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Stinky Socks (Shawn Imagine)

Word count: 1027

Stinky Socks

“Can you, for once, just put away your socks?” I looked at Shawn in annoyance.

“Honey, please just stop. You already got them in your hands, put them away and don’t bother me with this.” He didn’t even look at me while writing away in his journal.

“No, I won’t. They stink and you could at least put them in your suitcase when you took them off. Is that really too much to ask for?” I stuffed them into his already chaotic suitcase and looked at him. He didn’t bother talking to me anymore so I left the room.

He really is getting on my nerves.

I went to the kitchen and got myself some water.

“Luna! What the heck?” I rolled my eyes at this.

“What?” I yelled back. “What did you do to my suitcase?”

Okay. That’s enough.

I walked back to my room and there he was, sitting on the floor next to his suitcase and a big pile of clothes. I crossed my arms and looked at him.

“What have you done Luna? Everything was in perfect order until you came and moaned about my socks!” He exclaimed annoyed. He was pissed but so was I.

“I didn’t do anything to your weird order! I only put those disgusting socks into there and that’s it!” I told him. He shook his head.

“Liar.” He mumbled under his breath. “I heard you loud and clear Shawn! Just put away your dirty clothes and I’m happy. That’s all I want really.” I rolled my eyes and left the room again.

“LUNA! I’m not finished with you!” I ignored him. “You’re going to tidy this mess up! I had enough of this! You’re not my mum!” He cried out but I couldn’t be bothered to answer him. He noticed me ignoring him and followed me to the living room a few minutes later.

“Luna, I was talking to you?”

“I know, but I don’t care, like you don’t care about dirty clothes laying around in my whole apartment.” I shrugged with my shoulders and turned the TV on. He took the remote from my hands and turned it off again.

“Shawn, who do you think you are huh?” I looked at him. It got to the point where he actually made me angry, which didn’t happen too often in our relationship.

“I’m talking to you and you’re watching TV? Do you do this on purpose? Getting on my nerves? I have work to do! Maybe you don’t because you always sit around doing nothing but I actually do need to get some writing done. You whining about some dirty socks just really steals my time. So stop it.” He said in one breath. I looked at him astonished.

He did not just say that.

Without further ado, he walked off.

“If you don’t want me around why don’t you just leave my apartment and write your shitty songs somewhere else?” He stopped in his tracks.

“Shitty songs?” He turned around.

“Take your socks with you. They might help you with inspiration.”

“You want me to leave? You just need to say it and in no time, I’m gone.”

“Well, if you want to be alone that badly, yes, this is my apartment. I stay, you leave. It’s that easy.” I sternly looked at him.

He nods. “Fine. If that’s what you want.” He walked to my room and packed his stuff. I watched him walking back to the kitchen where his phone laid on the counter. Without saying goodbye, he left and shut the door.


For a good 2 and a half hours I didn’t hear anything from Shawn. As I was about to cook dinner I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the front door and looked at Shawn standing in front of me.

“Hey.” He said in a low voice.

“Hi.” I said back.

“Can I come in?” He asked carefully. I nodded my head and let him through.

“Luna. About earlier…” He started and I sighed.

“I don’t want to argue again Shawn.”

“Me neither. I just, I thought about it and you’re right. I probably should take care of my chaos once in a while.” He said and took my hand but I pulled it away.

“You really think you’re coming away that easily? Some nice words, a little hand caressing and that’s it?” He was taken aback by that.

“Well, what do you want me to do? Get on my knees and beg for your pardon?” I shook my head.

“I want you to understand what the real problem is. Apparently, you didn’t earlier.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“You’re so overdramatic. Is this still about my socks?”

“You accused me of being the one who created all that chaos in and around your suitcase, when really it’s all you! And to top it all of you just left me standing there.”

“You wanted me to leave!” I shrugged with my shoulders. “Luna, that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair, Mendes.”

“Luna, please, that’s ridiculous. I promise I will take care of my dirty clothes. I’ll wash them and I’ll always put them away from now on, but please just stop being mad at me.” He begged and came closer to me. I looked away.

“Wanna hear my new shitty song? You were right, dirty socks can be an inspiration.” I rolled my eyes at this but he smiled.

“Your songs aren’t shitty.” I looked up at him. “At least not all of them.” I joked what made him laugh.

“Are we good now?” He asked concerned and put his arms around me. I smiled a bit.

“I guess we are. But-“ He interrupted me by kissing me on the lips. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. He was gentle and sweet.

When we pulled away he smiled at me and I had to smile back.

“I love you Luna. Even when you’re a little pain in the ass sometimes.”

“Hey! Stop it!” He laughed at me and kissed my forehead. “No, really, I love you.” He told me.

“I love you too Shawn. Even with your stinky socks.”

If you’re a minority and I make you feel unsafe
  • First do something nice for yourself, like looking at pretty pictures of people who are like you, taking a walk in the sunlight, or playing with a puppy. This is not because it isn’t a serious problem, but to remind yourself that you’re awesome no matter what garbage thing I said.
  • Or point at my words and scream “Garbage thing!” if it makes you feel better.
  • Just because I say something that implies you aren’t valid, that doesn’t mean that you’re actually invalid or worthless, or that others agree with my stinky trash words.
  • There is a 99% chance that my mistake was because I was tired or thoughtless or ignorant, not because I think you shouldn’t exist. I think you’re great and worthwhile.
  • That doesn’t mean it was okay for me to do what I did. If you feel comfortable doing so, please send me an ask to let me know about my mistake. Or, if you’re too upset for words but want me to be told, ask a loved one to send me an ask on your behalf.
  • I promise that I don’t want to hurt you, that I care about your feelings, and that I will take you very seriously.
  • As a result, here are some things that could happen: I research the issue (so I understand it better and avoid future trash talk; feel free to suggest me a good resource), I add a note of clarification and/or apology on the problem post, and possibly an apology post if the situation merits it.
  • I want everyone to feel safe at this blog, and I will move heaven and earth if I have to, so that everyone feels that they have somewhere where they are cared about.
O, Captain

| Swan-Jones family feels + SwanBeliever | future CS family angsty-(ish) fluff (AO3)

Guess who finally decided to get over herself and started posting again? moi of course :) This started as me wanting Emma and Henry to have an honest conversation about her past once he got a little older, so I did that here, but, Killian and their adorable future kid kept wanting in so I stopped fighting them and so here we are!

It started with a stiff hug.

It was Thursday morning, and like always, they were all getting ready for their days. Emma had to go the station, just as Killian, Henry had school, while the little one had half a day of preschool that morning.

Everything had seemed normal, until —well, until it just hadn’t.

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Woody:Hey, w-wait, What happened? What happens next? Come on, let’s see the next episode!

Stinky Pete: That’s it.

Woody: What?

Stinky Pete: The show was cancelled after that.

Woody: Wait, wait, wait. What about the gold mine and… and the cute little critters and the dynamite? That was a great show! I mean, why cancel it?

Stinky Pete: Two words: Sput-nik. Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys.

Woody: …I know how that feels.