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I’ve seen this sentiment echoed on twitter several times but not on Tumblr—

We’ve all had that moment where we were desperately looking for content of our rare ship in a barren wasteland, or wading through too much content (that somehow still doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or has characterization you despise).

When something like this happens, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to commission a fic writer to write something for you. I don’t see that idea espoused enough. Pay writers to write that fic you crave! There are lots of writers out there with open commissions and flexible prices.

Stimulate the fic economy and be the change you want to read in the world!

How to Plan Dates With Your Sugar Daddy When You Have No Idea What the Two of You Should Do

You did it! You have a sugar daddy! Best friend, I’m so proud of you. You put in the hard work. You freestyled. You know how much money you want. You opened up your mouth and asked for that money, and that man agreed. But now the arrangement has started, and you’ve got to figure out what to do with this man when you aren’t rocking his sexual world that you’ll both enjoy. You’re stumped. That’s okay, best friend, I’m here for you. By the end of this post, you’ll have a list of fun things for the two of you to do. Or for you to do by yourself now that you’ve got all this money coming in.

What type of Sugar Daddy do you have?

This is key when trying to decide events. Do you have the type of man that is looking for a girl to insert some spice into his humdrum existence? Is he looking for a woman that will show him a world he never knew existed? Or does he want to be the cool kid on the block and show you his stomping grounds while you ooh and ah appreciatively? Not quite sure which guy you have? No worries. He’s probably already told you. Is he always inquiring about your life and asking what fun things you’ve done? Or asking where you’d like to go or what you’d like to do next? He’s looking for fun, and he wants you to give it to him. Is he brimming with ideas, always asking you to attend events or go to restaurants with him? Well, you lucky duck, all you have to do is sit back and say yes. Since most of us won’t get that lucky let’s move on to our next step.

What sort of things interest you?

What have you always wanted to do? What type of events have you always wanted to attend? Opera and ballet? Paintball? Gallery openings? Road trips to craft fairs? Even if these are things, you’ve never tried, even if you just saw a picture and thought it looked interesting, write it down! Dream big. Explore all of your interests and what your area holds to encourage them. You aren’t spending your money after all.

Pick conversation creators

It’s just a fact, in the beginning especially if you are new to sugaring, you’re going to be searching for things to talk about with your sugar daddy. The awkward silences will happen. Avoid that by picking activities that stimulate conversation whether you want it to or not. Go to museums, galleries, plays, aquariums, the zoo, fairs, festivals(especially festivals for things neither of you may be interested in. You’d be surprised how fun that is), classes (wine classes are a favorite of mine. You learn more about wine and fine dining which is essential for a sugar baby looking to climb the social ladder and you get to do something fun with your new sugar daddy), or concerts. All of these things help to build memories with your new guy. They also tighten your bond and the tighter your bond, the more lucrative your arrangement.

Let the city be your guide

Most cities want to attract tourists and use the locals to stimulate the economy. To help them do this, they publish lists. “50 Best places to eat” “50 best tourist attractions” “50 best spas”  You get my drift. Use these resources! Just google 50 best and the name of your city. If you live in a metropolitan area

Word of caution

If your sugar daddy is married, you’re going to want to avoid professional sporting events. You can’t control where those cameras land and you don’t want to mess up your money. If he’s an absolute sports nut introduce him to the minor leagues. Bonus points if you tell him it’s more relaxed and a perfect place for him to teach you the game and help you love it the way he does.

That’s it best friend. Let me know what you think and if any or all of these suggestions help you. 

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What's your opinion of the Basic Universal Income that's being piloted in Ontario, if I may ask?

Its a good idea.

Automation will replace jobs, and even without that the quality of Canada’s jobs is deteriorating and has been for a while.

I’ve personally experienced the financial hardships that a poor job market mixed with precarious employment represents. It put me further in debt and required me to move back home with my parents. Because of it I’m back at university (putting myself further into debt), hoping that when I graduate (again), this time that job prospects will be better.

I don’t believe you should end up in debt or poverty just because you can’t get a job. 

It will also help fix issues surrounding homelessness, access to university, access to healthcare, and stimulate the economy.

UK General Election 2017

Good Ending - Labour Party wins and inequality begins to decline, working families have more money in their pockets because of a higher minimum wage and investment in the economy stimulates growth. The need for food banks begins to decline. European environmental policy is not immediately scrapped as a result of Brexit and the tax on renewable energy sources is removed - there is no more fracking in the UK and wind farms start to pop up everywhere. This creates a demand for skilled workers and therefore jobs. The NHS begins to heal with the funding it needs, social and mental health care is also properly funded which removes much of the strain on the system, and Doctors and nurses stop quitting from chronic stress and exhaustion. We retain our access to the European single market (where 44.6% of our exports go, and 53.6% of our imports come from) and no citizen is afraid of deportation. The rail is renationalised and no one ever has to take a megabus again. Corbyn continues to make jam and things get better. Dennis Skinner sleeps with a smile on his face.

Bad Ending - The Conservatives increase their mandate giving them greater power to create a hard Brexit with no ties to the EU, while continuing to snuggle up with countries like Saudi Arabia, and Trump’s fascist America. EU environmental policy is scrapped and air pollution sky rockets, fracking and nuclear power become the default as the tax on renewables is maintained. The NHS is slowly dismantled over a long period where of the systematic underfunding of its services and overworking/underpaying of its staff makes it unfit for purpsoe, private healthcare is introduced. Higher education becomes more expensive, increasing the education divide between the rich and the poor. Lower education is also under-funded and grammar schools make a come back, further widening the gap. Scotland votes to leave the UK and the British people can’t blame them. Theresa May poses on the cover of the sun wearing the skin of dead cows, her eyes are gleaming. 

Mediocre (sort of good) Ending - Coalition between the ‘left’ parties, things get better but there is a lot of bickering and no consensus can be made about how to deal with Brexit. Working families are better off but corporations still aren’t made to pay their taxes. Everyone makes compromises and no one is really in charge, still better than the conservatives though.

True Ending - see Bad Ending 

Joke Ending - everyone votes Lib Dem!

“Is this your card?”

Castiel watched as Dean Winchester dramatically flipped over a face card and displayed it with a flourish to a hopeful Lisa Braeden.

“Uh… no,” she murmured, her face falling into disappointment.

Dean, however, continued the routine with a smile on his face, even after he made three more incorrect guesses. He might have been absolutely terrible at every magic trick he ever tried, but at least he had enthusiasm about it.

“Strike out?” Castiel asked as Dean finally sat down next to him in homeroom and began shuffling his cards.

Dean shook his head. “Nah, I wasn’t really trying. I just wanted to try the trick on someone that hadn’t seen it yet.”

Castiel smiled and propped his head up on his hand. “It looked like you nearly had it that time.”

“I know!” Dean grinned, right before a card flew out of the deck and smacked him in the face.

As terrible as Dean was at his various card tricks, Castiel couldn’t help but find it incredibly endearing. The way his face would light up when someone lied out of pity and claimed the unfamiliar card was their own was too cute for words. Especially when such escapades were coming from his seventeen year old best friend.

Their classroom was decorated with a sickening explosion of pink and red hearts that only grew more and more obvious the closer they got to Valentine’s day. Today, a few streamers had been added, as well as a cut-out of a caricature heart in a top hat.

“Any plans for Valentine’s day, Cas?”

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Do you have an economic fallacy that annoys you the most? Mine is the zero-sum fallacy.

Mine is that low interest rates and government spending stimulates the economy.
New legislation would protect your right to research - District Dispatch
FASTR would ensure that, when taxpayers fund scientific research, they are able to freely access the results of that research.

The government funds research with the expectation that new ideas and discoveries resulting from that research will advance science, stimulate innovation, grow the economy, and improve the lives and welfare of Americans. The Internet makes it possible to advance these goals by providing public online access to federally funded research and has revolutionized information sharing by enabling prompt sharing of the latest advances with every scientist, physician, educator, entrepreneur and citizen.


She had a gentle heart. Her late friend, Ser Jorah had said that once. There were times when Daenerys missed his presence as she missed Greyworm, Ser Barristan and of course her two dragons, her fiery children, Rhaegal and Viserion. She would never get over the loss, the same with Rhaego. Her children with Jon, how she loved them fiercely and would protect them with everything in her.

Her precious little dragons as she called them. Her beloved princes and princesses brought so much joy in her life. Something she had never expected to have. Actual living children and a family and she was thankful for that everyday. Daenerys would rather die than lose another child and that was what she wanted when she was in labour with Rhaelle. She was sick with childbed fever and the Maester had said that her chances were slim but Rhaelle was alive, the baby sleeping soundly in her crib and Daenerys was fine with that. She could pass peacefully knowing that her child was alright but Jon wouldn’t let her go that easily of course.

Jon was overwrought. He couldn’t lose her. What would he do without her? Ten years together and they had become too used and too dependent on each other. She was his and he was hers… And nary a day gone by where they had been separated.

Love of my life…. That was who Jon was to her. The only man who had ever broken her heart. The man she would love forever.

Daenerys pulled through and recovered and Jon was grateful. He later decided to hold a Grand Tourney once she came out of confinement and he wasn’t one for spending money, being quite the penny pinching monarch. But it was a celebratory event and every noble House was invited. The month long competition proved to be a roaring success. It stimulated King’s Landing economy with crowded overflowing taverns, inns, and brothels and increased commerce and trade in the market squares. And it was held every two years thereafter.

Play d&d and break into a suspected corrupt local government official’s house, only to find them and several others performing a ritual in the basement which will cause benign injury-free accidents regularly all around the city, thus compelling the owners of thusly damaged property to hire various city craftsmen for the repairs, thus stimulating the local economy and slowing the rate of inflation.

Find out their cult lexicon is called the Economicon.

I’d Like a living wage.

“If you get paid $15 an hour then basic things will cost more! i’m not paying $15 for a burger!” Do you pay $8.15 for a burger now? because that’s what I make. And if the minimum wage was increased it would actually help companies and businesses because more people would have money left over from after they pay for what the NEED to pay for, like bills and insurance. Us making more money will allow us to spend more money stimulating the economy and helping everyone. 

“People who are paid more earned their spot by working hard!” oh really? Do you really think that Donald Trump “worked hard” for all his money? No. it was literally handed to him and he actually cheats hard working people out of the money he owes them like a crook. Also you think bc i work in retail i dont work hard? im not allowed to sit down, i work eight hour days and if im lucky i get A SINGLE fifteen min break. I have to deal with assholes all day long who yell in my face, and managers who could care less about me. My friends have to clean nasty public toilets. my back and feet are killing me every night that i come home. I work harder than Donald Trump and a lot of CEOs. I work as hard as i can every single day, i deserve to live. I deserve to support my partner. I work for every penny i earn every single day and i know my friends do too.

“Just get a new job or get another job!” do you know how crazy that sounds? I work almost 40 hours a week and you want me to “Get another job”? i wont have time to sleep or rest or even eat because God knows i wont be able to afford taking my lunch everyday. “Get a new job.” you say? ah yes id really like to but you see, your generation is not leaving your jobs that youve had since you were fifteen years old and have been there for almost fifty years now! I CANT pull jobs out of my ass. and the jobs that i can get are only paying minimum wage. 

“Get an education then you lazy bum!” well you see Martha, i am trying to do just that. but i cant really afford that without taking student loans and going into years of debt to get a fucking piece of paper. Unlike your generation we cant just go to college for almost nothing. I am not even paid enough to live, how can you expect me to crawl out from under that debt? also because im working forty hours a week, please tell me how in the holy hell i am suppose to be able to go to school and do homework, reports, and essays while my whole day is taken up by making sure your lazy ass doesn’t have to lift a finger?

Youre a piece of shit Martha.

 I work hard. I deserve to live.


One of the most inspiring architectural documentaries I’ve seen, this offers an unsentimental (if flattering) look at efforts to reinvigorate a North Carolina town through participatory design.

At a high school where even phys ed is studied online, two architectural activists convert shop class into a hands-on course in inclusive design and construction, eventually producing a much needed public building intended to stimulate the local economy and sense of community.

Even aside from the value of their contribution to their town, the creative output of the increasingly enthusiastic teenagers seems comparable in quality to that of any architecture school. It’s a hopeful testament to the power of good practical education, grass-roots activism, and, in particular, the incredible creative potential of young people, so often underestimated within school systems and society in general.

Achievement Hunter Minecraft Kings AU Headcannon

Hear me out on this one guys- We get so much Mad King Ryan in this fandom and I love it. Love it to pieces but I’d really like to bring your attention to my new favorite thing-

Master Ryan Haywood, the Mad DAD King!

-The lads breaking into his castle to steal food and Ryan is just pissed at first but when they finally get caught he’s really impressed but worried “You’re really good at thievery and I can’t believe you made it past my guards- wait you did this all for bread? Like you have no food to eat?!”
- Ryan giving them positions around the castle and making sure they are fed.
-”You dont have a place to stay? Well stay here then of course!”

-Ryan speaking with his adviser Geoff a lot. Not because he needs the advice but because Geoff is funny and kind and honestly Geoff needs the socialization.
-Ryan being worried about Geoff drinking too much. So Ryan stays with him or makes sure he gets home safe.

-Ryan slipping extra gold into people’s pockets

-Giving lavish gifts to his court

-Ryan sending all the extra food from the palace into a village or something for less fortunate people to have

-Ryan who BUYS things rather than demand or take from his people “Its helps stimulate the economy, I can’t be a good King if my people live in poverty. Property value is going to be on the rise.”

-Festivals ALL THE TIME!

-Ryan LOVING animals. And he just keeps bring them home and making them his royal cat/wolf/squid/etc. He has a large game preserve that NO ONE is allowed to hunt off of lest they feel is wrath. And he uses it to protect animals and refugees. 

-Ryan being a good healer. Honestly, he’s so smart and dorky- if any of his subjects or members of his court come to him, he’s always game to help.


Ryan rules all major wrong doers with an iron and cruel fist. But when the crime isnt that serious or his trusted court members are involved he doesn’t know what to do?! But he feels like he should punish them somehow? Like Disappointed!Dad! Ryan?

Dad! King Ryan who fucking LOVES dad jokes.

Dad! King Ryan who is a literal disney princess when it comes to animals

Dad! King Ryan who takes ruling his kingdom seriously and is very protective

Dad! King Ryan who lives modestly

Dad! King Ryan who makes a family out of his court


Tides Unknown - Chapter 1: it begins

A reincarnation AU that comes after Birthright canon. Xander is a sailor of Nohr that meets Corrin who longs for adventure, and is headstrong despite the situation. Together they’ll embark on the seas, meet both old and new allies, face their inner turmoils, and discover the link that binds them both.

Note: there are certain quirks that may be different from the original Fates verse, due to the Birthright having a lingering effect that will be explored in time.

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have you considered running a franchise or multiple restaurants and overseeing how it all works and creating all that from the ground up and stimulating the economy in the area, is more difficult than ur $12/hr job? ofc he accrues money he sees to it that you HAVE A JOB with them and you look and say pay me more for doing less. NOT TO MEMTION minnimum wage is supposed to be a stepping stone to a larger and higher payer career :) There are reasons why capitalism is extremely successful

all that you’re telling me here is that “the people who keep our world running by cleaning up the messes of the upper class and feeding the upper class do not deserve to have enough money to survive”

no job should be a “stepping stone”. every single job that a person could have should be able to support them completely.