stinky in my pants

“What is your problem lady? I was sweaty, stinky, needed a shower like hell- look my pants were filthy. What’s the big deal? It’s not like anything is hanging out.”

“There are CHILDREN present, what if it does HANG out?” Bianca demanded.

“Then they’ll learn some anatomy, big fucking deal! You could use a bath yourself, you smelly bitch!”

“I am not smelly! Why I oughtaa!”

Argus just stares in disbelief, does she not see the green fumes coming out of her noxious pits?

“You’re a real asshole!” Bianca yelled. “Get some damn clothes on!”

“Look you two,” Doreen said in a dry, ‘I can’t believe this argument is happening’ kind of voice, “We’re not in the middle ages anymore. The kids are werewolves, I’m quite certain they’ve seen nude or mostly nude adults before. Calm the hell down.”