Cowane’s Hospital Stirling 

I’d never been inside here before and as I was nosing around saw some people go in so after I had taken a few shots decided to have a peek. I didn’t get far only into the meeting hall, it seems it was closed and some people were just dropping things off so only got a few from inside, the lady said they were just leaving but the building will be open to the public in April. 

Cowane’s Hospital is a 17th century almshouse in the historic city of Stirling. It is also known as The Guildhall, as the Stirling Guildry have held their meetings here for several centuries.  

 Cowane’s is in the area known as Top o’ the Town, just below the castle and next to the Church of the Holy Rude where King James VI was crowned.

Sadly the building is in state of disrepair but the good news is work will start next year on restoring the build with help of donations and a lottery funded grant. 

Cowane’s Hospital was built by in 1637 by rich local merchant John Cowane, that’s him with the hat on the front of the building and in the stained glass window, it was an Almshouse for ‘decayed members of the Guild of Merchants’.

After its time acting as a Guildhall, Cowane’s served as a school and a hospital during epidemics.   

According to local myth, people say the statue of ‘Auld Staney Breeks’, as he was known,  comes to life on Hogmanay and does a jig.

I posted picture of his house earlier. 


Walter Goodman (11 May 1838 – 20 August 1912) 

English painter, illustrator and author. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: 1. Frontispiece “Mrs. Keeley. (From the Painting by Walter Goodman)”  2. “Mrs. Stirling (Lady Gregory). (From the Painting by Walter Goodman)” from The Keeleys on the Stage and at Home By Walter Goodman. With Two Photo Engravings from Pictures by the Author and other illustrations. London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1895.