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Stitched - Part 1

Part 2

Eisuke Ichinomiya. Kana despised that man. He took the last shred of happiness Kana had, all for himself. Never did Kana want to see him unless it was completely unavoidable. This was just that moment. Standing at the entrance to the Tres Spades, Kana knew this was a last resort option, but perhaps it was better than remaining at that place.

Hoisting the duffle bag up, Kana braved the decision and stepped into the hotel. It was early in the evening, but even so the lobby was still buzzing a fair bit. Ignoring the greetings of staff, and the few questioning glances, Kana made a beeline for the elevators.

Mashing the penthouse button, Kana groaned when the button didn’t light up. Muttering a few choice curses before exiting the elevator, Kana headed for the reception desk.

“I’m sorry the penthouse rooms are all completely booked.” The receptionist said, Kana had to hold back a scoff, knowing that was a lie, “I can offer you a suite on the 50th floor.”

“I don’t want a room I just need to get into the penthouse!” Kana demanded, smacking the top of the counter.

The outburst took the receptionist back a bit, and she seemed a little frightened.

“What seems to be the issue here?” Kana sighed happily at the familiar voice. Mr Kenzaki would surely help out. Upon turning to face the manager, Kenzaki immediately took it upon himself to guide Kana to the penthouse personally.

“I was under the impression you were given a key to the penthouse.” Kenzaki observed as they rode the elevator up.

“I refused to accept it.” Kana mumbled, almost ashamed to be running to the Tres Spades.

“Three times?”

“Whatever. I won’t be here long anyway.”

Upon reaching floor 51, Kenzaki stepped out but Kana didn’t, “I assume you came here for a reason?”

Sighing, Kana stepped out and followed Kenzaki to the penthouse lounge.

“Excuse me, Mr Ichinomiya?” Kenzaki announced before Kana even had a chance to enter.

“What is it Kenzaki? I don’t recall calling for you.” Eisuke called back. Kana sighed. He didn’t seem irritable. Good.

“I have a visitor with me.”

“Nor do I recall having a meeting.” Eisuke pointed out.

“He never said it was for you.” A voice Kana recognised as Ota’s called out.

Stepping aside, Kenzaki then let Kana enter.

“Kana?” The men in the lounge all exclaimed unanimously.

“I don’t believe Miss Kana is here to see either of you.” Kenzaki bowed before leaving. Clutching her bag awkwardly in front of her, Kana stared at her feet. Her last visit to the Tres Spades hadn’t exactly been spectacular.

“Hi.” She said shyly.

Before anyone could say anything more, shouting from upstairs interrupted them.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S GONE?” Silence followed before a woman stumbled quickly down the stairs from the penthouse suite, “Eisuke!” She exclaimed, tears already rolling down her face, “Kana she-” almost in sync with each other, the men all pointed behind her, where Kana now stood.

Without a second thought, dropping her bag, Kana also broke down into tears as she ran to the woman, who caught her in a tight embrace, “Kana.” The woman breathed out in relieve as she held the girl.

“Mum.” Kana cried into her chest.

Part 2


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Stitched - Part 3

Thank you anon for noticing my stupidity ❤️

Description - Divorce is always hard, especially on the kids involved, but sometimes remarriage can be just as hard on the kids. Kana went through a hard enough time when her mother married billionaire Eisuke Ichinomiya, but that was only the beginning of her problems.

Word count - 1746

“I’m a horrible mother.” Melody repeated, her voice quieter as she looked down into her lap.

“Now why do you say that?” Eisuke’s voice held little emotion, but Melody had been with him long enough to know he was concerned.

“My daughter comes crying to me, over the heartbreak caused by her father, but I cannot provide any words of comfort. Because I did the same thing, and so much more.” The bed beside her dipped as Eisuke sat beside her, “I left Japan for three years, leaving her alone. Then I agreed to marry you without even asking her.”

“I remember the day after I actually proposed,” Eisuke began before she could continue, “you began to beat yourself up over agreeing, making me agree to put off your acceptance until you spoke with Kana. Yes, you did say yes before talking it over with her, but I had no doubt that you would have called it off if that little girl said so.”

Relaxing a little at his words, Melody rested her head on his shoulder, “You are right there. But that doesn’t change the fact I spent three years out of the country, while her father was there for her the entire time I couldn’t be.”

“You were the one who lost the court battle all those years ago. He was the one who got Kana most of the time anyway.” Eisuke was right. Melody had given in during the short court battle. She couldn’t afford a decent lawyer, and even the one she had, she couldn’t afford for very long. Her ex had explained that he had a stable job, he could afford the home they lived in, he could provide the best for Kana. So Melody had agreed to give him custody, however when she turned 15, Kana could decide what parent she wished to live with.

“I know what the legal documents say. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have been here for her.”

“You can be here for her now. All of us know have known our fair share of bad parents,” Eisuke said referring to the other auction managers, “we know you’re not one. No one as kind as you is capable of being a bad parent. Even if you make mistakes, that doesn’t make you a bad mother.”

Still doubtful of herself, Melody stayed quiet, “How about I tell you a story I’ve never told you before? A little conversation Kana and I had before I properly proposed to you.”

Kana felt groggy when she woke up the next morning, but she was used to that feeling. Crying herself to sleep wasn’t an unfamiliar practice, however she thought that she had moved past it. She spent a while just laying in bed, enjoying the cool air as she snuggled under the high quality sheets. She was reluctant to get out of bed, knowing she had school that day, and every passing minute meant she was a step closer to the eventual confrontation of her father.

When she eventually dragged herself out of bed, she found only Eisuke sitting in the lounge, drinking a cup of coffee, flicking through his tablet.

“Morning.” She greeted, heading straight for the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Eisuke greeted, looking up just in time to see her disappear into the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for Kana to emerge again, leaning against the door frame, “What do you guys eat for breakfast?”

“Isn’t there anything that suits your taste?” Eisuke asked looking back up from his tablet.

“It’s just, I’m not big on having to cook my breakfast before school.” Kana said awkwardly. She liked her sleep, so she preferred a quick breakfast, and she loved food so skipping breakfast was also not an option.

“You go get ready for school, I’ll order up some room service for you.” Eisuke said reaching for his phone, which sat on the coffee table in front of him.

“Is… is that okay?” Kana really didn’t want to intrude. No matter what Melody said. Eisuke just raised an eyebrow to her as he put the phone to his ear, before nodding to her bedroom door, indicating she do what she was told.

Shortly after the food arrived, Kana came out again dressed and ready for school and she couldn’t believe the spread before her.

“Your Mum left for work shortly before you woke up.” Eisuke explained while she gawked at the food, “She said she is working in the conference room today, but you can go see her before you go today.”

“Thank you.” Kana smiled weakly at Eisuke. He still confused her. He never showed any real fatherly affection, but she honestly didn’t expect any. He might technically be her father now also, but Kana didn’t see any reason for another father in her life, until yesterday when the thought hit her.

Her real father was replacing her. Shiho had kids who looked at her Dad like their own, together they could all be one happy family. So where did that leave Kana? She was the child left behind in a marriage that was ancient history.

“I’ve got a car waiting out front to take you to school.” Eisuke eventually spoke again when Kana had eaten her fill of breakfast. Yet she still didn’t make much of a dint in the amount he ordered up. He gently patted her on the head, “Will I be seeing you this evening?”

“Um…” Kana was taken back by his sudden contact, “I guess so?”

Nodding, Eisuke placed a plastic card on the table, then left. Once he was gone, Kana smiled. This was something she didn’t see her soon to be step-mum doing. Eisuke was making an effort. Kind of. Melody had reminded Kana a couple of times that Eisuke was strange with emotions. He didn’t know how to raise a child, and he was suddenly thrown a nine year old girl. So Kana figured he didn’t know how to handle himself around her.

Looking down at the penthouse key Eisuke had given her, she sighed. She had refused the key so many times in the past, insisting she didn’t need it. But now, maybe staying with her mother and Eisuke was the best course of action. At least for the time being.

The topic that had Kana storming out of the Tres Spades last time still rung in her mind. She was going to run out of welcoming homes soon. It was inevitable. Eisuke was a businessman, and he would want a child of his own to inherit his business. He and Melody would eventually have a child together, if not multiple, which they would surely care for more than her. The last time Kana was here, she still had her father’s arms to run to, but that was because she had blinded herself to her future step siblings. Now, he also had a new family and wouldn’t need her.

Balling her hands into fists, and then loosening them again, Kana shoved the penthouse key into her pocket before heading downstairs. She briefly stopped by the conference room to thank and say good morning to Melody. Outside the Tres Spades, there was a sleek black car waiting for her. It was nothing too fancy that would draw attention at school, so she decided to accept the ride. She went to a private school anyway, so a car such as this would fit in fairly well.

Looking out the window, watching the Tokyo scenery pass by, Kana found herself thinking about Eisuke again. She didn’t think she was being too emotional about what transpired with her father, however now she realised Eisuke wasn’t as bad as she thought. He might have taken her mother from her, but he gave her the castle she knew she would never be able to provide Melody.

Eisuke also had the decency her father and Shiho didn’t have.

It was far from formal, but Eisuke had his business mode on. Flying to Tokyo from London, Eisuke told the 12 year old to name a place the two could talk. This was the time Kana had the most hate for Eisuke. It had been months since she had seen her mother in person, and if Eisuke could just so simply fly to Tokyo to talk to a child, then he could have at least had the decency to bring Melody with him.

She had named a park, not too far from her home, but she had demanded that he bring her ice cream. Eisuke, wanting to stay on the good side of his girlfriend’s daughter, had delivered. So Kana sat happily beside him on a park bench, enjoying every bite of her large ice cream.

“I’m sure you are aware of the relationship I share with your Mum.” Eisuke said, quite formally.

“Mhmm.” Kana hummed, the spoon still in her mouth as she kicked her legs back and forth.

“And I realise that you already have a mother and father, and I do not plan on ever changing that-”

“You want to marry my Mum?” Kana interrupted , biting down on another spoonful of ice cream.

“Yes.” Eisuke was a business man, and he saw marriage as just another contract. However, he knew a contract affected more than those who signed the contract. Ever since the thought of marrying Melody crossed his mind, he was always intent on making sure those who it would affect most would agree, starting with Kana.

Kana stayed silent, taking a few more bites from her ice cream. She wasn’t Eisuke’s biggest fan at this time. She did despised and blamed him for taking her mother away from her, but she still loved her mother, and she knew how happy Melody was with Eisuke. She couldn’t wrap her head around why, but maybe that’s what made being with Eisuke so special. It was something only they understood, “I suppose it wouldn’t be all that bad.” A sigh of almost relief escaped from Eisuke when she finally spoke. “On one condition.”

Looking up suddenly, Eisuke met the gaze of the little girl. He was one of the richest men alive, he could give her nearly anything. But this 12 year old had brought fear of being denied something he wanted not once, but twice. Eisuke usually just took what he wanted, but he knew Melody wouldn’t agree if Kana didn’t agree.

“What is it?”

“I want to wear a suit at the wedding.”

Part 4


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detailed custom cat embroidery by stitchingsabbatical

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Stitched - Part 2

Part 1

Description - Divorce is always hard, especially on the kids involved, but sometimes remarriage can be just as hard on the kids. Kana went through a hard enough time when her mother married billionaire Eisuke Ichinomiya, but that was only the beginning of her problems. 

Word count - 1612

Melody smiled as Kana’s small body jumped up into her lap, bouncing a little as she made herself comfortable on her mother’s lap, rather than on the space beside her.

“Comfy sweetheart?” Melody asked, wrapping her arms around her daughter’s waist as she snuggled into her.

Kana hummed as her attention turned to the TV. The weekends spent at her mother’s small apartment were among the 5 year old’s favourite occasions. She was still too young to grasp the situation she was caught up in, but it didn’t bother her all the time. Sometimes she was sad she couldn’t have both of her parents read her to sleep every night, or that she couldn’t sit at the same dinner table with them at dinner like her friend’s had. But her parents loved her, and made sure she felt it at every possible moment.

Unlike at her father’s place, Melody lived in an old studio apartment with just enough furniture to get by. A small lumpy couch, an old box TV, a mattress with no real bed frame and a dining table with only two chairs. The two shared the bed, but since Kana couldn’t have her own room here, the apartment was littered with her belongings and childish decorations to make it seem like she had her own room.

“One day, when I’m rich, we’re gonna live in a huge castle together.” Kana promised. She did this often, especially when she saw her mother looking down.

“Just the two of us.” Melody agreed, kissing the top of her daughter’s head.

“And seventeen cats.” Kana added making Melody laugh.

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