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Winter Whites

Wear the hottest color of the season and go monochrome in white

Gloomy weather can instantly make you more drawn towards darks in your closet. Instead of wearing your go-to black uniform, head to the opposite end of the spectrum and brighten up your style. From stark white to off-white, pair your milky favorites together creating showstopping head-to-toe ensembles. If you’re not sure how to create a cohesive all-white look, see how Chloé and Costume National styled their white pieces for Fall/Winter 2014. Hop on the winter white trend and shop the best pieces of the season below. 

Fall 2014 Runway

Costume National Fall 2014

Chloé Fall 2014

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Switch out your classic black coats and leather jackets for something purely white.

Fur-Lined Hooded Coat, Winter White

ASOS Biker Jacket In Textured Wool

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Leather Jacket


Match your tops and coats with a pair of classic white denim or loose trousers.

PETITE MOTO Winter White Ripped Jamie Jeans

Skinny Elektra jeans

Pull On Trousers


Wear a classic pullover or furry cardigan with white bottoms for the ultimate snow bunny look.

Dramatic Mohair-Blend Sweater in White

Cozy Duster Cardigan Sweater

White Fuzzy Eyelash Sweater


Layer white pieces from a classic tank to a ribbed funnel neck with your white favorites.

Crepe Swing Vest

Lace Short Sleeve Top

Long Sleeve Ribbed Funnel Neck Top


Search for dresses with ladylike lace inserts and match your white accessories to your look. 

Embellished Mesh & Viscose Dress

Lace Long Sleeve Dress

Lacie Lace-Blocked Cape Dress


Depending on the occasion, complete your white outfit with a matching sandal, sneaker or boot.

Nudistsong Metallic Ankle-Strap Sandal, White

Adriana leather sneakers

MADNESS Leather Chelsea Boots


Don’t stop at your clothes. Pay attention to the details and finish off your look with a white accessories.

Whistles Faux Stingray Skin Rivington Bag In White

Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat, White

Baker Mbm1283

anonymous asked:

I was at noosa with my friend and we went out in her boat to this little sand bank island thing and I jumped off the boat and landed on top of a stingray that was sitting just below the sand. I probably squished his cute little face but I also almost simultaneously has a heart attack and shit myself from fear. so who was really the loser in that situation?

OMG I HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE but I didn’t fall on it omg
we were canoeing for year 10
camp at noosa and we were in a shallow bit and everyone was pushing their boats out but I was scared so I was kneeling on the front of my canoe and my canoe partner was pushing the boat out and i saw a stingray like right ahead about to go under the boat and screamed so my friend instantly
stopped the boat so I FUCKIGN fell off right next to the stingray and we had like plastic zip lock bags full of like snacks and trail mix and fruit to last us the day until dinner and i was sprinting away from the stingray and my snack bag was flinging in my hands because I was basically flailing my whole body and then it broke and all my snacks and trail mix fell in the water and just sprawled out everywhere so I only had like a wet apple and a salami stick the whole day anyway I got side tracked but point is I almost landed on a stingray at noosa too omg jinx