Tumblr artists and animator people you should definitely follow! <3 

For a long time i’ve found that its hard for the average artist to get the art you make out there to be seen here on tumblr, so i set it to be my goal to share some of my closest friend’s art-tumblrs. We all went to the same school and I know for a fact how incredibly talented they are, for not to mention how they are some of the nicest people on earth: - Stine Sæthre is an amazing 2D-3D animator and also likes to sketch a lot on a regular basis. She has a fondness of drawing cute girls and is great at showing expressive characters in her art. Check out her sketchiness, vimeo and showreel!

#Known for working on: Song of the Sea, Despicable me 2, Out of the ordinary. - This is Lea, Lea likes coffee films, 2D-3D animation cats, games, literature and the list goes on. Her tumblr reflects art as well as her personal fandoms. And as of the moment If you like Dragon age you should deffo check out her stuff now!

#Known for working on: Puffin Rock, Roommate wanted - Edith Bach is a professional 2D-3D animator with a unique style thats spotted throughout her art. She’s a silly weasel whom draw a huge variety of things, but has a sweet spot for animals. She designs, animates and illustrates and her stuff is sure to make you laugh, inspire and just give you a nicer day in general! 

#Known for working on: Song of the Sea, Borislav - Sandra is a skilled 2D-3D animator and character designer. Just going through her tumblr you’ll notice her interests in many games and films such as pokemon, Zelda, marvel disney and the list goes on. You are sure to find cute stuff and appealing designs everywhere and a great variety of fandoms including her personal art. Each drawing has a unique touch to it that makes it Sandras art!

#Known for working on: Song of the Sea - Ole C. Løken or also known as “Animator of the North” Is a hardcore norwegian 2D animator. Scrolling through his tumblr, you’ll notice his liking for classic animation characters and fluid high quality animation style. He loves animation and simply have a lot of fun with it, so you will frequently see him updating his own animation projects.

#Known for working on: The reward, Song of the Sea, Long way North. - Karina Venneberg Is an animator student and animal doodlerist whom wishes to specialise in creature animation and possibly games. She loves to sketch animals and mythical creatures in all forms and definitely has her own very unique and appealing style. On this blog you’ll find her sketches and animations. Also check out her awesome travel blog:

#Known for working on: Untamed; and upcoming Oculus rift game. - Maria H. A.k.a myself. I have an art tumblr where i like to animate and sketch mostly animals and creatures. You’ll occasionally find small gif animations and comic stripes, fan art and personal projects. Oh and did i mention dragons? Because there is dragons…

#Known for working on: Song of the Sea, Vagabond short film.

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