scorpios distribute intimacy in calculated doses, so quick that before you realize it their stinger is already back up in self-defense. the threat pressures you into acting like you, too, noticed nothing.

only those willing to perform the role of masochist can withstand this erotic tango with a scorpio

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Do we have a release date for After Story 3? Also, do you think that this is the last Xrd game and they'll be moving on to Xrth?

As of right now 1.03 is a Balance Update and not much else.

(FYI I just tried Jack-O’ and she’s not as weak as everyone else says.)

No news yet on After Story Part C, but given the big gap between B and C, this will be the “stinger update” coming up i.e. a Cliffhanger.

I don’t know when it’ll drop, but I believe it will be the last of “Revelator”.

As someone else said on Dustloop, I’m inclined to believe Xrd is a Trilogy:

Xrd: Sign

Xrd: Revelator (Rev2 as the update, possibly a Rev3)

Xrd: [Unknown Title]

Likely the 3rd Xrd Title will be the final entry in the Guilty Gear series.  Lots of evidence points towards that being the case.  Though it could have Rev add-ons like Revelator, it likely will be the FINAL GG in the saga.

Where Steve gets adopted by the Amazons and Nobody Dies
did you not watch the stinger at the end of the film

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