stitch n time

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@stitch-n-time tagged me!

how old are you? 

On the 10th, I’ll be 29.

what’s your current job?

Currently, I’m doing grunt work in exchange for my PhD tuition. I was a TA last semester, but I’m not sure that’ll be the case this semester. I work for the university though.

what are you talented at?

Video games? Being short. Writing maybe?

what is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?

Finishing my PhD. I submitted chapters recently for review, so hopefully that goes okay.

what’s your aesthetic? 

I actually have no idea? Help me figure it out!

do you collect anything? 
Books, vinyl records, video games, keychains, and magnets.

what’s a topic you always talk about? 
History, video games, and useless trivia.
@jaredclemons would argue B.A.P as well. :p

what’s a pet peeve of yours? 
When people use common phrases or things like your/you’re incorrectly.

good advice to give? 
Sometimes survival is okay over personal progress.

what are three songs you’d recommend? 
“1 of 1" by Shinee
“S.O.S” by Weaver
“Paradise Warfare” by Carpenter Brut
Bottled Nightshade Pendant
Nightshade grows in the cracks of the foundation: A witch lives here. It crawls along the divots and aberrations: A witch lives here. Its poison leaves grow up in sheaves, It chokes the breath until it heaves Along the eaves and roof it weaves And flies with them night they leave- A witch lives here, A witch lives here. Bottled nightshade, preserved and cast in resin. Will not mold or shift, comes on a silver colored chain.