stirring the fire

givenchy & gold, part i (m.)

;pairing — jungkook/reader

;warnings — sex | implied exhibitionism | mild dom/sub tones | if u’ve got a praise kink then ur gonna love this | mentions of daddy kinks | instances of spanking 

;summary — you’re the supervisor of the clothing department with a lot of useless lingerie knowledge, jungkook is the jewelry department’s defiant hot boy who flirts in wristwatch brands. basically an upscale retail au, but with lots of implied under-the-counter sex. and when an opportunity presents itself to fuck each other in the boss’s office after hours, you’re both too hot for each other to say no.

;word count — 20k im so sorry

part i | part ii | drabbles

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Obey (Sub!Jimin Smut)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut (Mother Mary help)

Warnings: SMUT DEAR GOD SMUT, dirty talk, Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader, orgasm denial, overstimulation, ass play, swearing, bondage

Word Count: 5586

Wow okay so I read @seokvie‘s and @btssmutgalore‘s sub!Jimin fics and they inspired me to write my own. I’m decently proud of this, considering I have 0 experience writing something like this. Thank you to @jin-oppa for gushing about this topic with me and @fortheloveofsuga for just being a good person in general.

Many would look at your boyfriend’s sharp jaw, thickly muscled thighs, and chiseled face and assume that he was dominant in bed. Rough, even. Jimin did, indeed, carry himself with straight shoulders and his head held high–long legs carrying him confidently across the room as his dark eyes zeroed in on something in the distance. He would present you out in public as if you were a work of art, his thick hand pressed into the small of your back and his full lips grazing your temple. If ever any other man raked their eyes down your body, his warm eyes would harden to stony obsidian orbs–either lowering his hand to rest on your ass or keeping direct eye contact with the potential threat as he brushed his lips across the expanse of your neck. Your boyfriend dominated you in romance, indeed. But you had a secret.

Park Jimin was not dominant in the bedroom.

He would occasionally play the dom role, his jaw clenching and nostrils flaring as he rammed into you from behind–leanly muscled chest pressed against your back as he leaned over you to growl obscenities in your ear through gritted teeth. When he was angry, he would pull your hair and bring you so close to the edge that you could feel yourself beginning to tip over, just before he would yank you back again. But that was only when he was so furious that he was seeing red.

Most of the time, he preferred to wholeheartedly submit himself to you. He thrived off of your praise, the little phrase “Good boy” nearly flinging him off the edge and into an orgasm any time you breathed the words into his hair. He loved to be tied up, and teased, and spanked until he was begging you to let him cum. He adored it when you tortured him with sucking on his cock long past he was finished, the mixture of pain and pleasure drawing him nearer to yet another release.

It wasn’t always so extreme, but there were nights when he needed to be controlled and you needed to control him.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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The Heaven (Le Ciel) and Hell (l’Enfer) cabarets of Montmartre, Paris. 1880s.

In the 1899 book Bohemian Paris of To-Day by William Chambers Morrow and Édouard Cucuel, the authors visit several of the City of Lights darker drinking destinations and describes l’Enfer thusly:

“Enter and be damned, the Evil One awaits you!“ growled a chorus of rough voices as we hesitated before the scene confronting us. Near us was suspended a caldron over a fire, and hopping within it were half a dozen devil musicians, male and female, playing a selection from "Faust” on stringed instruments, while red imps stood by, prodding with red-hot irons those who lagged in their performance.

Crevices in the walls of this room ran with streams of molten gold and silver, and here and there were caverns lit up by smouldering fires from which thick smoke issued, and vapors emitting the odors of a volcano. Flames would suddenly burst from clefts in the rocks, and thunder rolled through the caverns. Red imps were everywhere, darting about noiselessly, some carrying beverages for the thirsty lost souls, others stirring the fires or turning somersaults. Everything was in a high state of motion.

And right next door to the Cabaret de l'Enfer was Cabaret du Ciel (“The Cabaret of the Sky”), a divinely themed bar where Dante and Father Time greeted visitors and comely ladies dressed as angels pranced around teasing patrons. As Morrow recalled, the evening’s entertainment was presided over by St. Peter himself, who anointed the boozy crowd:

Flitting about the room were many more angels, all in white robes and with sandals on their feet, and all wearing gauzy wings swaying from their shoulder-blades and brass halos above their yellow wigs. These were the waiters, the garcons of heaven, ready to take orders for drinks. One of these, with the face of a heavy villain in a melodrama and a beard a week old, roared unmelodiously, “The greetings of heaven to thee, brothers! Eternal bliss and happiness are for thee. Mayst thou never swerve from its golden paths! Breathe thou its sacred purity and renovating exaltation. Prepare to meet thy great Creator and don’t forget the garcon!” 

Fire Within Me Strength Potion

-black tea
-chili powder
-a pinch of cayenne

-Make black tea. Add spices to taste.
Mix in honey and vanilla.
-whilst stirring clockwise chant “fire within me, burn burn, fire within me, churn churn, fire within me, strength to give, fire within me, as I live.” Repeat until you can feel energy being raised. Feel free to growl or snarl or stomp your feet, whatever gets you in the mood. Just don’t spill your potion in the process. Send the energy into the potion by jabbing your spoon into the liquid as you cease chanting.
-drink and enjoy!

Hey guys! So, I wanted to make this post for a long time. Sometimes we are our own enemies and it’s so easy to get caught in fighting against yourself, and I want to be a new person and become someone that is content with who they are. A part of me wants to look back on this when I am feeling bad again and read everything I have written here, like a little reminder of my own, you know? With that, I hope you walk away feeling okay and content, like I hope to do, because that is my goal: for all of us to be okay with ourselves and our lives even on days when it feels like it won’t be.

Be proud of your art, because it matters.

Whatever you choose to create, know that is great and you should not look to others to find what is inside of yourself. So often, it is as if you look around and feel you are not good enough, because you may feel you are behind the curve of others you admire. But, in a way, that is perfectly okay to be behind the curve. Every writer, artist, poet, dancer, and singer did not start with an abundance of skill. They worked at what they loved to create to become your inspiration. Take personal notes from them and find who you want to be as a creator, on your own terms. And down the line, when you become who you want to be, you can become someone else’s inspiration. Where that begins is being proud of what you create, and finding the confidence within you to be your own great writer, your own great singer, or your own great poet. First and foremost, be your own inspiration. Be your first inspiration because it matters. Create your art because it matters.

It is okay to be alone.

For the longest time, alone and lonely have been exclusive to each other. And that is not true. Loneliness sucks. It is one of the worst feelings to have nobody to truly reach out to when you have a bad day, or even a great day. Loneliness is the feeling when you walk around and feel as though you are the only one in the world without someone to share your stories with, your words, your passions. But, aside from the pain of being lonely, you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself and love it. Find what makes you great on your own. I am not saying that you should not be understandably upset because you are lonely, but maybe it is a sign that you need to become the best version of yourself first. Find what is making you unhappy alone, and change it. That way, when you meet others, you will be the greatest you possible. Just remember, it is okay to be alone. It is okay to be alone at home on a Friday night, to eat at a restaurant alone, and to go to a movie alone. The best company is yourself, because nobody can or will know you better than you.

Don’t doubt your positivity/optimism.

There were so many moments in 2016 that questioned your faith, your beliefs, your hope, and your optimism. With everything that went wrong, personally or externally, it was hard to feel the space of your comfort being shaken, but that’s okay. You stayed strong through to this year, and that is what is important. Be optimistic for the future. Do not believe hope ends when there are moments of doubt and struggle. See the good in people, in unfortunate events, in life. Sometimes that space of comfort needs to be stirred to rattle that optimism inside you, to light the fire that keeps you optimistic, and to motivate you. So let it be stirred. Keep that fire alive.

It is okay to fail, or not achieve perfection.

Perfection is impossible. Nobody is perfect. You may look at someone from the outside and see perfection, but there is always something someone is fighting, no matter how small or big that thing is. And I understand. Failing sucks. It is horrible to feel inadequate at something or feel less than because you slipped and fell. It’s as though you can’t get up without the shadow of that failure beside you. Don’t believe in that. Your failures and imperfections are there to remind you that you are simply you and there is nobody in the world who does something once and instantly gets it right. That is impossible, just like perfection. Nobody is instantly great at everything they try at. And that is the whole point of failure: the act of trying. If you’re trying, you’re doing something.

Who you are throughout your life is not completely defined by what is out there.

I am talking about strangers, celebrities, media, and even family and friends. You are not your parents, or your friends, or celebrities. You have tons of opportunities to be your own person, with your own thoughts and feelings about what is going on around you. You have a way to make in the world, and it is only made through where you choose to go. Nothing in a magazine, movie, or someone else’s words can or should change how you feel about yourself, or change who you are as a person. When you wake up, you are yourself, so it is important to know who you are and not let things outside of your own influence take you down. It’s unhealthy and a disservice to yourself. Don’t rely so much on what is outside of yourself, because you live in one set of skin your whole life. Don’t spend it worrying about fitting into a box created by something or someone else.

They are out there.

Yes, they. The people that will understand you and love who you are. They will find you, or you will find them. It may take a bit of waiting, but it will be worth it. Maybe “they” are friends, or significant others, or maybe even family, but the point is to know that you won’t be alone forever. You’re not gonna keep your emotions, your passions, or your thoughts inside of yourself forever. You’ll find the ones that will be glad to listen, who will love to hear from you, and will be glad you are beside them. Like I said, it may take some waiting, but nothing worthwhile is instantly gratified.

You won’t notice it.

You won’t realize things have changed until they have already been changed. While sadness seems to remind you of its presence, happiness can blindside us. Once you’ve achieved what you want to achieve and done the things you’ve set out to do, you won’t understand it has gotten better and you have moved on until you’re already moving. As I said before, be patient; instant gratification is never as good as people say it feels. That moment where you look back and realize you’re in a better place than before is coming, and it’s gonna feel fucking great.

There will be shitty times. But, you are gonna be okay.

It’s easy to fall into believing things won’t be okay. Maybe it’s the day you’ve been having, or the people around you are bringing you down. And yes, things will be shitty for awhile. Whether that “awhile” is a few minutes, a few days, or a few months. But, you should not forget things will be okay, and you are gonna be okay. You have everything you need inside of yourself, even if it feels like you don’t in those shitty moments. Don’t let yourself fall into a space where you believe you won’t be okay, because you will. Things will be okay. For all of my hallmark advice and words that could be put on a self-help card, you will find the friends, moments, and everything in between that will remind you it all will be okay.

In that dress

Guess who’s still stuck at home? That’s right it’s ME! Again feel free to make requests or send me promts and ideas, I’ll start psoting my edits and more icons soon. Anyway, the lovely @ferosa requested a fic inspired by this particular dress:

What a glorious piece, Michelle Clapton! It’s very sexy but Dany pulls it off like no other, but in this fic, Jon will pull it off I guess…

Dragonstone was not Essos. Especially not with winter being here. Daenerys missed the days of light dresses and thin silks and cottons, and grew more tired of the stern dressing of Westeros. Today, she was supposed to have super with her guests from the North before she bids them farewell to the crazy mission they’re planning to do. She stared at her clothes, not being sure what to wear. The Queen picked up a coat lined with fur and embroidered with scales. That won’t do for diner…

Another heavy-duty coat and a warm dress with fur lining wasn’t what she imagined. In her practicality, she forgot to actually buy dresses she’d wear for opportunities like this. The clothing she wore here was heavy and made out of strong materials, almost armor like… She closed the trunk and turned around to her old clothes she wore back in Meeren. There was a dress out of blue leather and silk, then her fine white dresses, the one with the collar, and then she found a piece she almost forgot about. It had blue cap sleeves, the same fabric crossed in an x shape and went around her waist. The rest of the dress was made out of a light gray fabric and it only covered her breast and legs, leaving her stomach exposed. She almost squealed when she saw it.

Dany put it on hastily and admired herself in the mirror. Her hair was still down, only moved from her face by two simple braids. She turned around and looked at the back. Would it wrong to wear it for dinner? Perhaps with some blue earrings or a necklace?

She was interrupted from her own thoughts by Jon Snow. The man strolled into her private chambers and looked for her. And then he spotted her. Jon’s mind went blank after witnessing what she was wearing, and never seeing a woman in something like this, he figured these must be her undergarments. He immediately turned around.

-Lord Snow? Is everything alright?-

He was panicking now.

-Your Grace, we wanted to tell you that mining is over and we have gathered the dragonglass we need.-

-Why did you turn around?-

-Because you aren’t wearing any clothes…-

She laughed.

-But I am? My lord, turn around, this is a dress, I am not naked.-

He turned around and glanced over her body. That dress was hiding nothing. He decided to look away.

-Won’t you be cold in that?-

-If you haven’t noticed, the palace has several fireplaces.-

-Seven hells…-

He couldn’t bear to look at her, it felt almost inappropriate. Wherever his gaze went, she’d follow, making him stare at her. Jon realized there is no use for looking away, she had no shame.

-Forgive me, but how does one consider this a dress?-

-The people in Meeren wear this all the time. This is tame by their standards? Have you ever seen a naked woman?-

-Yes, I mean, what are you asking me?-

-I am asking you if you are comfortable with naked women. Or do you prefer naked men?-

-No! Oh gods, are you sure that you are not cold?-

-I am the blood of the dragon. Dragons don’t get cold.-

She looked divine. Her skin was beautiful, and it looked so soft, her hair tumbling down her shoulders, making her look like a dream. Daenerys approached him. He could now see she had a tiny little freckle underneath her left breast. Oh. Now he’s staring at her chest. He reminded himself to kick Davos for the good heart joke, because his words were now coming back to haunt him in this sensitive moment. Her good heart, was, to put it simply, to close for comfort now.

-It does suit you very well.-

-Excellent! That means you can escort me to diner!-

She looped their arms together, his upper arm briefly brushed her breast. He was blushing now, on the verge to break out into a nervous sweat. He led her to the room and she tried to hold a conversation with him but it was useless. A glass of wine should fix that.

When they entered the room together, Missandei acknowledged their presence, Tyrion raised an eyebrow and Davos spat out his drink. Jorah Mormont looked like he’s on the verge of tears. Greyworm was the only one to greet them.

-The King in the North was kind enough to escort me to diner.-

-I see…- Said Davos, snickering at Jon.

They all had a pleasant evening. Well, except for Jon and Jorah. The Bear managed to avoid glancing at the Queen, but Jon had the fortune to sit next to her. He used every fiber in his body not to look over. And it had no effect. Whatever magic and charm he had, he was dizzy from a mixture of her magic and wine, and it was all enhanced by her beauty and elegance. Jon, being Jon, tried to stay noble and not let his thoughts wander elsewhere. Too bad he was only human.

-And then, he fell down the stairs and the Madame started screaming! - Said Tyrion, finishing his story up. The table erupted with laughter.

-Who is next?-

Davos was the next one to open his mouth.

-Back in the day when I was a young lad in Flea Bottom…-

-Aegon the Conqueror was still king at the time. True story… - Said Tyrion raising his glass.

The table was now shaking from laughter, Dany put a hand on Jon’s shoulder and he leaned against her.

Missandei told them about the butterflies she used to catch in Naath with her brother. It was getting late now. Dany got up to stir the fire in the dragon-mouth shaped fireplace, turning her back to Jon. She was shaped like a pear. Her bare back was teasing him mercilessly, igniting a fire in him that had only one way to be extinguished. The small company parted again, leaving ice and fire alone in a room. Dany tapped her foot and got up to bid Jon Snow good night. And he did something she’d never expected him to do. He grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall. She wasn’t angry or aggravated, more surprised and happy than the wolf finally came out. He breathed against her neck, causing her to shiver.

-What are you doing, my lord?-

-You must be mad… First, you put on a garment that’s barely a dress… Second, you tease me mercilessly the entire night, as if you are playing a little game… Third, I tried, I really tried…-

-What did you try?-

And he crashed against her mouth, almost biting her lip. He sucked on it and they were both panting, fighting for air.

-If you’d release me, my lord, I would take you somewhere to take care of the problem that I feel against my thigh…-

He was almost embarrassed. But, now was not the time to play a blushing maid because neither of them was. She guided him to her chamber, and he pushed her on the bed, climbing on top of her. HE started kissing her neck, leaving bite-marks, he started kissing the skin that was exposed by her dress, and carefully undid the laces of the soft garment. And she wore nothing underneath it. At all.

The following morning he was seated at the breakfast table, Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister sitting across of him. The Imp was going through some reports and the knight was stirring his porridge. Jon was not able to keep his eyes open. He yawned and covered his mouth. Davos sat down next to him.

-Did you sleep well last night, my King?-

-No, not really…-

-I figured since you were missing from your rooms.-

Mormont put his spoon down and Tyrion folded a letter and grinned.

-Oh, this suddenly took a turn for the interesting! Did you get lost last night? After all, this is a large fortress.-

Jon was on the verge of screaming now.

-I believe His Grace was misled last night by something and he got lost. Happens to all of us. Doesn’t it, Sir Jorah?-

-Yes, I suppose it does.-

-I think His Grace’s last night was quite an adventure. - nodded Davos.

-Yes, I heard it last night!-

Jon calculated remembering that Tyrion’s abode is located next to Dany’s. Oh, he was a dead man again. Why did she have to be loud at sunrise? He left the room maybe an hour later and he could bet his sword that the Lannister saw him.

-And where’s the Queen? - asked Jorah, looking completely worried and oblivious, - she never misses any meetings or meals.-

-I believe she’s resting, Sir Jorah. Even queens need rest sometimes, don’t you agree, King Jon?-

He put his head on between his hands.

-I am too tired to reply to those remarks.-

-Why would you be tired? You had a good meal and a long night to rest.-

-I think I’m going back to bed.-

-Don’t get lost again, my friend! The gods know you need your sleep!-

Chaos is a Ladder / 4

Summary: Heroes do stupid things and die. Jon Snow does especially stupid things. After so much loss, she doesn’t know how she’ll bear it if he dies too. What they’re doing here, now, in her bed, that can only make it worse, but she doesn’t care. It’s too late. She might as well enjoy the pleasurable moments where she can.

Rating: M


They’re a day’s ride from Winterfell when Daenerys blinks awake to find two bright, burning red eyes regarding her in silent evaluation. Behind her, Jon stirs without waking. Sometime in the night his arm ended up around her waist, and it tightens slightly, his skin warm on hers, but then he settles.

“Hello,” she says quietly into the watery morning light. The wolf’s ears stand at attention, alert, intelligence burning in the strange eyes. Solid white and massive, he doesn’t move, his eyes fixed on her. Even as Jon sighs behind her, Ghost doesn’t shift his attention. Watching the wolf carefully, Daenerys can’t help but wonder if this is an intentional meeting, his master slumbering behind her – a chance for Ghost to evaluate her and determine if she’s left wanting. If she’s good enough.

The thought gives her pause. It’s not a question she’s used to humoring, even when it comes to Jon. It isn’t a question of being good enough for him, or him being good enough for her. She knows the kind of man he is. She’s made no attempt to hide herself from him, and he’s still here, so he must know who she is.

But Ghost doesn’t. 

Slowly, Daenerys draws her hand from beneath the furs. It’s cold in the tent with the fires burned low, but cozy with Jon’s naked skin against hers, she barely feels it. Ghost regards her outstretched hand silently, not shying away as she gets closer, but not exactly welcoming her either.

He simply watches her.

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Feel Again

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Smut, Swearing, Angst, References to past psychological trauma

Summary: Bucky Barnes struggles in a world of violence and pain. But when she enters his life, he begins to feel new, beautiful emotions. He no longer feels crippled with guilt. He feels solace. He feels again. 

A/N: Gif is not mine :) 

It all started on a mission in Romania.

After a days worth of trekking through the dense, Romanian forest, you finally reached the small wooden cabin that would become you and the Winter Soldier’s safe house.

The cabin was a cute little thing, cozy and warm, with a large family room that boasted a beautiful, stone fireplace. It was the type of house that made you feel at home even though you had only been inside for five minutes. The four bedrooms were quite large and the master suite had a large, soft bed that felt as though you were sinking through clouds. This was definitely the place you wanted to be after a hike through the Romanian Alps.  

After washing up, you sat by the fire Bucky had started and allowed your hair to dry. As you did, you slowly became transfixed by the hypnotic dance of the fames that flickered in a rhythmic beat, the heat of their passionate waltz permeating onto your skin.

A rustle at the door pulled your focus away from the fire and toward Bucky, who was carrying large logs of wood in his arms.

“Hey,” he smiled as he walked into the living room where you were comfortably perched.

“Hi,” you smiled back; just as Bucky crouched down to toss another log in the fire. You gave him a quick glance before your eyes turned back toward the fire.

You and Bucky had rarely exchanged words during the mission. He was a quiet listener and polite but he kept his thoughts to himself. It was when the two of you were trudging through the forest when he started to open up, as though the wild had awakened a part of him that helped him settle in the skin that he wore like armor. But he still didn’t divulge much about himself, and you found him mysterious.

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On this day in music history: April 13, 1973 - “Catch A Fire”, the fifth album by The Wailers is released. Produced by Chris Blackwell, it is recorded at Dynamic Sound, Randy’s Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and Island Studios in London from May - October 1972. It is the bands’ major label debut on Island Records and includes such classics as “Stir It Up”, “Kinky Reggae”, and “Concrete Jungle”. The first 20,000 copies of the vinyl LP come packaged in a sleeve designed to look like and open and close like a Zippo lighter (designed by Rod Dyer and Bob Weiner). Due to the high cost of producing the original artwork, which also necessitated hand assembly for each jacket, only the initial pressing uses this cover. The album is reissued a year later with different cover art, featuring Marley smoking a spliff. Island Records releases a 2 CD Deluxe Edition of the album in 2001 that features the original Jamaican track listing and without the additional post production overdubs added to the US release. In 2010, the album is remastered again in Japan as a limited edition SHM-CD, with the packaging replicating the original Zippo lighter sleeve in mini-LP form. It is also remastered and reissued on vinyl in 2015, available as an individual 180 gram LP, or as part of the vinyl box set “Bob Marley & The Wailers - Complete Island Recordings.  "Catch A Fire” peaks at number fifty one on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number one hundred seventy one on the Top 200.

Aries female compatibilities

Sorry it’s quite long :/

XAries male

Put an Aries woman and an Aries male, and it will be violence and drama h24.
Usually, when the partners aren’t from different signs, the comprehension between them is perfect, because they have a lot in common. But Aries are exceptions. The truth is, the Aries man is of an amazing dynamism and enthusiasm. He is so active that he tends to live at a speed that would stun more than one.Despite the endurance which the woman also demonstrates, this rhythm of life imposed by the male will eventually begin his own vivacity.

Man is also a formidable dominator and a fiery seducer. He can not help but look at the pretty ladies around him and fidelity is not part of his goal. On the other hand, the native of the sign is also very sensual and its ardor in love adds a point. She demands of her partner respect for her freedom in the field of sex. The proud Aries will not endure such an attitude and this is where the rub is hurt. For the subject Aries, love is a perpetual battle where it will always have to be the strongest. But the woman has better things to do than to submit to her laws and will also want to make her voice heard. By its nature, it is also an energetic combative.

Their union seems thus very eventful because two fierce wills meet: bursts and effervescence in perspective. When man seeks to dictate his will to his companion, the latter will revolt because the obligation and it, it makes well two. They will not fail to come up against each other because each one holds enormously to its freedom and wants to preserve it.

However, getting to agree and guaranteeing their couple the serenity and tranquility is not such an impossible mission for these two exceptional beings. The native, under his authoritarian and egocentric appearance, is a person overflowing with tenderness and affection. For her part, the woman has a lot of love to share, she also has dynamism and willpower. These characters may bring them together, but rarely do things like the others, the natives could also use them to stir up the fire of vehement remarks. The strength of their passion sets them against each other.

xTaurus male

When the Aries woman meets the Taurus man, their relationship combines harmony and understanding as principal strengths. Their characters complete each other so perfectly that they will have no difficulty in putting themselves together. Indeed, the native of the sign is a character who does not like movements: in dignified earthman, he always has feet on earth. On the other hand, his companion moved by the heat of Fire, is a person who is all the time to be on something. Her vivacity and extravagance sometimes come up against the passivity of her partner. In the course of their cohabitation, the latter will no longer endure this somewhat fanciful and eccentric character on the other.

The Taurus is a great worker and does not hesitate to devote himself entirely to his enterprise. He always needs money security. This is why he is sometimes called a miser: weighing the pros and cons of an expense is his favorite exercise. Now, Mrs Aries, in view of her generosity, does not attach much importance to material values ​​and is revealed to be an inveterate spender. These different designs concerning money will ignite the sparks of disputes within the couple. The man will never understand the lightness of his companion in the use of their finances.

But money will not be the only source of discord, the attitude a little provocative of the native will also stir up a wind of anger. When the Taurus feels the pressure too strong, it returns to its shell and it will be at that time difficult for its partner to bring it out. In addition, he has a tenacious grudge and hardly forgives.

Despite these divergences, their solidarity during the trials will be exemplary. The Aries woman, very dynamic and very audacious, is not afraid to take risks. She will be protected by the Olympic calm of her partner. The pronounced taste of adventure displayed by the woman will be delayed by the stable attitude of the Taurus. A good understanding favored by this great complicity will be established between them. They can find in each of them the traits of character that the other needs in order to flourish. And on the field of frolics, these two can expect great moments. Physical love gives them great satisfaction so that they can establish an ideal communion in their relationship.

XGemini male

When Aries and Gemini meet, these two beings with complementary characters have a chance to build a lasting and viable relationship. This complementarity is not exempt from turning into divergence however. It will not bring any equilibrium in the couple because it is constantly under the influence of the different characters of the partners. The tenderness shared within their union cannot prevent the occurrence of serious scenes.

The subject Gemini keeps an immature side that sometimes makes his charm, but his companion will reproach it to him because he can not openly manifest his passion. He always puts a certain distance between him and his feelings, for it is often his head that will speak instead of the heart. This attitude, which marks a certain detachment, irritates the native, especially since man holds his freedom a little too much, engaging in a too serious relationship frightens him. For him, the bonds of marriage would hinder his freedom, so he prefers to stand at a distance to preserve his independence. Only his partner does not hear it from that ear. Aries will then feel frustrated and become jealous. She has a great fear that her Gemini companion does let her down because the latter displays a behavior a little distant. In order to encourage him to become more interested in their relationship, she will try to awaken his jealousy, but seems rather attracted to everything that is new. He loves change and tries to satisfy his curiosity and this attitude will eventually exasperate her.

To have a chance, these partners will have a lot to give: that the native takes the initiative to grant more freedom to his companion and this, in different fields, in this case at the level of the distraction.

It is the same regarding to work, it must not feel too many pressures of some natures whatsoever. It is good to know that he is very skilled and will manage even the most difficult situations. The key to a successful union? Counting a lot on the friendly side of the relationship and not confining yourself to the sensual. It is the price to pay to live in harmony.

XCancer male

Rude fights in perspective for the Aries woman, a being of Fire and the aquatic Cancer man. By their respective elements, they have very discordant characteristics. Their behaviors are radically opposed: understanding each other and being willing to support themselves will be challenges to be faced on a day-to-day basis.

The Cancer man is indeed a very complex subject, who wants the butter and the money of the butter: success, security, stability and especially freedom. Totally anxious on the edges, he tends to crush black. He will therefore blame his companion for her enthusiasm and dynamism. When the man has access to sadness, his partner will have to use her legendary vivacity to restore his joy. She will have to be very patient if she wants her man to follow her in her world tinged with a certain note of lightness and gaiety. Yet, the native and the patience make two and the conflicts will tarnish their relationship. One of the partners will feel hurt by the other’s words and their emotional relationship may be put to severe strain.

However, they are capable of great passion and can be very attached so that a certain complicity can be established between them. So there are couples which brilliantly succeed their idyll and know an enviable blossoming. But to keep this bar of success high, both will have to be tolerant and learn to accept their partner with their qualities and flaws. This understanding will constitute the oxygen of their relationship, without which we can predict some damage.

However, in spite of their possessive personnalities, they have a great sensitivity which assures to each of them the affection that they needs. There is also a major point which can ensure stability and harmony: kinship. As they both feel a lot of tenderness and affection for their offspring, they can have a whole lot of it. These children will be the guarantee of a good understanding in their common life. They will devote themselves and devote themselves to their offspring to the point of forgetting their relationship problems. These children will experience a family life serene and full of love, an environment conducive to their development. The couple will save the bet if both sides are able to show indulgence and trust for each other.

XLeo male

The Aries woman and the Leo man belong to the same sign of Fire. Their encounter will lead to an ideal understanding because they have much in common that they fit perfectly.

The woman will fall in love with her partner, seduced by his self-assurance, his courage and his generosity. On the other hand, the native is disarmed in front of the woman’s realism, honesty and innocent air. He, who is so proud and haughty, will feel the desire to protect this tender creature. A good complicity will be established in their union and they will live their life in a total communion. They can share a lot of feelings: the love of luxury and worldliness, audacity in the face of difficult situations and the risks do not frighten them.

But despite these similarities, some problems may arise over time. The man Leo, by his tendency to dominate his entourage, risks colliding with the independent personality of the Aries woman. The latter will not accept at all to submit to the enslavement of her companion in spite of the love she has for him. It will therefore be necessary for the man to know how to moderate his behavior if he wants their couple to live in harmony.

If the Leo is too vain and too egocentric, his companion will gradually move away from him and their union is likely to shed. As they are also very passionate and love the pleasures, their love will experience a burning start. If they let themselves be dominated by their devouring passion, they risk seeing their love consumed too soon. They will not even have time to enjoy their agreement - whether physical or sentimental - and they will already face the end of their story. The hope of building a lasting and liveable union will no longer exist. To avoid such a situation, they will have to learn how to control their impulses.

Yet, because of his generosity, the Leo is able to give his partner the security of a home safe from material worries. His stable character will make him a good companion on whom she can count. This perspective is very well suited to women because they tend to get tired of living together quite quickly. The success of their couple therefore depends on their common will to behave in a moderate way.

XVirgo male

The rendezvous of the Aries woman with a Virgo man does not promise to be of any rest. Their characters at the antipodes are not the catalysts recommended to create the cartel. The Virgo man is such a prudent and discreet being that he does not seek to be noticed, to live happily, he has found no better formula than discretion. As far as love is concerned, he loves to manage his relationship in intimacy so that he does not easily surrender to the outpourings. On the other hand, his companion is very expansive and impulsive. The native admires the audacity of the latter, but at the same time she is afraid of it, since he displays more the map of introversion. He’s looking for safety and that kind of behavior does not suit him. His companion will then reproach him his lack of dynamism and fantasy.

The place of material values ​​will be the main source of their disagreement. The man, despite his desire to live in ease, is not the sort to throw money out of the windows. Meticulous as not two, he settles his expenses in advance because material security is included in his objectives. On the other hand, the native thinks that the pennies are made to be expended and she does not go dead hand. This divergence of conception can lead to discord and their fights will be bitter.

The Virgo man wishes to lead a tranquil life and the taste of the other’s adventure does not secure him. He will then live very often in insecurity, the temerity of his wife shading his desire to try the Zen attitude. In spite of the Virgo’s admiration for the woman, he trembles at the unconsciousness of the woman when she engages without much thought. But the native Aries trusts her lover precisely for his calm and stability. She feels proud because this man, whose reserve is very well known, remark and admire her.

But all this will not prevent conflicts bursting within their couple. Since they are both resentful, the situation will take a little time to flatten themselves between these two. However, when it comes to mounting a project together, we can count on these two to stick together. They will succeed admirably in what they undertake, if they know how to take advantage of this compatibility and in fact, it is in such achievements that their bond can draw on what to survive.

XLibra male

If the Aries woman and the Libra man have some complementary traits of character, life together is not really their strong point. Just like the Fire and the Air, their dominant elements, they hardly agree in their conception of life.

The Libra man is not a person of decisions: for these things he is not the man of the situation. On the other hand, the Aries woman is so impulsive that sometimes she acts first and does not think about the consequences until after. They will therefore launch criticism and disputes will inevitably appear.

They oppose themselves very often, just as they know each other and guess. They can not hide what they feel as one can read in the other as in an open book. It is a kind of game for them to be able to know what one is trying to silence. But as soon as they get tired of the playful side of this “guess me”, their relationship risks taking a serious blow.

The rather proud behavior of Libra towards his entourage and the little consideration he has for his own wife are only setting fire to the powder. Since Libra does not regard woman as a free person who has the same rights as him, he will clash violently with his companion. First of all because she holds fiercely at her freedom, then because she is capable of casting hurtful words towards her companion and finally because she has tenacious resentment. Their couple will spend more bad quarter of an hour than reason.

To avoid such extremes, they will have to make efforts on their own. The woman must try to know what will please her partner and give him what he needs. This one is a very sensual being and the native must take it into account to keep the harmony in their union. Similarly, the Libra subject must not ignore that his companion does not live well without her freedom, he will have to let her act by letting go a little. If both partners respect these aspirations, they will come to an agreement that will allow their couple to resist the tests of time.

XScorpio male

The union between an Aries woman and a Scorpio man looks violent because the two partners have any traits but serene. Indeed, they do not know how to set limits in what they do. The woman, when she engages in something, does not even bother to measure the possible consequences of her act. Her partner has such a desire to succeed in his business that he is ready to engage in the battle to move forward. Everyone is overwhelmed by a passion that violence does not interfere with their relationship. They even find a certain satisfaction and willingly indulge in it.

If the native is too direct in her words and hurts her companion, she is also of remarkable carelessness in matters of finances. She turns out to be an unconscious spender and calculating the relationship between going out and entering the money, it’s not her thing.

Her partner, very courageous and very tenacious, is capable of many sacrifices if it serves his interests. However, he is loyal and never runs away from his responsibilities. Faced with such strength of character, the native must know that she will not be able to exercise any authority over him. Putting harmony in this couple will therefore pass by the acceptance of the partner.

The desire for independence of the woman in the field of sexuality will not collide with the conception of the man because it also likes the company of the women. The two partners must come to mutual understanding in order to experience a normal life. If the man does not keep his companion rigorous for her fantasies and her big expenses, and he does not make remarks about her lightness, he will seduce her. He must above all leave aside his pride and give himself up to the woman, showing her love. The Aries woman will be attracted by the willingness to undertake of her companion. This attitude forces his admiration and respect. Under these conditions, their relationship will have a certain serenity and will have the chance to be long.

XSagittarius male

Both the Aries woman and the Sagittarius man belong to the same sign of Fire. Many commonalities and affinities exist between them. Their similarities will not separate them if they are able to spare. Indeed, if the native does not hurt his companion by his behavior too frank in admitting to her, her incartades, he does not risk seeing her detach from him. The woman Aries can be very jealous and she can not bear that her companion is unfaithful to her. Their union is likely to be large. The man should be careful not to worry too much about his partner, his words or his behavior.

The Aries woman and the Sagittarius man form a formidable tandem in the professional field and can meet indisputable successes. Both love to command, but man has such a courteous and respectful manner of doing it that he almost succeeds in all his undertakings. Their complicity can come from this success. They will then be able to come to an understanding and to live an extraordinary union.

However, if they do not pay attention and fall into rivalry, they will soon see their couple fall into a resounding failure. This couple will have to have complete autonomy in the professional field. The exercise of two different activities will benefit them to avoid jealousies on both sides. Two beings animated by the same desire to become a leader can not live in a single specialty. They can not help but compete.

However, there are traits of character that bring them closer together: their generosity and their passion. And besides being generous, the Aries is also honest and faithful. Despite her tendency to sexual freedom, she can show herself capable of exemplary fidelity. On the other hand, her companion is not a good model in this field because he is always tempted by the pretty women he meets. But if they let themselves be guided by their passion and love, they will guarantee harmony and stability to their couple. Since they are both adventurous, they will experience truly enriching experiences.

XCapricorn male

Aries woman and Capricorn man will live a relationship not really easy to manage, their pace of life being so different. The native is very active in his actions and his decisions are very fast, while his companion is much more thoughtful and observes a great caution in everything that he undertakes. His sense of responsibility and skills make him an exceptional worker. To succeed and take the power he will use for a long time, he will put all his strength and perseverance into action. The woman can safely trust him because he is a character who is very discreet.

Their characters are opposed: Aries is very fanciful and demonstrative in her feelings, while Capricorn displays an absence of sensitivity to hide his shyness. In fact, he is an introverted man who hates effusions and overflows. The exaltation and the exuberance of his companion could upset his mistrust, he who respects social conventions to the letter.

But under his cold and harsh appearance, Capricorn is a great sentimental. His sensuality is overflowing if he allows it to be exteriorized. The woman will nevertheless be seduced by the prudence and wisdom that he shows in his attitude, these traits of character being lacking. She is neither cautious nor prudent in her undertakings, but sometimes unconsciously engages in business. Capricorn, on the other hand, needs this lightness to brighten up his life and bring a certain note of carelessness.

If the two partners succeed in making these differences, instead of removing them, bring them closer together, they will be able to smooth out the difficulties that seem to stand in the way of their union. However, they will have to find common ground at the beginning of their relationship to avoid tensions in their lives. They must also make concessions to accept the other in all their individuality. If they leave on this basis, their union will not face the risk of disintegration.

XAquarius male

This union is the meeting of two beings eager for freedom that will find their fulfillment if they seriously avoid the traditional marriage. Marriage means respect for certain social conventions, obligations to be fulfilled and constraints under which the couple is bound to comply. Neither the Aries woman nor the Aquarius man are ready to assume such constraints. They will have a very good understanding if they opt for common-law unions. Their relationship will be much more friendly than sentimental and they will be able to adopt behaviors that will allow them to be complicit in different situations.

The native is lukewarm in love because his sensuality is quite demanding. If he does not meet a woman who can be everything for him - in turn, lover, mother and friend - he will not be able to exteriorize his feelings. When he is in the household, he can offer everything to his companion if she is able to satisfy him by sentimental fantasies. The behavior of the native will respond to this high expectation. She will bring to her partner her passion.

Far from all pressures, these two characters always find common interests that push them to act and strive towards the same goal. They will not experience boredom because they appreciate well. The woman sincerely approves of the anti-conformist tendency of her partner and even more his detachment of material values. She herself does not attach much importance to it, and she will not be disturbed by her companion’s carelessness regarding expenses.

The extravagance and the exuberance of the Aries woman will respond to those of her man so that they will provoke a lot of splinters in their combination. The man will not feel at all offended by the authoritarianism of his companion or by her aggressiveness, for he knows how to arm himself with a certain indifference to hide his emotions. Besides, his intelligence and his intuition serve him very much to tolerate the attitude of the other. Their couple will live in serenity if they manage to moderate their desire for independence and to grant the other the minimum freedom that they need.

XPisces male

Between the Aries woman and the Pisces man, governed by two very different elements, Fire and Water, tensions are on program. They will have great difficulty in establishing understanding in their couple. Their characters present so many differences that they will not easily be understood. Man is a great dreamer evolving in an imaginary world where it will be difficult to follow him. If his companion tries to impose constraints, he will leave her because she is a creature rather rebellious in her own way.

The dominating will of the Aries woman will not suit the romantic nature of her companion. Besides, she will not be able to “chain him” and this failure will eventually tire him. At this stage, the native is likely to be bored by living with a man she considers bold and their married lives will suffer. On the other hand, she can be sure of finding in this partner a great sweetness that never fails to attract women. He will try to fill it if she shows him understanding and if she leaves him the freedom to live in his world.

The Pisces man aspires to find a home that ensures stability when he returns from his journey of imagination. Only, the native will not be able to offer it: she is not a good housewife. She loves adventurous life too much that she can not wait for it wisely. It is true that she is a woman who can devote herself to her family to the limit of her energy without having to pay for her freedom of movement.

Living together for an Aries and a Pisces will mean frequent conflicts. If the man is reserved and discreet, the woman is exuberant and authoritarian, but the Pisces is not the type to appreciate these overflows. He will try to smooth out the fights by his spirit of conciliation but his sensitivity will risk to irritate his companion. This behavior that wants to flee reality will only irritate the other. She does not find enough energy in her to face him. Thus, this couple will need a lot of tolerance and concessions to give the minimum of chance to their union.

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Do you have any incantations that shall aid in sending out the spectral double (apart from the usual Isobel gowdie ones) thank you.xoxo

Softly, slowly drone it repeatedly until you are ready to fly out of your skin. 
“Lay my body from stem to stern, 
 let the cunning fire burn, 
 and stir my spirit within my mouth. 
 Through the chimney I’ll go out, 
 out to catch the northern star, 
 out to fly where spirits are, 
 out to catch the moon and sun
 and drink from where the Ichor runs.
 Fire stirs within my head,
 while all the world lies half-dead.”

Heated Kisses

This short one-shot was inspired by this picture drawn by Hiro Mashima. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A bad date and a poker game later, Lucy finds herself in the arms of a fiery dragon slayer. Will their passion get the better of them? Or will they end up challenging each other because they’re two stubborn wizards?

Rated T: Foul language and some suggestive themes.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Humor/Romance

Word Count: 2,237

Read on or AO3

Lucy opened the door to her apartment. She was mentally exhausted. Yet another one of her dates went awful. There wasn’t exactly anything wrong with him like the others, he just didn’t catch her interest. None of them seemed to be able to do that…

After a long soak in her bath she was feeling a little more refreshed, but she still couldn’t shake the thought that she would never find the right guy. It didn’t make sense to her. She’d been trying to date for the better part of six months now, and never had she made it past the first date.

She’d shared a few kisses with them, but that was it. It never made it past a rare goodnight kiss at the door, then she would never see them again. She didn’t think it was fair to waste her time or theirs. She didn’t want to say she was one of those people who believed that they should feel fireworks explode when they have their first kiss, but she couldn’t deny that her bar was set pretty high. So far no guy had made her knees weak or made her see stars.

Lucy sighed, wondering if she was just not meant to be with someone. In nothing but a towel, she strolled over to her closet, her feet barely lifting from the floor as she walked. She pulled out a simple tank top and white mini skirt, knowing they would be comfy since the weather had started to warm up. She didn’t think she’d be leaving her home again today anyway, so there was no point in worrying about her wardrobe.

Lucy was about to walk over to her desk to start writing, but a loud and cheery voice startled her.

“Hey Lucy!”

Said girl flinched, letting out an ‘eep’ as she whirled around to see the pink haired fire dragon slayer sitting on her living room floor. “Natsu! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Natsu raised a brow. “I came to hang out with you!” He said as if it were obvious, because to him, it was. He always loved spending time with her. “I didn’t see you at the guild this morning.”

“That’s because I was out on a date,” Lucy turned, not catching the way Natsu’s eye twitched when she said ‘date’. “Where’s Happy? I swear if he’s raiding my fridge again I’ll-”

“Happy’s not here,” Natsu answered, his tone a little dejected.

Lucy easily picked up on his mood change. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked, forgetting she was in nothing but a towel.

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@malfoyneegrangernet || ( feb challenge ; fave trope ) battle couple.

“On your left, Granger, on your fucking left!

Her Leg-Locking Curse has barely left her lips before she’s whipping around to throw up a Protego!, breathing heavily as her heart catches up to her. A pink jet of light fizzles against it only half-a-second later, and she tries not to let herself think about how close that one was.

She’d recognise that voice anywhere, she thinks. Funny how things happen that way. A year ago, a few months ago, she’d gladly trade her arm to never hear that voice again, but circumstances change, and she doesn’t think the sound will ever truly leave her. A perfect metaphor of the man himself; he’s nowhere and everywhere to her, too much and not at all, stirring a source of fire in the pit of her stomach.

He couldn’t have been closer than on the other side of the room when his warning had been shouted, but he’s here now, solid and firm in the space shadowing her shoulder. A curse is thrown at the Death Eater who had aimed at her, which buys her enough time to stop for a moment and glance up at him. There’s no time for gratitude here, no time for a thank you or a I didn’t want to die without telling you everything, but he catches her gaze and it’s enough. It’s enough. 

How long had she felt like this, does she think? She’d always prided herself on being able to compartmentalise everything she had control of. But she’d never had a hold on her emotions, never been able to take her own feelings out of equations, and it sucked, sure, but it makes her human

And she looks up at him — the cut of his jaw, the purse of his mouth, the slightly-upward slope of his nose. The grey in his eyes, hard and focused and familiar. When had it become so familiar?

But this is a battlefield, and her lips are open to say something, which is absolutely stupid because — because he’s yanking her back all of a sudden, sharp grip on her arm that she doesn’t register as desperate or urgent or fucking downright scared until too late. The Avada sent their way soars right through her Shield spell, and she knows that it would’ve hit her stomach, had he not pulled them both away.

This is a fucking battlefield, so why is there something irrational in her brain that is telling her that she has to say it now, that she has to tell him that she could spend an eternity laughing at him over her morning tea once this war was over, or that she had slept an entire night without a single nightmare when he accidentally stayed in her bed all the way to morning yesterday, or that she went looking for her missing copy of Shakespeare sonnets last month and found it in his pillowcase with a bookmark placed carefully inside on her favourite page and felt something beautiful in her chest, right there and then. This is not the first time they have fought in the same mission, and yet, it has suddenly hit her that she could die any moment, or he could die any moment, and he deserves to know, he deserves to know that she does not view him as temporary, that she views him as as as —

She’s honestly not even surprised when she finds understanding in his eyes, like he knows, knows everything that’s running through her mind in that moment. So he smirks, a twist of his lips that she once thought cruel, but now thinks home.

“Team?” she coughs out, voice hoarse and hurting.

“Just outside this room. They want us to get out.” And then she remembers, he came through the goddamn door to come back into this room, containing only Death Eaters and the lone Order member that was her. Her.

She does not, cannot, let herself think about that right now, so she focuses on the Anti-Apparation spell set up around this fucking death trap of a room and says, “We’re going to have to fight our way out, aren’t we.” Not a question.

A glint of white teeth as he grins, razor-like and dangerous. “I’ll take defence.”

And despite it all, despite the situation, she rolls her eyes, muttering, “Lazy bugger,” before she’s flinging spells out again with rapid succession. The hooded cloaks begin dropping like flies, and, true to his word, he does not let a single spell fall through their defence as they cut through a path towards the exit. It clears her head a little bit; panicky on a field by herself is hard to work with, him as a solid presence with her is a completely different matter. These Death Eaters thinking they trapped her didn’t have a fucking chance.

Ivar imagine #8 “If we dont talk again remember that i loved you.”

King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug had a feast a few weeks ago announcing the raid to a village of non-vikings just across the sea. When you had first heard the news you didn’t know what to make of it. Vikings raid there is no way around that. No what you couldn’t wrap your head around was that Aslaug made a point to tell the entire feast of people that ALL of the Ragnarsson boys would be on the raid. All meaning Ivar too. Ivar and you had been speaking for a few months. It wasn’t courtship because that meant you were serious about the other person. The type of serious in a way where you wanted to get married. You were very serious about Ivar. Ivar not so much. You knew he could be demanding but it always made you feel so special when he demanded you over anyone else.

It hurt when you told him how much you cared for him. It hurt more when he looked far out to sea and told you he would raid soon. It hurt even more when he followed that by saying he didn’t care for you. It hurt when he said it was a game and if you had feelings for him you no longer could be friends. It hurt. It hurt when you woke up and when you went to sleep. It hurt when you took in a breath and when you let the breath out. Ivar hurt you but what was worse was you knew he hurt him too.

The hours passed as you watched the men and women load the boats with everything they would need for a raid. Everything from food to armor to weapons crate after crate went by and all you could do was watch. You knew you should help many people that were non-fighters were helping but something about carrying all of these crates to a boat that would sail a man you care greatly about into danger did not sit right with you.

So many people were sitting on the edge of town. Children too young to understand crying to their parents asking them not to go. Older children hissing not to cry they are Viking only to get a little misty eyed when hugging their loved ones one more time. Some just a year too young to raid looking on in envy as the fighters made a last attempt to sharpen the swords and check the balance of the blades as their arm bands glistened in the sun. You watched the children. You had to otherwise you would notice the husbands and the wives stealing a moment one last time. If you looked too long you would see the lovers holding each other one last time trying not to promise they will be home to start families. You watched the children. You had to.

You should leave. You needed to fade to the background that way when it got too much to see Ivar sail away you could leave. You turned to leave when you spotted him. He was fixing his leg straps just off to the side of the great hall. You watched him you couldn’t help but feel lonely at the thought of him leaving. Your legs carried you before you even realized what you were doing you were in front of Ivar. He looked up as you stopped walking. Starting to smile he greeted you “Hello y/n. I hadn’t realized you were coming to see the boats off. Do you have someone you are saying goodbye to?”

You grit your teeth. Ivar knew. He knew and he still teased you. You cared for him so what why did he think that was so awful? Why did he find it funny to tease you? You weren’t going to ask. You couldn’t. “Yes Ivar I am saying goodbye to someone.” His smile seemed to fall for just one second but it was just long enough for you to see. “Well then I won’t keep you all to myself then. I must go the ships won’t wait even for me.” Ivar started to crawl to the boats. Watching Ivar go you can’t stop thinking how stupid he was all you wanted was to be his. Again it seemed your body had its own mind and you found yourself on the dock next to Ivar as he situated himself on the boat.

“Ivar…” you paused you could back out and tell him to have a safe raid but the way he was looking at you made you want to tell the truth praying to the gods and goddesses that you wouldn’t regret telling him goodbye you started again. “Ivar…” sucking in a breath “If we dont talk again remember that i loved you.” NO. No that is not what you were going to say. You were going to say goodbye and tell him to keep safe. You felt your cheeks burn and before he could say anything back you turned away smacking into his older brother Ubbe. Ubbe held a smirk on his face that softened into a smile as he looked at your face flush with embarrassment and slight anger. Not wanting to give Ivar a chance to tease you more you speed past the people still loading the boats and started to climb the hill.

Once you were seated on the hill you watched the remaining men and women settle onto the boats. Ragnar being the last to walk the dock he seated himself next to all of his boys with Floki by his side. From your spot on the hillside you could see Ivar searching the crowds. Maybe he was looking for another girl. Maybe she was the reason you and him weren’t together. You noticed Ubbe roll his eyes at his brothers Hvitserk and Sigurd laughing at Ivar. You and he seemed to make eye contact even from such a distance. Smirking again he hit Ivar in the chest and pointing to the hillside where you were sat. Ivar jerked his head to where his brother was pointing. A smile bloomed on his face as he raised a hand to give a slight wave even from the hill you could see his cheeks reddening as his brothers turned to see the person their youngest and most closed off brother was waving to.

Two weeks passed as the village waited for the raiding boats to come home. You choose to make your favorite food a potato stew for the dinner. Traveling to the market something different was in the air. Something exiting making your heart almost crawl up your throat. Wanting to get away you bought all the items you would need for your stew you rushed home. You started a fire so it would burn to kindling allowing you to cook your dinner soon you started cutting everything up and putting it on the pot sitting above the fire. Stirring the pot to make sure the stew didn’t burn you watched the flames of the fire. Your mind briefly wondered to Ivar wondering if he and his family was safe on the raid. You shoved the thoughts out of your head as you heard the blow of the horn that signaled ships arriving to Kattegat. Looking to your stew you didn’t know if you wanted to take it off the fire and risk it cooling and cooking uneven or if you would risk a look outside to see the boats coming into the docks. Deciding the stew would be fine for a few moments as it was almost done you stepped out of your home to giggling children and adults smoothing their clothes and hair back into place awaiting the arrival of their loved ones.

Huffing out a sigh you stood barefoot in the sandy shores of Kattegat thinking of your stew that must be on its way to burn rolling your eyes at the thought of the wasted ingredients you sat at the docks not wanting to look bad not welcoming your fighters home. The anchors were dropped and the boats slowed to rock with the tide that hit the shores as the men and women jumped from the boats bringing the injured to the healing tents that were always set up before the raiders left. Too many people fighters and non-fighters swarmed everywhere it all felt like too much but you were curious now. Seeing each ragnarsson travel the dock your stomach sank when the boat emptied you saw Ubbe and Ragnar come stand next to a smiling Aslaug as she greeted them. Your mind went black and all you could think about was that Ivar was dead and your stew was burnt. Your stew! Getting up to your feet you ran home feeling the bile rise in your throat at the thought of not having Ivar breathing. Ivar not in love with you was something that you could handle but Ivar dead no that was not something you could handle.

Busting through the door you saw Ivar sitting at your dinner table with a bowl of your stew in front of him. You felt like your world was falling from under your feet. You had just learned Ivars fate and you were already seeing his ghost. Letting out a laugh you slid to the chair opposite him. Ivars face lit up at the sight of you “I like a woman that has food on the table as I come home from a raid. And Potato stew at that how did you know it is my favorite?” Answering back with the shake of a head “NO this boy will not make me crazy. I will not talk to the dead. I will eat my stew then sleep. Dear gods do not torture me with this man’s ghost please I beg you.” Ivar looked at you worried and confused. He didn’t know what you were talking about. ‘Y/n I am alive. I’m here. Let me take your hand I have something to say.” Ivar slowly reached for your hand cradling it like it was something to be cherished. “We are talking again and I love you. Not loved but love as in I am so in love with you that when I left all I dreamt about was you and coming home to you. Please tell me you haven’t found another while I was gone?” Ivar sounded desperate and scared as he finished his sentences. You felt a sigh of relief as he spoke. “I love you Ivar. I was so scared when I didn’t see you leave the boats I thought you were dead. It felt like my world was turning.”

As you and Ivar continued to speak about your futures all you wanted to do was cuddle into his arms and sleep so that is what you did. Waking the next morning to Ivar shifting in bed. You barely could hold in your laugh as he tried to wiggle off the bed and start a fire without making too much noise. You broke out laughing when he started the flame giving a victory dance only for the wave of his arms to blow out the flame. Startled he looked to you seeing all trace of sleep gone from your face “good morning y/n.”

“Morning need help?” You couldn’t help but tease him a little. Smiling Ivar convinced you because you laughed at him trying to cook for you that you now had to eat breakfast in the great hall with the rest of his family fully knowing with him disappearing last night and turning up with a girl in the same clothes with ruffled hair what it would be saying. Walking to the great hall you noticed how quiet the day was. Most people in Kattegat were still sleeping and laying with their family’s telling stories of the weeks that passed thinking such things you couldn’t help but envy them and their families.

Sitting in the great hall with King Ragnar and Queen Aslaug was an experience. You all sat quiet after Ivar and Aslaug had a whisper argument about what it would mean if you were seen together in your state of dress. Eating your food you couldn’t help but wish to be rescued. Apparently Ivar was the first of the boys to wake which meant that the majority of the meal was silent and unnerving as everyone seated quickly ran out of nice conversations to hold. Hvitserk and his wife woke next shortly followed by Sigurd and his girl stumbling in still not yet ready to let go of each other. Once they were settled with their plates in walked Ubbe holding his wife’s hand. Making eye contact with you he stopped short his wife noticing the change turned to glare at you. “Ubbe sit down and stop staring at my girl.” Ivar spoke. Ragnar smiled at the mention of his youngest finally getting a girl he could call his own. Hvitserk and Sigurd exchanged glances like they thought it was a trick. Ubbe smirked pulling the chair away from the table for his wife to take her seat. Aslaug seemed to take in a breath. Oh how you envied her and her ability to breathe right now. Ivar noticed how still you were and settled a hand on your leg leaning into your ear he spoke “I hope it wasn’t too forward. I know we spoke last night about it. I love you and you love me. Let’s be together. I’m not saying marriage right now. Not that I don’t want to marry you just that it’s still too soon. Let’s be together. I don’t want to say goodbye again.” Placing your hand over his you smiled at him “I don’t want to say goodbye ever. Let’s be together. I love you and you love me.”

Six Sentence Sunday- 8/6/17

“You, Molly, deserve…everything,” Sherlock said sadly. 

His tone, that infuriating tone of resigned acceptance and surrender, did nothing but stir a fire in her belly which almost instantly climbed to the height of an inferno. 

Molly slammed her hand down, making him jump a bit as she rounded the table to face him while raising her voice in passionate reply. 

“Yes that’s right, and all you have to do is stop this bloody infuriating game of restraint and just let go, Sherlock, because that everything you say I deserve is already standing right here in front of me, so close that I can almost taste it!“ 

Aside from the sound of her own pounding heart and unsteady breathing, she watched him in silent suspense, wondering whether he was about to retreat in terror at her sudden and impatient demand. 

But one more heartbeat later…and he stepped forward.