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Young Avengers x Young Justice (comic/cartoon) crossover? I love reading your opinions! Have a great day!

Aw, that’s really sweet. okay…

Kate and Artemis would be bonding over why both their costumes have open midrifs (and yes I know Kate’s had other costumes. I don’t care). 

Cassie meets the Atom and wonders how he managed to shrink. There’s a science conversation in there somewhere. Then Bumblebee comes in and the two have an entire event thing going on at a really small level and Bublebee gives her great design input on her costume for when she becomes Stinger. 

Tommy and Kid Flash probably start out racing to see who’s faster. (Tommy’s faster because he manipulates time in space) and then gets super psyched to learn about the Speed Force and how it works….while the two are eating  lots and lots of food. 

Teddy and M’Gann would totally be bonding as alien shape-shifters would. There’s no question there. He later talks to Superboy and they bond too. 

Billy would kind of be floating, he’d be trying not to stare at Dick or fangirl over seeing Batman and Wonder Woman and discussing magic stuff with Zatana.  Later he and Batwoman have an epic discussion on being gay and Jewish and superheroes. 

Eli starts off brooding in the corner and then gets into a cool conversation with Dick and Barbara and then Kate joins and there’s a conversation about being superheroes with no powers. 

Vision would be really fascinated by Red Tornado and the fascinating way Blue Beetle’s Beetle works. 

The Young Justice gang tell them about Atlantis when Kaldur comes in, and then Billy says something to the effect of “So is your king a dick like the king of our Atlantis?” And the Young Justice kids are confused because Aquaman is a really good guy and really nice. 

They tell  them all about the Avengers and about the Guardians of The Galaxy. 

“You mean like the Lantern Corps?” Asks Wally. 

“Sure,” Tommy would reply, “Except less organized, more variety of powers, and waaaaay more annoying.” 

“Don’t forget the talking Raccoon.” 

“How could anyone forget that,” replied Kate with a monotone. 

Then (I’m cheating a bit) Lady Blackhawk comes in and five minutes into talking to her, Cassie goes “Let us introduce you to our friend and mentor. Steve. 

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Were you a fan of DDP back in the day? He was my guy. Why do you think he was never really used seriously once WCW was bought? He was over, as much if not more than booker T and he was used prominently during the invasion. He was possibly even bigger than sting for a while. Wonder why he hasn't at least gotten the revisionist treatment that the stinger has gotten now. DDP>sting and he ruled on Revenge

I liked DDP. The reason he flopped in the WWF is he pissed off Undertaker, who, instead of being a rational adult and talking to the man about his grievances, buried him to management and then in the ring, you know, like a petty little tattle tale kid. But I mean Undertaker is the BEST, what a Man’s Man.

Most people in the Diamond Mist cultures have at least some degree of adaptation to cold, even manticores. Soliloquy is an oddly extreme example, having had an Ice affinity as long as she can remember.

Her roar saps willpower, which she may use to de-escalate potential fights. If that fails, though, she has hypothermal venom to count on. Or her stinger itself, wielded as a frosty club.

To become a man, boys from Brazil’s Sateré-Mawé tribe have to wear gloves filled with bullet ants. The boys collect dozens of the ants, which have a sting 30 times worse than a bee’s, weave them into gloves, and wear them while performing a 10-minute ritual dance. They aren’t considered full warriors until they’ve done this 20 times. Source

The writers of Jupiter Ascending are having some trouble with plot:
  • 1: Guys, we can't decide how Jupiter is going to find out that she's royalty.
  • 2: *slides Cards Against Humanity to him* Pick 1
  • 1: *draws card* Sean Bean. How's that going to help?
  • 2: Pick another.
  • 1: *draws another* Bees?
  • 2: PERFECT

Purple jellyfish | ©Frédéric Lechat   (Belle-Île, France)

Pelagia noctiluca (Semaeostomeae - Pelagiidae) is a jellyfish found in the Northeastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, and western and central Pacific. Sometimes it is commonly named Mauve stinger.

These jellyfishes are beautiful, especially when they phosphoresce. The Mauve stinger glows by producing luminous mucus from surface cells when it is knocked or disturbed by waves.

Unlike most jellyfish, the life cycle of the mauve stinger does not involve a fixed stage.


So lets get this straight?

Jupiter Ascending is about an ordinary young girl who doesn’t have a father

who happens to find out that she is the reincarnation of a very important person

she finds out that she is in possession of something supremely precious and spherical that is sought after by many

her protector/ally/and eventual love interest is a man who shares DNA with the canine species

another ally who is snarky and is very deserving of the title “lone wolf”

they have to keep it from a very flamboyant villain who wants the precious for himself

and the two relatives of his with one having an agenda of their own

There, did I make my point effectively?!

Also then there is this!


How Bees Work

In the creation story of the Kalahari Desert’s San people, a bee carries a mantis across a river. The river is wide, and the exhausted bee eventually leaves the mantis on a floating flower. The bee plants a seed in the mantis’s body before dying, and the seed grows into the first human.

The San are not the only people to include bees in their myths and stories. According to Egyptian mythology, bees were created when the tears of the sun god Ra landed on the desert sand. The Hindu love god Kamadeva carries a bow with a string made of honeybees. Bees and their hives appear in religious imagery and royal regalia in multiple cultures, and people around the world use honey and pollen in folk medicine and religious observances.

The idea that there is something divine or mystical about bees isn’t confined to religion and mythology. Until the 17th century, many people, including beekeepers, thought that bees reproduced spontaneously, without the aid of sexual reproduction. But in the 1660s, Jam Swammerdam examined a queen bee through a microscope and discovered female sex organs. Around the same time, Francesco Redi proved that maggots formed in meat only when flies had landed there. It became clear that bees and other insects reproduced by laying eggs, not by magic.

Even though they do not reproduce through autogenesis, or spontaneous generation, bees do exhibit many other traits found in stories and myths – traits that have led many cultures to view them with reverence or awe. This is particularly true of social bees, or the species that live in colonies. Social bees are organized, industrious and intelligent. They work diligently all summer in order to produce enough food to survive the winter. Social bees are clean and fastidious, and they arrange their lives around one central member of the hive – the queen.

But most bees aren’t social. They don’t live in hives or work together to support a queen. In this article, we’ll look at how social bees are different from solitary bees. We’ll also explore how bees make honey and examine the potential causes and effects of Colony Collapse Disorder.

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We need to talk about this

Because not only this stream was hilarious but we learned so much about the characters too omg

Fubuki and Lilly ship SaiGenos and HAVE FUCKING PUPPETS OF THEM and of course Genos continues to be perfect to sensei who feels weird about eating food that look like him

Close-up to lesbians because I love them LOOK AT THE PUPPETS ASDF

The martial arts masters + Iaian looking like the cinnamon roll he is

Side-drawing concept art of how Iaian’s chopped arm looks! I couldn’t take a better picture but that’s some kinda metallic piece similar to his armor.

So I guess Drive Knight is a cyborg after all, we have seen him eating noodles twice during streams. I can’t believe he’s eating them from those little holes is this why he only ever eats noodles my poor cyborg son

Also at the back, House of Evolution nerds + Darkness Blade and Red Muffler

Literally 50 heroes gathered here aND NONE OF THEM STOPPED DRUNK ZOMBIEMAN FROM EMBARRASSING HIMSELF LIKE THIS I can’t believe my headcanons for Zombae are turning to be canon, he IS a fucking dork after all omg I knew it wasn't possible for these series to have such an ideally serious, calm, mature hero LOL Even Dr Genus is here WHY WON’T YOU HELP YOUR CHILD YOU JERK

PLEASE NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR MR. SITCH EITHER PLEASE STOP THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT omg Amai don’t make such a bitch face in front of little Zenko I AM GOING TO FUCKING SLAP YOU Please also notice Garou sitting on the fence next to precious Busaiku who is being a fanboy 

Also who the fuck is that guy on the floor next to Mumen WHO IS HIM


A more general view. Siblings are being cuties as usual and I still want to slap Amai STOP MAKING THAT BITCH FACE YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF SAITAMA’S GREATNESS

If any of you were still sceptical about the nin nins being brothers… look at Flash offering Sonic some food. Flash you jerk, you are giving away his PERFECT camouflage in front of 50 heroes who couldn’t give a fuck about their companion Zombieman drowing in the lake let alone about Sonic’s terrible Ongyo-Jutsu or capturing him

Look at the corner behind the ninja bros!!! At the last moment Murata-sensei drew himself and my fav lightning trio 👌 Stinger, Genji and Max 👌