news about stingue week 2017

hey stingue fans!

just a little update here: i realize it is really close to stingue week and there are still no prompts posted, i’m afraid that’s entirely my fault. i’m running the blog alone, and i live california with all of the wildfires going on. those fires have severely pushed back all of my progress, i lost almost all of the planning i’d done.

don’t worry, we will still have a stingue week! it just might fall a bit later this year and may potentionally overlap other ship weeks. i’m so sorry about this inconvience!

the process will go a lot faster if you guys send in ideas for prompts! if you need reminding of the prompts done in years past, i believe a quick search for ‘stingueweek (whatever year)’ in the search bar will do it.

thank you for your patience, more updates will come soon!💕

-mod yukino


Some more text posts that nobody asked for but I still have a ton of because I had too much free time over the summer