stilts beach resort



Forgive me and my summer selfies :)

Had really fun at Calatagan, Batangas w/ Bautista, Leon and Petate Family last sunday! My last trip to the beach was back in 2009. This 2014, my first day of “summer” was really incredible since I get to go to a beach :) After all my very very toxic subjects this school year, unwinding in a place like this feels like heaven!

Review of the place:
Anyway, the place was really nice! Even though we drove for 4 hours to get there, it was all worth it. You can look it up in the net (Stilts Beach Resort). Stilts was really a great place! (I’m sorry if I haven’t taken pictures of the place :( ) They have the most accommodating crews and did I mention that it was cheap there? If I have to rate the beach from 1-10, they’ll get a 9.99 :) I’m not really good at doing a review so yah, Stilts Beach Resort = excellent!

Cheers for Summer 2014!