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does anyone else get offended by the video where h asks everyone to close their eyes and abruptly demands "DO IT" because kdsjhfkjahsdfkjsdahfkjha imagine him being like that in bed. i'm dead

“Do it.” His voice is deep, throaty, and taunting as he eyes you from across the room, where he’s seated on the blood red velvet love seat that came with the expensive hotel room.

He has an arm swung over the backrest of the small couch, one leg crossed over the other with his ankle resting on his knee. He’s still in his suit for the night, the silk material of his tuxedo jacket clinging alluringly to his broad shoulders and lean arms, his taunt muscles flexing and shifting under the fine fabric.

Harry brings the elegant glass of wine to his mouth, the cup sifting between his cherry-stained lips. He takes a leisurely sip, the warm, bourbon-tinted light of a dim lamp glinting across his darkened jade irises as they gleam at you with predatory-like amusement, framed by a strong set of brows that quirk up in an expecting manner.

When you don’t move an inch, he simply sets the glass of dark wine down on the glass coffee table, licking and suckling the residue of the delicacy drink from his slightly swollen and stinging lips. When he speaks, his tone is blatantly authoritative, as if what he is to say next is a textbook fact.

“Either you do it or you’re not getting fucked again until we get to Singapore.”

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I’m listening to the How To Train Your Dragon 3 soundtrack currently and honestly I feel like people don’t praise these soundtracks enough. Like honestly the How To Train Your Dragon movies have some of the best music I have ever heard and it brings back a lot of memories

begin again - 02

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Part 1

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: SingleParent!au, angst, fluff, future smut

wordcount: 6k 

description:  Things had been tough since your divorce from Yoongi. You were still heartbroken over losing him whilst trying to balance being a single mother and providing the best you could for your daughter. When an old friend Kim Taehyung enters your life once more you start to learn how to love again, but the beautiful man is not without his own source of heartbreak.

If it weren’t for Yoongi’s arms around you, the hospital room would be a cold, unforgiving place.

The fluorescent tube light stings your eyes. The medical diagrams on the walls are abstractions of humanity. Void faceless figures with their organs on full display. On one particular poster, a biological diagram of a fetus makes you shudder.

And then you close your eyes again. The familiar pain washes over you.

“I’m afraid the baby is in breach,” a voice says. A midwife. She is detached and distant. Your eyes search frantically around the room but you just can’t find the source of the words. Your heart thumps painfully in your chest.

Then your eyes meet Yoongi’s. He smiles and presses his forehead against your own and you want to apologise for how sweaty your brow is but your words are nullified by his gentle warmth.

“Honey, it’s okay. Focus on me.” His voice is a soothing whisper. Your response is a mangled cry of pain.

“I’m scared.”

“I know, baby. But you need to push.” He presses a lingering kiss on your forehead. He can’t take away the pain, but the feeling of his love makes everything a fraction more bearable.

“Who the fuck decided that this is how humans should give birth. What kind of messed up biology is that?” Yoongi laughs at this and keeps his forehead plasted to yours, as if severing the connection would cause him physical pain. It’s a wordless message: I’m here.

And that’s all you need.

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Stop The Car [B.H.]

Request: Hello i was wondering if you could do one where Billy has a sister, about their relationship a how he protects her from Neil thanks :)

A/N: This is not me condoning or justifying Billy’s actions whatsoever. Nor does this excuse his actions or treatment of Billy’s treatment of Max. This is just a simple request and a twist on his character :)

Please don’t plagiarize my work!

Word Count: 721

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“Stop the car.”

Billy doesn’t heed to your words at first, simply pressing his foot a little further on the gas. You let out a sigh, scrunching your shoulders up in both worry for your safety and concern for your brother.

The action causes you to let out a soft groan of pain, the bruise on your back, in-between your shoulder blades still fresh. And that alone is enough to send you into a world-wind of resurfacing memories as you remember what happened not more than thirty minutes ago. There was a lot of yelling, screaming, crying (mainly from you) and then your world faded to black for a moment. The next thing you remember is Billy standing before you, having a fist be delivered to his cheek.

You’d grabbed him and rushed him out of the house in the next second, ignoring your father calling after the both of you.

“Billy,” you call once again, turning your head to look at him full this time. He keep his gaze head on, his knuckles turning white from how tightly he grips the steering wheel. “Stop the car. Please.”

And for a moment you watch as his face tightens, his eyes narrow and it’s almost like all he can see is red. But then, you’re racing your hand, setting it softly on his arm and bringing him out of his own revere. His eyes fall on you for a second, before turning back to the road, lessening the pressure on the gas and swerving the car to the right.

When you’ve come to a complete stop, you let your hand fall back into your lap, head bowed.

There’s silence for a moment. Neither of you say anything. It’s per routine, because this isn’t your first and certainly won’t be your last time being in a situation like this one. You both know it, you know it all too well. So, you just take in the silence for moment, jaw clenching faintly when the bruise on your cheek begins to sting. Then, you speak; “you shouldn’t have stepped in. He’s just going to attack you, and we both know he always goes harder on you.”

Billy just shrugs and you turn your head to glance at him once more, noticing the cigarette now placed between his lips as he looks out the window. There’s nothing but trees around you, but clearly Billy finds it more interesting then gaining the confidence to meet your gaze. “Yeah,” he says softly, voice gruff, “but that doesn’t mean i’m gonna let him beat the shit out of you.”


“He gave you a fucking black eye, Y/N,” Billy interrupts, finally turning to face you. His cigarette is long forgotten, handing out the window as his eyes blaze with anger back at you; though, the anger is quite clearly not directed at you. “Fucking shoved you into a wall so hard that you blacked out. Don’t fucking tell me I shouldn’t have stepped in.”

You swallow thickly, vision blurring as you lower your gaze to your hand, fiddling with them.

Billy sighs, and then his voice lowers; “he could’ve killed you.”

“Yeah, but he will kill you.”

And then it’s just silence once again, your words hang heavy in the air. Because the prospect of actually saying your own father would kill his own son seems impossible and messed up. But you both know it’s all too completely possible and that’s what makes it worse.

That you’re right.

Then, “better than you dying because of that son of a bitch.”

You don’t respond. You’re not sure how to respond, so you just turn your head, staring out the window. Eventually, Billy starts driving again, this time within the speed limit. His anger has subsequently calmed, but his hands still grip the steering wheel tightly and it’s hours before he starts heading back home.

You both just sit in silence, somewhere along the line Billy turning up the volume of his music. But you don’t mind.

You know Billy’s an asshole and that he shows startling signs of becoming his father, but he’s your brother and for the longest time it’s just been the two of you. And selfishly, even if he’s a dick to everyone else, as long as you have him by your side, then you’re content.


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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but 

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest, the spin off to Fairy Tail should have been less about team Natsu and more about all the dragon slayers

I’m talking about the main 7. Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, Rogue and Cobra. All of ‘em. Maybe even the exceeds.

An entire mission dedicated to defeating dragons? We have Seven dragon slayers perfect for the job. Why not send all of them??? Its weird seeing only two dragon slayers involved while everyone else are completely in the dust and cannot even be told about what’s happening on the job. I’m not the type of person to go “in this essay I will,” take the damn essay. Here are the things we could have had:

  1. New character interactions. Gajeel and Rogue talking more? Considering Rogue looked up to Gajeel and Sting looked up to Natsu, this would have been fantastic to see. More of Wendy hanging out and learning from her older dragon slayer peers. Laxus having to put up with a new environment after typically doing jobs himself or with the thunder legion.
    1. All of the dragon slayers working together sounds like something their dragon parents would have wanted. We got it for the big bight at the end of Fairy Tail, why shouldn’t they keep doing it?
  2. New character development. Cobra is one of the characters we see the least. We don’t know how trusted he is by everyone yet because of that. This could be a great opportunity for a more appropriate, fleshed-out redemption arc. We could also, perhaps, actually learn about some of the characters pasts (cough cough Gajeel).
    1. Considering how stoic Gajeel and Laxus seem to be (And we could include Cobra but we NEVER SEE HIM ENOUGH FOR THIS TO BE LEGITIMATELY TRUE in canon) it would be interesting to actually see them opening up at all, and opening up to different, new people. Not just Levy or Pantherlily. Not just the Raijinshuu.
  3. Steering away from shipping fanservice. I like ships too, but the first manga had so much it pretty much dictated the plot during the last arc. They were poorly written or rushed. You can see it clearly in FT100YQ. We could finally take a breather from the “big four.”
    1. ………..Hell if you like shipping, these new interactions could lead to new ships or whatever. Thing is even if they grow to be extremely popular Mashima would likely never write it in. Homophobic? Absolutely. Probably for the greater good?….unfortunately.
    2. I’m not saying he shouldn’t write them in bc they’re LGBT, I’m saying he should probably not have catered so much to all those other (hetty) ships to begin with. This whole thing is Literally a Discussion for Another Day.

On god I love Lucy and Erza but man this is a HUGE opportunity missed. This could have been a really satisfying continuation of the Fairy Tail series considering how Fairy Tail ended without even explaining the back stories to a whole lot of important characters. We could have finally seen other characters in the spotlight. Instead, we currently have a whole plot being brushed aside and forgotten just so we can see even more of team Natsu and even more shipping fanservice for the “big four.”

i’ll see you soon, sherlock.

author @wydobrien

pairing/s stiles stilinski x reader

word count 4,483

author’s note this is pure angst and quite honestly the saddest thing i have ever written. i wrote this when i was in a sort of a low spell, but, i did this in light of my struggle with anxiety and depression. do not give up on yourself, do not let go of yourself, keep holding on tight; remember that healing only happens through pain. i appreciate every single one of you. i also decided to use gifs in my fic for the first time. tell me if you guys like it.

warning/s this contains some sensitive material involving depressive themes, insecurity, and death. please do not read this if any of those are triggering to you in anyway.

listen to me.

           With shaky fingers, Stiles adjusts the buttoned blazer over his frame, peering up at himself in the mirror with pursed lips and glossy eyes. A trembling sigh breezes past his lips, taking a moment to assess his outfit.

           “Have you ever worn a suit before?” Your voice is as sweet as the finest honey to him, even if you are currently giggling at the sight of himself struggling to smooth out his formal getup. Stiles unbuttons his blazer for the fifth time, fiddling with the buttons and silently struggling through it all until he feels your soft fingers brushing against his own, ceasing his actions.

           Stiles licks over his lips, slowly, shutting his eyes. “Not today.” He whispers, trying to ignore the heavy weight pressing down on his chest. “She wouldn’t want you to.” His hushed words of encouragement do little to lift any part of his spirits, but it keeps his cheeks dry. Stiles knows that if he does not keep himself together before it’s time to leave, he won’t leave at all. “She wouldn’t want you to.”

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The Sharp Knife of a Short Life

You were studying in your room when the phone rang. Had it been anyone else, you’d have let it go to voicemail, but because it was her, you’d picked it up. No matter how hard school was for you, whenever she called, you put on your happiest face, and you made her believe that you were having the time of your life. So that day, that’s just what you did. You looked in the mirror, you painted a smile on your face, and you swiped to answer her phone call.

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  • Rufus: The Spriggan Twelve situation is quite clamant.
  • Sting: Is that…a good thing?
  • Rufus: You know, it’s importunate. Or unpropitious.
  • Sting: …Are you still speaking a language right now?
  • Rufus: I’m sorry, Sting. I didn’t mean to confuse you. Let me make this easier for you. BIG MONSTERS KILL STING! GRRR!
  • Sting: Ahhh, that makes perfect sense! Thank you!
German Irregular Verb Patterns

Although irregular verbs can be a real pain in the backside to learn, you can identify patterns within the irregular changes and thus make the job a whole lot easier for you. Here are some patterns that I’ve personally noticed.

Format = [present *tense infinitive ending] [imperfect *] [perfect*] and I’ve put the verbs it applies to underneath. The format should apply to any version of the verb with a prefix on as well – e.g. sprechen and aussprechen will conjugate the same.

#1 echen > ach > ochen - e.g. sprechen > sprach > gesprochen


stechen (to sting)
sprechen (to speak)

#2 ehlen > ahl > ohlen - e.g. befehlen > befahl >befohlen


befehlen (to order)
empfehlen (to recommend)
stehlen (to steal)

fehlen on its own is actually regular… strangely.

#3 -eiben > ieb > ieben – e.g. schreiben > schrieb > geschrieben

bleiben (to stay)
reiben (to rub)
schreiben (to write)
treiben (to carry on/float/push… it means a lot of things)

#4 iechen > och > ochen - e.g. kroch > gekrochen

riechen (to smell)
kriechen (to creep)

#5 -ießen > oss > ossen – e.g. genießen > genoss > genossen

fließen (to flow)
genießen (to enjoy)
gießen (to pour)
schießen (to shoot)
schließen (to close)
sprießen (to sprout)
verdrießen (to annoy)

#6 ingen > ang > ungen - e.g. spring > sprang > gesprungen

does not apply to bringen or swingen (brachte/swingte > gebracht/geswingt)

dringen (to insist)
klingen (to sound)
gelingen (to succeed)
ringen (to struggle or wrestle)
schlingen (to loop)
schwingen (to swing ~ thanks to estaraswanberg for mentioning this!)
springen (to jump)
wringen (to wring)
zwingen (to force)


I hope this helps :). These were the only patterns I could think of atm, if I remember anymore I’ll probably make another post about them eventually.