sting shirtless

  • Natsu: So what'd you think?
  • Lucy: I think...
  • Lucy: (feels a burning sensation and looks down) My shirt's on fire!
  • Natsu: Oh my god I'm sorry!
  • Lucy: (panicking and throws off shirt)
  • Sting+Rogue: (walk in to see Lucy shirtless)
  • Rogue: . . .
  • Sting: . . .
  • Natsu: (frozen in place)
  • Lucy: I'm glad I decided not to go braless...
  • Natsu: (awkwardly) You guys remember, Lucy.
  • Sting: I'll always remember this.
  • Rogue: (quickly offers Lucy his cape to cover up)

so yes…i did it…finally…heh


this is most definitely a filler chapter. sorry, it was necessary. but the next chapter is going to be exciting, i promise <3

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“Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and-“

“Wow, dad. Literally, not even five minutes ago. We established no singing.” I said, outrightly pointing to the post-it note pasted on top of the radio dial.

“Come on Juvia, don’t you wanna jam with your old man?” He asked jokingly, hitting the horn to the beat of the song.

“Dad, that’s an excellent way to get shot.” I informed, watching the other drivers get mildly aggravated by my dad’s horn abuse.

“Aw, you’re not gettin’ it. You see, I’m just trying to get it on like all the young kids nowadays-“

“Jesus Christ, dad, I thought I could get at least another good year out of you before you turned into one of those dads.” I snarled, turning up the radio to tune out his tone-deaf antics.

“Well if you’re going to be rude about it, I guess I have no choice but to turn to Rush.” My dad threatened, cranking the radio up to an ungodly number and probably deafening several forest animals in the process.

Rush was my dad’s signature old man band, he pretty much bought all their merch, watched all their movies, rage listened to every CD, he’d even seen them in concerts a few times.

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