In episode 25 of Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, Evolved Bee stings people with his rapier and makes them grow a stinger out of their forehead while causing them to laugh uncontrollably and try to headbutt other people to make them grow stings in an attempt to make all of humanity laugh itself to death.

I guess it beats having them grow out of people’s butts like a real bee’s stinger and have them run around rear first at other people.

So lets get this straight?

Jupiter Ascending is about an ordinary young girl who doesn’t have a father

who happens to find out that she is the reincarnation of a very important person

she finds out that she is in possession of something supremely precious and spherical that is sought after by many

her protector/ally/and eventual love interest is a man who shares DNA with the canine species

another ally who is snarky and is very deserving of the title “lone wolf”

they have to keep it from a very flamboyant villain who wants the precious for himself

and the two relatives of his with one having an agenda of their own

There, did I make my point effectively?!

Also then there is this!