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I'm loving your complete lack of chill over the STUPID and INFURIATING baby mama storyline. What, if anything, do you think the show can do to redeem it?

I haven’t exactly been mincing words, have I? :)

I don’t know that Arrow necessarily can redeem the plot just because of how nonsensical it is. I can’t get over how absurd it is that Oliver would willingly visit William given how he’s been courting danger with Damien Darhk as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. I can’t get past how preposterous it is that Samantha would let Oliver anywhere near William when Oliver’s fiancee has recently been paralyzed from the waist down because she happened to be with him during an assassination attempt. It just doesn’t make sense, and that’s what irritates me. I’ll suspend disbelief about magic and assassins and aliens all day long, but don’t try to sell characters to me as good parents if they would endanger their kid like this. 

I do believe that Oliver is redeemable, but an awful lot depends on how the show handles his reaction to the truth coming out. He needs to learn from what he’s done wrong and show growth from dealing with the consequences. His misstep in this case isn’t one tiny thing going wrong, and I truly believe that he’ll need to step back from trying to build a future with Felicity. This lie is a perfect storm of separate bad decisions; for his own sake, Oliver will need to correct the behavior that led to each one before he tries to be somebody’s partner in life. 

In order for the overall storyline to be redeemed, then the focus of the storyline needs to not be on Olicity. The focus needs to be on Oliver because Oliver is the problem that needs fixing before anything else, and it can’t happen overnight. 

Or, alternately, somebody could show up at my house with a real copy of 4x12 and tell me that the episode that I saw that featured Oliver mentioning trips to Central City was a very elaborate prank and all is actually well. I’m on board with that happening as well. 

William Regal vs American Dragon (MCW - 5-5-2001)

Danielson’s first WWE stint actually came before it was even WWE, as he was signed to developmental and worked in Memphis. Regal was heel commissioner of the WWF at this point, and had worked in Memphis to get himself back into the company. In his book, Regal said he loved being in Memphis and getting to work with and mentor talented young wrestlers like American Dragon and Spanky, and Danielson has always credited Regal as one of his biggest influences and one of the most important people in his career. It’s really quite a story.

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Hi my name is Tatyana and I was wondering if you could help spread around a donation link for a mission trip I’m going on to Nicaragua. A team and I will be going to a town named Mayesa this summer in order to distribute medical care and supplies as well as purifying water, helping abused women and children find new homes and much much more! This really hits close to home since my family is from a town not too far away from Mayesa and I know the things these people go through on a daily basis. Any type of support would really be appreciated!
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same anon: i'm not familiar with AtLA, but can you tell me more how you think korrasami and damerey are similar from being "unlikely" to canon (at least korrasami canon, damerey is still yet to be hopefully in the next episodes)?

so in the legend of korra, korra starts out with mako as her primary love interest. after a poorly handled love triangle between korra, mako, and asami, mako and korra end up “canon.” korrasami in season one was considered a crackship. korra and asami barely interacted, aside from korra thinking asami was an equalist spy and asami showing korra around her mansion and telling mako she liked korra, and to stop fucking around with the both of them. 

in season two mako and korra broke up, but korra and asami still barely interacted, I believe even less so than in season one. oh, also asami and mako got back together for a brief stint. so korrasami became even less likely at this point. 

then season 3 rolled around, and shit started to get well…pretty gay. there was this scene: 

Originally posted by lokgifsandmusings

and this scene…

…anddd this scene

andddd this scene…

you get the drift. they started out here, by the way:

and ended here:

so all I’m saying is (whether it’s damerey or whatever), that a crackship can become canon, as korrasami did in LOK. as long as it’s pulled off with proper character development, like it was in LOK. 

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With the manga market growing again, is there a chance for more older series being added to your catalog or even added to the digital only catalog? To add to that question, would it be possible for older titles like School Rumble, Getbackers, Cromartie High, and Rave Masters to get looked at? I know the said titles didn't do too well in their previous stints in the US; Would that come into play as a strong argument against those series? Has the market changed enough for them to get another look?

The market is finally recovering at a very healthy pace, but, in print at least, it makes more sense to dedicate our resources to new series rather than rescuing titles left unfinished by other publishers. Sorry.
Main character's story in "Once" mirror's life of actor who plays him

Sam Cieri sees a lot of similarities between himself and his character in “Once.” Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards, the musical opens Thursday, Feb. 9 and plays until Feb. 14 at Clowes Memorial Hall on the Campus of Butler University. On a national tour, “Once” is presented by Broadway in Indianapolis. 

Cieri plays Guy, an Irish musician who is drawn to a Czech immigrant because of their shared love of music. During the course of a week, their friendship develops into something much more, partly owing to the powerful emotion inherent in the songs on which they collaborate. Featuring a cast of actors who are also musicians, “Once” celebrates life and love through music. 

After high school, Cieri, a Boca Raton, Florida native, went from being a dueling piano player at The Mirage in Las Vegas to playing music in the New York City subways. After a quick stint as a motorcycle salesman, he decided to come to the theater. Most recently Cieri was seen in “Rock of Ages” as Drew. recently with Cieri by phone from his hotel room in New Haven, Connecticut, one of the stops on the tour, about the show and his role in it.

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So I decided to set up a facebook art page during an abnormal stint of self-confidence. Mostly random pop culture stuff. Gonna have to fight taking it down when the self-hatred returns but until then maybe some of you will like my stuff. 

Go commision me, I’m unemployed, depressed and need money to fund my bad habits…

Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up - September 13, 2016 release

Funny and deeply personal, Sorry Not Sorry recounts Glee star Naya Rivera’s successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them.

Navigating through youth and young adulthood isn’t easy, and in Sorry Not Sorry, Naya Rivera shows us that we’re not alone in the highs, lows, and in-betweens. Whether it’s with love and dating, career and ambition, friends, or gossip, Naya inspires us to follow our own destiny and step over–or plod through–all the crap along the way. After her rise and fall from childhood stardom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Family Matters, barely eking her way through high school, a brief stint as a Hooters waitress, going through thick and thin with her mom/manager, and resurrecting her acting career as Santana Lopez on Glee, Naya emerged from these experiences with some key life lessons:

Sorry: - All those times I scrawled “I HATE MY MOM” in my journal. Moms and teenage daughters will never get along–we just have to realize it’s nothing personal on either side.
- At-home highlights and DIY hair extensions. Some things are best left to the experts, and hair dye is one of them.
- Falling in love with the idea of a person, instead of the actual person.
Not Sorry: - That I don’t always get along with everyone. Having people not like you is a risk you have to take to be real, and I’ll take that over being fake any day.
- Boob job. People have a lot of opinions about plastic surgery, but more than 10 years after I got my boobs, they still make me happy when I look in the mirror. It might have been the best $8K I’ve ever spent.
- Getting my financial disasters out of the way early–before I was married or had a family–so that the only credit score that I wrecked was my own.

Even with a successful career and a family that she loves more than anything else, Naya says, “There’s still a thirteen-year-old girl inside of me making detailed lists of how I can improve, who’s never sure of my own self-worth.” Sorry Not Sorry is for that thirteen-year-old in all of us.

The book has 240 pages and the hardcover version will have a cost of $26, while the Kindle edition is set at $12.99

You can pre-order the book here


“I don’t think any child out there should be brought up in that type of environment. In the past, I’ve hated it. It’s just inside me hate, and I can’t get away from it.” - Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas’ childhood can only be described at hellish. Born to Viola and Anderson Lucas, the poverty stricken family supported themselves by selling pencils, skinning minks, prostitution and the distilling and distributing bootleg alcohol. Lucas was abused and beaten by both his parents and was forced to feed himself by stealing or picking through rubbish bins or he would go without. The only time he ever had hot meals was when his school teacher provided them for him or during his stints in jail. By age ten he was addicted to the alcohol his father taught him to produce and engaging in sex acts with animals and his half brother. He stated he preferred it when the animals were dead as there was no way they could resist him. 

Lucas had his left eye removed after his brother accidentally slashed him with a knife. His mother refused to have it treated resulting in it festering and being replaced with a glass eye. Lucas was convicted of eleven murders and died of heart failure on the 12th of March, 2001.

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Hey Error.... you're still Sans right? Then........... w h e r e a r e y o u r p u n s ...?

((He does puns when he fights and kills people :D Also, he tends not to talk to people much and has become a bit socially stinted. Puns are reserved for besties <3 ))

It’s Valentine’s Day and once again they are celebrating at a fancy local restaurant. As is tradition this place employs a live jazz band but the once intimate harmony of instruments has become a somber collection of guilty beats who mesh together, although beautifully, now out of obligation.

The meals have filled them to content but a portion remains on their plates. You can see it has been constantly picked at, and if they were to taste it they would feel the once sizzling plates have gone cold, only being heated now by the lone flickering candle light between them. He looks up at her, she at he. An exchange of brief smiles as their gaze shifts past each other to the other couples in vibrant lighting and lovely conversations. 

The thought enters: Have we become the dining the dead? What am I missing?

Over the past year or so, Gallant has gone onto prove why he’s one of the most exciting singers around. Having released a number of stellar releases in the lead up to 2016, the crooner is set to set the scene aflame with his debut album which is now finished and should be dropping later this year. Before that though, we’re treated to “Skipping Stones”, a stunning duet between Gallant and Jhene Aiko. Together, Gallant’s effortless falsetto and Aiko’s soft, graceful musings are a match made in heaven as they rise over the grand instrumental laid down by Adrian Younge and Stint. Just in time for Valentines Day, as part of the Red Bull Sound Select, listen to the track above…

“I see beauty, and I see myself destroying it. I’m sorry.”

My good friend and I had been intimate for a few months following a bad breakup I had. Unfortunately… he’s engaged. During our brief stint, I ended up having a miscarriage and was completely devastated. I fell in love with him, and even though he said he loved me too, he wouldn’t leave his fiancé who he claimed to be unhappy with. I know I’m better off without him, but I so badly wish that things were different… and I wish that I never lost our baby. I still blame myself.


FHM Sexiest Summer Salvo last May 29 at Newport Performing Arts Theatre. One of my events last May that I fail to upload because I don’t have decent photos. (Not that the photos are indecent.. haha!) Some of the photos were grabbed from Allan Altera. He’s the Project Head of this event and he hired me as Talents Coordinator for the segment models. 

Just like old times.. Haha!

Cheers to more events! 

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Who could have predicted that the mousy, meek and easily dominated woman we first met washing clothes in the quarry back in season one would become the tough-as-nails and utterly ruthless character we know in the sixth?
Admittedly, we saw early signs of Carol Peletier having a backbone when she stood up to violent hubby Ed over daughter Sophia, and got a further hint when she angrily mutilated his corpse with a pickaxe after he dies in a walker attack.

But McBrides Carol has followed a truly satisfying arc on the post-apocalyptic series, making her arc one of the most interesting characters on TV.
And, thanks to her appeal, one of the few surviving cast members from the early episodes.
Since then, we’ve seen her emerge, as a truly harder woman, the cataclysm seemingly having brought out both the best and, for a time, the very worst in her, with Carol exiled for a season after controversially yet mercifully ending the life of two people during the season four stint at the prison.
She’s since been allowed back with the others, showing her mettle time and time again, and emerging as the toughest baker of cookies currently in zombie TV, though admittedly there isn’t much competition on that front.

McBride infuses her with real charm and spirit and though she has on occasion fallen victim to the silly decision-making process that affects the characters, she’s continued to change and adapt.
Plus she [Carol] has a close bond with Daryl, and their friendship is one of the highlights of the show, whenever they share the screen, such as in season five’s “Consumed”, an intimate, melancholy episode that sees them confronting their issues and their growth so far.
Long may she fight!

—  James White for SFX - Best In Show, The Characters Who Make TV Great: Carol Peletier, Melissa McBride’s TWD Warrior

We’ve had a few months now since the mid season finale of OUaT and @anothershadeofgreen and I thought it could be fun to look through some old interviews, and do a lil bit of speculation on current filming and PR.

Interesting! Dumb positivity all the way baby!

Horowitz dished of season five. “When someone you care about and love is facing adversity, that brings out the best in those who care about you.”

The best was brought out in those who love you.

Which means those that love Emma are those we saw being their best selves. 

Well, that was definitely not H00k. He literally became his worst self, and before that he spend most of his time yelling at everybody, taking credit for other’s work and endangering Henry. 

Not super impressed with Snowing either. Charming had a little too much focus on recapturing his college days with bros and ‘shrooms, and Snow was a lil bit too invested in H00k, and C$, before Emma. Also, they had a short stint with some drugs that made them evil. That was unfortunate. Loved the con tho!

Regina. Regina managed to get them all to Camelot, figure out what needed to be done both times in Storybrooke and in Camelot, protect Emma’s identity, help Emma help Merlin, etc. Of course she failed a few times, but she did the best she could with the best intentions in mind. And she almost made it without breaking down in tears.

As a side note, Emma as her darkest self, was still a better self with Regina than h00bystank #2 was. 

Rumbelle got to show some of their best selves with and for each other.

“Camelot is a place to fall in love,” Kitsis added. “And I think we’re going to see some really romantic and hopeful moments throughout the year as well.”

True dat

Remember when Gold proposed with the dagger to Belle? Also remember the saying “Love is giving someone the power to hurt you and trust they won’t?”

Ahh, good times.

Okay you get the idea. Check out this post for more 5A SQ feels

“This year she has to deal with the fact that every time she ever told someone she loved them or kissed them, they died. Hook is there because we know he’s a good survivor. So I think that it is very hard to let your guard down and make yourself more vulnerable, and that we’re going to explore with Hook and her this season.”

First half of that sentence was covered in season 4, Emma and H00k basically had that exact conversation shortly before Emma asked H00k out. So the only way that is relevant is to tell us that she kept her distance to someone else to protect them, or we’re supposed to be reminded of how C$ began. Maybe both. Both is more fun.

Next part is even better. A & E themselves brought up Emma’s walls and exploring how H00k felt about them when Emma let herself be vulnerable. They brought this up before we knew it had meaning, so we were supposed to notice this scene.

H00k: You need something, Dark One. Tell me what it is.

Emma: All I need is your trust. I promise. 

H00k: I liked you the way you were. I liked your walls. I liked being the one to break them down. 

Emma: The person you found inside is still me. I have a question for you for once. Do you love me? If you tell me you don’t love me, I will let you go. 

H00k: I loved you. I guess I’m either steering home or swimming home. Tell me which. 

Emma: The ship’s yours.

Emma was vulnerable and he dismissed her, reduced her to DO, spoke about her walls, took back his love, and then she gave him back his ship. The reason they started was because he traded his ship in exchange for Emma. Message couldn’t be more clear.

But really, what A & E gave us in that sentence, was the beginning and end of C$.

“I think episode two has romance blowing through its veins.”

Yes it truly did. I don’t know which moment I loved more; Regina’s quivering chin when she said “home” and looked at Emma. Or when she looked at Emma with heart eyes doing her descend of the stairs. Or when she was looking at Emma when everyone was dancing to “Only You”. Maybe it was when Emma said she’d pay the price for Robin and the magic she used. Or was it when Emma left the tower and looked back at Regina and Regina looked back at Emma.

"Emma and Regina have a relationship that has grown and now, into its fifth season, it has become a really strong and intense relationship,” "And what I think is so great about their friendship and relationship is that we’re seeing how it brings out different sides of each other.”

Strong and intense relationship, and great relationship and friendship that brings out different sides of each other. Interesting distinction. And it stayed throughout 5A.

“We can say that we are going to set it up in the first half, but we are really going to be doing it in the second half. We like to plant the seed and let it grow, so people have to know it’ll be in the second half of the season.”

About the lgbt romance. We’ve discussed lots why/why not it could and couldn’t be specific pairings. But I’ll refer back to my earlier reminders of Swan Queen moments in 5A and call them “seeds”.

Now. Following spoilers there seems to be extremely little Jmo and Lana filming happening. That we know of. I think I’ve heard of one? SQ scene and a few together with others. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, if you want to keep your storyline a secret, it’s gonna happen in studio on closed sets. 

Official twitter is still busy keeping all the C$ fans, and if they’re focusing still on keeping that fandom, then they’re confident the show will keep everyone else. 

However much we want a confirmation on what they’re doing with their show, we won’t get it. That’s not how you do tv. You don’t spoil your entire plot and storyline, and you don’t tell endings. 

Show, don’t tell. So we’ll have to wait and see.

Sources: here here