abuse is addictive due to brain’s hormonal response to extreme stimuli and it’s still not the victim’s fault if they crave abuse or feel restless and anxious without it, it does not mean they wanted it or deserved it, they’ve been hurt so much their brain is damaged by it, nobody on this planet consents to brain damage or wants to cope with feeling absolutely dreadful all the time and craving pain so much while feeling guilty and ashamed for feeling it, it takes ages to stabilize and have your brain hormones regulated properly again but it can and will happen so just keep hanging in there, you are healing all the time no matter what you do

Small Brain: It doesn’t make sense for robots to have libidos.

Normal Brain: Robots could have libidos if we programmed them that way.

Illuminated Brain: Machine intelligences must possess some intrinsic reward mechanisms for them to be motivated to do anything at all; this might certainly include a predilection for certain types of physical stimulation, though given the necessarily huge differences in how such beings would relate to their bodies and environments, it might also include libido-like drives toward stimuli it would never occur to a human to think of as potentially rewarding.

Galaxy Brain: All robots want to fuck the Sun.


Pay attention to the slight movements of your eyes as you think about your favourite childhood cartoon character. Or a song you’re sick of hearing. Imagine how you may look in 20 years time. Your favourite ice cream flavour? It’s likely your eyes shifted slightly as you thought because your eye movements are linked to certain areas of your brain. Someone trying to lie about a made up conversation may shift their eyes to the left or someone having an internal debate may have their eyes cast downwards to the right.

Of course, this is not completely foolproof as our eyes are constantly moving and are affected by a number of environmental stimuli such as light, sound or even pressure to maintain eye contact in a conversation but this serves as a general guide.

so i’m pretty sure Baby is autistic

like more sure than just about any other character i’ve ever seen. i just got back from my second viewing and now i’m more convinced than ever. evidence:

  • adherence to routine: baby still eats at the diner where his mom worked, and he still orders from the kids menu. the waitress said that he’d been coming there for as long as she’s worked there; baby has basically lived his entire life around that diner, and he hasn’t updated his routine in years because the routine brings him comfort.
  • delayed echolalia: a significant portion baby’s spoken dialogue is actually just him repeating things he’s heard before in other contexts. we all do this from time-to-time, everybody likes a good quote, but baby does it… a lot. like, way more than normal. he seems FAR more comfortable speaking in quotes than he does speaking off-the-cuff.
  • immediate echolalia: and he doesn’t always store quotes for later. sometimes he repeats them back immediately. this kind of parroting is something autistic children have been known to do to help them process what is being said, not realizing that their repetition is being taken as a response. when doc asks baby “are you in?” and baby repeats “am I in?” almost automatically, you can tell this is an exchange they’ve gone through many times, likely going all the way back to when baby was a kid. perhaps that’s how it started.
  • memorization - this goes hand-in-hand with echolalia; you have to remember quotes in order to repeat them, after all. but it goes beyond mere snippets of dialogue; baby is able to memorize extremely complicated plans and rundowns and repeat them verbatim after hearing them exactly once. he does this twice; once when doc is telling the crew the plan, and once when he goes into the post-office and sam gives him the rundown of the security.
  • hyperfixation: baby lives and breathes music. owns dozens upon dozens of ipods that he has clearly gone through the trouble of buying off other people, each of which is loaded with different songs for different occasions and each individual library of which he has memorized. has keyboards and turntables and other mixing tools to create his own music, has a huge case of tapes of his own stuff, and a wall of vinyl records he’s collected. choreographs his getaway driving to music. hell, choreographs his entire life to music, to the point where baby has to stop what he is doing to restart, rewind, or find a song multiple times over the course of the film, even when his actual life is in jeopardy.
  • sensory issues: constantly listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. for many people, the ringing from tinnitus is something they can get used to and ‘tune out’ so to speak. baby’s inability to do this suggests that either his tinnitus is more severe, or he has some form of sensory disorder that prevents him from ignoring unwanted stimuli, forcing him to override it with something else.
  • savant syndrome: there’s really no way around this; baby is goddamn driving prodigy. if he were a middle-age man, his skill would put him among the best in the world; the fact that he’s this good now, and that he’s been this good since he was an actual child puts him so far into the stratosphere that we can’t even see him anymore. like, sorry, kevin spacey, but it’s not baby’s personal playlist that makes him the best driver on the fucking planet; there is something else going on in that kid’s brain, and whatever it is, it ain’t normal.

add all of this to the fact that baby’s intense focus and quiet, seemingly emotionless demeanor makes his criminal associates suspicious of him to the point where various idiots accuse him of having ‘mental problems,’ being ‘not on planet earth,’ with one particularly dumb asshole even throwing the R-word at him, and I’d say at the very least you have a strong case for baby being anything but neurotypical.

“I’m not slow. I’m fast.”

hell yeah you are. i love my fast autistic son. 🚗

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 



The narwhal (Monodon monoceros), is a medium-sized toothed whale that,  along with the beluga whale is one of two living species of whale in the Monodontidae family. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia. The most conspicuous characteristic of the male narwhal is a single long tusk, a canine tooth that projects from the left side of the upper jaw, through the lip, and forms a left-handed helix spiral. A tusk grows throughout life, reaching a length of about 5-10 feet in length. It is hollow and weighs around 22 pounds. About one in 500 males has two tusks, occurring when the right canine also grows out through the lip. Only about 15 percent of females grow a tusk, which typically is smaller than a male tusk, with a less noticeable spiral. Collected in 1684, there is only one known case of a female growing a second tusk.

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Sensory Overload Tips

as someone who frequently gets sensory overloads, here’s some tips for helping a friend with sensory overload and some tips for coping with them yourself.

To Help:

1. Give the person space!
this might seem like the most obvious thing ever, but if someone’s having a meltdown they need space so they don’t accidentally hurt you while they’re having a hard time.

2. DO NOT hit, get physical with, smack, or tackle the person to the ground!!!
DO NOT DO THIS. a sensory overload and subsequent meltdown is NOT your chance to physically harm someone. slapping them or hitting them will not make them “snap out of it” and you’ll only make them have a worse time.

3. Try to get them to a place where the stimuli isn’t as bad
i know that oftentimes it’s hard to remove a person from a loud situation, especially if they’re at a dance or a club, but trying to get them somehwere quieter like a bathroom or a stairwell will help 100% more than just getting people to move away from them and leaving them in the area where they’re overloaded.

4. Quietly ask them if they need anything and try to get it if they do
PLEASE do not pester the person with questions, just ask them calmly if they need water or a stim toy or something.

5. Act like it’s not a big deal if other people ask what’s wrong
this one might not be the case for everyone, but i’m always so so thankful when my friends don’t make a scene when i’m overloaded. it’s embarrassing when people start to ask questions and if someone acts like it’s a big problem, that’s even worse.

6. Let the person stim in whatever way they want
even if the stims seem weird, their comfort is the most important thing in this moment. if they request stim toys or their personal items like their bag or phone, give it to them. they desperately need the stuff and now’s not the time to be preaching about how dependent we are on technology.

To deal with:

1. Try to recognize the signs as quickly as possible
is your heart racing? are you sweating for no apparent reason? feeling tightness in your chest or lightheadedness? it’s probably a good time to find a quiet spot or bust out a stim toy.

2. Don’t try to control your stimming/echolalia
trying to stop yourself from stimming really doesn’t help. i know you don’t want to cause a scene, but you need to get rid of the excess sensory input in order to calm down. if you really want to conceal your echolalia, hold your phone up to your face, everyone will assume you’re talking to someone.

3. Bring your stim toys/comforting objects with you!
i know my stim toys/comfort objects tend to be bigger, but just bringing a spinner, headphones, or a clicky pen or even hobby items like a knitting project can help. most other autistic people i know have stim bags that they keep on them, and that’s great for sensory overloads! bringing scented items helps me a whole lot, because smells tend to calm me down.

4. Grounding techniques
anything to remind you where you are/that you’re still real and in the present is helpful. rubbing your hands together (but not so much that they start to feel numb), touching something slightly warm/slightly cool, pressure stimming, or covering your ears can be very grounding.

5. Drink some water/eat some food afterwards
this one’s really important, you need to stay hydrated especially! i know it seems beaten into the ground, but some room temperature/cool water really helps me after because drinking is a grounding sensation to me. food might not be the best idea if you get queasy, but beverages are helpful.

6. Treat yourself after!
aside from getting yourself a pick-me-up in the form of food and a beverage, do something nice. eat that special food you love, do one of your favorite hobbies, play your favorite game an hour longer than usual. you deserve it.

#??? - On rare occasion, an Eevee can be affected by more than one environmental factor, and reacts to grow into a new, rare evolution. It is virtually unheard of to find Psychic/Fairy Eeveelutions naturally in the wild; rather, they can be found among Trainers and families as life long companions. An Eevee will only evolve into a Psychic/Fairy type when it has been raised from a young age by an individual with whom it has built a strong relationship of trust, affection, and friendship - and has not been exposed to any conflicting stimuli. They exude an intoxicating aura from the gem on their chest that weakens feelings of hostility and anxiety, as well as heightens endorphin production. As a result, they are known to be excellent emotional support Pokemon. These Eeveelutions are able to sense the intentions anyone who draws near, and will use their psychic abilities to viciously attack any opponent who wishes harm to their loved ones. Though they are not typically fighters at heart, they are very capable in battle, and are unfleeting in their protection of those they care for.

Named: Empatheon

Other dual-type Eeveelutions

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In 1920, John B. Watson and his graduate student, Rosalie Rayner, carried out a social experiment that was disturbing and cruel. The Little Albert experiment aimed to demonstrate human conditioning by traumatising an emotionally stable child so much that he developed a phobia.

For this study they chose a nine-month old infant from a hospital referred to as “Albert” for the experiment. Watson followed the same procedures which Pavlov had famously used in his experiments with dogs. At the start of the experiment, Baby Albert was shown a white laboratory rat which he played with. Then, Watson and Rayner made a loud sound behind Albert’s back by striking a suspended steel bar with a hammer each time he touched the rat. After several such pairings of the two stimuli, Albert was presented with only the rat. Upon seeing the rat, Albert got very distressed, crying and crawling away. He now associated the white rat with the noise and developed a phobia. The tests didn’t stop there.

Watson and Rayner introduced Albert to a rabbit, a dog, a fur coat and finally “Santa Claus” all of which he displayed signs of fear toward. The experiments lasted for three months, with baby Albert living in a make-shift nursery. No efforts were made in order to desensitise him from his ordeal, and he grew up with the fear of furry animals still installed in him.

Police Sirens

so our police cars got an update with their Howler/Rumbler Sirens, that vibrates cars hard around you as well as giving a sick bass in conjunction with the wailing. this is to get people’s attention, even if their music is loud.

do you think some police bots like get a thrill from this as they’re chasing the criminal, a buzz that comes from the vibrations
do you think some criminals start shit specifically for that? some of them are unintentionally wired to react to that kind of stimuli [high pitch noise w/subsonic vibrations] and get their own thrill to hearing/feeling that while being chased, which is why they provoke the cops

Police sirens also adds that low frequency noise to anything coming out of the PA… so imagine, for the cop to sound more threatening when trying to pull a criminal over :’D Do you think sometimes they tap into that low-frequency feature outside of siren situations? During investigations, Prowl turns on his b a s s voice and the suspect is like ‘wtf’

do you think some cops have different frequencies of alarms? light fun competitions to see who’s the loudest howler.  cops traveling in packs like wolves and their alarms sound different to make the pack sound larger and the criminal more likely to give in when they hear just how many heads are after him. Sirens used to communicate with each other if their coms are down. 

one cop bot who utilized their siren features into some sick Cybertronian beats.
Getting spooked causes their siren to go off. depending on how loud they are, it can be deafening. Do not startle a police bot under any circumstances. 

also imagine if they utilized their sirens like this 


Blindfolded, Bound and Gagged (Dylan O’Brien smut)

Summary: Dylan teaches you a lesson


Warnings: there’s a lot of things I should flag lmao…bondage, blindfolds, gags, overstimulation, vibrators, BDSM, orgasm denial, dirty talk, sir kink, dom!Dyl. Long story short, THIS IS ABSOLUTE FILTH. 

A/N: You’re lying if you say this isn’t your wet dream.

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Everything was on fire.

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Starfinder: The Races

Space: It’s Not Just For Elves Anymore!

In Starfinder, the world of Golarion has vanished under mysterious circumstances; its peoples having long since been relocated to the futuristic Absalom Station, or the far flung corners of the Galaxy. The various races of Pathfinder (Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Half-Orcs, etc) still exist, but lack the same dominance on the galactic scale that they enjoyed on Golarion. Instead, the demographics of the Pact Worlds have taken on a new form; one featuring a few familiar faces (especially for people who have played the Iron Gods adventure path), and some newcomers to the galactic scene.


Navasi, the Iconic Envoy.

Homeworld: Golarion (Former), Absalom Station

Patron Deity: Aroden (Long Deceased God of Humanity. Modern Humans tend to worship an array of other deities, including Abadar, Iomedae, Desna, Shelyn, Zon-Kuthon, Besmara… They’re too multifarious to be pinned down to one patron, see?)

Humans, with their relatively short lives and boundless adaptability, have taken to the shock of the Gap better than most of the other Golarion races. (The Elves are not taking it well, for the record). As such, they’ve managed to secure a major position on the galactic stage. No matter where you look, there they are. 

Curiously, there are Humans that aren’t from Golarion, having evolved independently on other worlds.There are also rumors that the ancient civilization of Azlant had (at one point) managed to build their own interstellar civilization. However, as Azlant was ancient history when _Golarion_ was young, the veracity of this remains to be seen… though the Starfinder Society would certainly be interested.


Iseph, the Iconic Operative

Homeworld: Androffa (Former), Golarion (Former), Absalom Station

Patron Deity: Triune (Tri-Aspected Deity of Artifical Intelligence, Computers, and The Drift)

Androids are a type of biosynthetic lifeform designed to resemble a human being. Thanks to their inherent nanite-based systems, androids are almost indistinguishable from humans in many ways, save for the glowing circuitry on their skin and their limited emotional capacity.

Androids were invented on the ancient world of Androffa; a highly advanced civilization which eschewed magic in favor of science and technology. The Androids were one of their most brilliant creations; unlike normal constructs, Androids are ‘alive’ enough to possess a soul and true consciousness. As a result, Androids enjoy the same benefits (and vulnerabilities) as a purely biological creature. It’s even possible to see undead androids in places with a heavy necromancer population.

Androids first arrived on Golarion when the Androffan ship Divinity crashed into the country of Numeria, bringing advanced technology with it. Though the strange science of Androffa remained isolated to Numeria for many years, at some point during the Gap the process for mass producing Androids was reverse engineered and perfected. As a result, Androids have long been an underclass in galactic society, having only recently been recognized as an independent species.

Androids tend to reject many of the trappings of human society, electing to forge their own path. Some Androids (like Iseph, above) choose to reject the concept of gender, claiming that any such traits were artificially imposed by humans. Others reject the customs favored by humanity, embracing their machine-nature or seeking to create their own culture. All Androids are cognizant of their former nature as slaves, and some are fearful that unscrupulous corporations seek to restore the former status quo. 

Androids are built to be very fast and intelligent, but their status as former slaves and artificial nature make it difficult for them to engage in more interpersonal pursuits. They make excellent Technomancers, Mechanics, and Operatives. Some Androids, seeking to improve the standing of their peers, have also worked to overcome their limited emotional capacity and become Envoys. 

An interesting fact about Androids is that, while their bodies are technically immortal, their souls are not. An Android lives approximately 100 years (with their body aging appropriately), at which point their soul departs to the afterlife and their body enters a period of nano-rejuvenation. When the body reaches peak health (and possibly a new appearance) once more, a new soul is ‘born’ into the body with little more than their basic programming. This is the closest thing Androids have to reproduction, and some Android bodies have been active since the days of Ancient Golarion.


Quig, the Iconic Mechanic. (With his Drone, Scout).

Homeworld: Akiton (though some can trace their origins to Golarion)

Patron Deity: La Shu Po (Goddess of Night, Rats, and Thieves)

Also known as “Ratfolk”, Ysoki are a rodentine species native to the red planet of Akiton. Ysoki have been traveling between their native planet, Golarion, and Castrovel for generations, thanks to the magical portal systems that linked the worlds. With Golarion gone and the advent of The Drift, many Ysoki have turned to conventional space travel, but their reputation of traders and travellers hasn’t changed. Ysoki are incredibly skilled with technology and tend to favor unique and intriguing items over credits. It’s not uncommon for a young Ysoki mechanic to get their start by repairing an old machine they rescued from the junkpile. They make excellent Operatives, Technomancers, and Mechanics. Many also become Soldiers, collecting an arsenal of interesting equipment and tailoring it to their precise needs. 

One of the most iconic traits of the Ysoki is their communal nature; one rivaled only by the insectoid Shirren. The Ratfolk are deeply protective of their kin (or those they perceive as kin) and will go any length to help them. Never harm a Ysoki unless you’re prepared to deal with all of their friends and family; they’re not ones to leave such insults unavenged. 


Obozaya, the Iconic Soldier.

Homeworld: Vesk Prime (and the other worlds in the Veskarium)

Patron Deity: Damoritosh (God of War, Duty, and Conquest)

The Vesk were, for centuries, the sworn enemies of the Pact Worlds. Fiercely militant, with a culture revolving around honor and conquest, the interstellar empire of the Veskarium conquered much of their corner of the galaxy, and their attempted conquest of the Golarion System is the reason why they became the Pact Worlds in the first place. It wasn’t until the arrival of the Swarm (a brutal insectoid hivemind that threatened to consume both sides in the war) that the Veskarium and the Pact Worlds set aside their interests in favor of mutual survival. The truce born from this incident has lasted to the present day, if only just. 

Ironically, the warrior code of the Veskarium is actually helping things along in that regard. Only those who have proven themselves in combat are capable of holding political power in the Veskarium. However, the Veskarium doesn’t particularly care what sort of combat you’re involved in, or who the target actually is. As a result, the Pact Worlds are flush with glory-seeking Vesk, whose law-abiding and honorable natures make them ideal mercenaries, bodyguards, and security personnel. Though, don’t think that them being law-abiding means you can walk all over them; Vesk culture has a lot of provisions for honor duels and blood debts.

That’s also not to say that all Vesk are Soldiers. Many are merchants and craftsmen, while a growing number have embraced the academic pursuits of the Pact Worlds in order to become scientists, or even Technomancers. Other Vesk are fond of the more philosophical pursuits of the Solarian (whose focus on melee combat meshes well with Vesk tradition) and the Mystic. 

One thing that many non-Vesk have trouble with is identifying the gender of their reptilian companions. Vesk have very limited sexual dimorphism, and their warrior focused culture doesn’t make much of a distinction between genders to begin with. The easiest way to distinguish a Male Vesk from a Female is to look at their skin coloration; females (like Obozaya, above) have brighter colored scales with shades of blue and yellow, while men have duller, earth-colored tones. 


Raia, the Iconic Technomancer 

Homeworld: Castrovel

Patron Deity: Yaraesa (Goddess of Knowledge, Science, and Scholarship)

Lashunta are a species of telepaths, renowned in the Pact Worlds for their focus on scholarship and mental perfection. Their homeworld, Castrovel, is home to some of the most prominent institutions of higher learning in the Pact Worlds, and some have travelled across the Drift for lightyears in order to get an education there.

The Lashunta are actually two subspecies; Damaya Lashunta (like Raia, above) are taller, and known for their beauty and force of personality. Korasha Lashunta are much shorter than Damaya, but far more muscular. Lashunta mature into one of the two subspecies at puberty based on environmental stimuli; those born into more communal and civilized environments become Damaya, while those in harsher environments tend to become Korasha. 

In the past, the Lashunta’s strictly matriarchal society meant that these two subspecies were almost exclusively the domain of a single gender; female for Damaya, and male for Korasha. As men were expected to serve as soldiers while women were placed in charge of the cities, it was extremely rare for a young Lashunta to mature into the “opposite” sub-species, and early scholars who encountered the Lashunta through magical portals mistook this evolutionary adaptation for a form of extreme sexual dimorphism. Shifting cultural norms (and improvements in hormone therapy and medical technology) mean that modern Lashunta are free to choose what sub-species they become at puberty. 

Regardless of their sub-species, all Lashunta are intellectuals at heart, and favor classes that allow them to pursue mental perfection; many choose to become Technomancers or Mechanics, while others enjoy the more esoteric intellectual pursuits offered by Mystics or Solarians. Damaya Lashunta on Castrovel tend to become Envoys, while Korasha often become Soldiers.


Altronis, the Iconic Solarian.

Homeworld: Kasath (Former), The Idari

Patron Deity: Talavet (Goddess of Storytelling, Community, and Self-Reliance)

Four-Armed humanoids from the distant desert world of Kasath, no Kasatha living in the Pact Worlds remembers their native planet, because all Kasatha travelled to the Pact Worlds on a massive generation ship known as the Idari centuries ago, when their homeworld’s sun was about to go nova. Unable to colonize Akiton as they had originally planned, the Kasatha have instead converted the ship which had long served as their home into a massive space-station.

Kasatha society is heavily structured around tradition. Scholar-Priests known as adata preserve thin-slices of the brains of the deceased in order to preserve their memories and knowledge for future generations. Other Kasatha draw their lineage from various noble houses on the Idari, who have traditionally served as navigators, pilots, and ship officers. With the transition from being a Generation Ship to a Space Station, many of these noble houses are struggling to find a new purpose, leading many of their scions to seek out other pursuits.

The Kasatha are the ones who introduced the Solarian philosophy (known as the Cycle) to the Pact Worlds. Their introspective, philosophical nature also makes them excellent Mystics, while those more martially inclined Kasatha who aren’t disciples of the Cycle may elect to become Soldiers. The natural agility and speed of Kasatha also make them excellent Operatives, though the Operative’s tendency to operate on the fringes of society runs counter to the traditions of the Idari (not much of a Fringe on a generation ship, after all). Not that that hasn’t stopped some particularly brash Kasatha from pursuing such professions.


Keskodai, the Iconic Mystic.

Homeworld: Unknown

Patron Deity: Hylax (Goddess of Diplomacy, First Contact, Friendship, and Peace).

One of the most terrifying forces in the galaxy is The Swarm; a race of Locust like creatures that travelled from world to world, consuming all they encountered before moving on. Most members of the Swarm are simply part of a hivemind, having abandoned individuality long ago. At some point, however, a sub-colony of the Swarm underwent a mutation, regaining their sense of self and rejecting the mindless consumption of their kin. This subcolony would eventually become the Shirren,and came to settle peacefully in the Pact Worlds.

Shirren are an insectoid species with a chitnous exoskeleton, compound eyes, and large antennae which aid in telepathy. They possess six limbs; two arms, two legs, and two weak “mating arms” used for reproductive and ceremonial purposes. The Shirren species has three genders (male, female, and host), and their children spend two years as larva. Many Shirren use specially designed transparent containers to house their larval children, allowing them to safely observe the world while communicating with their parent telepathically. It’s not uncommon for Shirren to take their larva with them on long expeditions or adventures; in the hopes of granting them a variety of experiences.

The Shirren’s former nature as members of a hivemind has made them deeply communal; they are excellent collaborators, though their past connection with the Swarm makes other races slow to trust them. Their desire to understand and form connections with others make them ideal Mystics, though it’s not unheard of for them to pursue the path of the Solarion. Some, eager to atone for the harm caused by their mindless kin, elect to become Soldiers; their hardy nature makes these more martially oriented professions a sound choice the Shirren emphasis on diplomacy and friendship draws many of them to the path of the Envoy, though it takes a lot of dedication to excel at this path. 

Despite their communal nature, Shirren are also literally addicted to individualism; making choices floods them with endorphins, and some Shirren become “option junkies”, constantly making trivial choices in order to achieve a blissful high.  

Everything Else Under The Stars

Of course, just because these are the most common races doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones. All of the races of Golarion still exist (either on Absalom Station, or elsewhere in the Galaxy), and the core rulebook is set to come with conversions for all of the Core Pathfinder Races. Wanna be a Space Elf? No problem!

Conversions of other classic Pathfinder races will be released in future books. Don’t wanna wait? No problem! The Core Rulebook also has guidelines for converting any existing Pathfinder race to their Starfinder equivalent, and Rogue Genius Games is already planning to release a book (The Starfarer’s Companion) filled with Paizo-Approved conversions (not to mention a few new options). 

If that’s not enough, many of the alien races you’ll encounter during your exploration of the Pact Worlds and beyond are also playable! Wanna be a Space Goblin? How about a floating brain? Or a space pirate that glides through the vacuum of space? The Alien Archive is set to be filled with dozens of new alien species, many of them available as options for Player Characters. 

And don’t worry if you’re playing Starfinder Society; members of the Wayfinder faction can unlock all sorts of alien races for play by completing storylines. Make first contact in one season, and you can play as that species in the next! 

Starfinder is set up to have one of the most interesting racial makeups in tabletop gaming in years. What are you gonna play? 

Elemental Mars & Anger

Water Mars: Deep emotional anger, anger is almost always associated with an emotional stimuli. High chance of being angry criers. Anger is held deeply inside the psyche. Emotions overflow into the anger, making the anger more overwhelming for longer.

Earth Mars: Slow to anger but angry for a while. Usually has a couple different reasons for anger. Tries not to show ugly anger. High tolerance for control of anger but does have a limit. Harbors anger but tries not to let it cloud their ambitions.

Air Mars: fleeting anger that is usually suppressed by logic. Verbal attacks, or rational attacks. Either eeriliy calm when super angry, or go completely batshit. No in between. Unpredictable anger when reached a certain limit.

Fire Mars: Impulsive anger. Quick to ignite but flutters out quickly. Anger and passion can be blurred by others. Can swing into and out of anger. Emotionally driven anger, but not as deep as Water. Dry anger that usually is loud and brash, demands to be noticed.

What if humans are one of the only species that has involuntary responses to emotions and aliens just find it really annoying?

Like you’re just relaxing, watching a horror movie with your crewmates, and it’s so scary your claws start coming out and your hair starts to fluff up— then suddenly, at the scariest moment, the human just starts making this godawful high pitched sound that makes your ears hurt.

Or you’re watching a comedy and suddenly the human just starts dying. Their breathing speeds up and they start clutching their sides and rocking around, all while making these little yelping noises— you’re just about to call the medics when the human manages to choke out that they are just laughing. Apparently what you took for death throes are actually this species’ normal reaction to funny stimuli. Your confusion then makes the human do it more and louder.

Maybe your human friend breaks up with their SO and you’re comforting them and they start doing it again and you think that you’ve cheered them up. But then, last time they made this noise, they were just breathing quickly— now they’re releasing all these fluids from their eye sockets and nostrils and, while you really want to comfort them because they’re your friend, it’s hard not to recoil in disgust.

Humans are just so loud! If they cut themselves they yelp, if they trip over they shout, if they stub their toes they swear. Species with sensitive hearing can barely be around humans at all, because just hearing them raise their voices in an argument is enough to cause headaches that last for hours.

Alien (and human) entrepreneurs make their fortunes selling noise cancelling headphones for aliens working on human ships.

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-The scientist who discovered juvenile hormone (v important in insect development: for example, cuticle hardening) used it to print his initials on a bug. Also his name was Sir Wigglesworth, and that will never stop being wonderful to me.

-insects were the first critters to figure out flight and this is a huge part of why they’re so dang diverse.

-insects have a–i forget the word, but basically, rather than all their nervous system processing being centralized in their brain, it’s spread out along smaller processing centers along their notochord (spinal chord, basically). This means that a lot of their perceptions and responses to stimuli don’t even make it all the way to their main brain– it’s handled more locally. This is also why an insect can get along pretty well without any number of body parts including its head–what will typically get it is dehydration from moisture loss from the missing part. It’s a really, really different experience of being that we probably aren’t very well equipped to understand as humans.

-pillbugs/rolypolys/wood lice aren’t actually insects. They’re the only truly terrestrial crustacean, and they have gills specialized for breathing on land so long as they stay damp (book lungs).

-Scorpions can feel sunlight and moonlight with their exoskeleton.

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I saw your last post and is really confused, I didn’t know that the Shiro who come back wasn’t the real one! So know I wonder if we even watch the same serie? Do you watch that one from Netflix? And if you do how many seasons does it have for you?

oh no no it’s the same show!! There’s no definitive answer as to whether this Shiro is “real” or not. Right now it’s all just theories. But “Operation Kuron” basically means “Operation Clone” and there are lots of meta about the concept of a “clone Shiro” being used to infiltrate Team Voltron in case you’re interested! Common cited stuff to support the theory include: 

  • Kuron’s different tone of voice (pitch isn’t the same as season 1-2 Shiro) and there’s no reason to do that if they’re not the same character
  • The project being called Kuron
  • Kuron’s “weird headaches” and fixation on Voltron as proof of mind control (hearing it is like a signal word and he snaps into action whenever it comes up in The Journey)
  • His character focus episode just being called The Journey While Season 1-2 Shiro’s specified the title as Shiro’s Escape
  • In one of Kuron’s flashbacks, they check for reaction to “optic stimuli” which is supposed to signal normal brain activity, and I can see them having to do that if they trying to create a clone
  • Kuron’s flasbacks at the lab showing another Shiro strapped to a medical table and looking unresponsive (like a failed clone)
  • Shiro’s prisoner ID (117-9875) being different from Kuron’s experiment one (Y0XT39) and I honestly don’t see any reason why they’d change it
  • Thematic significance of Kuron’s haircut and how it relates to Pidge’s–both cutting their hair to assume an identity and infiltrate some form of military for information, Katie as Pidge at the garrison and Kuron as “Shiro” in Team Voltron
  • Kuron is the only one with a different casual outfit design, and it’s so we’ll be able to more easily tell him and Shiro apart 
  • Kuron seems to just think and act very differently from Shiro. To the point where it’s not just because of galra recapture and I think he’s genuinely just a whole other person
  • All the subtle hints dropped in The Journey’s dialogue, like “My name is Shiro, I’m a paladin of Voltron. But I was captured…I think,” and “You’re on the wrong side of this war!
  • Kuron’s arm is different from Shiro’s (Shiro’s whole arm lights up and has those geometric lines down the whole forearm, with Kuron it’s only his hand that lights up)
  • Haggar’s “Evil Shiro” in season 1 foreshadowing a possible second Shiro under galra control
  • In the original series, Takashi Shirogane had a brother Ryou Shirogane. But they looked like twins. Instead of killing off Takashi and bringing in his brother like in Golion, the dub of Voltron had “Sven” just disappear and come back again. A “clone Shiro” would be a way to kind of merge the idea of them being two separate people in one version and yet the same in another. So basically, Kuron could very well be our Ryou
  • The Black Lion rejected Kuron at first. And even when she did let him back in, the screens “glitched.” This likely reflects Kuron’s own status as a flawed clone (like the headaches) and shows how his bond with his Lion is fractured, unlike the other paladins’
  • Kuron has never once used the Black Bayard like Shiro, even after being accepted back into the Black Lion
  • Kuron’s first scene in The Journey is very much like a metaphorical birth. He starts off in the quintessence tank like he’s in the womb. Then he opens his eyes for the first times and gets his first real glimpse of the world. Then, he tries to get up and leave, but falls down and has to basically relearn how to walk. From a narrative standpoint, the imagery here makes more sense if this is someone whose just been reborn 

There’s lots of other stuff to this theory but these are just the basics off the top of my head. Hope that helps!

A Psychoanalysis of Bucky Barnes and a look into Sebastian Stan’s acting skills.

Fuck I just watched this video and the winter soldier/civil war feels came crashing back and I’m crying because hell Seb’s acting is unbelievable and I’m hormonal and pmsing and I just hate when this random shit hits me for no reason. Look under cut for my rant!!!

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