stina's art



An assignment for my comics class. We had to do a 6 - 8 page comic about gender issues. There were a lot of issues I wish I could have tackled, like homosexuality within the transgender community and oversexualization of women, but in only 6 pages, I decided to keep it simple.

Just in time for the Prop 8 vote, too c: It’s been a very LGBTQ day.

Art, characters, story © Aiden Jacob

This is Michael, my Avengers oc. Take a WILD GUESS who I’m gonna pair him up with.

Anyway, he can raise the dead as ghosts or zombies, communicate with nearby spirits, and tell if a given individual is dead or alive. I’m sure you can see how these things would come in handy for a god that’s trying to conquer the mortal realm.

Michael, art © Christina Jacob

soufli spirits

Soufli, Evros, Greece, May 2005

Why can’t you take the leaf off your mouth?
Now that you have the facts on your side
Take a moment to reflect where you’re from
Let reason guide you,
See old tracks take you out from the dark
See old tracks lead you up to the stars  

Love, peace, happiness, eternity
All these walks with me