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Fairy Tail Future Headcannons: Jerza Edition
  • After Makarov’s passing (from old age) Erza resumes her role as FT’s seventh guild master
  • Jellal continues to destroy dark guilds and offer redemption and freedom to sinners as the leader of Crime Sorciere
  • Erza is named as one of the Ten Wizard Saints 
  • They get married in the year X797 when Erza is 25 and Jellal is 32 (Jellal proposed to her by drawing a Marry Me constellation with his heavenly body magic)
  • A year into their marriage they have twins, a boy and a girl 
    • Reina Scarlet Fernandes has her mother’s hair (although she wears it much shorter) and her father’s magic which she seldom has to use because Erza taught her how to use a sword. She’s considered a prodigy by most and thoroughly enjoys a good fight despite her no-nonsense personality. Though she is a natural leader and her generation’s most reliable, she becomes flustered relatively easily and shares her mother’s weakness for sweets and luxury. In her adolescence she enters a casual, and mostly long distance relationship with her sparring partner, Simon Mikazuchi-Cheney. 
    • Raiden Scarlet Fernandes is although every bit as powerful, much more approachable than his sister. Easy going and quietly charming, he’s collected more than his fair share of admirers and is often featured in Sorcerer’s Wizard I’d Most Like to be my Boyfriend list. His requip magic allows him to summon a near unlimited amount of weapons including swords, spears, projectiles and bows (conceptually he could summon guns if he wanted, but chooses not to as a point of pride). He, Reina, Adrian Fullbuster and Nashi Dragneel are shaping up to be Fairy Tail’s new team to beat (and most likely to bankrupt the guild with their property damage). 
  • When Jellal comes home from long missions he ALWAYS brings back sweets for Erza and Reina 
  • Erza is surprisingly lenient with the kids, much to the chagrin of Natsu and Gray who have been on the receiving end of her discipline for decades 
  • Very tightly knit family. They all become sentimental dorks around the holidays. Jellal isn’t allowed to leave during the month of December and the Crime Sorciere members always come over for Christmas (with the exception of Angel who never passes up an opportunity dote on her sister’s children and drive her brother-in-law up a wall)

Note: Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Stingyu and Rogura editions will likely follow in the coming days (although not necessarily in that order). Miraxus and Elfever are also possibilities.