Tiny Turtles got their upgrade done today!

These guys are stinkpot musk turtles that I got about four years ago from my veterinarian friend before I quit being a technician.  They were about the size of a half-dollar.  The last time she came over to see them she was like, “They’re HUGE!” I had no idea, since, I mean, they are still small.

Their new tank is a 20-gallon tank that I used to keep the box turtles in when we lived in an apartment, and I got them a really nice water filter (these guys are pooping machines!)  They seem really happy, and I feel kind of bad for not giving them more water to swim in sooner.  Better late than never, I guess.

So the other day I rescued a stinkpot turtle from a bridge, posted a picture, and got told that I shouldn’t turn the turtle over for a quick plastron pic for ID purposes, and not to tilt it backwards. Can someone explain this to me? Because I see plastron pics of turtles everywhere in my books and online, so I really didn’t think I was hurting anything.