family when you’re punching leather. Don’t do this on your countertop, desk, carpet, etc. Concrete is the best.

Once the holes are punched, you use two needles to thread in opposite directions from one end of the leather to the other. Watch that youtube tutorial for a better explanation haha.

Hand stitch leather needles are blunt at the end that would normally be sharp, so you can really wrestle with them and not hurt yourself. If you find that the needles are hard to push through, you probably haven’t punched the holes deep enough. Repunch them and try again! You can also use needle nose pliers to help you.

Now, for the straps themselves. With the saddle stitch technique in mind, it’s a little easier to see how I put mine together:

I started by assembling the top strap to the rings, fitting it over the boot as I wore it. Then came the bottom strap, and finally the strap that fastens with the buckle around the back of my heel.

What’s great about making these straps is that you don’t really have to cut the leather to any extreme amount, and you don’t have to dye anything. If you’re worried about screwing up, you can always make a pattern with craft foam first. It’s got a similar weight/flexibility to leather, but it’s tons cheaper!

I hope this is an okay explanation. Let me know if you need any more advice!


RETURN OF THE JEDI: After meeting the young Ewok Wicket, Leia returns to his village where she is given a new dress to wear, crafted by the Ewoks. While the dress is made from simple, natural materials like animal hides, it possesses a rustic beauty. Leather sandals and two braids interwoven with leather complete Leia’s look.

DESIGN: To create a dress that looked like it could have been made on Endor, stitcher Laurie Rudd used chamois leather with an integrated crepe blouse.  The dress was stitched together and then leather was handsewn over the seams to create a primitive, decorative cross-stitch pattern.  This is Leia’s last costume in the Original Trilogy, and its informal, casual nature is representative of the peaceful conclusion of the saga.

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 9

Past Posts

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Items 26 - 30

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41.      Axe of the Wild Swing

Weapon (Greataxe), Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Barbarian

A monstrous axe so beaten and war-torn it looks like it would shatter if it hit a solid object. Magic energy of true chaos binds the steel together keeping it razor sharp for centuries of war and storage. This weapon gains +3 damage to all damage rolls and it considered magic for the purpose of resistances. When the creature attuned to this magic item decides to use its “Reckless Attack” feature it gains the following benefits depending on how much it beats its targets AC by.

If the attack beats the creatures AC By

3 – 4 - The attack deals an additional 2 damage

5 - 6 - The target does not gain advantage when attacking the player next round as per “Reckless Attack”

7 – 8 - The player may knock the target back up to 10 feet or knock them prone, or both.

9 + Deal an additional damage die (Does not stack with critical hit)

Critical Hit – Pick two of these effects to apply to the attack.

42.      Ring of Goblin Drawing

Wondrous Item (Ring), Uncommon

A ring made of plain silver, to all races besides goblins this ring appears to be mundane despite being finely crafted, with a fine polish. Goblins within 1 mile can sense that this ring is in their premises and know the general direction of the ring. As they get approach 1,000 feet from the ring thy learn more specific details about the location. Every day at some point 1d4 goblins will approach the wearer of this ring – and attempt to attain the ring by swindling, offering what little money they have or force.

43.      Warhol’s Mask of Abstraction

Wondrous Item (Mask), Uncommon

This mask is flesh coloured face of an expressionless humanoid, a player can paint this mask in any fashion they want with the paint vanishing from the mask within 24 hours of being painted. When the player wearing this mask makes a performance check they become proficient in performance and has advantage on this roll. (If already proficient, double proficiency) – the performance a true unfiltered expression of the current socio-economic state and the decline of the human condition. However any audience viewing the performance will automatically view it as though the total skill check was 1 (Do not apply bonuses), as the player wails, screeches, coo’s and hisses for their entertainment.

If a creature viewing the performance has an intelligence score of 18 or higher, they see the performance for its true beauty and the regular roll applies.

44.      Ethereal Shopkeep

Wondrous Item (Small Box), Rare

A small wooden box completely unmarked with a lid that opens on hinges. When opened it summons a dealer of goods from the astral realm. The inventory of the merchant is up to the DM, ranging from a seller of common goods, to black smiths or magic item dealers. Regardless of the store the items are vastly overpriced, and the merchants don’t take to well to bartering. The box can be opened at any time in any place – and the items sold to them are appropriate to the realm they’re in.

45.      Shlaga of Shlagnicking

Weapon (Club), Uncommon, Requires Attunement

A large heavy piece of bone or rock wrapped in leather and stitched, its handle is a leather wrapped piece of steel crudely attached to the head. This club is a +1/+1 magical weapon that delas 1d6 damage instead of 1d4. When a creature is surprise attacked with this weapon, they must make a constitution saving throw, on a fail they are knocked unconscious for 1 hour. The save DC is equal to the damage dealt on the attack+Strength

Space Tailor

The Guardians of the Galaxy fic I mentioned inspired by a throwaway line and this guy.

The tailor sat in his area, quietly stitching together the boots he’d been working on for himself for months. Between new crew members that joined up and old crew members that ruined their suits, he hadn’t had a moment to work on his own gear in quite some time. It never helped that half the time he’d get started on a suit for a new crew member just to have them quit, die, or get jettisoned into space.

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Green is the Colour


Clara Velvet Collar Check Dress ℅ Joanie Clothing ✶ Tabbisocks Snowflakes Textile Knee Socks ✶ Vintage Velvet Beret via Fabgabs on EtsyBrit Stitch Half Pint Leather Satchel ASOS Suede Clogs

I’d been admiring all the cute and elegant offerings from Joanie Clothing for the past few months, ever since I saw their pieces on Em of Terrible Tumbles but this is the first time I tried on anything by them. I might be a little bit in love! Vintage clothing has forever been my jam, but plus size vintage clothes are hard to get hold of, especially from the pre-80s era. Which is why I always appreciate it when contemporary pieces somehow capture the feel of vintage without going overboard - like this green plaid dress from Joanie Clothing. I mean, look, it has a velvet collar and pockets! 

While plus size fashion is a lot more diverse now in terms of aesthetic than it was even 3 or 4 years ago, I still find that there’s a lack of cute, classic pieces. Stuff that’s simply cut with attention to detail and a general air of vintage. The Clara velvet collar dress ticks all those boxes. I sized upto the 20 as I wanted it to hang a little loosely on me, but it’s not necessary! The dress is quite roomy and the fabric is the stretchy, woolly, flannelly (not a real word) kind. 

I completed the outfit with a vintage velvet beret to offset the velvet collar, my favourite new pair of knee socks from Tabbisocks, low heel leather clogs, and my Brit Stitch satchel to match the red on my ankles. (Sticking quite doggedly to the fifth item rule, apparently!)

All photos by Shutter Diaries, Bangalore.

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anonymous asked:

mike driving ginny home after a night of partying & their obvious connection becomes too much for them

all right, go with me on this one. it’s a little weird, but i kinda like it. It’s more of a movie montage than anything? Listen to this while you read if you like! 

a wordless, unspoken poem | ao3

Mike Lawson leans back against the bar, a bottle of beer that had ceased to sweat nearly twenty minutes ago in one of his hands. His eyes scan the crowd, not in interest, but seeking out someone specific. 

He finds her and one corner of his mouth tilts up. Not quite a smile, but certainly a hint of fondness.

Across the crowded room, Ginny Baker looks up from the conversation she’s having with Sonny and Blip, like she’s aware of the attention on her. His attention, specifically. None of the many stares pointed her way seem to affect her the way his does. Her eyes catch on Mike’s and that same tilt takes over her lips. 

Mike quirks a brow and Ginny’s head ducks. She glances up and Mike shrugs. A smile, a real one, brighter than the neon signage decorating the walls, breaks across her face and Mike’s eyes roll. She shakes her head, finally catching the attention of the two men closest to her. They take one look at where her attention is, though, and there’s another round of head shaking. 

Not that either Mike or Ginny notice.

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Cassandra Pentaghast Under Shirt & Vest

This is for the anon who asked about the undershirt (and vest) for my Cassandra cosplay! Again, I am not great at explaining so here are more pictures! Luckily, I took quite a few of my progress! :)

For Cassandra’s undershirts, I did a long sleeve shirt (top right photo) and a vest with pointed sleeves (bottom right). I had to start with the undershirt first so that I could figure out both the vest and the armour, and how they all looked layered on top of one another. I do most of my patterning from scratch but I am sure there are quite a few patterns out there that work as a base to start with. I always do mock-ups with cheap fabric first to make sure the fit/size is right - which you can see in the first pictures below!

I wanted the look of Cassandra’s ‘seamless’ collar (top left & right), so I added front panels and facings to my undershirt with the seams for the collar only on the shoulders and back (where the seams would be hidden). The brown collar straps (bottom left) are sewn into one of the side collar seams and then wrapped around the neck and closed with snaps. The brown straps are also tacked down so they stay in place. The white strap behind is just tacked down and stuck in place with velcro. The shirt is closed with a simple zipper and hook and eye (bottom right) which you can’t see once the whole costume is on.

The sleeves were one of the hardest parts of the costume for me. I wanted to imitated the look of leather stitching on the sleeve seams (top left) but since the arms are an area with lots of tension and my base fabric has some stretch to it, I used wide flat elastic so I would be able to move my arms and so it wouldn’t pull. Next, I had to do the criss cross straps on the arms (top right & bottom left). This part was basically a lot of trial and error of getting the straps to sit flat and not move around too much while wearing them but still having movement in my arms. The undervest (bottom right) was pretty simple; using a raglan style sleeve and stiff fabric I was able to get the pointed shoulders to sit nicely. (I found the quilted purple fabric and HAD TO use it even though no one would actually see it as part of the costume. :P) The collar was made with the same purple as the undershirt and a thick interfacing + batting to make it stand up on its own. I finished the vest with lining and raw edge bias binding and the front is closed using a leather cord and grommets.

Here are a couple of extra details. Back of undervest (top left), adding grommets to the arm straps (top right), elbow patch on sleeve (bottom left), pointed shoulder detail on vest with studs and stitching (bottom right).

You can also find my Cassandra Pentaghast Breastplate & Backplate Armour Mini ‘Tutorial’ HERE and also some costume close-ups HERE!

Thanks so much for your questions and comments!

Standing studio portrait of an unidentified Native American Ute man wearing moccasins, beaded leggings, breechcloth, beaded vest, decoratively stitched and beaded leather gloves with fringe, headdress, and a ferret(?) skin around his neck. - 1880/1910

New assembly process makes the Norseman Crafts axe frogs more durable than any others i’ve seen to date at Renaissance faires

These and more new items now available in the shop:

The Signs as Textures

Aries: Flexible rubber of a tire just barely in need of air
Taurus: Stacks of terra cotta pots lining shelves in the gardening section
Gemini: Sugary foaminess of whipped cream mashed against the roof of your mouth
Cancer: Cotton circle skirts of sundresses swishing in summer
Leo: Delicate softness of a cat’s pink underbelly
Virgo: Sticky glossiness of photographs on the wall
Libra: Smooth porcelain of fine china on the top shelf
Scorpio: Heavy and domineering cast iron of an ancient gate
Sagittarius: Leather seats stitched into a high class car
Capricorn: Wool lining an old bomber jacket
Aquarius: Granular gravel of roof shingles holding up stargazers
Pisces: Acrylic paint plastered and swirled on a tall canvas

Something Familiar - Chp 6

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Marinette bent to set the last candle around her rug, marking the north point.  "Okay, Chat Noir.  Can you join me in the center?“

He’d been watching from his hammock since their snuggle.  He was neither put off by the sewing machine, nor curious enough to get closer.  His gaze had become more intent once she started preparing her casting space.  He hopped down and sat in the center of the round rug, in front of her little altar, watching her.  She wondered if he’d known he needed to be on that side, or if it had been luck.  Either way, it was an auspicious start.

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