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Goretober day 14 - stitches, another one just barely getting it out in time, this was going to be a collab but my collab partner wasn’t feeling the best so I guess I just kind of drew my own for this

I’m going to be dubbing this the corpse bride Eliza


Eric x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: strong language, smut, dirty talk, sex

“(Y/N)…” Your brother’s eyes dropped to the skirt you were wearing, frowning because you were wearing the dress and not your usual jeans and because it was anything but the Dauntless colours.

“What is it?” You sighed expecting an earful.

He shook his head and decided you’d had enough of him telling you to train seriously the night before and didn’t need him nagging you again. “Will you go and find Eric he’s late.”

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Raf Simons spring—summer 1999.

Raf Simons organised his show at the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” in Paris on the 3rd of July 1998. The “Kinetic Youth” collection was presented outside, in front of the enormous mirror ball located in La Villette’s Science and Industry museum in Paris. The set refers to the architectural influences in Raf Simons’ life and also to kinetic objects from his youth. Raf Simons used different songs of David Bowie during the whole show. 

The opening part:
The show opened with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and the opening part was inspired by the graphic style of “Bauhaus”;
-Clean lines
-Shirts with white/black contrast (different black pleats in the back and black triangle on the front)
-Black wool pants with on the front one, two or three pleats 

The second part:
A group of very young teenagers wearing white turtleneck shirts with an “R” symbol, stitched on the collar. Their pants were all in different colours; red, petrol, light grey, mint, beige mêlée, marine…The models walked together in a group on the bridge, on one side of the runway leading to the mirror ball, then to the central building and to the bridge on the opposite side of the first one.
-Inspiration: School Memories, for example gymnastic lessons in uniform, repetition.
-Music: “Life on Mars”, David Bowie.

The global idea behind the last two show parts was the inspiration of the “Rubik’s cube” object; order and disorder of colours.

The third part:
Classic ton-sur-ton outfits with merino wool knitted pullovers and classic suits. This time the pleated pants are light grey, beige mêlée, brown and marine.

The fourth part:
The most important material in this part was the coloured leather. Raf Simons showed mixed coloured outfits, like trashed cutted rock t-shirts in yellow and green, with large leather jogging pants and sleeveless tunic jackets. Colours brown, grey, light grey, aubergine, mint, green, red……
-Music: “Heroes”, David Bowie.

The song of the final part: ”Another brick in the Wall” from Pink Floyd. The whole group of ca. 60 boys walked quite fast on the runway, but now in the opposite direction. The order becomes a disorder, as in the song: ”we don’t need no education”. Raf Simons feels inspired by youth culture: on one side they are wearing uniforms, but inside they still feel like HEROES, like unique individuals.

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 6

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four /// Chapter Five

Happy spooooooky Tuesday, everlarkers! Our last installment of Mockingjay Manor found Katniss and the gang trapped in the creepy attic laboratory, listening to a stranger approach from below. You voted for them to stand their ground and confront whoever (or whatever) is coming…

This week, the brilliant @appleblossomgirl0305 continues the adventure! Hang on tight, friends, the rating for this story has now been changed to M for canon-typical violence.

I glance over at Peeta and see his eyes wildly scanning the room for exits. But with the lack of light and terrors around every corner, I know there is no escape. Besides, this is my house now and just the thought makes me square my shoulders and grip the syringe tighter. We’re going to face whatever is coming up those stairs.

Peeta seems to come to the same conclusion and he nods at me, flashing me a heart-breaking smile just before he sets his mouth in a grim line. Even in this house of horrors, there is no one else I’d trust to have my back. A wave of gratitude washes through me that I’m lucky enough to have Peeta to fight by my side.

I press my back against the wall next to the door and Peeta takes up the spot mirroring mine on the other side of the doorway. I see Jo and Finnick, both still facing the freakish monkey, but moving backwards into the shadows before Jo’s cell phone light blinks off.

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Gust Gloves

Rarity: Rare

These items are a pair of blue leather gloves, with gold stitching and an embroidered symbol on the palms.  When worn, the gloves can alter the flow of air, causing sudden gusts of wind or slight breezes.  The gusts of wind are strong enough to knock loose items around.  The gloves are not strong enough to knock people over with it’s power.

Striking Twice

Shaxx x female Guardian | oc: Alexandra Warren | angst and drama | smutterific | NSFW

This fic is for @illiksis as part of our art trade and stars her beautiful Titan Striker Alexandra and Lord Shaxx. Alexandra, a civilian member of the Firebreak Order around the time of Twilight Gap, is keen to prove herself as good a fighter as any Guardian. Meanwhile, Shaxx is struggling with his complicated feelings about his newly formed rift with Lord Saladin. 

But we begin the story in the Tower, pre-Ghaul, where Shaxx is shocked to re-encounter the newly resurrected Alexandra. 

Shaxx, The Tower, pre-Ghaul

Behind his one-horned helmet, Shaxx blinked. The young woman waited, her determined expression slowly becoming uncertain.

‘Uh, have I got something on my face?’ She swiped at her chin and looked at her fingers.

Her face was strong and open, with feminine curves to her cheekbones and mouth. Beautiful eyes which were accentuated by her short pixie cut. It was the face of a dead woman.

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Hand-Embroidered Altar Blot Pouch to Eir

Depicting items of importance to my work with Eir (healing sage, my seidr staff, and a needle for suturing), this felt blot pouch was hand-embroidered and sewn with galdr worked into each stitch. 

I’ve been trying for a long time to settle on a way to incorporate embroidery into my devotional work, symbolically stitching material in honor of Eir’s duty as surgeon, but nothing seemed right. I considered making altar cloths, but I wanted something functional as well as decorative. I decided on a pouch in which I can place all my offerings and easily change them out as needed without disturbing the arrangement of my altar overmuch; it’s a good compromise. I may make a set of smaller ones for the other goddesses I honor as well and add hooks on the wall above the altar so that I can hang them there for ease of use.

Real serious RWBY thoughts...

Team RWBY.
4 girls in one room.
Eventually. They’re gonna sync.
And when they do, once a month people are going to be really confused as to why every member of that team is just sort of off.

Ruby gets irritable and short tempered when her teammates don’t preform the tasks she’s dished out. However these tasks consist of making cookies to satisfy her cravings and hand-knitting matching sweaters because they clearly “need them to be the prefect teammates DONT YOU GET IT WEISS?! EACH STITCH IS A SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER!”

Weiss on the other hand takes bitchy to a whole new level. If you as much as drop a pen in her presence, she will glare at you as though you personally murdered all of her ancestors.

Blake gets really bad cramps that cause her to resort to laying in the fetal position under piles of blankets because for dust’s sake she just can’t keep warm. She hisses if you try to uncover her.

And then Yang. Poor baby can’t keep it together and cries over everything. Not even an angry cry, but like a sad puppy needs a hug cry. Spilled coffee? Cries. Dropped fries? Cries. Has to pee but doesn’t want to get up? Cries.

All of this happens for a few days and then it’s all back to normal. Really freaks the all male teams out.

Ok but now imagine JNPR. Pyrrah and Nora sync and the boys always know when it happens because on day 1 Nora will barge into the room shouting “IM NOT PREGNANT” and the complain about how hungry she is all of a sudden. Ren is always prepared, having memorized Nora’s cycle after years of being together. The moment she enters the room he hands her a stack of pancakes and and a bottle of mustard because her cravings are weird as shit.

Pyrrah on the other hand doesn’t want to draw attention to it, but you can tell she’s not feeling her best. She spends more time alone than usual and there were a few times Jaune caught her silently crying while watching a movie. She tries to play it off like it was a sad movie but Jaune knows she always watches School of Rock and Shrek.

When they start to become closer friends, Pyrrah and Nora sit and cry to movies together while eating ice cream out of the cartons (Pyrrah’s covered in chocolate and Nora’s in yogurt and hot sauce.

I’ve had a few days off for the holiday, and was feeling inspired by @pantasticfantastic‘s space altar cloth, so here is a little cosmic scene. :)

The thread colors are only suggestions, a ‘first draft’, so if you think another color would look better, trust your feelings!

Feliciano and the King of Hearts

Chosen by the gods as the Queen of Hearts from the moment of birth, we follow Feliciano’s story as he grows into royal life, learns to rule, go against age old customs, and his relationship with his husband to be, the King of Hearts.

Chapter 1 I  Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I Chapter 6I Chapter 7 I Chapter 8 IChapter 9I Chapter 10 I Chapter 11I Chapter 12 I Chapter 13 I Chapter 14 I Chapter 15 I Chapter 16 I Chapter 17 I Chapter 18 I Chapter 19 I Chapter 20 I Chapter 21 I Chapter 22 I Chapter 23 I Chapter 24 I Chapter 25 I Chapter 26 I Chapter 27 I Chapter 28 I Chapter 29 I Chapter 30 I Chapter 31 I Chapter 32 I Chapter 33 I Chapter 34 I Chapter 35 I Chapter 36 I Chapter 37 I chapter 38 I Chapter 39 I Chapter 40 I Chapter 41 I Chapter 42 I Chapter 43 I Chapter 44 I Chapter 45 I Chapter 46 I Chapter 47

I apologize greatly for the time it took me, several personal things, a hurricane, no electricity, no signal, classes starting…it’s not been easy…but as always just be patient and I hope the contents can be worth the wait. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

                                                  Chapter 48

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The Tattoo Parlour

Zavala x Reader humour/romance | G-rated | Gender neutral

This story is inspired by several things seen in Destiny. The first is of course Zavala’s neck tattoos, which drive me a bit wild. Stern, serious Zavala has tattoos? How many? Where are they? What do they look like? Oh I need to lie down …

The second is a quote from the Legend of the Titan mission: ‘Before I stepped into my role with the Vanguard I was … much more spirited.' And the last is the Mark of Bluster: 'The Blustery Brew is a favourite City tavern amongst Titans.’

What follows is a story about Zavala’s younger, spirited days, featuring his good friend Shaxx and you, dear reader. Oh, and I headcanon Shaxx as ALWAYS TALKING IN CAPITALS. Big shouty good-hearted boy.

'You’re drunk. I’m not doing it.’

The Awoken man grins at you disarmingly. 'I’m only a little bit drunk.’

Behind him, an enormous man in orange-and-white armour is peering at the tattoo designs tacked up on the walls of your shop. 'I’M GOING TO GET A DRAGON. NO, A TIGER. ZAVALA, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS TIGER?’

The one called Zavala is watching you and smiling. 'We’ve only had three pints. We’re perfectly in control of our faculties, aren’t we, Shaxx?’

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I have some orders that just got sent out to their new homes! I hope you enjoy them @wrennigan, @qxeer-robin-hood, @berrybeebird, and @averyautisticgayinspace ^v^ Thank you so much for ordering from me!

Please check out the original post for more details and to find out how to buy your own made-to-order wood art pieces!

(Autisticat originally designed by @strangerdarkerbetter and used with permission)

[Picture 1: Round wood burned and colored neurodivergent pride pieces as follows: Autisticat keychain and ornament, a stitched cutesy neurodiversity symbol with a face keychain, and three communication keychains with a yellow :| face, a white checkmark on green background, and a red not allowed/cancel sign. Picture 2: four yellow bubble mailers]