Cable cable cable!

The trunk line for a stage. But why so many cables for one generator?

An extension cord (a.k.a. a stinger in film speak) is made out of three cables: the ground, the neutral and a hot leg. The hot leg with the neutral produces a 120 volts. 

120 Volts outlet

Pretty much every plug in your house is a 120 Volts. And most lights we use in film are 120 Volts: a hot leg, a neutral and a ground. Easy breezy.

Some homes will have 240 Volts outlets which has two hot legs. 

240 Volts household plugs - note that they have 2 hot legs. 

If you look outside your home, chances are that the power going to your home from the electrical pole will have a metal cable with two black shielded cables coiled around it. The metal cable is actually the neutral and the black shielded cables are two hot legs - the ground is provided by a pole into the ground at your breaker box. Most homes, have 240 Volts available to them. Having a ground, neutral and two hot legs is called single phase.

In film, when using a generator or stage power, you will normally use a 5 piece cable run with three hot cables - this is called three phase.

5 wire ‘banded’ with Cam Lock connectors. Green is ground, White is neutral and the Red, Blue and Black connectors are the hot legs. 

A standard “three phase” run is 5 pieces of cable: the ground (green), the neutral (white), and three hot legs (red, blue, black). Each hot leg with the neutral creates 120Volts and two hot legs together creates 208Volts (not 240 Volts - don’t ask). You never use all three hot legs together FYI. So a three phase cable run gives you a lot of options.

5 wire banded going into a distro box. 100 Amp bates to a lunch pale to a stinger. 

Sometimes you need to run more power than the cable allows or when running a long run you might have issues with line loss (voltage drops over distance). 

4/0 AWG cable! This is heavy back breaking cable. Note that each piece is individual and not ‘banded’ together like the 5 piece ‘banded’ cable shown earlier.

4/0 AWG wire is the thickest (i.e. most copper) cable we have and allows for about 400 Amps at 120Volts (this is how we roughly calculate power in the film world). So if you have three 4/0 AWG hot legs, you could run up to 1200 Amps. Well, sometimes that is not enough as the generator might very well provide more than 1200 Amps of power. And to account for line loss if there is a long run, we often double up the cable. So for a single three phase run you might very well run 9 pieces of cable: 1 ground (you do not need to double this up), 2 neutral, 2 of each of the three hot legs. So a single run of power on a “big show” can get quite large.

The initial run of cable form the source to the set is called the trunk line. Once you get to set, the trunk line normally goes into a “spider box” which splits the run into your more conventional 5 piece cable runs.

A Spider Box. Trunk line comes into the Spider box and splits it into different runs. 

Other solutions to run large amount of power over a long distance with minimal cable is to run a higher voltage run and use step down transformers. This is dangerous stuff and if you don’t know what you are doing, can kill you. When you find yourself at that level, you will be hiring an outside firm or a professionally licensed electrician to help you.

Remember, always hire experienced electricians when running power!!! 

My world has been completed blown apart.  All my life I was led to believe I was a Scorpio.  I lived my life on this knowledge.  Now I find out I’m not. I’M NOT A SCORPIO???? WHAT THE ACTUAL F???? I’m a Libra. What’s a Libra and what…what do I…what do I even do with this knowledge?  Who am I? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Why would do this to me NASA? Damn you NASA! Damn you to hell!  Why can’t you suck at what you do?  Suck at your job NASA.

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Jellyfish fandom


The first character I first fell in love with: I’ve always had a soft spot for comb jellies, they are deep sea rainbow children and I love them
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Lion’s mane jellyfish, I used to hate those fuckers for putting their stinger-filled shitty floof hands all over my bod when I went swimming, but now they’re my favorite animals period, they’re giant and colorful and gorgeous and if I did not fear a painful death, I would gladly invite many more shitty stingy floof hands into my life if it meant getting to look at them up close
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Moon jellies are very cute n pretty, but there are many more jellies that I appreciate more
The character I love that everyone else hates: again, I think it’s safe to say that very few people appreciate lion’s mane
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: I used to be o b s e s s e d with the immortal jellyfish, but now I have moved on to other interesting friends!
The character I would totally smooch: DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MY CHILDREN
The character I’d want to be like: The upside down jelly just lies around with all its lil leggies stickin straight up into the air all day, goals tbh
A pairing that I love: all jellyfish are lesbians and I ship all of them
A pairing that I despise: jellyfish x those shitty ppl on the beach who throw them around, I will f i g h t

Gubal Headcanon

Mun: *looks over at muse* You know, that stinger DID take place in 3.1. And there didn’t appear to be anything wrong then. …Did…did you…?

Alisaie: *innocent whistling*

Mun: Hmmm…sounds about right. Probably couldn’t reach the locks or something.

Alisaie: I didn’t know I didn’t lock it up right! I had to hide and then leave after they were done. I tried to do the same thing Urianger did and…well… Oops.

Julie Chu is returning as head coach of the Concordia Stingers this upcoming season and it’s a position she is prioritizing this year as her playing days are coming to an end.

“I am getting older and am starting to shift into wanting to run my own program,” Chu said.

Chu will play for Les Canadiennes part-time when her schedule at Concordia permits. There will be ten occasions when her coaching schedule will conflict with her playing for Les Canadiennes. Her duties at Concordia will take precedence. (x)

Transformers Animated OC: Starshine

Name: Starshine

Gender: Femme

Age: Ignoring the chronologic calculations due to her time offline, the same as Bumblebee

Name Reason: The star symbol on her helmet

Alliance: Formelly Decepticons, now Autobots, despite not having an emblem yet

Alternative/Vehicle Mode: None, due to her broken T-cog

Weapons & Abilities: Stingers (given by Bee), Overpowering (for an unknown reason), Clarividence (after reactivation)

Relatives: Bumblebee (“brother”)

Personality: Shy, Friendly, Protective, Gentle, Naive, Reliable, Honest, Hard, Curious

Colour Scheme: Baby blue, Crayola blue, gray (Autobot parts), Razzle dazzle rose, Pigment red, Purpura (Decepticon parts)

Who Could Voice Her: Grey DeLisle (Daphne from Scooby-Doo and Aya from Green Lantern: The Animated Series)

“It was a surprise finding a Bot like Star in the middle of the rocks, all abandoned and wounded. Since her reactivation, she didn’t liked speaking much. That got better and it was worth waiting for her to speak with us; she has a very sweet voice, and for a Bot that lived between Decepticons and was Starscream’s friend, she’s very well behaved! But that’s not the only good thing about my sister: she simply doesn’t care which faction any Bot belongs to, she just likes being there to help. With an caring attitude like that, I bet Prowl would’ve liked to meet her…” ~ Bumblebee


As a prematurely-activated Protoform, half of her body was built by Autobots, however, a horde of Decepticons stole her body, and finished the work in their lab, seeing they couldn’t undo what the rival faction already made.

Bullied by the robots she lived with, she only found safety and a long intense friendship with Starscream… until Shockwave discovered about them, sending Starscream to be reprogrammed. Losing her best friend was enough for Starshine to fight against Megatron, showing how powerful her overpowering energy was (how it started is a mystery), possibly a threat to him.

Megatron had no choice but to strike her in the spark, deactivating her and destroying her t-cog as well, and throwing away her body on a desert area of Cybertron.

Years later, Sari, Bulkhead and Bumblebee found her, and with the help of the AllSpark Matrix and Sumdac’s lingered energy, brought her back to life, and as she adapt to the changes of Cybertron (and the constant drooling of Jetfire and Jetstorm), she discovered how to use her abilities in the best way possible.


Bumblebee - After Sari, Bulkhead and him found her, he showed excitement over the possiblity of having a sister. As assumed big brother, he showed himself over-protective towards her and appreciates her excessive hugging.

Starscream - During her convivence with the Decepticons, Star’s only friend was him, that at that time was a different Bot, with qualities she got to know better than any Bot. After his reprogramming, Star was heartbroken and turned against the Decepticons, being defeated by Megatron.

Jetfire and Jetstorm - Both of the twins have assumed “puppy love” for Star, and are good friends of her.

Wreck-Gar - during her visit on Earth, she stopped him from throwing a cat in the trash can and became friends with him. (Fun fact: she loves when he plays his accordeon.)

Jazz - He becomes her master and teaches her Circuit-Su in order to better use her abilities, being caring and supportive.

Slipstream - Despite not trusting much the Autobots, Slipstream likes Starshine, and she regularly visits her in Trypticon Prison.

Swindle - She’s not comfortable with his constant flirting, but she promised considering giving him a call.


- She is a talented singer, but has stage fright.

- Her interest and safety feeling on watching the stars was thanks to her friendship with Starscream, who believed she could reach them.

- She often thinks less about what she really is, despite constant compliments from her friends.

- After manifesting her overpowering energy, she was invited by Jazz to Cyber-Ninja training.

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The writers of Jupiter Ascending are having some trouble with plot:
  • 1:Guys, we can't decide how Jupiter is going to find out that she's royalty.
  • 2:*slides Cards Against Humanity to him* Pick 1
  • 1:*draws card* Sean Bean. How's that going to help?
  • 2:Pick another.
  • 1:*draws another* Bees?

Purple jellyfish | ©Frédéric Lechat   (Belle-Île, France)

Pelagia noctiluca (Semaeostomeae - Pelagiidae) is a jellyfish found in the Northeastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and western and central Pacific. Sometimes it is commonly named Mauve stinger.

These jellyfishes are beautiful, especially when they phosphoresce. The Mauve stinger glows by producing luminous mucus from surface cells when it is knocked or disturbed by waves.

Unlike most jellyfish, the life cycle of the mauve stinger does not involve a fixed stage.


So lets get this straight?

Jupiter Ascending is about an ordinary young girl who doesn’t have a father

who happens to find out that she is the reincarnation of a very important person

she finds out that she is in possession of something supremely precious and spherical that is sought after by many

her protector/ally/and eventual love interest is a man who shares DNA with the canine species

another ally who is snarky and is very deserving of the title “lone wolf”

they have to keep it from a very flamboyant villain who wants the precious for himself

and the two relatives of his with one having an agenda of their own

There, did I make my point effectively?!

Also then there is this!


How Bees Work

In the creation story of the Kalahari Desert’s San people, a bee carries a mantis across a river. The river is wide, and the exhausted bee eventually leaves the mantis on a floating flower. The bee plants a seed in the mantis’s body before dying, and the seed grows into the first human.

The San are not the only people to include bees in their myths and stories. According to Egyptian mythology, bees were created when the tears of the sun god Ra landed on the desert sand. The Hindu love god Kamadeva carries a bow with a string made of honeybees. Bees and their hives appear in religious imagery and royal regalia in multiple cultures, and people around the world use honey and pollen in folk medicine and religious observances.

The idea that there is something divine or mystical about bees isn’t confined to religion and mythology. Until the 17th century, many people, including beekeepers, thought that bees reproduced spontaneously, without the aid of sexual reproduction. But in the 1660s, Jam Swammerdam examined a queen bee through a microscope and discovered female sex organs. Around the same time, Francesco Redi proved that maggots formed in meat only when flies had landed there. It became clear that bees and other insects reproduced by laying eggs, not by magic.

Even though they do not reproduce through autogenesis, or spontaneous generation, bees do exhibit many other traits found in stories and myths – traits that have led many cultures to view them with reverence or awe. This is particularly true of social bees, or the species that live in colonies. Social bees are organized, industrious and intelligent. They work diligently all summer in order to produce enough food to survive the winter. Social bees are clean and fastidious, and they arrange their lives around one central member of the hive – the queen.

But most bees aren’t social. They don’t live in hives or work together to support a queen. In this article, we’ll look at how social bees are different from solitary bees. We’ll also explore how bees make honey and examine the potential causes and effects of Colony Collapse Disorder.

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We need to talk about this

Because not only this stream was hilarious but we learned so much about the characters too omg

Fubuki and Lilly ship SaiGenos and HAVE FUCKING PUPPETS OF THEM and of course Genos continues to be perfect to sensei who feels weird about eating food that look like him

Close-up to lesbians because I love them LOOK AT THE PUPPETS ASDF

The martial arts masters + Iaian looking like the cinnamon roll he is

Side-drawing concept art of how Iaian’s chopped arm looks! I couldn’t take a better picture but that’s some kinda metallic piece similar to his armor.

So I guess Drive Knight is a cyborg after all, we have seen him eating noodles twice during streams. I can’t believe he’s eating them from those little holes is this why he only ever eats noodles my poor cyborg son

Also at the back, House of Evolution nerds + Darkness Blade and Red Muffler

Literally 50 heroes gathered here aND NONE OF THEM STOPPED DRUNK ZOMBIEMAN FROM EMBARRASSING HIMSELF LIKE THIS I can’t believe my headcanons for Zombae are turning to be canon, he IS a fucking dork after all omg I knew it wasn't possible for these series to have such an ideally serious, calm, mature hero LOL Even Dr Genus is here WHY WON’T YOU HELP YOUR CHILD YOU JERK

PLEASE NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR MR. SITCH EITHER PLEASE STOP THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT omg Amai don’t make such a bitch face in front of little Zenko I AM GOING TO FUCKING SLAP YOU Please also notice Garou sitting on the fence next to precious Busaiku who is being a fanboy 

Also who the fuck is that guy on the floor next to Mumen WHO IS HIM


A more general view. Siblings are being cuties as usual and I still want to slap Amai STOP MAKING THAT BITCH FACE YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF SAITAMA’S GREATNESS

If any of you were still sceptical about the nin nins being brothers… look at Flash offering Sonic some food. Flash you jerk, you are giving away his PERFECT camouflage in front of 50 heroes who couldn’t give a fuck about their companion Zombieman drowing in the lake let alone about Sonic’s terrible Ongyo-Jutsu or capturing him

Look at the corner behind the ninja bros!!! At the last moment Murata-sensei drew himself and my fav lightning trio 👌 Stinger, Genji and Max 👌