I’ve been playing around with new ideas lately and crochet stitch markers are one of them. :)

I hope to put out a new set every couple of weeks. The first set up is an assortment of 5 cookies: double chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate candy, peanut butter and chocolate, and black and white.

You can purchase the whole set, or individual ones, on my website!

Throw Back Thursday 24hr Sale!

We’re going back to the day that I decided Cards Against Humanity would make hilarious stitch markers!

Good thing I was right! You guys love theses!  Anyway, get them today for only $6.50 a set!

Hurry! It won’t last! 

These usually go for $8.50.  Available for knitting and crochet! 

Now available for all of you horrible people who love to crochet!  Your wicked stitch markers will come on sizable lobster claws, ensuring you do not lose track of your work with any project and any size yarn!

Come on… you know you want them.


I opened a new shop! It’s called BoundbyWool and, as I work on it, will be full of beautiful, awesome, and maybe nerdy themed stitch markers! 

But not only stitch markers….

I also have a collection of vintage knitting ads for those who want to show off their love of knitting whenever and where ever! 

So here are the links you can check out, get to know a little bit about who I am as an artist and what I want to bring out in my craft:


Coming soon: yarn bowls and resin buttons