The Raphael Of Flowers (Pierre-Joseph Redouté)

“ Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) was one of the most famous flower painters of all time, he was born into a Flemish painters’ family, who earned a living by producing decorative and church paintings. At an early age, he painted natural subjects. At the age of 16 he helped decorate the Karlsburg near Bouillon, eagerly studying the paintings of the Old Masters (with a particular focus on van Huysum). In 1782 he went to Paris, where he initially worked as a decorative painter at the “Theatre des Italiens”. In his spare time, he frequently drew in the Jardin du Roi. Here he caught the attention of the botanist Charles Louis L'Héritier, who encouraged him to produce anatomical studies, introduced him to dissection techniques and offered him free access to his botanical library and plant collection.
Pierre Joseph Redouté contributed to L'Héritier’s “Stirpes Novae” and “Sertum Anglicum”, catching the eye of the flower painter Gérard von Spaendonck, who, together with other artists, produced drawings and paintings for the famous Vélins du Roi. Spaendonck recruited Pierre Joseph Redouté as a staff member, and he subsequently contributed over 500 paintings to this huge undertaking.  An important aspect of this collaboration was that Redouté was introduced to Spaendonck’s watercolor technique, by which he used to produce flower paintings with a bright transparency. Finally, Marie-Antoinette appointed him as her court painter. Encounters with the royal family were, however, rare. A famous incidence was Redoute’s visit to the royal family in prison during the revolution. They had Pierre Joseph Redouté come to see them, because a rare cactus was in bloom and they wanted this beautiful moment captured in a picture.  During the 1790s, Redouté became one of the most popular flower painters. He perfected the color stipple engraving technique, which he had learned during a stay in London and first applied it in his illustrations for de Candolle’s work “Plantes Grasses”. From 1802 he published his “Liliacées”, in which he largely applied the technical possibilities of color printing to the large and evenly colored leaves and blossoms. In this work he also breached the flower painters’ tradition of framing the plants with an outer contour line.  In 1805 he was appointed court and flower painter to the Empress Josephine. After she had been overthrown, he remained in close contact with the Bourbon royal family. From 1817 to 1824 he produced the work that was to become the peak of his success, namely the monography “Les Roses” in an excellent print by Firmin Didot. Each delivery of the finished color copperplates, was received with a storm of enthusiasm, but in spite of his fame and his employment at court, he continued to attribute more importance to the scientific detail than to the effects of composition and color seen in purely artistic flower paintings. From 1822 until he died, Pierre Joseph Redouté occupied a simple position as a painting teacher, succeeding Spaendonck, and often talked about his art in front of over 150 students in the large hall of the Buffon gallery.”

1st Row

1. Bouquet of Roses with an Anenome 

2. Rosa Gallica Aurelianensis

3. Rosa Centifolia Foliacea

2nd Row

1. Rosa Sulfurea

2. Lilium Pendoliflorum

3. Martagon Lilium

3rd Row

1. Rosa Multiflora Carnea

2. Aster Chinensis

3. Hydrangea Macrophylla

Just a reminder - regarding Stirpicus (kinda long)

Now before I get started i’m aware that most of the MCSM community is a really friendly and welcoming place, and that’s one of the reasons why we all love it. Unlike most groups for the Telltale games we have somehow managed to not end up in a silly internet war against each other or have resorted to being bitter or hate-fueled. I mean that as no shade towards the other fandoms, just that well… it’s true. Compare us to any other Telltale community and most of the time we seem quite harmonious by comparison. 

BUT there are are some of you that tend to take things a little extreme at times, whether you are just being an asshole for the sake of it,or just someone extremely passionate of the series that perhaps you unknowingly become quite passive aggressive in your comments due to frustration regarding things you aren’t happy with in the game.

^ This is the reason why i’m making this post. I don’t wish to come across as preachy, but I feel like we need to address these issues so we don’t end up ruining this beautiful community like we did certain “other ones”. 

Let’s not become a place where people fight over silly stuff like ships or characters, or send so much hate mail and death threats to other members and the staff of Telltale that even the people that work there refuse to interact with us anymore.

 That’s not even a joke btw, on the Tellltale forums we actually got so bad that at one point we actually drove away voice actors who once used to talk to us on there because we became too much for them. I’m also pretty sure we were also the reason why the staff members who once used to appear and answer questions stopped doing it. 

I’m aware that things aren’t that bad here. The point is that we risk becoming that bad if we aren’t careful of our actions.

Now, to get into the actual reason for this post; 

Eric Stirpe has been getting quite a few passive aggressive comments on his Tumblr lately. Most of which is seemingly through his Ask box, and there’s no doubt more of those comments than what we see actually published on the blog. 

Quite a few are just ones that feel quite bummed out about things such as the lack of branching paths and the choice system. Those ones are more questions, with a bitter undertone to them. Which is still pretty crap, but at least there is also some form of civilness there.

But then you get ones like this;

Okay, now we are kind of drifting towards flat out malicious territory and that’s not cool. 

Guys, I get that you are probably frustrated by things regarding the game: 

Maybe you don’t like how the game deals with branching the story or altering it?

Maybe you hate the fact that we no longer have the rewind feature?

Or that perhaps you just really badly want news on the upcoming episode?

All of that is perfectly reasonable feelings to have, and you are entitled to your own opinions. 

But you should keep some factors in mind here;

  • Eric Stirpe isn’t obligated to tell us anything. He doesn’t have to answer our questions if he doesn’t want to. It isn’t his job to inform us of these things, but he does it because he’s a really cool guy that likes interacting with us and sharing things about the game with us. It’s a courtesy, and one of which we shouldn’t be taking advantage of.
  • He doesn’t know everything. I don’t know how Telltale works since I don’t work there or have a job in a game industry, but I doubt Stirpicus is in charge of the release date for the game or knows a ton about the soundtrack, voice actors (he probably does a little but he’s not in charge of that section), animation process or any other technical issues. Keep in mind that just because he is the lead writer of the game, that doesn’t mean he knows EVERYTHING that goes on regarding it. A lot of other people work on the game as well.
  • You shouldn’t be an asshole anyway. If you really want someone to take you seriously and listen to you, then you should probably not go sending douchey mail to them. Because then you just look stupid and immature and not someone worth even replying to. I’m not saying you can’t express your concerns regarding the game, in fact i’d probably encourage it since fan feedback is a great way for a game to improve. What i’m saying is that you should take into consideration your tone, and that if you’re going to be critical at least try and make it constructive so it’s not just needless whining. 
  • Keep in mind the actual power that the staff member even has. This sorta ties into the “he doesn’t know everything” part, but basically keep in mind what role the staff member has in the company. You can’t go to Stirpe complaining about a game mechanic if he isn’t even in charge of it to begin with. What is he supposed to do? you might think “well he can tell the people who are in charge of it” and yeah you’re right, but also keep in mind that he can’t just leave what he’s currently doing constantly to go hopping around different apartments giving feedback to everyone every single time he gets a Tumblr comment from a fan. It’s a little bit ridiculous to be honest.
  • Make sure your question hasn’t been answered already. I know you probably don’t want to go surfing through pages of blog content, but I can’t even count how many times i’ve seen people ask the same questions that have been answered many times before. I’m sure Stirpicus doesn’t mind helping you with your questions on how to be a successful writer (as an example) but he gets that question asked a lot and it must be frustrating when you’re someone who has a lot of messages in your inbox every single day and a full time job, to have to filter through the same stuff constantly. (I guess in regards to Stirpicus, maybe he can add a “Tags” section to his blog so people can just click on a tag that will direct them to things related to what they want to ask).

I’m sorry if I went on a long rant there, I don’t mean to sound like i’m chewing you all out here. I just really care about this fandom and don’t want it to eventually become ruined like a lot of other ones have become (for me).

Please be wary of your actions, guys. 

We want to remain an optimistic and friendly place that has nice things - like being able to talk to a writer of the game. So please don’t ruin that for other people who don’t often get get that opportunity. And also remember to treat staff fairly and keep in mind that they are just people like us. Don’t project your irritation towards the game onto them and even if you don’t agree with certain things, remember to approach it in a civil and respectful manner. 

As a last note; 

Thank you Eric Stirpe for helping make this amazing game and spending so much time interacting with us and going out of your way to be an active presence on here :) we really do appreciate you and no matter how many people direct their anger towards you, there are twice as many here that adore you. I hope you continue to create amazing stories for years to come!

(also thank you to the other staff that contribute to MCSM - it couldn’t be done without you either)

The Shirt

Word count: 800

Warnings: Smuttttttttttt

Summary: A lil thing about dylan eating you out. ‘Nuff said.

A/N: Ok. So I was inspired by this post I saw on my dash and of course being the Dylan O’brien slut that I am, had to write a lil blurb about it. Enjoy :) 

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He was wearing that shirt again. You know, the one that makes his arms look amazing and huge. It’s a soft reddish, almost maroon color and it makes his arms look bigger than normal. Not that you’re complaining about it.

You found him laying down on the couch one day after work, headphones plugged into his phone and watching whatever was interesting on Netflix in that moment. You let out a soft gasp and felt wetness pool between your legs. His right arm was raised above his head, holding his phone in the air as his other hand scratched the stubble that was forming. The shirt outlined his biceps and his shoulders, which made you even more needy for him.

You couldn’t wait until he was finished watching his show because fuck, the combination of his broad shoulders, the muscle he packed on for filming American Assassin, and how his shirt slowly went up his stomach as he tried finding a comfortable position made you want to stirp down right there and ride his face till you found yourself in an orgasmic bliss.

And that’s exactly what you did.

You slipped out of your shoes and coat, followed by your jeans and soaked panties. Carefully, you snuck behind him and pushed yourself up so that your crotch was hovering just above his mouth. How he didn’t notice your soaking pussy right above his face beats you but he definitely did notice when you started lowering yourself onto his mouth.

He dropped his phone on his lap as his hands went to curl around your thighs, tongue poking through his lips so that it prodded your entrance. You shivered as his tongue started to lick up the juices leaking from your cunt, knowing Dylan understood what a long day at work and his shirt did to you. His tongue slowly went from your entrance to your clit, sucking into his mouth and giving it a harsh tough that left you panting and moaning for more.

“Please, Dyl. Don’t tease me. I fucking need you,” you moaned as his hands went to interlock with yours. He glanced up and that bastard gave you a sly wink before heading back to work. One of his hands traveled down to your pussy and let a finger prod at your entrance before sliding it in, feeling your walls clench at the feeling of one of his long and delicious fingers entering you.

Stretching you slowly with the sole finger, he had you panting and begging for more in a matter of minutes. Squirming on top of him, you clenched your eyes shut, relishing the feeling of his finger and tongue inside you. “Dylan, please. I need more,” you moaned. He growled against you and slid another finger into your pussy, scissoring his fingers inside you and then curling them so that they hit your g-spot dead on.

A loud moan escaped your lips as the tips of his fingers brushed against your g-spot. Absentmindedly, you bucked your hips down onto his face, creating even more pleasure for you. A knot started to form very quickly in your stomach and it wouldn’t take very long for you to cum on Dylan’s face. “I-I’m g-going t-” you started to say but got cut off with another loud moan. Dylan understood what you were trying to say and sped up his actions, sucking harder at your clit and pumping his fingers in and out of you at a seemingly ungodly pace. It took only a matter of minutes for you to clamp your legs down on his head and allow your pussy to gush around his mouth.

Slowing down, Dylan removed his fingers and moved your hips down his body so that you were straddling his hips, allowing you to place your head on his chest and him combing his fingers through your hair.

“You know what that shirt does to me, Dyl,” you mumbled into his chest. You felt his chuckle vibrate against his chest as he placed a kiss against the crown of your head.

“I know. Maybe I just wanted you to have your way with me today. I only got a few more weeks left with you before I have to go film again,” he said. A thought popped into your head just then and you glanced up at him, amber eyes staring back into yours.

“Well, Mr. O’brien, how about we spend the rest of the evening having our ways with each other?” You smirked, playing with the fingers that weren’t trapped in your hair.

His eyes gleamed with mischievousness. “With pleasure, Ms. Y/N.” And with that, he lifted you off of the couch and carried you to the bedroom, where you knew you were going to spend the rest of the evening.

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Dear Eric Stirpe

To our favourite dork, @stirpicus - Eric Stirpe, creative writer of Minecraft: Story Mode, Overlord of the Cube Kids,

I guess we - myself and those who contributed with the fanart displayed in the above collages (they will be credited with the full art under a cut) - want to thank you for helping bring MCSM to life. You have truly done the game justice and helped blow minds. The game you helped create has brought joy and laughter and tears and anger.

You have done so much to contribute to the game and the fandom - you have reblogged fanart, answered the questions you could answer and given some a role model. To thank you, we decided to make you these collages.

The fact that you got engaged shortly beforehand was a complete coincidence - and I can only say we’re so happy for you! If you wish, take this as a gift for the engagement. We’ve been working on this for over two weeks and we’re proud of the result.

All I did was create the collages which, admittedly, could have been done better - of course, it was the artists who did the most. I gave them a two week (and four days) deadline and look at all they’ve achieved! Three of them were even able to contribute two pieces of art!

I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this - I’ve tried to remain formal but I’m just so giddy with excitement that we finally got this done. Nights and days I’ve spent panicking the project would flop or that you’d somehow find out but it’s been done. I really appreciate all the work everyone’s done for this - we all stuck through hard times (lack of Internet connection for some, feuds, stress) and got this done. I’m proud.

But yeah, thanks for the game, well done on the engagement and please appreciate this collage we made for you. Don’t stop being a dork. finger guns, dabs

Some of the artists have messages for you!

Virumya: I want y'all to know that I posed in front of my mirrow and took photos with my nintendo camera for drawing references. And I used an enderman-plushie as a sword.

AngelicCubes: Hey Eric! I just wanted to say that you’re a massive inspiration to me, and that one day I want to work in the Game Industry because of you and all the amazing staff at Telltale! You’re such an epic person and I hope that you’re having a nice week! x3 (Congratulations on your Engagement as well!)

nukeypookie: Hey hey hey, Eric! I’ve already told you many times that I love what you do and that we love you, so I’ll just go ahead and say this: the hand on your butt (on the drawing) is accidental. please do not judge me. bahah. In all seriousness, I hope you love what we did for you just as much as what you do for us! Also, episode 3 is gonna be awesooome and I’m super excited for it. Anyways, I wish only good things for you and the game, and of course the entire team that works on MCSM as well. You guys rock.

Chuck: Hello Eric! Thank you for giving us a swell game and good times! I hope you’ll also have good and awesome times in the future with us! :oD
Vines On Cubes: Hey Eric!! I know it’s a little old-looking but I hope you like my art- (a little update for ya soon :3 haha) and may I just say I really appreciate all the stuff you do for us fans- you’re involved in just the right ways and we love it! I live for Minecraft Story Mode, so thank you!! And congrats my dude!

charlie: hi eric, theres nothing else to say than what i’ve already told you in messages before, but again from the bottom of my heart, thank you and the mcsm team for this wonderful game and community. huge congratulations on the engagement as well! i only wish the best of the best for you in the years to come!

Sketch: hi eric!! just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful game and filling it with plenty of characters to love! this game means a ton to me and i’m so glad that you’re the one writing it!! i wish you luck with life and can’t wait for more of your work to come through in this game!!

valarauco-6: hi eric, i just want to thank you for this awesome game, you and the rest of the team are doing an absolutely amazing job with it, i hope you know that! it holds a special place in my heart and i’m glad you’re the one making it, i wish you good luck in life, and also congrats on getting engaged!

Kiwi: Hey there, Eric! I would just like to start off by thanking you so much for everything you do. You’re freaking amazing and I look up to you for a lot of things. I hope you enjoy the collage and all the wonderful art!! (Congrats on the engagement by the way!)

Under the cut will be the full art with credit. Likes < Reblogs!

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anonymous asked:

I hate to be that anon, Eric.. but your post about the "hot admin and herobrine" has gotten the artist hate. It sounds as if the artist drew nsfw, and they've been getting unkind messages for it....

Oh geez well that was definitely not the intent you guys. A) I’ve seen multiple artists drawing Admin x Herobrine. B) my tweet was clearly not meant to condemn or shame anybody and if you read it that way you’re wrong. [edit: thought about it, the tweet was actually kinda insensitive and I definitely should’ve thought about it more. More on this in next post] C) I haven’t seen any NSFW stuff and D) Even if I had, that’s their own business.

Ugh. If you’re sending hate like that just stop. This fandom is supposed to be nice, supportive, and inclusive. So just… stop being mean if you’re sending mean messages. Ugh.

It’s things like this that make me wonder whether I should stop interacting with folks on tumblr.

New Memories

[Written for day two of Mass Effect relationships week by @cactuarkitty and @vorchagirl . A photo, starring Garrus and Shepard.]

“We got a body here- holy shit, it’s alive.” Shepard comes to awareness, but it’s dim, muted. Her eyes can’t open, everything feels so heavy- where was she? What happened? The Reapers, Anderson, everything…

“That’s Shepard. Call a med-evac, immediately.”

Drifting in and out- voices, pain, then nothing. Blackness.

“Remove her armor. We need to do a full examination, assess the damage. What’s that?” 

“Look like a photo, tucked under the breastplate. Do we trash it?”

“Negative. Keep personal belongings here.” She reaches for the photo, hand rising slightly, but someone pushes it back down. Her fingers open and close, but the effort exhausts her. Nothingness creeps up once again- she’s out, a relief from the pain that intrudes every time her mind struggles to something even resembling alert.

Half a galaxy away, Garrus pulled a photo out from his own armor, holding it up to the light. The world captured on a sheet of glossy paper (a pain in the ass to get that much- he almost smiled at the memory of trying to explain to someone on the Citadel that they needed an actual, physical photo, not a holo, not a simple jpeg.) He stood with Shepard in that little, self-contained world. She had on that dress- the only one she owned, the one she wore to the Silversun stirp when he took her dancing. He wasn’t in armor, one of the few times he wasn’t. Their faces were pressed together, both trying to squeeze into a limited frame, smiles so wide that they looked slightly unhinged. He remembers everything about that moment- the way they both smelled faintly of champagne, the feel of her waist underneath his hand, the way she turned and kissed his cheek for the next photo, the one he keeps back aboard the ship. Some things are too precious even to hold in his armor.

“You would’ve liked this place,” he says to the photo, looking at the forest that surrounds them. Breathable atmosphere. Flowers, trees. It almost looked like something recognizable. “Check out that pond.” He turns the photo so that it faces the water far below. The wind picks up, almost tears the fragile sheet from his hand and he quickly tucks it back into his armor, making sure it’s resting somewhere close to where his heart is. He keeps his hand there for a moment.

His comms crackle to life, static from far off. The Mass Relays may be down, but you can still talk with the rest of the galaxy. “Normandy crew, this is Earth Alliance, do you copy?” No one answers, so Garrus takes the initiative.

“This is Garrus Vakarian of the Normandy.”

“Shepard’s alive.” 

And later, much later, when he’s by her bedside and she’s awake, though she drifts in and out, they hold hands, refusing to let go. Even when she’s asleep, Shepard’s grip doesn’t loosen, and Garrus can’t bring himself to care, sleeping in a chair next to her bed, and when the nurses aren’t looking, in the bed next to her, his turian body curled up slightly to fit.

There’s a photo by the side of Shepard’s bed, on the small table. Someone found a frame for it, plastic and cheap. It’s wrinkled from being in her armor, and her own blood stains one corner. Garrus holds his up in comparison- they folded their copies the same way, the same photo twice over, four grinning faces looking up at them.

“You kept yours?” Shepard is tired, but she’s managed to prop herself up on one elbow, looking at Garrus, reaching for her photo and then holding it, fingers tracing the faces. 

“In my armor,” he says, demonstrates how. She smiles up at him, collapsing back into the pillows.

“Let’s take a new one, when I get out of here.” Reflexively, her hands touch the new scars and bandages on her face. 

“Silversun won’t be there anymore.” It’s not that Garrus wants to remind her, but he’s worried she’s forgotten. Everything is still so fragile.

Shepard manages to roll her eyes, an admirable feat considering how bruised and battered her body is. “I know that, but Vegas is still there. I’m taking you to Vegas, and you’re taking me dancing again.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

And then later, much later, before Shepard is released but after she’s awake and coherent and more than ready to leave, Garrus finds a camera, ambushes her with it in the hospital as she stands by a window, shafts of light hitting her red hair and outlining her body in a soft glow, IV pole just out of frame. “Surprise,” he says as he pushes up against her, and despite herself, she laughs, looking up at him just as he snaps the photo.

Later again, when she’s home and with him, he has two copies. “New memories,” he says, raising a glass (water for both of them) to her.

“New memories,” she says, and they toast.