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  • Way too often when I play Mercy in Overwatch: Girls always play Mercy I swear.
  • Me: Actually my most played character is Lucio by a pretty wide margin, followed by Pharah, but I'm playing more Mercy lately because I can focus her heals more. And I don't actually TRY to main healing classes, but wouldn't you know it 9 times out of 10 I hop into a comp game and 4 manboys with something to prove instalock as DPS classes. Eventually a couple will begrudgingly switch to tanks, leaving me to heal their stupid asses because I'm the only one who will play what the team needs as opposed to strictly what I want.

As anyone with eyes, ears, and internet access can gather, our current world is a frightening heap of deep structural inequality, unchecked global power, and incoherent mass media. Despite the warm comfort that comes with brain-melting repetitive labor, your worry-addled skull still needs a hand every now and again if you want to make it to lunch without hyperventilating. That’s why the Cracked Dispensary and the Cracked Store are here with a list of stuff to help you take refuge in your mind, man. It’s all going to be OK. 

We don’t know if it’s due to growing up on hyper-stimulating video games or if there’s something in the water, but people today are more fidgety than Kramer after … well, anything at all. Stop biting your fingernails and cracking your knuckles, and try giving this weighted desk toy a spin. After a few days of mindful whirling, you’ll impress your cube neighbors with your pointless prowess and improve your focus on work duties.  Usually $60, get this Stress Spinner here for $19.99.

De-stress With These 8 Home Life Products


i just wanted to get a picture of chaz and travis but…

Lazy Day In With B.A.P

When you get to spend a rare lazy day at home with them.

Yongguk – He’d be tempted to work even from home. It’s not so much that he’s a workaholic as that he feels driven to not fall behind. But if you stood behind him, wrapped your arms around his shoulders and whispered ‘please?’ into his neck he’d relent. Honestly this man would do anything in his power for you. The day would be laid back filled with movies, discussion about life, and things that have been on his mind recently (excluding work). Also if you gave him a massage or something that was just for him he’d feel his stress melt away. It’s not often he’s the one who’s looked after so he’d find it very touching.

Himchan – A day of naps, snuggles, and coffee. Himchan would want to shake off the outside world for a while. All the stress to remain cheerful, handle negative comments and expectations takes a lot of energy. Your place would become a haven, a space to feel safe and loved. He’d be extremely affectionate throughout the day. Small touches here and there and considerations like tucking your hair behind your ear or bringing you fresh coffee. Simple, but enough to let you know he’s paying attention to your needs. He’d also want to catch up on anything you’d want to tell him. He’d feel guilty about being so busy or gone all the time so he’d find peace in losing himself in you for a while.

Daehyun – Daehyun is a man of many appetites. He doesn’t go half in for anything so he would like a day spent in bed with you. The only breaks he’d want would be to get a snack to refuel. Even in between rounds he’d want to soak up the feeling of you in his arms, your smell on his skin, all his senses being surrounded by you and the bond you share to keep him satisfied during the lean times when he’s away on tour. The day would range the spectrum of quiet relaxation to laughing and teasing. He’d go from super sweet to such a little shit it’d be hard to resist hitting him with a pillow. Oh what the hell, go ahead and do it. He’d just laugh about it anyway.

Youngjae – If he knew it was going to be a lazy day for you both he’d turn off your alarm and bring you breakfast in bed. Afterwards he’d insist on staying in pajamas all day and calling for delivery rather than cooking. There would be games of some sort for low key intellectual stimulation. Video games, playing cards or board games. The medium wouldn’t matter but seriously you’d have to let him win if you didn’t want him pouting the rest of the day. Then he’d do something utterly and ridiculously sweet like have you take a bubble bath while dinner was delivered. When you came out there would be candles and the table would be laid out. If you were pleased he’d be shyly proud of himself.   

Jongup – As boundless as his energy seems, he could flip a switch to chill and hang with you at home. He’d totally want to do something like build a fort in the living room, watch movies and drink hot cocoa all day. Uppie’s attention would sometimes wander from the movie to you. He’d love to see you get immersed in a different world. It’d be relaxing for him to watch you reacting to everything on the screen and just be in the moment with you. But only if you were unaware of it. If you caught him, he’d blush and be too embarrassed to make eye contact. If you leaned over and gave him a kiss he’d be all grins again.

Zelo – For him to relax enough to take part in something even remotely called ‘lazy’ you’d have to do something active first. Even if it’s just walking Mochi in the neighborhood. Let him be outside for a bit and he’d settle down to have some quiet time with you. Movies, TV shows, whatever catches your fancy. Curling up with you on the couch he’d want you to rest or lean against him. He’s still in that phase where he wants to feel like the manly grown up looking after someone. After a while he’d get antsy though and probably want to raid the closet. There would be some interesting combinations during your impromptu fashion show and the two of you would laugh your butts off.​

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So I'm neurotypical and trying to understand the spoon theory, what happens when someone runs out of spoons? What does a rest period entail, how would I write it?


Spoons for physical disability and spoons for mental illness do work a little differently. This’ll be a tutorial on spoons for mental illness.

When you run out of spoons, it’s basically the same as being mentally exhausted. Every person will has their own specific methods to deal with a lack of spoons, so I’ll go into some guidelines and some examples, and hopefully you’ll be able to make your own if you don’t find the perfect fit!

As a general rule, once you start getting low on spoons, the ability to act ‘’normal’’ goes wayyy down. Your characters will probably be less adapt at socializing and reading emotions, bright lights and loud noises will go from minor irritants to Big Problems. Characters who stim might take a break to go stim in the bathroom, or enact a soothing ritual of some kind. They might also isolate themselves so they don’t feel pressured to perform social labour.

You ever hear of someone bursting out into tears over a super minor inconvenience, like the wifi taking to long to connect? This sort of thing is most likely to happen when someone has no spoons left and isn’t processing things properly/ can’t hold back all the built up emotions or reactions anymore.

People who are low on spoons will probably try to stick to task that dont require too much mental engagement, like stimming or folding the laundry, or may nap or go to bed to recover some energy.

A couple of more specific examples include

Overstimulation is when your brain tries to process a bunch of stimuli all at once and glitches out. It’s common with autism, social anxiety, type 1 schizophrenia, ect. Basically you’ve had Too Much!!! To much what?? Talking, socializing, bright lights, noise, ect. You’ve run your brain ragged trying to keep up with stuff.

A rest period for overstimulation is going to involve quiet time like lying in a quiet, dark room for 15 or 20 minutes to let the brain get used to existing again. stimming, performing a soothing ritual, touching soft things or cuddling with a pet is also great!! Especially if you can keep the lights off for a while.

Say the character ran out of spoons because they were performing heavy emotional labour, like working retail or consoling a friend through a crisis? The character in question will likely feel intense exhaustion and lack of motivation to do anything but rest. Actual emotions may be hard to come by, instead replaced with numbness until they rest and recover some spoons

understimulation can also murder your spoon count. It’s basically when you haven’t had enough stimulation or distractions to keep the mind healthy. It’s more common with extroverted characters, but if youve ever seen space shows like voltron or star trek, I’d be worried about characters running into understimulation due to the limited space and people available. It can also happen when a character is isolating themself due to poor mood. Some gentle stimulation like watching youtube videos, or existing in a public space, even if they don’t interact with any strangers would be a good way of working that off

There arent too many resources on this exact subject, but this one is definitely worth a read!

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if there’s something I missed, or if you’d like more info.