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Not As Innocent As He Looks

Request from @mug-puffin for:
Podrick Payne X Reader. Maybe a little smutty, maybe a little awkward ;) just an idea!!

Podrick Payne X Reader

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**His lil dopey grin gets me every time, y’all**

A/N: So this one was lots of fun to write, I absolutely loved Pod as a character and I think Daniel Portman’s portrayal of him is perfect! Side note, if you’re familiar with Game of Thrones, you’ll remember that Podrick is apparently so good in bed that three professional prostitutes refused to pay him after they had sex because of how much they enjoyed it. Hahaha. Enjoy :) With love, Kat

Warnings: smut, language

Words: 2604

Walking through the village of Pinkmaiden that you grew up in, you weren’t very focused on where you were going because you knew every street and alley as well as every face. Your father was the Lord, Lord Piper to be exact, so everyone knew you quite well. You greeted people as you passed to leave the gates. You left almost every single day just to get away from the crowded streets and traders. Thankfully you lived in the Riverlands, so outside the gates of the village keep were meadows and rivers and beautiful landscapes for you to look at and enjoy yourself in peace. You were carrying a knapsack filled with some bread and cheese and a container full of wine to eat some lunch under your favorite tree in the meadow up the river from your village. Your mother never approved of your daily habit, always claiming that your dresses got dirty and it wasn’t ladylike, but you didn’t really care. She was away visiting her sister in Fairmarket anyway, she wouldn’t be back any time soon so she couldn’t yell at you for dirtying your gown today. 

You walked and walked until you could barely even see Pinkmaiden castle anymore to sit under the largest tree you’d ever seen, the same tree you always visited. You were admittedly daydreaming a little bit while walking by the river, causing you to trip over something. You let out shriek as you tripped over what you could swear looked like a horse’s saddle, tossing your food and wine just in time for it to land on the bank before you fell directly into the river. Sitting upright, you huffed and wiped the water from your face, shaking your hands in a failed attempt to rid them of water. Once the water clouding your vision subsided, you saw a hand reaching out at you and nearly screamed again. You had never before come across people in this meadow. Seeing the startled look on your face, the boy raised both hands in defense and backed up a step.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to scare you. My name is Podrick. You can call me Pod. I just wanted to help you up, I’m sorry” he blurted out, looking awfully timid. From behind him, you saw an extremely tall woman, decked out in armor, walking towards him with a scowl on her face.

“Pod, what did I say about laying the saddles about in random places? This poor girl could’ve drowned!” she said, gesturing towards you.

“I’m okay” you said, pushing yourself up to your feet and stepping out of the river. Once you were finally on the bank you rang out your dress to try and rid it of excess water that would just weigh you down. You squeezed your hair as well to stop it from dripping water down your face. Little did you know, the boy was watching water droplets cascade down your face, past your jaw, down your neck, past your collarbones and disappear beneath the fabric. He was wondering what it would look like underneath your dress as it glided over the slope of your breast and followed every curve and line of your body. You watched in amusement as he shook his head quickly, looking as if he snapped himself out of some sort of daydream.

“What is your name, dear? I’m Brienne, and you’ve already met Podrick” she smiled, looking much softer than her initial demeanor revealed.

“Y/N Piper. I live in Pinkmaiden” you said, gesturing in the general direction of the castle you lived in.

“Lady Piper, it’s nice to make your acquaintance” she said, bowing slightly to show her recognition of your heraldry. You smiled at the boy who was staring at you with a slightly dopey grin on his face, as he was smacked on the back of the head by the woman, indicating for him to bow as well.

“So you are the famous Brienne of Tarth” you smiled, knowing the tales of the incredible and strong woman in front of you, “I’ve heard much about you. My father will be happy to hear that you’ve arrived. Shall I lead you back to the castle?”

“Yes” Pod answered all too quickly, causing you to giggle.

“That would be great, Lady Y/N. Do you mind hopping on the back of Pod’s horse? We’re both going to ride to the castle and it’s a far way, so I’d rather you not simply walk” she smiled. You watched the boy’s face light up at the mere mention of you being so close to him.

“Are you sure you’re okay with that, Pod? I’m soaked” you laughed, gesturing your hands towards your thoroughly wet dress and watching his face light up yet again at the sound of his name coming from your mouth.

“It’s no problem, milady” he smiled and bowed his head slightly.

Pod got the saddles together and began saddling up the horses while you and Brienne talked a little bit more about Pinkmaiden and your father. You found out her and Pod were simply here for a rest stop, making their way across the Riverlands for something you dare not ask about as Brienne seemed hesitant to mention their exact mission.

“Horses are ready” the squire yelled proudly as you and Brienne gathered any extra items and putting them in the saddle bags. Pod offered to help you onto his horse, but you declined, allowing him to get on first. Then you took the hand he extended to you, stuck your foot in the stirrup and swung a leg over the horse so you were seated directly behind him.

“Not your first time riding a horse I see” he laughed, positioning the reigns in his hands.

“I love horses, I ride quite often” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist. You could see a blush rising on his cheeks and he cleared his throat and adjusted his sitting position slightly.

“The river will lead you to the road that goes to the gates of Pinkmaiden” you said, turning your head so you were talking in Brienne’s direction.

You were pressed flush to Podrick as the horses galloped towards your village. He was quite tense at first, but shortly relaxed into your touch, allowing his shoulders and hips to relax a little, making the horse ride much smoother and easier. Your breath was warm on his neck, sending goosebumps down his spine. You could just see the edge of a smile and a blush from your spot behind him and giggled to yourself at how adorable and slightly awkward the boy that you were holding onto was. His big brown eyes and his vaguely messy dark hair made him attractive in so many ways. He looked innocent like a puppy dog, but the weathered look of his armor and features told you he had seen a lot in his travels with Brienne. There was something magnetic about Pod, in an almost indescribable way. Something inside you was calling out, telling you that this boy was someone to have by your side if things ever went south.

The slowing of the horses woke you from your daydream. As you approached the large, iron gates that separated the outside world from the village you called home, you set your eyes on the gatekeeper.

“Yoren!” you yelled, waving from the back of Pod’s horse, “This is Brienne of Tarth and her squire Podrick Payne. They’re here to rest for a few days and meet with my father” you smiled as the gentle man you’ve come to hold dear to your heart. He allowed you to come and go as you pleased, something that gatekeepers would not often do for young Ladies who lives are valued highly. You smiled at him, tossing him the food and wine you originally packed for your lunch, winking in a ‘don’t tell my father I gave you that’ gesture. Normally Yoren had to stay in his spot all day, never sitting down and rarely getting a break to eat before his shift was over. He was an extremely hard working man and his wife died in childbirth so he raised their three children on his own, you had immense amounts of respect for the man. He smiled up at you, immediately digging into the bread and yelling thank you in your direction as he pulled the gate shut.

The meeting with your father came and went with ease. It was mostly just him telling Brienne and Podrick where they would be sleeping and that they could stay as long as they needed to. It turns out, Podrick was going to be staying in the room right next to yours, and Brienne was going to be down the hall. You left the meeting early to go get changed out of your dirty clothes and apparently Podrick didn’t hear your father’s instructions correctly and he waltzed right into your room at the precise moment that you were fully undressed.

“Oh my gods, I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed, frozen where he stood with the door wide open.

“Shut the door!” you yelled, attempting to cover your chest and crossing your legs to hide your center. Pod listened to you and shut the door, but he shut it behind him and his back was pressed up against it.

“Well, I meant with you on the other side of it, but I guess that will do. Shield your eyes so I can at least put an underdress on” you chuckled, watching Pod quickly bring his hand up to his eyes to cover them. When you turned around and bent over to grab your underdress out of the drawer, he peeked through his fingers at your naked form. His breath hitched in his throat and he felt his dick twitch in his pants. You were gorgeous. His eyes traveled over your every curve, wishing it could be his hands trailing over your body instead of his stare. You turned around to be met with Podrick blushing heavily and staring at the floor.

“Are you alright?” you asked, walking towards him.

“Yes, milady. Just blown away by your beauty.” He smiled at you, looking up with a slight smirk on his face, his eyes hooded with lust.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” you giggled.

“Is it working?” he asked, stepping towards you and pulling you towards him by putting an arm around your waist.

“Yes” you blushed, biting your lip.

“Then yes, I am” he smiled devilishly.

His lips met yours in an instant and you responded immediately by moving your lips sweetly against his and wrapping your arms around his neck. He put his hands behind your thighs, signaling you to jump up and wrap your legs around his waist. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, causing you to moan into the kiss and kiss him back with even more passion. He laid you down onto the bed, his lips never leaving yours and slid a hand up your thigh under your dress. He climbed over top of you and settled between your legs, letting his fingers ghost over your already wet folds. He moved his attention to your neck, sucking and kissing all over, focusing more on the spots that made you moan out in pleasure. While he was marking up your neck, he began pulling up your dress until you sat up and pulled it over your head, tossing it to the floor before you laid back down. You gasped when he slipped two fingers into you. He curled them precisely, hitting your sweet spot with every stroke of his fingers.

“Pod that feels so good” you breathed out, letting your head fall back onto the pillow.

“You think this feels good?” he said, teasing, letting his fingers pump into you a few more times before pulling them out, making you whimper at the loss of contact, “Sweetheart I’m gonna make you feel so good you’re never going to want another man ever again” he whispered in your ear before biting you on the neck and then kissing down your torso until his head was between your legs. He kissed your clit before his tongue licked a long, slow stripe up your folds. He had a hand pressed down on your hips to keep you from bucking your hips up and the other hand was teasing your clit while he worked his tongue on you. You were fisting the sheets in your hands, overwhelmed with the amount of pleasure he was giving you with his mouth and hands. You were moaning incessantly and you could feel yourself clenching around the two fingers that were now inserted back into you. He was running his tongue in circles around your bundle of nerves as his fingers returned to the curling motion they were doing before. When he felt you clench around his fingers, he removed them and thrust his tongue into you over and over again, pushing circles on your clit with his thumb. That did it, you were cumming all over his tongue, screaming his name out.

You looked down at him and he was licking up your juices, enjoying every second of what he was doing to you.

“Mmm. You taste so good babygirl” he moaned, sucking on your clit once more before moving his way back up to your face.

“Pod, fuck me. Please.” you moaned, squirming underneath him.

“I can’t resist that request” he smirked, kissing you so you could taste yourself on his tongue. He was already hard and ready, getting turned on from the sight and sound of you finishing on his tongue. He positioned himself at your entrance, and when he slid into you, his size took you by surprise. You both moaned at the feeling of him being buried inside of you and he let you adjust to his size before he began thrusting.

“Pod move please” you begged, digging your nails into his back. He did as you requested and slowly began pumping himself into you. His pace quickened and he put a hand on your breast, kneading it gently and teasing your nipples with just the right amount of pressure to send you flying towards a second orgasm.

“Gods, you’re so tight Y/N” he practically growled, quickening his pace even more. The two of you were a mess of moans and heavy breathing, the sound of his hips smacking against yours filling the room.

“I’m so close” you nearly yelled, raking your nails down his back as he grunted in agreement. He was still thrusting into you, hard, when his hand moved down to make tiny circles on your clit, sending you into your orgasm.

“Fuck yes, Pod!” you screamed out, digging your nails into his shoulder and clenching your walls hard around his length. The feeling of you doing so sent him into his own release, spilling into you with deep, erratic thrusts. Out of breath, he toppled over next to you, throwing an arm up over his head.

“You’re not as innocent as you look” you chuckled, breathing heavy from the incredible sex you just had.

“Not even close, darling” he said, wrapping an arm around you and letting you rest your head on his chest.

“You were right about one thing though, Pod.”

“What’s that?”

“I never want another man after how good you made me feel.”

“Good, cause you’re mine now” he laughed, kissing the top of your head and cuddling closer to you as you pulled the blanket up over your intertwined naked bodies.

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Priority #3 (thanks for answering by the way! sorry to hear there was something going on! i hope it's alright now!) I'm super confused on how to do Tracer's leggings? I'm kind of thinking about dying the tights? But I'm still nervous about going about it rip. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @wikianswers,

I’ve gradient dyed leggings similar to Tracer’s before. I’d look into some cotton leggings or stirrup pants for the base.

There are 2 methods for gradient dyeing that I like: slow immersion and separate dye baths.

There are lots of tutorials  online regarding how to to dye like this, I’ll try to break it down as best as I can. With slow immersion you start with the leggings in the lightest color you want them. In your case bright yellow. You make sure the the area that you don’t want dyed is carefully covered. I like to seal off that area with a plastic bag and tape. The you slowly dip the  the leggings into the dye bath. Dunk the area that needs to be lightly orange in a few times and the keep the area that needs to be bright orange submerged the longest.

Or you could set up different dye baths with varying amounts of orange dye in it and submerge the leggings up to a certain point with. Example: pot one has only a few drops of orange dye in it. You would submerge the legging up to mid-thigh, pot 2 has a few more drops of dye and you would submerge up to the knee etc.

With how bright tracers leggings are I’d recommend looking into Acid dye.  You can get this from Dharma Trading company.

You will need to a complementary brown stretch fabric (I recommend 4 way stretch) for the panel on the side. I might try looking at (fair warning, they aren’t the cheapest but if you need weird stretch fabrics they are a great resource) for fabrics that might work. You might be able to find another pair of leggings in brown too for cheap to use as parts. Save the yellow and orange fabric you cut away for the brown panel for the loops  to create the lacing. Perhaps try elastic cording for the laces?

I hope some of that helps!

So what I said to @iamneversleepingagain was like, “WHOOHOO FUCK YES THOROUGHBRED AU” but what I appear to have meant was, “Thoroughbred stopped being a happy horse story when my own experiences with horses got upsetting and traumatic, so my Thoroughbred AU will not be happy either.” Except, maybe it eventually will be? BUT BITTY AND JACK BOTH GET HORSE TRAUMA. And Alicia gets to be a casually profane horse trainer. And there are mentions of animal death.

Eric spent so long dawdling over his phone that he had to hurry through tacking up, and he and Señor Bunny still arrived at the arena late for their lesson. Alicia didn’t comment on it.

“Let’s warm up at the trot,” she said in greeting, eyes crinkling with a smile. “Counterclockwise.”

Bun shifted his weight at the last minute as Eric mounted, so it took an extra effort to pull himself over instead of falling off, but he managed it in the end, then took his reins up and got his horse quiet before pressing him into a trot.

It seemed to be going fine; Bun was eager to get moving, felt joyous to be moving out. “Nice and easy, that’s it,” Alicia called, and Eric was fixing his posture, adjusting his leg position, as they passed an advertising banner that flapped slightly–and Bun shied.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Eric coached, reining him back. Bun, prepared to run the second before, dropped down to a walk for a few paces as Eric patted his neck and spoke soothingly. “No need for that, Mr. Bun. We’re all okay here. It’s not gonna hurt you.” He looked over to Alicia, nodded, and nudged Bun back up to a trot.

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The Beginning by Suzanne C
Via Flickr:
Beginner rider in a lead line class at a horse show

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hey dad, i just wanted to say i get your posts on notifications bc you make my day AND yay for pnw ^.^ also, how Canon is it that victor loves yuuri wearing those embarrassing 90s stirrup leggings that hook under the sole of your foot?

the most erotic thing that victor nikiforov has seen in his 27 years of life is yuuri katsuki in the ballet studio stretching in a pair of old stirrup leggings where the spandex is worn through so you can see the perfect outline of his ass, and a crop top that says THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES

Thoughts Every Girl Has When Going to the Gynecologist

Dad: don’t read this.

  • Oh, crap.  I have my gyno appointment today.
  • I HATE the gyno.
  • Once a year is one time too many to be violated, poked and prodded with cold metal objects.
  • Guess I should probably shower, huh?
  • Ugh, I need to shave.  This poor doctor doesn’t need to be subjected to my winter stubble.
  • I’m shaving and now I’m putting lotion on.  I feel like I’m getting ready for a date.
  • Well this kind of IS a date.  I mean, I’m going to end up naked during it.  
  • OK, I’ve arrived.  Time to fill out some forms.  I don’t like filling out forms.
  • Now I’ll just wait until they call my name.  What’s that?  An HPV brochure?  Cool, cool.
  • Ah!  It’s go-time.  
  • The assistant is going to take my blood pressure and ask me a few standard questions.  This is the easy part.
  • Ugh, you want to weigh me?  Please, God, no.  I like to live in my ignorant bliss where I haven’t stepped on a scale in months and just believe I weigh 100 lbs.
  • OK, so the weighing thing is happening.  Thanks for saying the number out loud… even though I can see it.  
  • I can *never* figure out how this gown goes on.  Does the opening go in the front or back?  
  • And what’s this random oversized paper towel thing for?  Where does that go?  
  • Do I keep my socks on or take them off?  On is awkward, right?  But I need a pedicure and I don’t want to be judged for that.
  • I’ll just wait here for the doctor.  No clothes on, weird hospital gown on, unflattering fluorescent lights and models of fake vaginas everywhere.  This must be what Hell is like.
  • Alright, gyno is in the house.  Let’s get this ish over with.
  • Thanks for making small talk with me during the process, doc.  Discussing the current weather almost makes me forget we’re getting to second base.
  • Ah, the stirrups.  Gotta love them stirrups.  What’s the most uncomfortable, mortifying and/or horrible position you can think of?  Laying with your legs in stirrups is worse than that.
  • Here come those dreaded six words: “can you scooch down a little?
  • Oooo-kay, THAT is not comfortable.  REALLY wish you weren’t doing that.
  • Again, thanks for the small talk while the clamp is being used.  I’m super glad your son is enjoying his first semester back at college.
  • And we’re done?  EXCELLENT.  
  • See ya in a year, folks. 

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How to Win Wars and Influence Nobles (Ch. 15)

Rating: E for Explicit/NSFW Content!

Check it out on AO3!

You’d think a video game lawyer could just drop into a pseudo-medieval universe filled with magic and demons and be totally okay with it, right?


In the wake of her brother, Spencer’s, disappearance, Belle dropped into Thedas with luggage, but without a clue. After a brief but memorable panic attack, she resolved to be the best goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. Even if she was the only goddamn lawyer Thedas had ever seen. And even if that obstinate asshole, Cullen, wouldn’t stop giving her the side-eye every time she walked into a room…Or every time he walked into a room with her in it…Or every time they walked into a room together…Or–Fuck it. You get it.

Chapter 15: Lies and Bullshit

Cullen dressed faster than Belle, like men always did, though he donned his clothes from the previous night. The thought of the filth on those clothes made Belle’s left eye twitch. He helped her with the clasps along the side of her golden silk corset. It was a gift from a baroness that came with a rather licentious proposal that Belle politely declined, but it was a nice corset, so she kept it.

They rushed down the stairs and toward the war room with Cullen running his hand through his mess of curls and Belle tugging at the hem of her dress to straighten it out under the corset. They were both unkempt and uncomfortable when she followed behind his crashing entrance. The heavy door knocked into the wall behind it, and Cullen asked, “What’s this about Blackwall being gone?”

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Some images of hospital births and home births.

These aren’t trolled from deep down in a google search, but are rather images that show up in the first few rows of the first page during a really broad search. I tried to find parallel images at different stages of the birth process to highlight the differences without digging too deeply through the search.

I want to discuss few certain differences between hospital and home births for those who are on the fence about the care and procedures in one setting versus the other.

I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR THAT THIS ISN’T AN ANTI-HOSPITAL POSITION. I aim to be clear and direct about the differences and though there is inherent bias in my position, I am not aiming to scare you. I am just hoping to talk about certain areas that clients and friends ask me about all the time and to help prepare expectant parents for the realities of each scenario so they don’t feel blind sided by what happens at certain points along the way.

1) YOUR CARE PROVIDER IN A HOSPITAL WILL MOST LIKELY BE DRESSED LIKE THEY’RE CLEANING UP AT THREE MILE ISLAND. Birth is pretty messy, but it’s not an outtake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The plastic eye mask they wear for the 15 minutes they’re present at the base of the bed is slightly offensive to me. I attended a birth once where the doctor was annoyed she had to lower her mask in order for the mother to hear what she was saying. I hope you don’t hate the color blue if you’re delivering in a hospital because just before your baby is born, the whole room and half your person will be draped in sterile sheets and your OB (and maybe CNM) will be covered head to toe in blue coverings.

Some women will not mind this or even notice this at all. For me, it seems to be another area where we are stripping humanity and the sexuality of birth away to reveal an operative mode of birth. When a care provider is dismantling a bed and shining a bright medical light on your vagina, exposed only enough to catch and cut while stirrups, legs, the rest of the bed, and floor are covered entirely in “protective” sheets, it removes the doctor from the patient as well as mother from baby and ancient bodily wisdom from the process of birth. It becomes a theater with vagina as star instead of mother as a powerful actor in her own birth.

In most home births, midwives will wear gloves and that is all the protective barrier they will put up. They are wearing their normal clothes, their faces will be near yours, you will be naked or wearing your own clothing, and there are mostly towels and a few absorbent chuck pads down to catch blood, but not a full hazmat conversion of your home. You are also encouraged to “catch” your own baby, thus brining power back to you as the sole participant and care provider for yourself and your baby. You are then often the first person to touch your baby with your own naked hands as it enters the world.

What can you do about that if you are delivering in a hospital? You can try asking your care provider to not cover herself in delivery. You can ask if you can push in other positions so you are not made to throw your vagina in the air with your legs in stirrups. You can deliver with a Certified Nurse Midwife who does not follow standard medical protocol with drapery and such, if one exists in your hospital. You can ask to catch your own baby with hospital staff present for unforeseen circumstances.

2) NO MATTER HOW NATURAL BIRTH FRIENDLY YOUR HOSPITAL MAY BE, WHEN IT COMES TO PUSHING, YOU’RE GOING TO BE GIVEN FEW OPTIONS FOR POSITIONS. The second photo on the left is the most common positioning for crowning and delivery in a hospital birth. If you have an epidural, this will be your only option, since you will not have the capability of safely holding yourself in another position. If you have an unmedicated birth, requesting the ability to push in the position that is most comfortable to you will be an uphill battle. In my experience supporting women in natural birth in the hospital, regardless of their care provider, it’s almost always a loosing battle. “I just can’t assist you like that.” “I don’t do that.” “You have to deliver on your back, that’s how we do it.” “I’ve never delivered a baby like that, I’d rather you be on your back.” “I won’t deliver your baby unless you’re on your back.” “We can try collapsing the bed, but it works best if you put your legs up and hold your breath.” and so on.

I’ve heard all of those and more. I’ve had clients who’s doctors have “allowed” them to push for the first hour or so in another position, but once baby crowned, made them deliver on their backs or on their sides with one leg up. If mom was laboring really well in one place or one position, the nurses had her move to the bed in preparation for the doctor’s or nurse midwife’s late arrival to the scene and she was made to do the final bit of pushing on the bed in stirrups.

At home, you are pretty free to deliver where you feel best. There are a few exceptions—a bathtub that is very small, on the toilet (you’d be grateful for that later anyhow), in a room that is too cold, or outside if it is too cold. Most positions are fair game in homebirth, unless there is some indication that baby is not doing well in that position (likely the cord being compressed by pelvic bones).

What can you do about this if you’re delivering in the hospital? Make sure you talk to your care provider about what positions they feel comfortable “allowing” you to deliver in. If you are hoping for options, make this very very clear to them. Remember “we don’t allow that’ is not a valid statement. If your provider is insistent on lithotomy delivery even in unmedicated births, tell them you’d like to be their first catch in another position. There is no real medical necessity for delivering on your back with your legs up in the air and holding your breath, in fact the evidence suggests that it is a rather inappropriate position for delivery. If you are wanting a natural birth in the hospital, this is one of the many areas that might take some struggle to get everyone on board with your wishes. It is up to you to decide if that battle is worth the benefits of hospital delivery with no interventions.

3) NEWBORN PROCEDURES IN THE HOSPITAL ARE OFTEN PERFORMED WITH BABY SEPARATED FROM MOTHER. Despite the sweeping change in having mothers and babies skin to skin for the first moments of baby’s life, your baby will be separated from you sooner and for longer in a hospital setting than at home. Babies are usually transported to a warming tray, or sometimes out of the room and into the nursery soon after the delivery of the placenta and cutting of the cord. They are then examined for APGAR scores, sometimes bathed right away, wiped off, and swaddled, given a hat (now something of a controversy), poked for blood tests, and sometimes given the Hep B vaccine within the first few minutes of life.

If you want to see studies breaking down the results of separating mama from baby and for various standard newborn procedures, there is a wealth of that information out there. Everything from bonding to breastfeeding to bacteria colonization. It also can be traumatic for mama, no matter how tired she is from a long labor, to have her baby taken away soon after birth. We are designed to hold and protect our babies right away and having someone else sweep them off to care for them before the partner even gets the chance to hold them, or before mama has been able to feed, stroke, and speak to their babies can be detrimental to postpartum adjustments.

At home, newborn procedures are done usually longer after delivery than in the hosptial. Typically, the are done with baby still in mama’s arms or right on the bed next to mama and partner, as the bottom right picture depicts. There is no reason why this needs to be different in the hosptial, but it is not routine for care to be performed with mama s the primary witness or participant.

What can you do about this if you are delivering in the hospital? Once again, you need to discuss your options and wishes with your care provider well in advance. If she is not answering your questions directly or is giving you the standard “we don’t allow that,” insist on getting what you want. Again, there is no medical evidence to suggest that there is a benefit to having baby removed from you for checkups, in fact, as I stated before, the evidence suggests that it would be better for baby to be there in mama’s arms for all of this. A stubborn nurse does not trump your desires for a safe and satisfying experience with the baby you just pushed out.

With each major difference, it’s going to take a momentous cultural shift to get our hospital system in line with the safe and more comfortable standards in home birth while providing couples with the feeling of safety they long for in the hospital. You might have to demand to be treated better. Make sure to chose your care provider very carefully so you don’t have to fight for the things you feel committed to in your birth plan. You are entitled to deliver in the space you feel most comfortable in and don’t necessarily have to submit to the procedures therein that don’t fit with your vision of birth.

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50, 51, 69 !! thanks so much ((: Lets see if we are thinking the same things hahahaha, im not @toevenexist btw!

50. “My eyes are covered.”, 51. “Hold my hand, bitch.” & 69. “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.

For the anon that sent this to my old blog and I didn’t get a chance to write it before moving - enjoy!

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The Valley (Alexander x Reader)

Prompt: I got an idea while writing a request and yeah so.

Summary: The New York H.Q. has been taken over. You travel to the Valley.

Warnings: ummm lots of guns,

A/N: BTW this is set in the Oblivion universe you don’t it’s on @helplesslyprocrastinsting


You were going to die. Your lungs were constricting, and your legs were slowing. There was a British soldier chasing you, his bayonet starting to breach the distance of him and you. You saw the house that held the General and his Aid de Camps. You also saw and gun laying on the top step. You used the adrenaline coursing through you and speed to the stairs. You threw yourself to the gun, but there was a foot on it. You tried to grab it screaming looking up at the man who was about to be your death.
Alexander. He pushes your hands away and hefts the gun into his own arms and you grab onto his legs hiding your face as the soldier reaches the first step.
Your ears explode from sound that came from the gun as it was shot.
It had all seemed to happen in slow motion. Alexander grabbed you by your arm and led you through the panicking house.
“Alexander, take all you can, go to the valley.” The General said and he nodded.
“John!” Alexander yelled as he kept dragging you through the house. You made it to the back and walked out the door. It was calm back here a few men ran around panicked bringing horses from the front and the curly haired man turned to look back at you both.
“Take her to the valley, I have things to get still. Keep her safe.” He told John. Then he turned to you.
“I know your strong and smart, I know you can take care of yourself. But please just let John take you to the valley, I love you.” You nodded, the words not sinking in. Then they do and you wish you could force your mouth to form words but nothing came out. He’d told you he’d loved you before, but you’d never said it. You’d loved him in Kings College, you loved him when you left, you loved him now but you couldn’t force yourself to say it. you couldn’t really care if Alex had dragged you all over the place or someone was taking you to the valley, you still shaking from your mile run and almost dying.
“Where’s your coat?” He asked you. Oh yeah, you lost your coat, you couldn’t remember if it was at the entrance of camp or the battlefield.
You shook you head and you were wrapped in Alexander’s, he kissed your forehead and turned you to the horse.
“Go I will join you shortly.” He whispered. You nodded and jumped onto the back of the horse, John in front of you. Before you took off you grabbed the gun that was still in Alexander’s hands for your own.
“Let’s go.”
You rode as fast as you could but British officers still caught up to you. You heard bullets zip past your head and turned back to look.
You glared,“I’m about to do something dangerous,” you told John and proceeded to stand on the left stirrup and then put your leg back over the horse so you were facing the officers that were chasing you. You took the musket you held and put the ball Alexander had put in his jacket and the gun powder. You compressed it quickly and hefted it onto your shoulder. You aimed and fired, an officer fell off his horse and the horse was running towards both of you. When the animal was about to pass you, you grabbed the reigns.
There was still one more still chasing after you two. You threw the musket into the trees and reached behind you and toon John’s pistol cocked it and shot it. The officer fell off his horse and you put the gun in John’s empty holster. You told John to slow down and in turn the hours beside you slowed too. You got down and tired to calm the horse down. You raked at all the ornaments the British had put on the animal.
“Poor boy, look at you all done up in red and white.” You said as you took a few things off. You stepped up onto the stirrup and swung you leg to the other side. You patted the neck of the horse, and you trotted next to John.
“It’s been three days John, where is he. Everyone is here, except him. I have to go looking for him.” You said as you tried to walk past John, the general stood behind him.
“No, Alexander will be fine, you will stay in camp. That is an order from your commander.” Washington said and and you looked between them.
“No! Sir, please-” the general put his hand up for you to stop.
“Alexander will be fine.”
You wanted to scream, he was not okay, it was cold, and the roads were always crawling with British soldiers. He didn’t have a coat, he could have frozen to death, what if he’d been shot just as soon as you’d left, what if he wasn’t coming back. What if you never got tell him you loved him.
Then the sound of hooves hitting the cold hard ground sounded from the distance. You turned around as the rider came into view.
“Thank God.” He said as you stood there watching him. He slid off his horse and was only on his feet for a second before you were on him, knocking him to the ground.
“Alexander!” You said and kissed his face everywhere.
“I love you, I love you, I love you.” You said between kisses.
George and John stood there smiling. “Come John I believe the cool has dinner ready.” He said turning and walking away.
Alexander finally got you to stand with him and you took his hands you pressed them to your lips, his hands were so cold. “Alexander Hamilton, I’m so in love with you.” You told him and he moved one of his cold hands to your cheek. He didn’t say anything, but you heard a thousand words. You knew they’d all be in letters soon. You knew he’d write you even if your tents were only ten feet away. He could speak beautifully but his thoughts always came out best on paper.
“I love you.” He whispered as he kissed your temple.
“Thank you.”

Warrior - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,264
Genre: Fluffy Wuffy
Trigger Warning: Babies ahoy
Request: lorenaheartsyou - May you do an imagine where the reader and Bucky Barnes are married. Bucky goes away on a two day mission and they end up finishing it in a day. The reader is pregnant and goes into labor, he gets a call from Wanda and she tells him what happened. Bucky and the rest of the Avengers, including Thor and the readers best friend Loki, are there an just tons of fluff please!!!!
Author’s Note: My first request, I hope I did it justice!

Bucky arrived home to an empty house, he wandered around the empty dark space feeling his heart tighten with every room that he explored which turned out empty. Before he could enter full panic mode the house phone began to ring, he practically leapt over the couch in order to reach it. He took note of the voicemail which had a red signal flashing, indicating that the voice mail was full.
The first thing he heard was loud chatter and beeping in the background, “James thank god!” Wanda cheered down the phone, “where the hell have you been?”

“I was on a missio-” His excuse was interrupted by a scream, a familiar shriek that had Bucky breathing heavily, his metal hand almost breaking the phone within it.

“It doesn’t matter, Y/N’s giving birth and you need to get here.” Her words sent his mind into overdrive, and yet he just couldn’t seem to move. Another scream was heard, “Now!” Wanda screamed, hanging up the phone and presumably going to your aid.

He’d never moved so quickly, of course being a super soldier meant ‘quick’ for him was faster than usual. However, he still ended up having to hop over the tops of cars as traffic ended up getting in his way. And at that point nothing could have stopped him from getting to you. You were his only objective, the only thing he cared about.

When he did arrive - managing to cut a thirty minute trip down to below fifteen minutes - Bucky found that the entirety of the Avengers were there, including Loki, who you had managed to form a friendship with despite peoples warnings.
“Look who finally arrived,” Tony cheered, never missing an opportunity to make a sassy comment that’d irritate at least one person in the room.

Steve, who had stood up the moment Bucky entered the room, clasped his hand on your husbands shoulder. “It’s time Bucky,” Steve smiled, Bucky tried to smile back but the nerves were getting in his way. “You’ll be okay, I know you’ll be a great dad.” Bucky nodded his head, trying to convince himself of that, he had been doing so since he was hit with the news that you were pregnant. Steve guided him to the room you were in and just like that the peace and quiet was shattered. It was destroyed by the sounds of your screams, the motivation coming from both Wanda and the doctors (which you found pretty useless in your current state), and the incessant beeping of surrounding machinary
He took a minute for himself so that he could take in the havoc around him, he would be of no use to you if he was having a panic attack. Once recovered, he rushed over and took his place beside you, replacing Wanda who proceeded to leave the room once she was sure you were fine.

“You’re here,” you hummed, feeling blessed by this short moment of painless bliss, “for a moment there I thought you weren’t going to show.”

Bucky clutched your hand tightly in his, “I wouldn’t dare miss this for the world, I’m with you till the end of the line.”

That sentence, you realised, meant a lot more than 'I love you’ and it had your heart soaring. To you that sentence meant dedication, it was a promise. 

“Okay you’re going to have to do some more pushes for me now.” The nurse ordered you, causing that feeling of elevation to disappear, making you crash to the ground.

You turned to face Bucky with wide eyes, pouring out your infinite list of concerns in just that one look, and thank God Bucky was able to understand you from just that look. He pushed away all the sweaty tendrils of hair stuck to your face, ensuring that you could see his face as he fixed you with an intense stare. “You can do this,” he said, his tone almost forceful. “You know why?” You shook your head, gritting your teeth and squeezing his hand as tight as possible when the pain hit you again. “Because you’re a warrior. You’re my warrior, and you are about to be this babies warrior.”

He continued to motivate you like this throughout the entire process, holding your hand and keeping your moral up as you pushed through this rather painful process. Bucky repeatedly called you a warrior, but there was something about the constant crying and sweating which made you feel very unwarrior-like. But still, you managed to push out a beautiful baby boy.

Through the past nine months Bucky had tried to convince you that he didn’t care what gender the baby was, but, you could easily tell that he was secretly hoping for a boy.

Once everything had calmed down and you were placed in a more appropriate bed (one without stirrups to hold your legs open for everyone to see) with your baby slumbering in your arms, you gave permission for the rest of the Avengers to come in. Which sort of made the nurses angry but you and Bucky persisted that you were all one big family and Bucky even went as far to say 'you’re welcome to argue with the mass group of superheroes’, making sure they understood that everyone had powers. The nurses seemed to shut up then.
They all cooed over the baby. Loki began making mirages to help the baby sleep through all the chatter and you allowed Nat to hold the baby for a bit, knowing how bittersweetly she loved babies.

“So what will you be naming this warrior? I happen to think Thor is a suitable name for such a mighty little man?” Thor asked. Surprising you as at the beginning of your pregnancy you’d bet Bucky that Tony would be the one to first suggest naming the baby after him, Bucky had bet Steve.

“Yeah, maybe,” Tony snorted, “But I think we should let the parents of the baby decide. And, just as a side note, Anthony is the name of successful people.”
Loki proceeded to bring up how your son was obviously as mischievous as his mother and therefore deserved a name like Loki. This started an argument between him and Clint (who was still not very much a fan of your best friend after the whole mind control incident) as Clint believed his name was unique and a much better choice. Steve shut them all up with a raise of his arms, stating that as Bucky’s best friend, it was only right that the chid be named after him.
You and Bucky had shut out the argument as soon as it started, you’d chuckled together at their stupidity and then concentrated on the adorable baby in your arms.

“Wait, I have a question,” Natasha finally spoke up, “who are the god parents going to be?” This question kickstarted an entirely different argument, and all you and Bucky could do was face one another and roll your eyes.

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I love to see women bound in metal frames, tied with ropes or straps, screwed down by metal straps to a board while they are fucked by machines or when a sexy girl is on a gyno chair with her legs up in the stirrups and her legs, arms and throats are strapped in so she can't move. I'd love to bind a girl in any of these ways and finger, vibe and fuck any number of orgasms out of her for hours.


Mounting Dwarvish Absurdities

In which Thorin convinces Bilbo to ride one of Erebor’s war rams. Written for @anunexpectedanniversary!! Also here on AO3.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Bilbo placed his hands on his hips, settling the dwarf in front of him with an unimpressed glare. Thorin hardly blinked, unfazed by the hobbit’s indignation.

“I know not what you mean, ghivashel,” he replied stiffly.

“Did you actually think I would set even one foot near that - that beast?” Bilbo exclaimed.

Thorin’s eyes narrowed as the hobbit’s words hit their mark. “This is one of our finest battle rams,” he corrected icily, turning to give the monstrous creature an affectionate stroke along one of its dangerously long, curved horns. The creature snorted, wide nostrils flaring as it tilted its head into the King’s touch.

Bilbo most certainly did not yelp, nor did he jump away.

“It’s a glorified farm animal!” he yelled, hand over his furiously beating heart. “And I’m not getting on it!”

“You dare insult the ways of my people?” Thorin growled, though his words lacked any real heat.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Bilbo grumbled as he turned to leave. “I’m not getting on and that’s final!”

“I see,” Thorin conceded with a sigh. “I did not think you would be so easily frightened.”

Bilbo rolled his eyes, hands throwing up in the air exasperatedly. “If you’re trying to goad me, may I remind you that I’m not some egotistical, clot-headed dwarf who will get himself killed just to prove a point?”

“Not at all,” Thorin said, trying for an air of resignation as he leaned against the fence enclosing the animals in. He failed miserably. “I am merely surprised the brave hobbit who fearlessly stood against a dragon cannot bring himself to ride a perfectly tame farm animal.” As he spoke, the King’s lips curved into a suspiciously triumphant smirk.

“Smaug was different,” Bilbo scoffed, unmoved by the taunt. “I had both feet securely planted on the ground at all times.” He gestured emphatically at the large appendages, currently nestled in some soft, sun-warmed grass.

“So it is a matter of keeping your unnaturally large, leather-soled, furry feet on the ground.”

“It is a matter of keeping my respectably-sized feet on the ground,” Bilbo corrected, wagging his finger as he added, “And don’t act as though you don’t love my feet hair!”

“That is not a matter to discuss at the present,” Thorin said through clenched teeth, the fierceness of his growled reply lost somewhat as he looked away, cheeks visibly heating. “But if you wish, I will make a deal with you.”

“A deal?” Bilbo repeated, snorting in disbelief. “And what could you possibly offer me?”

“I will stop teaching you how to swim,” the King revealed triumphantly.

Bilbo blinked in surprise. It was a tempting offer - Thorin was a horrible teacher, not to mention Bilbo was a completely unwilling pupil. His swimming lessons involved Thorin ambushing Bilbo in the underground pool they used for bathing, and trying to drag him, kicking and screaming, to the deep middle. Bilbo had taken to bathing only when Thorin was stuck in a meeting, and even then he did so as quickly as possible, looking around nervously for any attacking dwarf Kings.

Thorin’s smirk widened smugly as Bilbo pondered the deal. If there was one thing Bilbo hated more than the King’s defeated pout, it was his self-satisfied gloat.

“Fine,” Bilbo grumbled finally, ignoring the way his ridiculous betrothed preened obnoxiously.

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I’m so horny right now. I’m imagining being with my partners right now in an RV that has all the necessary gynecological and obstetric equipment needed. I am extremely pregnant with twins. There are stirrups that are attached to the exam table. The dining table hooks up to the wall. He has me lie naked on the table, feet in stirrups and legs spread wide open. I start having contractions. While he’s driving, she ( my other partner) decides to do a pelvic exam to check my dilation. panting very hard as her fingers are deep inside me. I’m panting and grunting.

He pulls over and she starts to drive. He pushes my legs back and inserts his fingers deep inside me. He feels the sac and decides to break my water. He tells her to pull over and help him. After parking at a rest stop, she holds my knees back and open while he stretches my pussy and pops the bag. I’m grunting, crying and screaming as I’m feeling hard painful contractions. Then he checks me and I’m completely dilated.

He tells me to push hard and I’m screaming as I feel the head descending through my cervix. It’s coming out! I’m screaming. My pussy is being stretched and my knees are being held back and open!

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cherry turnover: who do you live with?

“My dad and my brother,” answered Ruthanne.  "On the farm.“  Her shoulders lifted in a little shrug, and she held out an apple to her chocobo Briseis.  "I guess I might be a little old to live at home?”  As Briseis took the apple whole from her hand, she reached out to smooth her hand over the soft, brown feathers along her neck.  "Turned twenty last moon, but a farm’s a farm, you know?  Work needs doin’, and I don’t mind doin’ it.“  A small smile curled at the corners of her lips.  "Clara was married at twenty, but she’s always been a little different.”

Ruthie moved to the side of Briseis and adjusted her saddle before stepping into the stirrups and swinging her leg over.  "I like it here.“  Pale violet eyes looked down at you, and her rosy cheeks rounded with a bigger smile.  "Can’t really imagine being anywhere else.”  Ruthie winked then and reached up to pat her chocobo along its wing, producing a soft kweh.  "C'mon, Brissy!“  The bird gave a little stretch, then padded away, tail feathers bouncing with each step.

(Thank you so much for the ask, @mugishalffull! ♥)

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I have literally spent hours just reading everything i can find on your blog, omfg. Haha, i love your writing. Can you do an asscup piece where Hiccup is starting to teach Astrid how to fly Toothless? (Bc if you didn't hear/remember, Astrid mentioned that she would have to fly Toothless if Hiccup became chief.) Ending in kisses, s'il vous plait?

Welp. This was supposed to be my “hiccup teaches astrid to fly toothless” drabble, but I know you’ve already read that one lol. So since you’re one of my absolute favorite blogs, I’ll give it another go. 

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