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Literally everything she writes is an absolute masterpiece, including her new fic Sting !!!!

let me tell you guys, this fanart is looong overdue because I have have so much Tendencies fanart just lying around unfinished, but lord you people need to read that series. And this series. The opportunities for bee related puns are unreal and i am living

ANYWAYS, here you go, and I hope this is at least A LITTLE close because i suck at reading and also visualizing things and just fill in the blanks with incorrect ideas most of the time, but i digress.

TLDR: Bee Adrien is a punk loser and you need to read everything by KryallaOrchid

what if sherlock sees a bee in a shrub and leans over to look at it and john SMACKS HIS BUTT and sherlocks like hehe oh you but it startles the bee and it stings sherlock right in the face also, it turns out it was a wasp, ALSO SHERLOCK DISCOVERS HES ALLERGIC TO WASPS THAT DAY….and in the ER johns like “im so sorry i smacked your ass” and sherlock very seriously pulls him in by the coat lapels and says “dont you EVER apologize for that”

Each star is a mirror 🍒

exoteric ruler: mars
esoteric ruler: mercury

i am not burned to death by the flame, the fire burns me alive, i am always fighting for my life

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: vulcan

i am the mother of all form and beauty, but i know too that mortal and sting of earthy pain, i am so invoked in this world

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: venus

i started thinking the moment i was born, i do not possess my thoughts ~ my thoughts possess me

exoteric ruler: moon
esoteric ruler: neptune

i am the golden thread that connects the world to the mother goddess, from inside the water globe i give life and glow

exoteric ruler: sun
esoteric ruler: sun

i am god singing himself to sleep as the sun falls from the sky, when i open my heart, the world is given life 

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: moon

i harvest inside me shadows and poetry that make only orderly sense to me, my ingrediants are my hands, mind, and empathy, opening my heart to serve will unfreeze me

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: uranus

love maple glistens against my body like shimmering glass across aphrodite’s sea. i am you, you are me

exoteric ruler: mars and pluto
esoteric ruler: mars

i can baptize people with my gaze, sink them into the soul with my embrace, and heal with my hypnosis, when i direct my power higher, i become a sorcerer

exoteric ruler: jupiter
esoteric ruler: earth

my love affair with the earth is my greatest romance, i am the kiss of the wind, my soul is satisfied with flowers and fruit

exoteric ruler: saturn
esoteric ruler: saturn

even in my darkest moments my bones won’t allow me to collapse, i am iron, hyrogen, and crafted in a moment of god’s sheer inspiration

exoteric ruler: saturn and uranus
esoteric ruler: jupiter

you could see my thoughts from space if you tried, zigazzging across the globe like neon electric lights, kissing salvation into the mind

exoteric ruler: jupiter and neptune
esoteric ruler: pluto

i live in a dense and dreamy sea, i am open and boundless, but nothing can truly hurt me, i have stood on serpants in lives before and my spirit is sheltered and holy


Five Freakin’ Minutes

Characters:  Sam x Reader

Word Count:  846

Summary:  Smut with Sam.  his is for my 2k drabble celebration. @marvelfanuniverse requested the prompt:   “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Warnings;  Sex and language

Tags at the bottom. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Five Freakin’ Minutes

Lounging lazily face-down on the motel bed in panties and a tank top, you daydream blissfully. The case has been solved, the monster is dead and Dean is off to pick up burgers. The bathroom door opens and the smell of Sam’s body wash wafts out and over you.

The bed dips under Sam’s weight as he climbs over, his warm body covering yours. His scruff stings sweetly as he nuzzles the exposed skin on your back. “Mmm…” you murmur. His lips trail up the back of your neck to your ear. His breath is hot as it ghosts over your ear. You squirm involuntarily as your panties dampen with arousal. His teeth graze your ear before gently biting down. “Ohhh…” you moan in response.

His cock is thick and swollen, you feel it probing your back through the thin fabric of his gym shorts. Sam’s lips move along your jaw and you tilt your head to allow access to your mouth.  Opening your mouth slightly, you feel Sam’s tongue slide past your teeth and glides against your own. God, how you wanted this man. Every time. All the time. Your skin felt as if it was on fire every time he touched you, regardless of how chaste or unintentional it was. One large hand finds it way under your tank, cupping your breast and palming it roughly. You shiver as he caresses your breast, teasing your nipple into a stiff peak.

“Sam,” you whine as he rubs his erection against your ass.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he commands, breath ragged in your ear.

“Fuck me,” you groan.

Sam sits back and slides your lacy thong down your legs, pressing kisses down the backs of your thighs. The bed creaks as he shimmies his shorts off. You lift your ass off the bed, head pressed against the pillow, and spread your legs for him. “You ready for me?” he teases, trailing a finger up your folds.  

“Oh god, fuck yes, Sam,” you moan.

He slides a finger into you. “So wet,” he says huskily before inserting another digit, opening you up, priming you for his enormous cock. You cry out when his fingers drag over your sweet spot.

“Fuck baby, feels so good. Want your cock,” you manage to gasp while he plunges his long fingers in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Do you, (Y/N)? Have you been a good girl? Do you deserve a good fucking?”

Moaning, you fuck yourself on his fingers. “Yes, please, Sam.  I need you to fuck me,” you beg.

“There’s a good girl,” Sam praises. He removes his fingers and you practically squeal in anticipation when you feel his cock nudging at your entrance. Sam pushes the broad head of his cock into you. “Oh, yes,” he sighs. “Such a good girl.” He’s such a fucking tease, the suspense is killing you, but you know if you try to hurry things along he’ll just draw things out.

“Tell me, good girl, how does my cock feel?” he rasps.

“So fucking good, baby, please, I need more,” you plead.  

Sam groans, he fucking loves it when you beg. “Since you asked so nicely…” he says before pushing all the way into you, stretching you wide.  esus, he’s so fucking big. He loves that he can fill you up completely.

“You ass looks fucking amazing, baby,” he says before sliding out of you and pushing back in. He sets a fast pace, pumping in and out of you rapidly.

“Sam,” you moan, “harder, please, baby.”

Sam complies, practically jack hammering into your pussy. His hands grip your ass, digging into the soft skin.The bed shifts, slamming into the wall with every thrust. Your fingers fist in the sheets as you pant, each pump dragging the blunt head of his cock right across your g-spot.

“Ah, fuck, baby, gonna cum,” you manage to squeak out.  

“Fuck yes, cum for baby. Cum all over my giant cock,” he says almost animalistically.

The blood roars in your ears as your face smashes against the pillow. The tension spirals, your thighs shaking as you reach your release, skyrocketing into a world of total pleasure. “SAM!” you shout his name as you squeeze his cock with your wall.

“Fuck, oh god, fuck,” Sam grunts as he spurts deep inside of you. “Jesus Christ,” he moans before pulling out of you and flopping beside you on the bed.

He pulls you into his arms and kisses you softly. This is the Sam you love, he fucked like a god and was as tender as a saint afterward.  

“Mmm, I love you,” he says against your lips.

“Love you too,” you sigh blissfully.

You were so wrapped up in each other that you didn’t hear the key in the door. It startles you both when it flies open.

“Oh, come on!” Dean shouts.  “How did you two end up like this? I left you alone for five freaking minutes!”

Giggling, you dive under the covers as Sam throws a pillow at his brother’s head.

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 Sting - Moosical Band rehearsal

Where do fire ants come from?

Tropical fire ants, whose stings cause intense burning sensations, are found today in tropical regions across the globe. But how did the species travel such far ocean distances? Ants cannot swim, right? And if the fire ant colonies had split when the continents did, they would no longer be a genetic species, having millenia to develop distinct genetic mutations. A recent study tackled this conundrum
RCMP entrapped B.C. couple in terrorism plot, judge rules
John Nuttall and Amanda Korody will walk free after a judge ruled they were manipulated by police.

Two people found guilty of terror charges will walk free after a British Columbia Supreme Court judge ruled they were entrapped by the RCMP in a police-manufactured crime.

Justice Catherine Bruce said police instigated and skillfully engineered the very terrorist acts committed by John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who believed they were planting pressure-cooker bombs that would blow up at the legislature on Canada Day in 2013.

“The world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people,” Bruce said in a landmark ruling Friday.

“The defendants were the foot soldiers but the undercover officer was the leader of the group,” she said.

“Without the police it would have been impossible for the defendants to carry out the pressure-cooker plan.”

Bruce said RCMP officers overstepped their authority during a months-long, undercover sting and their actions were egregious.

“The police decided they had to aggressively engineer and plan for Nuttall and Korody and make them think it was their own,” she said.

“To say they were unsophisticated is generous,” she said, adding there was no imminent threat to the public from a pair who demonstrated they were not intelligent but naive.

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Booker T, Kevin Nash, Disco Inferno, Sting, and Scott Steiner [June 18th, 2000]

An interesting shot of a gaggle of WCW Legends hanging out with Disco Inferno that took place at a celebrity auction. The wrestlers paired up with stars from several daytime soap operas and painted pet food bowls with all of the proceeds going to The Humane Society of New York.

I don’t know how much a Kevin Nash signed puppy bowl would fetch at auction but just know that there’s SOMEONE out there with that item proudly displayed in their house.


160729 Moosical Band Rehearsal

Don’t Be Happy + Girl Crush + Taller Than You + Sting + Words Don’t Come Easy

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why do people like bees so much?

Because we seek to save them. And in that, you start to see how extraordinary lovely and selfless they are. They visit hundreds, thousands, of flowers each day only for a spoonful of honey to feed their hive. And they’re actually very sweet, only ever stinging if they feel threatened. I pet them, ‘boop’ them in their butts (stingers), and lift them onto my fingers. And then there’s the fact that 1/3 bites of food that we eat are only there because of bees. They are our #1 pollinator, yet, people are raised to fear and kill them! So in my love I seek to educate people and have a hand in saving them. So love your local bees and say thank you!

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Stingue + Lock

Stingue + Lock

   Sting’s lips were pulled back in a fierce snarl as he tugged and beat at the lock on his cell, refusing to accept that he couldn’t break it…that he couldn’t escape, even though he had been at it for what felt like hours, blood dripping from his hands. Damn it…Damn it…If he had only been more aware of what was going on, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation, and what was worse they had taken Rogue away nearly an hour ago…they had dragged his mate away without a word, and even with his enhanced hearing he couldn’t hear what was happening to the Shadow mage. Rogue…I’m going to get out of here and find you, I promise, he thought silently, flinging himself at the lock once more with increased desperation, pushing the pain from his efforts to the edge of his mind and focusing on the thought of getting out of here and finding Rogue.

Artist Claims Preview

This year instead of me being bombarded with asks on the day of claims opening, instead artist will be able to see the summaries of stories, decide upon which ones they like (and yes chose more than one in case someone else claims your fav before you). Come the 1st of august a link will be posted where you can go to a website called and claim your story there (this website will ask for your name and email, in the name slot put your URL). 

Without further ado, the story summaries:

Title: How I Wonder What You Are
Summary: He awoke in an alley, buried under a centimetre of snow, to the feeling of its malicious sting against his naked body. Sloughing the ice crusted over his eyes, he saw at last that he was drenched in blood, filtered black in the light of the blue star shining from his chest.
Without his memories, he isn’t really Tony Stark. As time moves on and they start coming back, after vivid dreams and violent headaches, he still isn’t Tony Stark, not really. He knows his own name and he knows he’s missing, but it feels like another life, a past life. While he may be vague on what was done to him in Hydra’s captivity, he knows he isn’t quite human anymore, not when he can punch through walls, when cuts heal within hours, or when he can absorb information with a touch. His plans to start again go off the rails when a familiar face starts to seek him out, a former Hydra lab-rat like himself, who seems to think they know each other.
His anonymous lifestyle is further interrupted when SHIELD sends its own welcoming committee, including one crazy agent determined to make him into one of the good guys, lest the bad guys get him first.    Warnings:Mature Rating. Character Deaths, Graphic Violence, Body Modification & Human Experimentation, Captivity, Memory Loss / Amnesia, Inexplicit Sexual Content. Brief, implied, or unrequited ‘relationships’ include Rhodey/Pepper, Rhodey/Tony, and Clint/Tony, with stronger and/or eventual focus on their platonic dynamics. Non-Linear timeline.

Title: Justin Case VS The World.
Bang: Big 
Summary: He wakes up without a name and without memories. Mr. Stark holds his hand and tells him everything is going to be okay, that he will take care of him. He believes him.
Warnings: None. 

Title: Looking into the Heart of Light                                                        Bang: Big                                                                                          Summary: Tony Stark of Earth-616 has deleted his brain to save his friends from Norman Osborn. Bucky Barnes of Earth-199,999 has gone back into cryosleep to save people from himself. Neither of them much expects anything to happen afterwards, but instead they find themselves together in a dream-space between universes. They quickly find that they are not alone– here, the monsters and demons that haunt their minds are on the outside, and they want blood.                                                                         Warnings: explicit mildly kinky sex (gentle dom), some violence and minor injury with scarring, offscreen temporary character death (616 Steve), alcoholism (and some related internalized ableism), self-loathing and guilt, and emotional issues all around (including putting themselves through life threatening situations purposefully). Oh, and Bucky spends like 98% percent of this story without his metal arm (or any left arm), but it’s not a huge deal for him.

Title: Like Winter Nights, the Stars, the Ice                                              Bang: Big                                                                                          Summary: Tony wakes up to his mother playing the piano, in the last moment he ever saw them alive. He decides to go with them, only to discover that Bucky seems to have also been caught up in whatever brought Tony there.                                                                                         Warnings: Mentions of canonical character deaths; references to and portrayals of PTSD and other mental health problems; Tony does something that he thinks might kill him because he’s pretty sure it’s all a dream, but mentions that he wouldn’t mind so much if it turned out to be real and actually kills him; Bucky freaks out a little because Wanda can mess with people’s heads and willingly worked for Hydra in the past.

Title: What the Heart Wants
Bang: Big bang
Summary: Between his best friend’s upcoming nuptials, said best friend’s new status as future ruler of the kingdom, and trying to fit back into his old life while dealing with the aftereffects of his imprisonment during the war, Bucky has more than enough on his plate. But when an attempt on Howard Stark’s life leaves the royal court in chaos, Bucky still steps up and offers to go fetch Stark’s son, Lord Anthony - the future heir to the throne, and Steve’s fiance - in Steve’s place, in part because keeping Steve safe and out of trouble is second nature, and partially in the hope an actual mission will distract him from the difficulty that has become his life.

What Bucky doesn’t count on is Lord Anthony getting himself kidnapped before Bucky can bring him home, or getting captured himself during his attempt at a rescue. But a promise is a promise, and Bucky has sworn to return Tony to Steve safe and sound - no matter what.                    Warnings: Brief descriptions of torture and violence, nightmares, minor character death, arranged marriage, canon-typical violence, mentions of and references to brainwashing.

Title: Re-armed
Bang: Big 
Summary: Steve thinks he’s so funny, playing matchmaker. It’s driving Bucky up the wall, and Tony’s not far behind.
Warnings: ALL OF THE PINING, no powers AU, references to PTSD and past suicidal ideation

Title: Arsenal (Working Title)                                                                     Bang: Big                                                                                           Summary: Two years after the Civil War that tore apart everything she’d bled to build, Toni Stark sacrificed herself for her newly-reinstated teammates and ended up stranded in the past. Freed of her name, her fortune, and her hostile ex-teammates, she built herself a life as an agent for the OSS, the American secret service, and, having nothing to lose, accepted a mission to infiltrate the newest player in the war: an organization that call themselves HYDRA.

Then, she met a young draftee with a dreadfully familiar face, and they clicked like she had never clicked with anyone before. By the time she realized she’d fallen for the man who’d cost her everything, it was too late, but she’d always been an all or nothing type of girl, and if she was damning herself, well then…might as well go all the way.                               Warnings: Brainwashing, torture, mentions of child abuse, war, mentions of antisemitism and genocide.

Title: Who You Are To Me
Bang: Big
Summary: Bucky started a YouTube channel to give himself something to do after he lost his arm in combat, and quickly became popular. Bucky is invited to a charity event, where he runs into a gorgeous man named Tony. Little does he know Tony is none other than Tony Stark, the richest man in the world.

They manage to keep their relationship private from fans and media for a whole year before Tony blows it by interrupting Bucky in the middle of a live broadcast. Yeah, Bucky warned him, but… Tony missed that part.
Warnings: Mental Health Issues

Title: The Dragon in the Tower
Bang: Mini 
Summary: On a journey to save his best friend’s life, Bucky meets a dragon that defies all his expectations and turns his life completely upside down, in more ways than one.  Bucky’s not sure when his life turned into a tale of magic and ancient curses, but as long as his village and his dragon make it through okay, he won’t complain.
Warnings: unwilling magical transformation, serious illness as a driving part of the plot but not actually depicted or described in detail

Title: Twice As Hard
Bang: Big                                                                                            Summary: After an unplanned one night stand with billionaire and
CEO of SI, Tony Stark…Bucky Barnes has a lot on his plate. Struggling as a young veteran in a shared apartment with his two close friends, he thought he’d manage. Though the aftermath of his liaison has left him with impromptu feelings for Tony and a large bout of self doubt. But Tony may be just the man he’s been seeking for a long time.                                      Warnings: Explicit. Sexual content. Depictions/references of
graphic war violence. Coarse language. PTSD/Anxiety (references,
possibly some depictions of it).

Title: Thaw (My Heart)                                                                              Bang: Mini                                                                                         Summary: “Bucky is warm.                                                                            It’s the first thing he becomes aware of as he slowly drags himself back into consciousness; that he isn’t cold anymore. He can’t remember the last time he was really, truly warm. Not while tracking through snowy forests with a 30 pound pack on his back, or during rainy days spent crouched in muddy trenches, or strapped to that damned table in that godforsaken HYDRA hellhole. Certainly not on the train, clinging to freezing metal with numb fingers, or while falling, falling, falling, before being swallowed whole by pain, surrounded by endless, blinding whiteness.                                                  But now, Bucky is warm.”                                                                              1985; Bucky wakes up after four decades spent frozen in the Austrian alps. HYDRA has been defeated, the Commandos are all alive and well, and Steve is happily married to Peggy, who is just as beautifully fierce as Bucky remembers her. An AU in which (almost) everyone lives, but things still get complicated, because Tony without baggage wouldn’t be Tony.      Warnings: sexual content (including unsafe sex/discussion of HIV), non-graphic verbal abuse, and manipulating behaviour (neither of which happens between main characters)

Title: And They Don’t Have a Clue
Bang: Mini
Summary: Bucky is in love with Tony, who he thinks is in love with Steve. Tony’s in love with Bucky, who he’s pretty sure is dating Steve. Steve really needs less oblivious friends
Warnings: Self-esteem issues, mentions of infidelity although none actually happens. From Steve’s POV.

Title: A Few Good Men (working title)
Bang: Big
Summary: Tony Stark, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, navigates through political agendas, national security, and diplomatic relations on a daily basis. Crises are never-ending, and so are the pitfalls of working with politicians.
A West Wing AU (working summary)  
Warnings: swearing, politics, mentions of police misconduct, mentions of bombings and death

Title: Regrettable
Bang: mini
Summary: No one had any choice over what they said or where they appeared, they just showed up from one day to the next; the first words your soulmate would ever say to you.

Bucky’s appeared on his torso when he was thirteen and were a source of amusement and pride. Tony’s came when he was six and he hated them, they made his mother cry. 

No one had any choice over what they said or where they appeared, but Tony was going to hide his and Bucky, well he got the feeling that they weren’t quite so funny anymore.

Warnings: Self esteem issues, underage drinking (and alcohol abuse), swearing, happy ending though. Soulmate AU.

There will be more stories to come so read through these but don’t worry if none of them jumps out at you. 

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Favorite Sabertooth member? Love your works btw! *^*

Thank you so much :’) It’s so hard to choose from Sabertooth since I love Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Minerva equally. If you’d point a gun at me, I’d choose Minerva though because she had the best character development in my eyes.

 Her past with her dad makes me super sad - Go to hell Jiemma! - though that doesn’t justify her actions before she returned to Sabertooth. But I think she knows that best of all people and is now trying to do her best to make amends. The moment where she apologized to Lucy for what happened during the GMG made me incredibly happy, I was kinda waiting for it.


[VIDEO] 160729 Mamamoo - ‘따끔 (Sting)’ live band ver. (Moosical Preview)