Guys Caleb looks hella sketchy to me right now

He was honestly starting to look sketchy to me when he and Spencer somehow manage to bump into each other in Berlin wtf????

He asked Spencer why she deleted her message and didn’t show him and said he found out because he’s a hacker… Well maybe he already knew because hes SKETCH SKETCH. Omg he was even there with Spencer when they got to the barrel and they read that “I hide in plain sight” message.  Freaking hacker in plain sight let’s be REAL HERE.

Going back in the past a bit, we don’t know much about him. he said he was adopted/foster child all of that jazz and that he had a bad sketchy past. Didn’t we meet him like sleeping in the school’s air vent or something? How did I even forget about that that was just ridiculous. 

Anyways yeah we all just trusted him because he was Hanna’s bae and all and we just never really questioned it afterwards.

He has always been the hacker working for the girls and shit trying to help them catch A. Well of course they aren’t going to accomplish shit if HE’S A.

Going back to one of my previous posts about him from years ago…

Hanna asks Caleb if he has ever seen a dead body before to which he replies~

soooo sketchy dear lord

One more thing. When he sent Hanna a text in 3x09 and lures her out to confront her. He literally says the words “I’m A” helllooooooooooo 

( in case you wanted to see it)

Anyways yeah it goes without saying that he is my #1 suspect at the moment. What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

You are an ugly ass bitch and nothing can truly express my disgust and hate for you

when you receive your first piece of genuine anon hate and you know you’ve made it 

Asking for jazz hands instead of clapping is perfectly reasonable because of people who get sensory overload, or have anxiety.I doubt you genuinely think it isn’t esp. Since you experience anxiety yourself but your response sounded more like"not all feminists do that ridiculous stuff" than “its actually reasonable”

the point I was making there isn’t that the air conditioner thing or jazz hands thing is unreasonable, but that, like man spreading, anti-feminists have blown them up like they’re the forefront of the feminist movement, and it’s ridiculous. I’ve actually seen anti-feminists frame the MRM as being important because it’s championing things like bodily autonomy (anti-circumcision) and rights for male rape victims where as feminism is fighting against only air conditioning and that’s such a bullshit false statement.

if someone wants to ban applause, I’m down. I’m not some angry loser that’s offended by doing simple things to accommodate others, like anti-sjws are. also, I don’t know what they mean when they refer to jazz hands, but is it similar to the sign made by deaf and HoH people rather than applause? I am always, always, always down for using that instead. but feminists doing it at one conference does not the forefront of a movement make.