stinking lovely

why did i do this

why did i take the challenge

lordy why did i chose to record this too

for @spudinacup because she did ask for a grumpy cat version of @shinyzango and she got one + MORE

Names of All Pieces:

“Fueled By Rage, Volume Two”

“What am I doing, I need to Stop”


u otta make this face while pronoucing tho

And the Final one that inspired me to paint I call “Stained Love” Because I forgot what to say and that came out :V

It was Fun making these and I might make some more in the future but with  different type of paint…The Oil Paint which is the only type i had atm was really hard to clean off and smelled like barbie dolls. It got everywhere.

theres no turning back from the realm of hell

heres a short vid of me presenting the paintings:

honestly i wanted to share some thoughts about how much i absolutely enjoy doing things like this but i will end up rambling and crying on my knees because im a crybaby

Watch on

Stink 💛😋 I love this girl.

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anonymous asked:

okay first i just found your alluras moving castle au and i LOVE it so so much. second, i always felt like they skimmed over the whole turnip head thing in the movie and it just sorta happens to be a cursed prince, but in the book, it's because the witch of the wastes is stealing men's bodies to make her perfect man, which is why she needs howl, so maybe you could incorporate that so that lance and hunk can both be princes that got stuff taken away and then cursed?

ha i’ve got Lance and Hunk as Princes that been cursed into scarecrows 

i need to read the book


Ella Enchanted | Directed by Tommy O'Haver | Starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy
↳ “Don’t go breaking my heart. I couldn’t if I tried. Honey if I get restless. Baby you’re not that kind.”

ily: I love you

ilysm: I love you so much

tptilib: Love is crazy love is often boring love stinks love is pretty often debris when you find what you find. Then never, never, never, never, never do it over again. Love reads like a bad biography, all the names are changed to protect the innocent. Love is blind.

WIP Wednesday: Some of the pictures I drew while on vacation!

I did the roughs for these on the plane, then finished them up at my friend’s house, where I was staying. I’ll try to post the completed ones here soon.

The Dwarves at a Party

-broods in the corner with a glass of whiskey
-gives everyone the stink eye
-secretly loves this P!nk song but would never say so

-dances like your dad at a barbeque
-has cheetos dust in his beard
-might, actually will, hurt himself or someone else

-was way too drunk before the party even began
-drinking a margarita made of melted jolly ranchers, ice, and way too much vodka
-dances like a frat bro without the sleaze

-hides out in the corner with Thorin and a flask he brought from home
-must rein in the Durin Bros when they get to rowdy
-hates his life

-the designated driver
-made the hors d’oeuvres
-confiscates Kili’s margarita

-the DJ with the way too random music
-falls down the stairs as a party trick
-wears a red cup as a hat

-becomes Balin’s nemesis after devouring all the hors d’oeuvres
-broke the trampoline which was explicitly off-limits
-master of beer pong

-retreats to the bathroom
-leaves early
-was he even there?

-staying sober with Balin
-trying to clean up the ever growing mess
-hass 911 on standby

-may have stolen all the silverware…and the plastic forks too
-invited those guys no one knows and who are freaking everyone out
-makes everyone figure out the “password” to get in

-can’t handle his liquor
-is the partygoer who will inevitably be hurt by Fili
-brought a colouring book because he misinterpreted the invitation

-will fight someone or a whole bunch of someones
-judges you by your drink
-passes out in the backyard

-won’t stop fixing things around the house
-yet still drinking without pause
-made friends with dog