Here’s Hammer’s redesign (plus Zutto character)

Yokai base: Nukekubi

-As with the yokai he’s based off of, Hammerface’s head is detachable and can come off, though it can only do so for about 10-25 seconds maximum due to the need for oxygen, doesn’t remember much of time spent modified

-This is accomplished via a special collar filled with a reserve of blood, contains tubes that hook up and connect to his veins when his head detaches

-His body is kept mobile via a body control device into which simple commands can be entered (from the keypad on the front)

-Teeth now extremely sharp, can bite through metal and easily draw blood (for a 0-series, this is a large upgrade)

-One of the first experiments H-modded/altered, due to threat of other experiments being harmed

-Once returned to normal, stays around the lab and helps locate and reform other altered experiments, plus acts as a trainer/informant for Yuna and Stitch, helps with technology and devices in lab

My humble ideas for new fairytale-based Disney movies

1. The Princess and the Pea

According to legend, only a princess can tell that a pea is between that many layers of mattresses, and so the queen tests a lady professing to be a stranded princess by placing a pea on one of the mattresses she sleeps on. However, the prince is not interested in marrying any princess. The princess cannot fall asleep because she can feel the pea, and upon tossing and turning, decides to go for a walk. She meets the gardener’s son, tending to frosted roses, and starts talking to him. Eventually, they fall in love and although the Queen demands for the princess to marry the prince or be locked away in the dungeon, the prince saves the day by letting her free and leaving the castle as well in pursuit of adventure. The princess and the gardener’s son return to the gardener’s cottage in the woods where they grow flowers and food crops (including peas) and get to know each other. No wedding is shown.

1911 Illustration by Edmund Dulac

2. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Twelve princesses sleep in twelve beds in the same room, and although the king has their doors securely locked each night, the next day finds their dancing shoes worn as though they had been dancing all night. A visiting soldier with an invisibility cloak gifted him by an old woman follows them each night on their dancing escapades. This tale is so delightful in itself that the only thing I would change is - for the soldier to fall in love with one princess (in the Grimm tale it’s the eldest) and attend a masquerade ball one night just to dance with her. Each of the twelve princesses are to have their own personalities - maybe there can be a pair of twins, or triplets to reduce the number of varying characters, and while the story is at its core a love story, it should also be as equally about revelry and that particular secret joy of bending the rules harmlessly for fun.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson

3. Rumpelstiltskin

Can we have a version of this where Rumpelstiltskin seems to be the villain at first but is really a prince cursed by a witch, and he can only break the spell when a lady who loves him guesses his name? It brings such a poignant touch to the story because not having anyone know your name is so tragic and he just wants to be known. And instead of the miller’s daughter stumbling upon Rumpelstiltskin chanting his own name, she stumbles upon the king (who has been asking for gold in his greed) laughing as he counts his gold, as he is in cahoots with the witch who cursed Rumpel. She tells Rumpelstiltskin his name, and breaks the curse - Rumpelstiltskin turns out to be the rightful king, enchanted by the evil witch, and he throws both false-king and witch into the dungeon that previously held the miller’s daughter. As he has helped her escape death by the false-king’s order and got to know her, they are already in love. He resumes the throne Lion King style and they give the gold spun from straw to the poor.

Rumpelstiltskin by Anne Anderson

4. The Elves and The Shoemaker

This story I imagine to be in the style of Carl and Ellie’s love story from Disney-Pixar’s Up. A poor shoemaker and his wife have nothing to eat because they have not enough material or money to make new shoes. Elves help them and in return they make the elves new elf-sized clothes. I don’t think you can make this story more whimsical than it already is…Maybe this should be a short rather than a full-length film.

Illustration: Rie Cramer “The Elves Began to Stitch, Sew, and Hammer.” Grimms Fairy Tales. 1927

Remember you heard it here first!

(This is one version) - The flag was held aloft on top of the Reichstag building in Berlin, by a Soviet soldier, Alexei Kovalyov from Kiev aided by a Sergeant from Dagestan. May 2 1945.

The Russian photographer Yevgeny Khaldei, is credited with taking the picture.
Here are the main points concerning the flag: Khaldei said the flag was made by his uncle, who stitched the hammer, sickle and star on to a red table cloth taken from the TASS office in Moscow. Khaldei was then on a short stay in Moscow, but soon returned to the front.
On 2 May 1945 Khaldei ordered the three soldiers in his company up to the roof of the Reichstag. Various positions were tried before the final famous picture was chosen. The day after, the picture arrived in Moscow.

He has a ‘Pistolet-pulemyot Sudaeva’ 43, or PPS-43, a Russian full-automatic sub-machine-gun strapped over his right shoulder.

WW2 Colourised Photos (Colorised by Olga Shirnina from Russia)