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do u have any k2 headcanons gdfvg like do u think either of them would grow it out a little longer or pin in back or something

OH ANON…yes ???? I have really weirdly specific hcs about Kenny’s hair but I’ll save you a fuckin’ novel here ok lmao.

Personally, Kenny would let it go way too long at some point but by the time they graduate/are college age, he keeps it short (about how long I draw it?). At least once or twice he’d totally have it shaved really short around summer, because he’s so incredibly hot during those months (Kyle hates it shaved).

Kyle’s more stingy about it. He’ll find ways to tame it but hide it anyways. Eventually he starts getting it shorter, especially on the neck, because it’s easier. But Kyle with a headband or lil’ ponytail is fucking. Gold. Bonus it always smells wonderful because that shampoo scent just clings to his curls. ;; v ;; !!

Costume Party Raffle

Dia had spent the better part of the last week gathering all the goods she could as raffle prizes. It ran her up quite the bill but it was in the name of a good cause. [-665,150g] 

Thirteen boxes sat uniformly on a table behind her, each one labeled with a number. One through thirteen. Dia cleared her throat and made her pitch to the people who are interested, putting on the most excited tone she could muster, “Step up and enter our raffle for any number of amazing prizes! You could win anything from 160,000g worth of tools, or a romantic getaway for you and your significant other!” 

“Tickets are only 100g a pop, and you can buy up to five for each box. Don’t be stingy, all of the profits from ticket sales are going directly to the Arcadian orphanage. So go ahead and buy as many tickets as you can, it’s for the children.” 

Rules of the Raffle: 

  1. You can buy a total of 65 tickets on each character you want to enter. 
  2. You don’t need to buy tickets for every single box. You can just pick a number and buy up to 5 tickets for whatever one you want. 
  3. A single character cannot win more than two boxes maximum. 
  4. NO CHILD CHARACTERS. There is a box that is absolutely 18+ and no children can enter the raffle. 
  5. If your character won a box and didn’t claim it within 24 hours, real time, it will be rerolled and given to someone else. 

How to enter: 

  1. Reblog this post with the character you’re having enter the raffle. 
  2. State which box they’re buying tickets for, and how many tickets they’re buying for it. You can say they’re going all in and just buying the max amount of tickets, 65 total. This will cost them 6,500g so remember that.
  3. Tag your post with pi:costumeparty and pi:costumeraffle so that I can keep track of entries.  

Entries will be accepted up until October 29th 6pm (CST), and winners will be announced October 30th.