So due to a paypal glitch my friend and I didn’t end up seeing Rollins last night but it’s okay because we went out for beers and got to catch up with each other.

And this morning, after cereal and finishing up the cthuhlu tin I drove out to the horse lot for some horse therapy for my grieving heart. No riding, just cuddles and velvet noses. Comet was not having it so I made new friends, including Stitch. Stitch is the newest mustang at Mill Swamp, he’s a Corolla stallion from the North Carolina coast and is still in training so still partly wild. He’s a sweetie though and apparently took a liking to me as he kept coming to me for love when the geldings weren’t around me. They don’t like him being there because he’s a stallion so he gets nervous.

When Rivka (yup Rikve and Rivka we friends) came back we pulled Stitch out and into the ring so she could train him. Both for her and him. This was …after I fell into the mud pit cause yeah that happened. And one of the geldings who was loving on me just looked at me like ‘the fuck did you do that for’. 

I watched for a bit then got in the ring with her and she taught me the basic training that she knows and I got to train the beautiful boy! I need to get better at walk/trot training because I kept confusing the poor thing but we worked better with bringing his head down and it seems I was  the first to get him to come to me after walking backwards away from him. Once he started getting sleepy and tired we returned him to the pasture.


Hey guys!  I finally opened an online store!  There’s only a few acrylic charms in it right now but if it does well I’m planning on making more and updating whenever I can.

Here’s a link!

And for those wondering, everything was printed by Acorn Press!  They look great, I got them on time, got a few extras tossed in so super good experience all around!