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Foundation brushes: There are hundreds of foundation brushes on the market all of which create different effects and finishes, you don’t need all of them but a good foundation and concealer brush are always handy to have (plus they can be used to apply a multitude of products!)

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Do You Really Need to Use a Brush to Apply Foundation?

From eyeshadow to blush and lipstick, brushes are essential for creating a perfect makeup look, but do you really need to use one to apply your foundation?

There are synthetic kabuki, paddle, stippling and buffing brushes (plus many more) that can be used to apply your foundation and whilst they’re all great in they’re not 110% necessary in my opinion. Brushes have many pros, but they also have a few setbacks, for example they can often make foundation appear cakey and sit on top of the skin, they can also micro-exfoliate dry skin (causing it to look flaky) and absorb A LOT of product which are things I’m not a fan of. I generally prefer to use my fingers because it’s easier to build up and sheer out product, they don’t micro-exfoliate the skin and the warmth of the fingers can help the product blend easier making it look more natural.

Many people won’t even touch foundation without a brush, but I don’t think you HAVE to use them and I know of many makeup artists that agree. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time I love to use a brush for painting or buffing on my foundation, but generally speaking I think fingers work better.

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This past weekend, the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio set up a tent at Coachella. Concertgoers dropped by to touch up their looks and charge their phones between bands and sandstorms because hey, nobody likes a beauty blunder—especially at a music festival. With proper planning and action, we learned it’s easy to rock a Coachella-ready look without any last-minute worries. Below, we list the most popular beauty mishaps that lead people inside the studio—and easy solves from Annie Mercer, Sephora PRO Artist. Who’s ready for Weekend 2? KELLEY HOFFMAN

PROBLEM:  I’m dripping with sweat. Help!
PRO TIP: “SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Cleansing Wipes are great. We’ve had some people using them on their body as well. They’re perfect for refreshing throughout the day—which proves they’re more than just makeup removers.

PROBLEM: I’ve been really good about keeping my face sun safe—but now it contrasts with the rest of my body, which has gotten more tan.  
PRO TIP: “If you want something that’s a little bit more sun kissed, as opposed to more sculpted and contoured, you can use a bigger brush and just put the SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio bronzer on the highest points of your face, where the sun would naturally hit you: the balls of the cheek, the tip of your nose, your brow bone, and your chin. If you look in the mirror and turn your head back, wherever you can see your bone structure show through, that’s where you want the bronzer to go.”

PROBLEM: My makeup just melted off my face in the heat.
PRO TIP: “For a long-lasting flawless face, apply SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. This formula is longwearing and helps protect from environmental aggressors! To apply, spray a small amount of foundation at a time into the palm of your hand using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41. By gradually layering coverage, you’ll get longer wear and a more natural, perfected look.”

PROBLEM:  I think I’m this close to getting the worst sunburn of my life.
PRO TIP: “What I’ve been recommending is that after everyone touches up, they spritz SEPHORA COLLECTION SPF 30 Sunscreen Body Mist over their face. It’s super easy and doesn’t disturb the makeup. It doubles as a setting spray and gives you extra sun protection. You can use it all over your body too, of course!”

PROBLEM: My look doesn’t stand out enough. I want a fun effect that’s quick and easy.
PRO TIP: “Use the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pastel Hair Chalk—it washes right out. You can do one simple streak, or some girls are just having rainbow hair. They have a lot of flexibility for the look you want to create but without commitment.”

PROBLEM: My phone is dead, but I want to take a selfie!
PRO TIP: “While your phone is charging at the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio, you can beautify yourself and touch up, and then you can take a selfie [at our photo station]. It has an awesome filter where it takes away all your pores and wrinkles and makes you look like a supermodel. It’s like a free little souvenir you can take home. And, it also automatically goes into the Beauty Board.”


Coming for Weekend 2? Visit the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio near the Mojave stage.


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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Express Cleansing Wipes

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Pro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41