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Analisi di un compagno ignorante che non ha mai capito un cazzo.

Mi sto divertendo un casino ad osservare  chi in questo momento si guarda con aria perplessa dopo aver votato NO, chi si sta incazzando come un babbuino perché non ha vinto il SI, chi analizza come in caso di elezioni dovremo districarci tra Stellini, Ruspini e Fratellini, vecchi e nuovi piddini, e una valanga di micro partiti a sinistra che se vorranno avere almeno mezza voce in capitolo dovranno allearsi con il nemico che hanno voluto far cadere con tanta ferocia [e di questi ultimi parlo con grande affetto vista la mia vicinanza ideologica, ma non analitica]. In poche parole in mezzo a tutti i festeggiamenti e i dubbi sul futuro io vedo solo una cosa: Un Pd monco ha perso con un 40% un’accozzaglia di partiti di tutti gli schieramenti ha vinto con il 60% dei voti ed i meriti cari miei compagni se li stan prendendo Gli Stellini i Ruspini ed i Fratellini. Insomma io mi sto divertendo, ma in verità ci vedo ben poco da festeggiare e da divertirsi, e molti forse lo stanno capendo solo ora.

Ora torno a lamentarmi dei cazzi miei che son tanti e non li posso far cadere con un referendum
Gonorrhea Might Soon Be Untreatable
~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~

OK people, we have a really important thing to say about this. OK. Ready?

If you get antibiotics to treat an STD YOU REALLY GOTTA TAKE ALL OF THEM AS DIRECTED. Even if you feel a bit better, or a sore heals up, or whatever. Seriously. When you do not take all of your meds you may not actually clear up your infection. And what happens then? THIS:

Health officials have been warning us about the threat of “super gonorrhea"—a strain of the sexually transmitted disease that is resistant to all known antibiotics—for over a year. But the superbug is here, much faster than previously anticipated. On Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a cluster of gonorrhea infections that shows both decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone and very high-level resistance to azithromycin. It’s the first time this superbug has been found in the U.S.
St James Infirmary loses their clinic space due to rising rents and gentrification

This is SO SICK. If I was their landlord I would be so proud I would LOWER their rent. This makes me so angry and I was already at a low boil that really requires some serious kava tea:

Dear friends, family & supporters of the St. James Infirmary,

It is with a heavy but determined heart that I write to tell you we are losing our clinic space at 1372 Mission Street in the very near future. The building which has housed the SJI, and recently our comrades at the TGI Justice Project, is being sold and our 13 year tenancy will be coming to an end. We are moving out, and moving on, hopefully to somewhere bigger and better. For the past couple of months we have been searching for a new space, working with the Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Fund and our allies in city government to help us find a new home. We are now asking you, our community, to lend us your support.

We are, of course, upset. We feel loss. But we are also excited at the opportunity to find a space that suits us better; that can accommodate our continued growth. Any of you who have been to 1372 Mission Street in the past year have seen that we are packed in tighter than sardines and bursting at the seams. In the past year we have nearly doubled our programming, our hours of operation, and our staff. We have also battled cockroach infestations, leaky ceilings and shoddy plumbing. The SJI & TGIJP are ready to find something better together. We just need your help to land it.

The hostility of the real estate market in San Francisco today is resulting in widespread nonprofit displacement. We won’t be the first or the last organization to have to face this challenge. But we know that with your support, we will meet this challenge head on. The SJI has survived against all odds over the years, always landing on our feet thanks to the resiliency, resourcefulness and love of our community. To weather this move, we are going to need that love and resourcefulness from you. We are going to have to pay a lot more in rent than we’d ever planned to. And we will have to raise the funds required to relocate and renovate our new space. Fortunately, we have an anonymous donor who has agreed to jumpstart our move by matching every donation we can generate from the community up to $25,000 in the next month.

If you can donate to our campaign, please do so now. Don’t worry if it’s not a lot- your $5 will become $10! If you can’t donate, please help us by sharing our campaign with your networks, sending us love through the ether, and imagining us moving swiftly and smoothly into our spacious, natural light-filled, fully functional dream clinic. With your support, not even the San Francisco real estate market can stop us. Like they say in the St. James Infirmary Blues, “we’ll raise hell as we roll along.”

With gratitude,

Stephany Ashley
The girls' guide to getting some privacy on your parents' health insurance: Bedsider
I am 24 years old and lucky enough to be on my parents’ insurance—but that doesn’t mean I want them following my every health-related move.

We recently received a question about getting sexual health services while under a parent’s insurance coverage. “Will my family see the [birth control] prescription under our insurance plan?”

Thanks for your question. Check out this helpful guide “to getting some privacy on your parents’ health insurance” from our friends at Bedsider. The author breaks down ways to talk to your insurance provider.

For example:

  •  "Hi, I am __ years old and still on my parents’ insurance plan. I’d like to have my [Explanation of Benefits] EOBs sent only to me.“
  • "Can I change my address on the plan so that my EOBs go there instead of to my parents’ house?”
  • “Please change who can access my information. I would like to have all of my information private unless I ask for it to be released.”

Laws about minor confidentiality differ by state. If you live in California, here is a helpful resource from the ACLU to find out how to ensure confidentiality from your insurance provider. You can also call your local Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN to ask about insurance coverage and your rights.

Finally, as Laura Covarrubias from Bedsider points out “If your insurance company won’t help out, you might want to reconsider having “the talk” with your parents. Sure, you might think that your mom will have an aneurysm if you broach the topic, but sometimes parents can be more open and understanding than you’d imagine. After all, taking control of your sexual health is something to be proud of, and protecting yourself from unplanned pregnancies and STIs is one of the most grown-up things you can do.
Japan Launches Sailor Moon Based STD Prevention Campaign
Sailor Moon has been fighting to protect the planet in anime, manga and live-action for over 20 years and now our hero wants young people to protect themselves. Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare lauched a campaign for prevention of sexually transmitted infections with a magical girl twist, Anime News Network reports. The public awareness campaign uses the pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon, as its mascot. The campaign was created in response to STDs such a

With the cooperation of Naoko Takeuchi herself, Sailor Moon is being used to spread sexual health awareness in Japan, apparently specifically because she’s popular with young women in their 20s, which I think is amazing and adorable. She’s an ally to all girls after all! She wants them to be safe! 

I heard condoms DON’T protect against STDs. Is that true?

Someone asked us:

Hello Planned Parenthood! I am so happy you guys have a tumblr! This made my day! Quick question! I’ve been told that condoms only prevent pregnancy, not STD’s or STI’s. This is a bit confusing to me because I thought condoms protected against that stuff too! Could could explain this to me? I would really appreciate it! I hope you guys are around forever! <3

Yo that is one dirty, untruthy rumor! As a matter of fact, latex and plastic condoms are the ONLY form of birth control that can also prevents STDs

While using condoms is the absolute best way to prevent STDs if you’re going to be sexually active, it’s not a 100% guarantee. That’s why we call using condoms “safer sex” instead of “safe sex.” Infections like herpes and HPV, which are spread by skin-to-skin contact, may live on areas condoms don’t provide a barrier against (your scrotum, thighs, or buttocks, for example). So it’s possible whoever gave you the bad info simply misunderstood this little condom side note. 

They also may have been talking about lambskin/animal skin condoms, which only provide pregnancy protection and DO NOT protect against STDs. Condoms that protect against both STDs and pregnancy are made from latex, or types of latex-free soft plastics like polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile. However, lambskin and other animal membrane condoms aren’t very popular anymore. The vast majority of condoms out there today are made out of latex or plastic.

So don’t believe the “condoms don’t protect against STDs” hype — it ain’t true when it comes to latex and plastic condoms. If you’re having sex, condoms offer good protection against pregnancy, and great protection against STDs. So use ‘em! 

Also, thanks for the love. You made my day!

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood


Just remember stis aren’t dirty. They aren’t bad. They don’t have any intrinsic value that carries over to you and taints you, anymore than having a cold does. That’s all an inevitable result of the metaphysical value placed on sex and it’s just one more reason to desexify sex.

Stis can be uncomfortable, they can be painful, they can seem embarrassing (especially if there’s a smell) and they can be dangerous, but they don’t lessen your worth as a person. They don’t mean ANYTHING about you except you got unlucky. But most are treatable, many of the ones that aren’t are manageable, and even HIV isn’t a death sentence.
I can help you find resources if you need them or are scared, they are out there even tho some are hard to access and that in itself can make you feel like a disposable piece of trash, believe me, I know.

No matter what, you are okay.

Love, your friend,

What is TRICH?

  • Trichomoniasis — called “trich” for short — is an STD that’s often passed during vaginal sex. It’s also spread by vulva-to-vulva contact, sharing sex toys, and touching your own or your partner’s genitals if you have infected fluids on your hand.
  • Many people with trich don’t have any symptoms, but they can still spread the infection to others.
  • When it does cause symptoms, the most common one is vaginitis. Vaginitis is when your vulva or vagina is irritated. Signs of trich also include itching, smelly discharge, and painful or frequent peeing.

How do you TREAT it?

  • Most of the time, trichomoniasis is super easy to get rid of. Your nurse or doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.
  • Be sure to take all of your medication the way your doctor tells you to, and when you get the medicine, ask when you can have sex again.
  • It’s also really important for your sexual partners to get treated also. Otherwise, you may pass the infection back and forth or to other people.
  • Remember, it’s possible to get a new trich infection again if you’re exposed in the future. So use condoms!

Want to know more about Trichomoniasis? Click here for more info.

The most important thing to tell you is that 99% of the problems caused by herpes are social. This virus is not damaging to your body. It will not cause cancer, it will not kill you. It will just live inside your cells, hanging out with you, for the rest of your life. For most people, herpes is just an annoyance, a couple days of itching and no sex before it goes away on its own. It won’t make your genitals fall off, it won’t cause infertility or harm your family for generations to come. With suppressive regimens, you can stop outbreaks before they even happen. In medical terms, herpes is not a big deal. Herpes is harmful because of the social stigma attached to it, because in a sex negative society where STDs are treated like a punishment instead of a disease, herpes is visible and doesn’t go away.