True Beauty (Chapter 2)

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Yes, I know. What the fuck Ever? It’s been ages since you’ve posted anything! And wasn’t True Beauty just a oneshot? A oneshot you wrote like…a year ago?

Yes. I did write the original oneshot a year ago. Buuut then I got inspired and ran with it. I edited chapter one, by the way, so if you ever read the original oneshot, you should go click on the link above and re-read chapter one. The edits are super subtle, but important. And if you haven’t read chapter 1, you’re going to need to in order to understand this chapter.

(You can skip this author’s note if you want, but it’s pretty important explaining my intentions with this story. But I get it if you don’t wanna read all that, I’m rambly.)

I’ve had an idea in mind for a long time, and I decided to go for it. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of stories, particularly in this fandom, that portray depression totally wrong. Now, it isn’t necessarily the author’s fault: depression is a hard thing to write and understand when you haven’t experienced it yourself. That’s part of why I’ve decided to write this story. I have depression and anxiety myself, and not only is this story a great coping method, it’s also a way to show people who may not fully understand mental illness what it’s like being in our heads. I also hope to portray how society treats mentally ill people: especially schools. I’m trying to show the signs you can look out for, how to help a mentally ill person, and how sometimes, people truly are oblivious.

Of course, this means this story is going to be a difficult read at times. The first scene in this chapter could be potentially very triggering, and perhaps there will be more scenes like this, or even more graphic scenes. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. Things may not have gotten this bad for me, but I’ve seen it happen to many close to me. Too much media romanticizes mental illness, thinks that a relationship can cure it. News flash: people in relationships may be happier, but nothing can magically cure mental illness. It takes time, a lot of hard work, and potentially medication.

In summary, I’m trying to portray this as realistic as possible. This is a very extreme case, so not everyone who is mentally ill will act like Rogue does, but I figured after a chapter like the first, Rogue’s situation is a difficult one. His actions also add to the common misconceptions that depressed people are just lazy or bad students.

I am not perfect in any means, there will likely be some inaccuracies or in some spots it’ll be a bit dramatic. But that’s to be expected, as no author can write something completely and totally flawless, no matter how informed they are.

Without further ado, Chapter Two of True Beauty: You’re Proud, but I’m Getting Nowhere. I hope you enjoy.


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Sting knew sometimes he was childish and he didn’t really bothered. He knew it annoyed his friends from time to time but they all accepted it as an important part of himself and when they complained it was usually more teasing and jokes than anything else.

So, no one was really surprised when autumn appeared and Sting offered to help to collect the fallen leaves just to get a chance of jumping into the high piles of dead leaves. It was to be expected from someone like him. It was even funny to see, even though he did a mess and had to clean again.

Sting never complained, he was happy with being able to enjoy his silly entertainment, so he didn’t care if he had to do the same thing once and again. That lasted until Rogue appeared, trying to keep Frosch on his arms.

“Stop jumping”
“Why? It’s funny!”
“Now Frosch wants to do it too”
“Frosch thinks so!” said the frog-cat
“So?” Sting asked smiling “Let him do it! It’s amazing!”
“And it spills the leaves all around again, you’re supposed to be helping, not making a big mess”
“Aw, don’t be a party killer Rogue! Come here Frosch!’ the cat wriggled and jumped from Rogue’s arms flying towards Sting “There’s a huge pile just here!”

Rogue didn’t say anything nor tried to stop them, but Sting could feel his eyes on him. After he teached Frosch how to jump and not get hurt, he turned around to see the other man, who was looking at him with an unreadable face.

When he noticed Sting was looking, Rogue moved to his side and gently carded a hand through his hair. Sting looked at him, eyes wide and suddenly the air between them was tense.

“Uh… sorry” Rogue said “You had a leaf on your hair and…”
“Oh? Oh, yeah, right, don’t worry, thanks!”

He looked away, faking??? as he were looking to how Frosch was doing. It was stupid, he thought. It was nothing. It was a tiny leaf and he shouldn’t put so many hopes into an insignificant gesture. Even if he wanted to.

Little WIP for the Stingue pic I’m drawing at the moment.

You may notice that I’m proud of Sting’s hair.


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Rogue: You will never have her!

Sting: And why is that?

Rogue: Because I love you…


Yukino: I just can’t even!

But think about it. Neither Sting or Rogue has EVER shown any interest in girls, EVER. In fact, the only interest either one of them has shown in anyone at all, has been for a guy. Sting with Natsu, and Rogue with Gajeel.

Now, Sting didn’t really seem to have a crush on Natsu. Rogue DID say his only interest was in Gajeel, which, if course, could basically be explained the same way as Sting with Natsu.

(If we want, we can also take into accountability that there’s a thing that says when guys wear an earring in their left ear it’s symbolic of being gay ^v^)

You could, if you want, say Sting was attracted to Minerva, but I highly doubt it. It seemed more like just admiration towards her. (And let’s admit, Minerva is definitely something to admire.) It’s very possible that he DOES love her, (it’s one of my biggest headcanons, in fact) but as a sister. Seems plently plausible to me. Same with Rogue and Yukino. You never see them actually interacting with each other, and definitely not anything that could be called “romantic.”

And pleasepleaseplease let’s not go to the boob grab thing. That was, in my opinion, just more of Mashima being pretty fuckin awful to female characters. If Mashima was trying to go somewhere with a relationship between the two, he pretty much killed it by never giving them any other interaction.


It’s painfully obvious, even from the start, that they are at the VERY least, close friends. Sting doesn’t treat Rogue the way he treats everyone else, and vice versa. Sting is usually cocky and arrogant and a pretty big asshole to people (in the beginning) whereas with Rogue, he’s kinder. And the same with Rogue. You see his character as pretty silent and terrifying, and even though he’s still pretty silent and terrifying with Sting, it’s a big fucking jump from the way he treats everyone else. Even if they don’t “love” each other, they obviously feel SOMETHING.

As the GMG goes on, things start to go to shit, but once all the shit is out of the way, we see both Sting and Rogue have somewhere in that timeline have developed as characters, and are more “team friendly?” I suppose. But, as the open to others, they open up twelve times more with each other. We get to see more of how much they care about each other. Sting reminding Rogue that they’re partners, and Rogue literally saying that Sting is the light of his life and that he trusts that Sting can save (kill) him if the shadow takes over.

And then, in the very, very few times we see them after that, we get to see them with each other, taking care of each other, always making sure the other is okay. And yes, all of that can be explained as “oh they’re rlly rlly gud frends wat do u expect” but it’s a helluva lot more than they give ANYONE else, sooooooo…

Basically what I am trying to come to a conclusion with is this: Both Sting and Rogue are gay. For each other. Bite me.


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