I’m working on some crochet hook reminder things! So you can clip them to your projects and you won’t forget which hook you’re using.

If you were to buy these, would you rather buy a set or individually?
Does “crochet hook reminder” make sense or is there a better name for them?

These won’t be online on Etsy for at least week, so if you’re interested, I’ll offer them for a discount until they’re in my shop!


Star Trek stitch markers have been added to my Etsy store. I ran out of beads but more were already on the way, so I’ll have even more in stock soon. I love the sparkles in them, because they make me think of stars and space, perfect for Star Trek!

I also have a giveaway over at my Instagram, with two sets up for grabs. Entries close Monday, 7th August 2017, 8pm Australian EST.

Free Crochet Pattern: chubby striped bear amigurumi (and bunny!)

Alright, time for a new crochet pattern! This time it’s for this cute little striped bear, which is actually a revamp of an old pattern from maybe 5 years ago.

Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of it, but this new version is way cuter anyway!!

I made 2 different critters with this pattern & they’re identical except for color changes and the ears. Let’s get started!

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