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How to feel magical every damn day.

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Here’s a few ways to make every single day a witchy day.

  1. Go for a walk where you will be surrounded by nature (whether it be the local park or forest or beach) and smell some flowers or collect some dirt/shells.
  2. Press some flowers to decorate your journal (or book of shadows).
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Light a bunch of candles.
  5. Make some natural toothpaste or deodorant to replace your regular one, feel a difference?
  6. Sunbathe.
  7. Moonbathe.
  8. Put your green thumb to good use and start an herb garden in your kitchen or garden.
  9. Harvest from your plant babies and dry/store them for using in your magic (make sure you give thanks and give them an offering in return.)
  10. Cleanse the space with some incense or just by sweeping.
  11. Take a bath with some herbs, petals and bath salts. Soak in all the scents and charge yourself.
  12. Make yourself some really good tea and practice your tasseomancy.
  13. Give your fur baby some love and do a spell for them or enchant something of theirs.
  14. Put sachets of fragrant herbs all over the house.
  15. Weave some magic into to your knitting or cross-stitching. Make bracelets enchanted with glamours or scarves with protective sigils woven into them for your friends or for yourself.
  16. Volunteer at your local dog/homeless shelter and maybe add some magic into their lives. Enchant some dog collars or give out some good luck in soup form.
  17. Bless your old clothes before you give them to charity.
  18. Maintain a journal for everyday magic and challenge yourself to do one magical thing every day.
  19. Read lots of fiction and get creative with your magic by letting them inspire you.
  20. Do some magic for yourself. Whether it be enchanting you favourite lipstick or necklace, to give you a little bit of a boost throughout the day.
I thought this only happened in fanfiction...

I was reading some old interviews with Maks and Meryl (yes, the Glamour series I already posted about and am obsessed with) and came across this gem.  Meryl actually references their Foxtrot song.  I’m leaving the rest of the interview because it’s too cute not to.  I miss seeing them every Monday.  Interview text:

Update: These two [MnM] were attached at the hip backstage. We’re talking holding hands, bodies in sync, smiling at one another when the other is talking. If these guys aren’t dating, then either they are the best actors on the planet or General Hospital needs to cast them as their next super couple. Here’s what was said when I got the two of them alone:
Glamour: Maks, I mentioned this in my column the other week that we need to see you join Meryl on the ice once DWTS is over.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Meryl: Yes, we do.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Glamour/Meryl [in unison]: Yes, we do!
Maks: Both of you don’t need to see me on ice! Even my mom said, “You two need to do something on ice,” and I’m like, “Ma, last time you saw me on ice, I had 10 stitches.”
Glamour: Yeah, but you weren’t with Meryl.
Meryl: Yeah, I’ll protect you.
Maks: All of this? [motions to his body]
Meryl: All of me will protect all of you.
Glamour: Meryl, you said in the rehearsal package tonight that you and Maks “are connecting on a personal level as well.”
Meryl: What?!
Glamour: Um, yes, that’s exactly what you said. I wrote it down. [Ed. Note: And listened to it twice!]
Meryl: I don’t remember saying that.
Maks: I thought you had an amazing memory.
Meryl: Well, just because I said it, doesn’t mean…
Glamour: Let me say it this way: Based on the amount of comments and emails I get that pertain to you guys, most viewers want to know if this insane chemistry has translated off the dance floor. So, do you want to set the record straight?
Maks: Sheesh, are we going to be setting the record straight for the next four weeks?
Glamour: Not unless you want to set it straight now.
Maks: I’ve never enjoyed a season like I do now. You’ve never heard me say anything personal.
Glamour: Well, yes and no. And I’ve never covered a season of DWTS more where there has been so much interest in one particular couple.
Meryl: Wow, keep the mystery alive!
Glamour: Whether this is an amazing friendship or something more, it has been a joy to watch you two connect. It’s a lesson in human interaction, in patience, and in genuinely loving someone.
Maks: I love her, I do. This is my 24/7 responsibility. This is her show, and she deserves to enjoy this. Her and Charlie deserve to enjoy this. Everybody loves [her], and I want to make sure she benefits from this experience and [loves doing] it.
Glamour: Meryl, do you want to add anything to that? How you’ve benefitted?
Meryl: Nope. [Smiles]
Maks: We’re all benefiting!
Meryl: He’s an amazing partner.