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1 - Tell me about the first time you rode a horse:

To be completely honost.. I really don’t remember at all.. I was probably like two.. I was actually thinking about this the other day. I don’t remember learning to ride.. I don’t remember my first time jumping.. I don’t remember any of that. It was so long ago and I was so young. Too young to remember.

2 - How did you get into horses?

My mom and her three sisters used to have horses growing up and they competed and did pony club, and when I was really little my aunt took me to see her horse occasionally, and I guess I just liked it.. So my mom signed me up for lessons at a local barn, but after like a year she realized that they didn’t actually know what they were doing, so she bought me a horse and my aunt gave me lessons and pretty much taught me all I know. I was in pony club after I got my own horse, too, so I had occasional lessons with other instructors, though.

3 - What’s your biggest horsey achievement?

It would probably be winning second (out of 15) in a 1m jumper class at my first USHJA show, with my big horsey who is scared of mostly everything in his pathway.. And I went clear on all of my rounds :) With Billy though, my biggest achievement.. Would probably either be getting second at an eventing derby while doing novice.. And that was my first time going novice.. But actually… I think that when I went to my first rally when I was eight, that was a pretty big achievement.. My mom had to stay home because she was really sick, so I had to give Billy a bath and clean and pack all my stuff by myself.. And then once we got there I had actually forgotten my helmat, so I had to borrow someones.. And while doing stadium Billy refused every single jump and in pictures you can see little ole me crying during the last few jumps.. And then on XCountry Billy took off a bunch and I got lost and everything.. But now, I’m so glad all of that happened. That pony has taught me so much!! 

4 - What’s your equestrian goal?

My goal.. Currently.. Is to pass my C-2 next month.. And to do well next weekend at Lincoln Creek at which I’m doing Novice for the first time on Navarre.. And he’s never been there before. :/ And I also want to qualify for PC West Coast Championships for show jump next year.

5 - What do you think is your best quality as an equestrian?

I think.. That I’m really good at being able to be a diverse rider. I can get on crazy little ponies and get them to look like proper dressage ponies.. I can get on western horses and make them seem as if they’ve never had a western saddle on before.. I can get on huge slow horses or fast thoroughbreds and get them steady.. But.. You know.. I’m not too good on my own horse.. Haha

My questions:

1. Favorite athlete from the (equestrian) Olympics this year?

2. First horse show?

3. What is the horse you ride like?

4. The last show you went to? The next one you’re going to?

5. Clubs/Organizations you’re a member of? Ex: USEF, USEA, USDF, USHJA, PC..



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