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Imagine Grantaire seeing his friends in the stands of his fencing competition and blushing and grinning when hey cheer him on. He’s so disappointed when he loses, but they rush to him after the matches are over and tell him he was amazing and that they liked how smooth his movements were (Jehan shows him a poem inspired by him and he nearly cries)

Imagine Combeferre mentioning to Bossuet that he’s worried about finding a few people to proofread his dissertation and Marius, Enjolras and Joly read it through and offer suggestions (Marius for grammar, Joly because hes in a similar field, and Enjolras because this is Combeferre’s dissertation- he might not have constructive critisism but he wants to help)

Imagine Feuilly mentioning that he barely has time too cook in the evenings and usually ends up eating ramen noodles because they’re fast and cheap. A few days later he comes home from work and finds tupperwares labeled “veggie stir fry with tofu and rice“ and “black bean stew“. After a few week, he ends up leaving ingridients and recipes out alond with thank you notes- but he’s still not sure who is cooking the food. (They all are, except Bossuet for safey reasons)

Sweet potato fries, veggie stir fry and rice with sweet chili and peanut sauce for din😋

Can’t imagine a better way to live than a lifestyle full of abundance, compassion and love🙊

Plant-Based easy, affordable meals.

Some meals for the 28 day health challenge. Cheap, affordable and really easy to make. I’m lazy but i still like eating delicious food. 

- Fruit salad
- Fruit smoothies
- Overnight oats with fruit
- Breakfast smoothie bowl (Any frozen fruit with fresh fruits) topped with muesli/cereal.
- Cereal and dairy free milk
- Toast with tofu scramble
- Toast with spread (jam, peanut butter and what ever you like).
- Toast served with grilled tomatoes, mushroom, spinach and hash brown.
- Pancakes with fresh fruits

- Mixed salad with mixed beans
- Salads in general (mixed with whole grains, broccoli, pumpkin, beans, leafy salads etc.)
- Burrito wrap with beans, tomato and veggies
- Tacos, mixed beans, lettuce, tomato and baked wedges 
- Salad sandwich 
- Veggie burger with sweet potatoe wedges 
- Baked potatoe/sweet potatoe with mix salad
- Salad bowl - cous cous, mixed veggies, roasted potato and mixed beans
- Vegan pizza - tomato paste, garlic, mushrooms, onion, rocket, capsicum, olives, Italian herbs
- Cous cous salad
- Grilled veggies + tofu and hommus dip
- Rice and vegetable stir fry + tofu
- Rice, grilled tofu with mixed beans
- Hokkien noodle/rice noodle stiry fry with vegetable + tofu
- Tom yum noodles - rice noodles, vegetables + tofu
- Miso soup noodles - rice noodles, vegetables + tofu

Generally, i have a big lunch and smaller dinner but always eat till satisfied.
Simple little meals that i make on a daily basis, to which i’ll will play around with for the challenge.  And of course there will be other meals on the menu which may use a little bit more expensive ingredients, e.g. quinoa, chia seeds, mushrooms etc.  

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Lately I've been thinking of Tony being really good at ballet (maybe professional ballet dancer au :p ) and Bucky loving Tony's practices or performances

YOOOO I AM HERE FOR DANCER TONY!!! So in this AU Natasha and Bucky are brother and sister (grew up in the same orphanage). Natasha clawed her way to be the prima ballerina of the Russian ballet, then decided to leave for America for reasons she does not disclose. (I know nothing about ballet troupes so this is some hand-wavy stuff. East coast gets all the best stuff smh.) Also somehow some Steve/Natasha slipped in here whoops. Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Bucky followed Natasha to America. She didn’t say why she left the troupe, but with the way her jaw clenched and her eyes went dark, he assumed something bad had happened. Luckily, her reputation preceded her, and joining a prestigious New York troupe was a matter of a well-executed pirouette and then an arabesque for good measure.

She didn’t speak much about her new troupe aside from, “The manager is terrifyingly competent.”

He hated to see her like this, tight-lipped and silently anxious, but New York… hadn’t been what they’d expected it to be. The apartment they’d had lined up fell through, the job Bucky had lined up fell through, and the only reason they even had a place to sleep at night was because Bucky had backed up a guy in a bar fight and the guy offered up his tiny apartment.

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1) favourite foods and 2) least favourite foods of the supernova, excluding luffy and zoro

kidd: 1) rolled cabbage 2) curry udon
killer: 1) peperoncino 2) curry udon
apoo: 1) tom yum goong 2) mayonnaise
urouge:  1) adzuki beans, pork 2) vegetables
hawkins: 1) fortune cookies 2) meat
x drake: 1) chicken and rice stir fry 2) eggs
law: 1) onigiri, grilled fish 2) bread, umeboshi
capone: 1) meatballs/meat dango, tomatoes 2) tomato juice
bonney: 1) margherita pizza 2) carrots

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 16

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 || Chapter 15 || Chapter 15.5 || Chapter 16 || Chapter 17 || Chapter 18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

At 3:30, Reigen was standing tenth in line to check out at the grocery store nearest his apartment. He stared forward, glaze-eyed, through the ceiling-high windows decorating the front of the store. Rain clouds had gathered as a thick and dreary coat. The parking lot adopted their gray tint, and the air had turned dense with the spiking humidity, the crackling electricity. A storm was rolling through.

Not inside though. Inside the store was temperate, dry, perhaps just a bit too cold. Inside was bathed in the whiteness of fluorescent lights, and smothered in a silence broken only by the steady blip of a scanner running across grocery items. It lulled Reigen into a daze. Or maybe it just made him aware of it. If he were being honest with himself, the dazed feeling had been eating his brain for a good number of hours. That was easier than fully understanding the responsibility he had taken on. But it also made his memories of the day feel more like dreams, or plans, or thoughts. What had he done since the morning?

The line moved forward. Reigen shuffled with them.


The morning. …The morning had been quiet. The kind of dense and safe quiet that came with waking before the sun was even up. The kind that came with knowing he was likely the only soul awake in the apartment complex, soft socked feet scuffling across the floor above the heads of the sleeping.

Well one of the only souls, plural. That included Mob.

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Quick & Easy Chicken Stir-Fry 

no real recipe, but I wanted to share 

chicken stir-fry pieces seasoning with kosher salt, pepper, smoked paprika, granulated garlic, granulated onion, dried basil, and freshly chopped parsley and cilantro. cooked over medium heat in olive oil and bloomed red pepper flakes. added 2 tbsp Sambal and a drizzle of honey. sprinkled in sesame seeds. served over brown rice with avocado. 

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Choromatsu-08 - Does Choromatsu dream of electric sheep?

Choromatsu: Hello. Dekapan. 

Dekapan: They’re finally complete!! The sextuplet androids who will save the world!! 

Choromatsu: (Sextuplet androids…!? …Huh? Why am I hiding? Well, whatever. I’ll wait for the right time and show my face.) 

Dekapan: With these we’ll be fine even if the trend towards an ageing population continues. And we’ve secured a supply of young labourers too. This is the greatest invention of the century. Winning the Noble Prize is no longer just a dream. I must keep these androids a secret until then. 

Choromatsu: (Hmm hmm… In other words, those aren’t cleaning robots, but earning robots… ) No way, I could get a lot of use out of those!! 

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They got back about an hour ago, all smiley and with a slight flush to their cheeks from too much sun. Sherlock fell into his chair as soon as they arrived, pleasantly exhausted from running around the city, doing god knows what. 

It took a playful kick to the leg to get him to move his lazy bum and to help prepare dinner. Judging by the delicious smell and the ingredients, I’d say they are making risotto, which is a favourite of both of them.

It’s moments like these when I can’t help but be reminded how much they actually enjoy being in each other’s company. No case work or chasing bad guys, only calm conversation and quiet everyday life. Spending time together with no ulterior motive. Domestic, open and happy. That’s how they look. 

John has Sherlock chopping onions and mushrooms, which he is doing with the same level of diligence he applies to everything he does. His slow progress is being watched with a raised eyebrow, as John alternates between stirring the rice and frying the ham.

J: Could you hurry up with those onions? They don’t need to be exact, just chop them into pieces.

S: Similar size equals less variations in time needed to reach the same degree of doneness.

The look John throws him says he is about done as well, so Sherlock relents. He does, however, turn up his nose at the resulting decrease in precision of his handiwork. He is about to complain, when suddenly there is a warm body leaning into his side, one hand braced on his shoulder,. Sherlock remains still, while an arm reaches across his front and snatches the chopping board from his grasp.

J: Thank you.

Before Sherlock has time to react, John is already gone again, adding the onions to the ham. Nervously, he swallows.

S: Don’t blame me if some of them end up undercooked.

The sizzling of the pan masks the slight rasp in his voice and his fingers seem unusually twitchy as he starts in on the mushrooms. It might just be the soft light in the kitchen, but I could swear there is a hint of colour to his cheeks.

J: I take full responsibility.

John’s mouth is curved up in a lighthearted grin, unaware of the proceedings behind him. He is concentrating back on his task, giving the rice one last stir, before pouring some white wine over the ham and onions. There is a loud hiss, steam rising from the pan, and he has to lean away to avoid getting burned by it.

J: How are we doing on those mushr…

His back collides with an unanticipated obstacle and he breaks off mid word. Before he can lose his footing, long slim fingers grasp onto his waist to steady him. John instantly freezes.

S: Careful.

Cautions Sherlock’s voice from right behind him, every syllable a tendril of warm air against the shell of John’s ear. As the tiny hairs on the side of his face stand up, his skin there begins to tingle. At first, just a little. He clears his throat in an attempt to mask his reaction, but when Sherlock doesn’t move away, the sensation starts to spread out. It crawls down his neck, turning into a warm shiver and races along his spine, all the way down to his toes. The fingers just below the side of his ribcage falter, but resume their previous position after a second of hesitation.

Everything seems to slow down and the noises from the cooker and the street outside fade to a low mumble.

Then, wordlessly, Sherlock bends forward. Chest pressed against his back, he is using their height difference to his advantage and curls over John’s shoulder. He is close enough for his hair to graze the uninjured side of John’s face, while he tips the perfectly sliced mushrooms into the bubbling mixture and discards the chopping board to the side. As if on autopilot, he turns off the cooker and lets his hand rest on the counter, effectively caging John in between his arms.

John has yet to move or say anything. The only sound coming from him is his breathing, which is getting faster and more laboured with each second of contact between them. Sherlock seems to be drawn to it like a magnet, because he keeps inching closer until his forehead comes to rest against John’s temple. A tentative hand finds it’s way into his dark curls and his eyes fall shut, lost in the moment.

The rise and fall of their chests has synced up, quick and shallow. Every time Sherlock sucks in air, the short wisps of blond hair before him tickle across his lips. Every time he breathes out, they glide back over John’s cheek, making him shiver yet again.

With a soft nudge, Sherlock pushes his forehead and nose further into the heated skin. His fingers tighten around John’s waist, as if trying to pull him closer, asking him to do something, anything, wanting to know what comes next. 

John’s forehead is crinkled up, eyes and lips pressed shut tightly. He seems to be fighting with himself, trying to resist, terrified he is reading this wrong yet again. Then, almost against his will, he begins to shift. Inch by painful inch, his head turns until his nose touches Sherlock’s. They seem to be frozen in time, breathing each other’s air, bodies tingling in anticipation and fear, neither of them daring to move.

It’s John who breaks first. Between one thundering heartbeat and the next, he closes the distance between them, lip’s finding Sherlock’s, warm and pliant. It’s a chaste kiss, barely more than a drawn out peck. Quiet, with both of them not daring to breathe.

Finally, John pulls back. As soon as their lips stop touching, though, his finger’s in Sherlock’s hair tighten imperceptibly, pulling him in once more, just for a second, soft pressure and dry skin, one last indulgence, before he manages to get a hold of himself.

With his eyes still closed, he rest’s his forehead against Sherlock’s, unable to draw back any further than that.

J: Is this okay?

There is a slight tremble to his whispered words and his worst fears seem to come to pass when the room remains ominously silent. He lifts his head in trepidation and glances up at Sherlock, who is staring right through him with an unreadable expression.

Slowly untangling his fingers from within his curls, John turns around, his body no longer facing the cooker, but Sherlock. His last glimmer of hope is the hand on his waist that still hasn’t stopped touching him, only releasing him to accommodate the motion of him turning, before coming to rest on the opposite side of his waist.

Even if he wanted to, John has got nowhere to go, trapped between the counter and Sherlock’s arms. So he waits.

Eventually Sherlock starts to come back to himself. He sucks in a gulp of air, lashes fluttering with every blink until his unfocused gaze clears.

S: That was g…

He breaks off, surprised by how raspy his own voice sounds. A small crinkle appears between his brows as he clears his throat.

S: …good.

His tongue darts out to lick his lips and he averts his wide eyes to the floor.

John huffs out a relieved chuckle. The tension flows from his shoulders, body slumping forward into Sherlock, who instinctively wraps his arms around him.

S: We are definitely doing that again.

Sherlock is still a bit dazed and it shows in his voice, which causes John to giggle-snort into his skin. His face is buried in the crook of Sherlock’s neck and he lingers a second longer before he pulls back to beam up at him.

J: Dinner?

S: Starving.

Tofu Stir Fry with Rice & Veggies

Serves 2

⅔ cup basmati rice (135 g)
9.7 oz firm tofu (275 g)
Soy sauce to taste
¼ cup julienned pepper (35 g)
¼ cup julienned green pepper (30 g)
¼ cup julienned onion (30 g)
¼ cup julienned zucchini (35g)
¼ cup bean sprouts (25 g)
¼ cup corn (35 g)
¼ cup broccoli (20 g)

For the sauce:
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
⅛ teaspoon cayenne powder
1 tablespoon coconut sugar
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
½ cup soy sauce
¼ cup water
1 tablespoon cornstarch

Bam Bam’s Twin Sister part 10!

“Okay, since Jaebum and Jinyoung have decided to make lunch everyday this week, you guys can each pick out something you’d like for dinner,” Papa Tuan told us just before we left the van to head inside the store.

“Alright!” Bam Bam cheered, quickly jumping out of the van.

“Yah, wait a second!” Jaebum called after him. “Let’s figure what we’ll all get first so we don’t choose the same thing.”

Mark nodded, as he spoke up. “How about this, Team JJ and Team YuJae, you guys pick out Korean dishes. Jackson, you and Bam pick out a Chinese dish and Y/N and I can pick out a Thai dish. That way we’ll have something different each night.”

Yugyeom and Youngjae glanced at each other before mumbling something under their breaths. “We decided that we want In-N-Out for our meal,” Youngjae finally announced.

“For some reason, I’m not surprised,” Jinyoung sighed.

Papa Tuan laughed, “if that’s what you two choose, then alright. You guys have two hours to shop for whatever you need before lunch. So go have fun and please, don’t break anything…”

We send him promises as we pile out of the van and head into the large supermarket. Bam Bam, Jackson, Jaebum and Jinyoung head immediately towards he food section to get their ingredients. Mark grabs a cart and starts walking by me.

“So, what would you like to have?”

“What about you?” I ask, glancing at him. “I’m really not all that picky.”

“Neither am I,” he smiles, his eyes crinkling in a way that warms my heart in a strange way. “As long as it has meat in it, I’m okay,” he promises. “But you’re the guest, so you choose.”

“Hm…” I think about it, my brain going to all of my favorite spicy foods back home. I wonder if an American store would have a wide variety of ingredients for most of them so I decide to choose something that would hopefully be easy to find and make. “Pad kra pao?” I raise an eyebrow towards him.

He knits his eyebrows as he thinks about it. “Is it the dish with the stir fry over the rice?”

“Something like that,” I let out a small giggle before I realize what I’m doing and stop myself. What the heck is wrong with me? Did I seriously just giggle at Mark?

“Alright,” he nods, completely unaware of the little freak out I’m having inside my head. “Want to get the stuff now?”

I shake my head, “can we wait a little bit? I want to look around.”

“Do you need anything?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.  

I shake my head. Even though I didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare, I made sure I had everything I could possibly need. The only thing I could need is snack food.

Before I know it, we’re out in a garden center of the store. “I love flowers,” I smile, picking up a small pot that had a few colorful daisies in them. I glance at the tag, noticing at all the information is in English and I furrow my brows together. “Deize…” I say slowly, trying my best at the English pronunciation of it. 

Mark doesn’t laugh, which I appreciate. “Day,” he says clearly.

“Day…” I repeat, smiling softly.


“See… Day-see…?” I raise an eyebrow. “Daisy…”

He nods, a proud smile on his face, which makes me beam. “You did very good.”

“Thanks, I’m still learning,” I laugh softly. “Bam speaks English a lot better than me.”

“Just keep practicing,” he tells me softly. “I’ll help you if you need any,” he grins.

We look at the rest of the flowers, and patiently Mark helps me pronounce all of them in English correctly.

“Orchids,” I laugh as we get to the last flower. A very pretty pale pink orchid. It’s so different in English, but it still sounds pretty. “They’re so beautiful,” I tell Mark softly.

“They’re not nearly as beautiful as you,” he speaks in English, so the only thing I really understand what he said is ‘you’.

I knit my eyebrows and glance up at him. “What did you say?”

“Secret,” he grins, proud of himself. “Learn more English and I guess you’ll figure it out.” With that, he laughs and begins to rush away with the cart.

“Hey!” I pout after him, but no matter how much I ask, he still won’t tell me what he said…

“Well you guys certainly got a lot,” Papa Tuan smiled at our carts.

Jackson and Bam’s was practically full, because my twin, although so very extra, had forgotten many things back home. Jackson, just kept seeing stuff he wanted. Jaebum and Jinyoung’s had a nice amount of food in it, as well as things such as socks, gloves and were those band-aids? I wanted to giggle- the parents strike again. Yugyeom and Youngjae’s cart was full of nothing but sugary, American junk food. Mine and Mark’s cart was the least full since the only thing in it were the bags for what we had chosen for our night and me. I had climbed in when Mark kept teasing me and running off without me.

“Yo Mark,” Jackson walked up to him, getting into a stance. “Let’s race!”

My eyes widen, and I grab the side of the cart. “Let’s not,” I say quickly.

“Awh, come on Y/N!” Jackson laughs, pushing his cart back and forth quickly. “It’ll be fun!”

“Okay,” Mark nods, and I sneak a glare up at him.

Is he trying to kill me?! All I can think of is the cart tipping over and me breaking a bone.

Quickly, Mark walks in front of the cart and grabs the few bags that has our food in it before placing them in Jackson’s cart before turning around and pointing towards his back. It takes me less than a second to realize what he means as Jackson asks what the heck he’s doing. I climb onto Mark’s back and I barely have time to hold on before he takes off running through the parking lot.

“What the hell!” Jackson yells, and faintly I can hear him running with his cart behind us.

I’m too busy laughing and trying not to fall off Mark to care what we must have looked like to strangers.

Mark makes to the van, a proud smile on his face as he huffs lightly and holds onto my legs. “We win!”

Jackson arrives just a few seconds after us. “That… totally isn’t fair,” he pants as he catches his breath.

“You said a race, you didn’t say a cart race,” Mark reminds him.

Jackson just shakes his head, trying to catch his breath.

“That was fun,” I tell Mark with a smile. “I wasn’t expecting that…”

He laughs and I can feel his body rumbling against me. It sends a strange shiver down my back. “I’m glad I can surprise you, Little One,” he mumbles softly.

“That was quite entertaining,” Jinyoung smiles as the rest of the group finally walks up.

“It made me wish I still had all that energy,” Papa Tuan chuckles as he opens the van’s back latch.

“Yah, but Mark and Y/N cheated,” Jackson grumbled.

“Geeze Y/N, you haven’t broke Mark’s back yet?” Bam teases and it’s then that I realize that I’m still on his back…

My face heats up, and I can even feel my neck growing warm. I’m suddenly all too aware that my arms are wrapped around his neck and that my head is practically leaning against his.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I say, starting to lean back, but Mark doesn’t seem bothered.

“Yah, Bam Bam hush it,” Mark scolded, “she’s lighter than you and that’s saying something since you’re so tiny.”

Bam pouted and Yugyeom started to snicker. “How do you know he’s not big?” Yugyeom asked, deepening his voice.

The whole group erupted in loud laughter as Bam made a face of distress. “Can’t you guys just forget that, please?!” 

Eventually we get the groceries piled into the van and we take off back to Mark’s house. Jaebum and Jinyoung fix us a simple rice dish for lunch when we get back and I’m surprised that I’m not as nervous to eat it was I thought I would be, perhaps it was because I was starting to get hungry. The rest of the day was filled with even more laughter from the day before, and we decided to have Yugyeom and Youngjae’s request of In-N-Out.

All through the night, I find myself drifting towards and staying near Mark mostly. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve become partners or what, but I can’t help but want to be around him. We’ve clicked so quickly, more so than any other time we had before. And when he smiles at me, my heart starts to race. I’m not sure what’s happening with me, but one thing is certain, this was going to be the best vacation ever.

–Yiiiikes, so sorry it’s so late! >< I hope you all enjoyed it though!

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