Thank you @telltalegames for creating this amazing game, and thank you @stirpicus for writing the storyline that none of us will forget. I will miss this game and all the characters, but in the end, it’s a game to be remembered.


Fav 6 Selfies of 2016

@stirped & @w0lfs-teeth bo thy tagged me so here u go, feel free to gaze in horror at me awful mug.

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Questa foto si commenta da sola. Diffidate dalle false amicizie, da quelli che il giorno prima fingono di mettervi al centro dei loro pensieri e il giorno dopo vi ignorano,facendosi vedere in giro con le stesse persone che sputtanavano dall'inizio dei tempi. Non credete alle false parole di conforto di gente meschina: vedervi cadere era tutto ciò che sperava, sebbene mostrasse il contrario. Non afferrate la mano di chi vorrebbe rialzarvi per poi rifilarvi il classico “te l'avevo detto”: sono i peggiori, e vi faranno cadere in modo tale che faccia ancor più male di prima. Allontanatevi dalle persone negative, cattive,invidiose, che cercano di mascherare con una modestia fin troppo ostentata tutta la loro frustrazione. Le persone sincere si contano sulle dita di una mano, il resto è da scartare. Regalate gioia,sorrisi, camminate a testa alta facendo sempre del bene, senza rancore,senza desiderio di vendetta, perché c'è solo un'arma capace di annientare questa stirpe lurida e dannosa: la pure ed elegante indifferenza.


So I’ve been writing Minecraft: Story Mode for nearly a year and a half now - I helped with the final draft of episode 1 and I’ve been very heavily involved in every episode since (except episode 4) - and in Telltale time, that’s like a lifetime. I did the math and I’ve written probably close to 75% of all the dialogue in the series. So weird. People have come and gone, the company’s grown by, like, I don’t even know how many people, new projects have started AND finished…

And I was a little nervous to tell you the truth, because I didn’t know where I’d be going next - People just knew me as “the Minecraft guy.” Would I be assigned to help on an episode of Walking Dead Season 3? Would I be asked to help early work on [TOP SECRET PROJECT 1] or [TOP SECRET PROJECT 2]?

But lo and behold, there was suddenly a Stirpe Signal in the sky, illuminating the cloudy skies of Gotham City…

That’s right folks - 

As of this week I am officially working on Batman: A Telltale Series. Stressful and super crazy so far, but also very exciting. I’m writing episode 4 which means I have a lot to catch up on but the team has all been very welcoming. 

Writing Batman has been a dream of mine since I was, like, 4 and so the first time I got to type


I was just like

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Obviously my heart is blocky and will love Minecraft forever, and I will still be reblogging fanart and tons of Minecraft things, especially as the season finale gets closer, but I’ll probably a little quieter than usual on here as I climb into the Batmobile.

Wish me luck everyone.

i wanted to sketch some of my fav sheps that i keep seeing on my dash! turns out green eyes/brown skin is a pretty popular shepard combo :D

these lovely ladies belong to @orokay @avinox @stirped @kroqan and @pxkibu

click on the thing to see the bigger thing