XLIX - Like The Old Days

Sportarobbie Fanfiction - The 49th Shortie

Based On A Prompt

Warnings: None :)

Summary: The kids decide to have a parade. Robbie can’t stand the noise the kids are making, so he goes back to old traditions to try and stop them. Just like in the past, the scheme doesn’t go too well, but it might be better that way.

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LazyTown Cup AU

Solla Stirða: Pink Sollo Cup
Stingy: Yellow Tea Cup
Robbie Rotten: Coffee Cup
Sportacus: CamelBak
—Íþróttaálfurinn: Tall glass of diet water (0 calories, 0 sugar)
Ziggy: Sippy Cup
Milford Meanswell: Mug of Hot Cocoa
Bessie Busybody: Champagne flute
Pixel: Monster™ Energy can
Trixie: Fiberglass water bottle

Inspired by the Succateers streaming.


The romanian dub of Lazytown is a masterpiece.


So I was on this internet archive site and I looked up the old Lazytown website and discovered all of these cute character descriptions and I thought I’d share
(I will never get over the fact that Bessie was supposed to be Sportacus’ mom, or that Stingy was originally supposed to be the youngest of the group)