stinger drink

So basically the whole squad talked and we decided that Episode of Stinger was, sadly, not as good as how Dukemon claimed it was, even though our opinion usually lines up with him.

So our warning is this: Please watch Episode of Stinger with friends. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, but it’s better just in case.

Signed, Superfan Sentai Tokuranger
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Headcanon time.

After the dust settles, Jupiter appoints Stinger as the main liaison between Earth and, you know…the rest of the galaxy. Anyone coming to Earth has to get a visa through him, so when Kalique starts visiting Jupiter to talk about shutting down the family industry, she ends up having to deal with “that bee man.” Still, he’s nothing if not respectful, and when the light’s right his eyes are such a lovely shade of gold that it’s almost worth the tediousness.

Kalique sees pictures of his daughter, and runs into her occasionally when she’s going through the irritating task of getting all of her paperwork in order. Stinger tries to keep his daughter away, but she’s so strong-willed, you know. Kalique, much to her surprise, takes a liking to this bold little girl, and starts bringing her presents when she stops by. Nothing big, of course. Some makeup from Andromeda, a pair of shoes from that lovely little maroon planet in Ursa Major. You know, just little things that catch her eye. 

Stinger wants to hate her for it, and for who she is, but his daughter is just so charmed and delighted that he can’t stay mad. He doesn’t notice the necklace that easily cost as much as a satellite planet until two years later when his daughter goes on a date.

Long story short, Kalique brings a bottle of expensive space whisky on one of her trips to Earth. She and Stinger end up drinking most of it while waiting for the paperwork to clear. There’s some hiccup in the system, and the liquor is there and it’s so smooth, and they’re both laughing for once. His laugh, this time, is genuine and easy, not short and bitter barks like it usually is. They wake up the next morning in bed together and Kalique swears she can hear the bees gossiping at the state of her hangover. Over breakfast, Stinger assures her, eyes flashing the whole time, that they’re laughing with her, not at her.