stitch surfer socks

spiderspoons-blog  asked:

You make lots of socks... Can you help me? I'm having a lot of trouble with my first pair and it's stressing me out a lot.

Yeah of course! But as a warning I’m probably going to just tell you to knit the Stitch Surfer Socks because they’re my favourite sock pattern (all of mine 10+ pairs I’ve made have been based off these).

This is my favourite sock pattern because the colours are fun, but also it has a short row heel not a heel flap and I HATE picking up stitches and that’s where I feel like I have the most difficulty. The colours looks difficult, but it’s just intarsia, so you knit a row, wrap your yarn around your first knitted stitch and purl back, SUPER EASY once you get started.
If you want to see me go more in depth go here to a previous ask about these socks and it has videos to the more complicated techniques.

I hope that helps you! They’re super fun socks and addictive to make.