Are you out already? (Special DB)

Stiltsandstrokes - “getting out of the labyrinth”

Although I can’t even find the right words to sum up all the things I can say about his simple but jaw-dropping blog, I am going to try my best to make you believe that this blog is worth your time reading. It was owned by Eivan, a 15 year old poet. I don’t know if he considers himself a poet but I do. At first glance at his blog, you’ll find it too simple with a simple layout, white background, light colored text posts.

But these text posts are not just text posts. Try to read them and try to discover what’s beneath the words and trust me, you’ll see that this blog isn’t just a normal blog owned by a teenager. This blog is owned by a dreamer whose thoughts are too amazing for one simple blog to handle. His literary pieces will give you emotions your body might not even contain.

Another thing I like about his blog is that it still got a mystery ready to be unveiled. There’s something in it that is hidden which makes it more interesting.

To the blogger behind Stiltsandstrokes, I salute you.