stinky diver

The Flesh

“He’s super strong and super naked!”

The Stinky Diver

“A former navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor!”


“With the power to … melt!”


“She flies … like thunder!”

This show was requested by a Tumblr user. If you would like to request a show, or anything like a book or toy, that you want the people of Tumblr to remember, message me.

a dolphin known as “Stinky” has been sexually terrorizing divers and snorkelers off the coast of Grand Cayman Islands.

According to, a dolphin known locally by humans as “Stinky” has been terrorizing divers and snorkelers in West Bay off the coast of Grand Cayman Island. Stinky is one sexually-mature dolphin that is single and ready to mingle, but unfortunately, he is a lone marine mammal that is away from any of his kind. He has been “forced” to resort to relieving his sexual tension with people, e.g. snorkelers, scuba divers, and casual swimmers.