stinky hobo

Eddsworld Week Day 3: Future Interactions


Matt is sad and sensitive, Tom is chill and Edd is depressed. 

Also.. Bonus

A LOT draw Future Tord as this powerful and sexy dictator who is this leader n’ shit but honestly, think of this..

after tord fucks up edd’s house, he feels bad and hides in shame, thus becoming a gross, stinky hobo who hangs out with the rat puppet guy (until his death)

How DA:I companions drink their coffee

Leliana: Café Latte. Will down that shit real fast so she can get back to her missives. Black coffee is a bit too bitter for her, so the bit of milk makes it very drinkable. Won’t notice the foam on her upper lip for at least 10 minutes after drinking it

Josephine: Good ‘ol cappuccino with chocolate on top. Reminds her of Antiva, and it comforts her. The chocolate makes it sweet enough. Sometimes her hands slips on the chocolate dust, so the foam has just a blanket of chocolate on it.

Cullen: Simple Espresso. Just straight up downs it so he can get back to paperwork. Scalds his tongue on it regularly.

Cassandra: Piccolo latte. Like an espresso but mellowed down with just a pinch of foam for her. It fires her up but doesn’t leave her with the bitter aftertaste. One sugar.

Varric: Cortado. Strong but with milk, makes it reaal good. Makes pulling an all-nighter writing much easier. A pinch of sugar to make it just a tad sweeter.

Cole: Frappé. “Burning tongues, bitter taste in their mouths. This is nothing like that. It doesn’t make my heart stutter. No burn. It’s cold? Good”

Sera: Borgia. This is a crazy coffee. It would otherwise be too fancy for real people, it’s mostly a drink of stupid nobs, but the irony of the whole thing isn’t lost on her. It’s huge with lots of whipped cream and orange flavoring and hot chocolate. What the fuck even. Makes her even more unbearable to most people than usual

Vivienne: Irish Coffee. Needs it for dealing with Sera’s post coffee mood. Very subtle and takes the egde off. No one knows she slips in her stronger liquor in it.

Blackwall: Vienna. Like Leliana, won’t notice the whipped cream on his face. Only it’s in his beard. No one bothers to notify him. People giggle when he passes by.

Bull: INSTANT COFFEE. Has simple tastes. Doesn’t need all the bullshit and fancy names. Drinks it just black. He knows it tastes like sour death. EVERYONE knows it tastes like sour death. He does not care.

Dorian: Turkish Coffee. Takes a while to make and has multiple steps. Has to accommodate his fancy needs of course. Even does the whole fortune telling thing with it. Nice and bitter, helps him concentrate.