Skele-Gro is a dreadful-tasting potion which causes vanished or otherwise lost bones to regrow in a notably slow and painful process.

Linfred of Stinchcombe, an ancestor of the Potter family, is known for having created many medicinal potions, one of which would be used as the basis for Skele-Gro.

In short, let’s say that the Potter family is old. Like, super old. Medieval to be exact! Their folklore begins way back in the 12th century with Linfred of Stinchcombe, who was, not surprisingly, an eccentric man who had quite a way with…you guessed it…potions. He kept his wizarding ways a secret from his muggle neighbors, all the while plying them with concoctions to cure their pox and whatnot. What a guy.

Ol’ Linfred then gave way to a succession of successful wizards and witches, most of which made boatloads of money to contribute to the family fortune and one of whom happened to marry a lady who owned a little something called the Invisibility Cloak. Two of the forthcoming Potters even served on the Wizengamot in London, and earned the clan a reputation for being muggle-friendly as a result of their penchant for doing things like not declaring war on innocent non-wizards.

Eventually the family came down to one Fleamont (pause for laughter) and Euphemia Potter, who birthed their son James. They lived long enough to see him get hitched to a lovely girl named Lily, but died tragically of, ironically, Dragon Pox, before they could meet their only grandson. (Harry, duh).

Our summary of Harry Potter’s long, crazy family history. [x]