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Foundation brushes: There are hundreds of foundation brushes on the market all of which create different effects and finishes, you don’t need all of them but a good foundation and concealer brush are always handy to have (plus they can be used to apply a multitude of products!)

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Do You Really Need to Use a Brush to Apply Foundation?

From eyeshadow to blush and lipstick, brushes are essential for creating a perfect makeup look, but do you really need to use one to apply your foundation?

There are synthetic kabuki, paddle, stippling and buffing brushes (plus many more) that can be used to apply your foundation and whilst they’re all great in they’re not 110% necessary in my opinion. Brushes have many pros, but they also have a few setbacks, for example they can often make foundation appear cakey and sit on top of the skin, they can also micro-exfoliate dry skin (causing it to look flaky) and absorb A LOT of product which are things I’m not a fan of. I generally prefer to use my fingers because it’s easier to build up and sheer out product, they don’t micro-exfoliate the skin and the warmth of the fingers can help the product blend easier making it look more natural.

Many people won’t even touch foundation without a brush, but I don’t think you HAVE to use them and I know of many makeup artists that agree. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time I love to use a brush for painting or buffing on my foundation, but generally speaking I think fingers work better.

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