stitch symbols

Real serious RWBY thoughts...

Team RWBY.
4 girls in one room.
Eventually. They’re gonna sync.
And when they do, once a month people are going to be really confused as to why every member of that team is just sort of off.

Ruby gets irritable and short tempered when her teammates don’t preform the tasks she’s dished out. However these tasks consist of making cookies to satisfy her cravings and hand-knitting matching sweaters because they clearly “need them to be the prefect teammates DONT YOU GET IT WEISS?! EACH STITCH IS A SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER!”

Weiss on the other hand takes bitchy to a whole new level. If you as much as drop a pen in her presence, she will glare at you as though you personally murdered all of her ancestors.

Blake gets really bad cramps that cause her to resort to laying in the fetal position under piles of blankets because for dust’s sake she just can’t keep warm. She hisses if you try to uncover her.

And then Yang. Poor baby can’t keep it together and cries over everything. Not even an angry cry, but like a sad puppy needs a hug cry. Spilled coffee? Cries. Dropped fries? Cries. Has to pee but doesn’t want to get up? Cries.

All of this happens for a few days and then it’s all back to normal. Really freaks the all male teams out.

Ok but now imagine JNPR. Pyrrah and Nora sync and the boys always know when it happens because on day 1 Nora will barge into the room shouting “IM NOT PREGNANT” and the complain about how hungry she is all of a sudden. Ren is always prepared, having memorized Nora’s cycle after years of being together. The moment she enters the room he hands her a stack of pancakes and and a bottle of mustard because her cravings are weird as shit.

Pyrrah on the other hand doesn’t want to draw attention to it, but you can tell she’s not feeling her best. She spends more time alone than usual and there were a few times Jaune caught her silently crying while watching a movie. She tries to play it off like it was a sad movie but Jaune knows she always watches School of Rock and Shrek.

When they start to become closer friends, Pyrrah and Nora sit and cry to movies together while eating ice cream out of the cartons (Pyrrah’s covered in chocolate and Nora’s in yogurt and hot sauce.


Trying to figure out how to use my new sewing machine is kind of like playing Myst – just keep pushing buttons and hope it triggers something. The manual doesn’t cover the controls at all; it just assumes you already know what the 8,364 symbols on the computerized menu mean.

<whine> Learning something new is harrrrrrd. </whine>

Okay, complaining break over. Back to work.

“Ok, so I’ve been asked a few times by other Watchdogs why I don’t wear the uniform. So, I thought I’d clear it up and say the reasons why.”

1) All Watchdogs wear that uniform! I thought, I’d stand out without it. Plus, I don’t want people coming up to me an’ asking me if I’m Tom. All the Watchdogs look the same basically, and I don’t find there being a problem with wanting to be unique.

2) I don’t really have an important role here on the Ship. All I do is sew the uniforms day and night. What’s the point of wearing it if you won’t need it?

3) When I first came here, not too long ago, the uniform maker ran out of fabric and couldn’t make me one right away. So, I stitched up the lighting symbol with fabric I had, and sewed it on my sweater!

The Uchiha/Haruno Symbol
  • Sakura: Here you go. Sarada, Sasuke finally stitched the Uchiha symbol onto all your clothes :)
  • Sarada: Yesssss thank you mama!
  • Sakura: You're welcome! It wasn't easy, juggling his work and stitching at the same time you know?
  • Sarada: I do, I'm very grateful!
  • Sakura: Now go on- Papa's waiting at Naruto's place for you to pick him up.
  • Sarada: yeah, yeah *whispers* like he can't walk home safely
  • -Sarada leaves. Time skip. It's a few days later and Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke are out together somewhere. Sakura has come home early because she was tired from work-
  • Sakura: *holding her old Genin clothes and running her hands over the old symbol* Ah the old days. I would be lying is I said I didn't get nostalgic once in a while. But I think it's safe to say Sarada has taken a shine to her papa's symbol, not mine. Ah, so sleepy...
  • .......
  • Sarada: Hey mama... Mama?
  • -enters bedroom. Sees Sakura asleep, holding her old Genin clothing close to her chest-
  • Sarada: What's this..? *realization* Oh... Mama's old cloths... With the Haruno symbol on the back... *looks at Sakura* Mama... Did you maybe... Feel sad that I didn't ask for your symbol as well...?
  • -Sarada suddenly resolves to do something. She hurriedly runs out the door. The next morning-
  • Sakura: Ah, good morning Sarada.
  • Sarada: Morning mama! *purposely drops her headband and turns around picking it up slowly*
  • Sakura: *spits out coffee* GAH! Sarada, what did you do to the Uchiha crest??
  • Sarada: *defiantly* I IMPROVED it!
  • Sakura: b-but-
  • Sasuke: *enters slowly* ugh. Never again will I attempt dares from Naruto while drunk -_-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun!
  • Sasuke: Ah, Sakura. Sorry about coming home late. That Baka totally- Whoa, Sarada?
  • Sarada: *getting angry now* WHAT??
  • -the Uchiha symbol is as it was, beautifully knitted by Sasuke with care. Around it, a crude but not altogether messy Haruno circle is now seen, obviously put there by an inexperienced but talented child-
  • Sarada: you got a problem with this?
  • Sasuke: HAHAHAHAHA *laughing uncontrollably*
  • Sakura: O_O
  • Sarada: ....uh....
  • -Sasuke scoops up Sarada before she knows what's happening and hugs her close-
  • Sasuke: ...I love it.
  • Sarada: I... Oh. :)
  • Sasuke: *turns* Sakura?
  • Sakura: *tearing up*
  • Sasuke: Um... You okay?
  • Sakura: I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!! *runs forward and hugs both of them, so it's a Sasusaku sandwich with Sarada in the middle*
  • Sarada: oomph! And we wuv you two mamwa (she's too squished)
  • Sasuke: heh. For longer than you know...

Sirius Black was a boy known for three things in particular;

First, he wore a red and gold hood with the Gryffindor symbol stitched into it. He wore it everywhere. He was so proud to be able to say he didn’t land in Slytherin like his family thought he would.

Second, he wasn’t afraid of the forbidden forest in the least. What with his detention record and being sent there all the time, it wasn’t a big scare factor for him.

Third, because of the second fact, Professor Mcgonagall always gave him a basket of goodies for when he went travelling through the forest. Specifically so he could present them to one Rubeus Hagrid, the boy who was expelled for some very pressing allegations. (He didn’t believe they were true, how could he, after knowing the boy?)

Anywho, it was a day like every other in the forbidden forest. Not much of a path to walk on, branches hitting Sirius in the face and clinging to his clothes. The occasional magical creature sighting.

They didn’t really bother him so long as he stayed away from them. Unless he offered them a treat, or was asked for one. That was his reputation around here. The troublemaker with the snacks.

The only thing different was that he’d set out much later than he usually did, and he had hoped that Hagrid wouldn’t be upset with him.

It was darker than usual too, and from an opening in the canopy of trees, he could see the moon. Not quite full, but almost.

It was after almost a half hour of stumbling did Sirius realize he may have gotten more turned around than anticipated. He realized he was also in a part of the forest he hadn’t been too.

Well then. That was a problem. From somewhere behind him, a twig snapped.

“Who’s there?” He called, spinning in the direction of the noise. Hoping it was a unicorn, or possibly Hagrid himself.

“Sirius? Is that you?” asked a familiar voice.

It was one Remus Lupin, one of the last people he expected to see in the forbidden forest.

“Remus? What are you doing here? Did you get caught from our last prank with James?”


Then Sirius noticed a bag was slung over Remus shoulder. Was he headed somewhere?

“Hey, I know you leave school once in awhile, but why are you not using the floo network?”

Remus didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t an easy position he was in here, being caught red handed on his trek towards the shrieking shack. He knew he should have just taken the shortcut.

“I’m, uh, I was on my way to see Hagrid. Mcgonagall was worried since you had left so late.” It sounded false to even Remus own ears.

Sirius didn’t buy it, but he didn’t call him out on it, either.

“Well, actually, I have managed to get a bit turned around. I never made it to his place. Good thing you’re here, then.”

“Yeah. Good thing.” Remus muttered nervously. He’d feel better getting to the shack, but now he couldn’t ditch his friend.

“Let’s head back then, I’m sure Rubeus will understand. Next time I’ll just bring him twice as many snacks.”

Oh man. This was an issue. Remus was not liking the predicament he was in.

Sirius saw how uncomfortable his friend looked. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Fine.” He lied.

“C'mon Remus.” Sirius said. “You know you can tell me.”

Remus glared up at the moon and sighed. “I’m actually headed to the, um, shrieking shack, if you must know.”

He’d been debating on telling his friends about his secret. Not sure how to go about it. But now seemed better than never to tell Sirius. He could tell the others another time.

“Why would you wanna go there?” Sirius asked, both puzzled and curius.

“Why don’t I tell you when we get there?”

Remus, without waiting, headed once more towards his original destination. Sirius followed.

It was fifteen minutes of endless questions, and Remus nearly regretted letting him come along.

“Why are you going there? Is that where you always go? Do the teachers know? Does anyone kn-”

“Sirius, I’m a werewolf. Now will you ever so kindly shut up.” He blurted out.

That did shut Sirius up. Immediately. It was a slience that seemed to go on.

“Are you serious, Remus?” A disbelieving sirius asked.

“Yes. I’m serious. So are you.” He sighed. “We’re here.”

They had made it, and entered the weathered building. Setting down their things and sitting down where they could.

And Remus, unable to look at his friend this entire time, finally did.

He expected the punch to the arm. What he didn’t expect was the hug afterwards.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Did you tell the others? Am I the last to know? I mean, we are your friends.” Sirius looked expectantly. “You don’t have to go through this alone.”

Sirius had aleady started in on the packed treats, offering them to Remus and nibbling on some himself. The energy of the room had become light once more, and Remus was relieved to know he hadn’t lost his friend.

“You’re the first of the group to know.” Remus smiled.

Sirius smiled back.