stillwell ave

The craziest restrooms I ever used, whether pissing or shitting. The restrooms are not in order as best to worst, visa versa. The restrooms I am mentioning are active, interior changed, moved or defunct. I’m mentioning men’s room as far as the 1970s. Some of you might have occupied.

-Washington Square Park, NYC (defunct), no doors, no booths, no privacy lines of 5 toilets in the rear of the restroom with a chain of tp at the entrance of the area. An area of urinals across each other. Now torn down and replaced with a modern restroom.

-Tompkins Park, NYC; entering with a podium of urinals, 2 regular stalls with no toilet seat attached and a large spacey handicap stall all 3 with no privacy and 3 basins directly in front, popular with homeless and vagrants.

- 71st & Continental, Forest Hills, NY subway station, began restroom with as you see in the pic above 2 toilets with low partitions and no doors in front to the model pic, to toilet stalls with doors to being shutdown when a modern restroom on the other side of the station open with a long, large handicap booth with a door, a urinal and a sink.

-Union Turnpike, Kew Garden subway station, restroom like the 71st, 2 booths with low partitions and 2 urinals side by side, last check , the rear stall has no toilet. But seen used condoms on the floor lol.

- Jamaica Center subway station NYC, 3 steel toilets with doors and no latch to lock and the handicap opens from the outside and cracks are a little wider that someone could view the other especially on the bowl. 2 streel toilets and sinks.

-179th Street F train Jamaica subway station, restroom with 2 toilet booths with doors a lg. Urinal and a small urinal along with a sink. The restroom started as a 3 stall RR with doors in front.

-NYC Penn Station Amtrak, defunct, back in the 1980s in the lower level sits 2 large men’s room with toilet stalls facing each other in the rear, where some of the doors had doors with no lock, some had no doors and 2 or more toilets in a row, in a large row urinals and basins as soon as you enter, around the early 90s the restrooms shut down were replaced by a smaller restroom on the upper level.

-NYC Penn Station Amtrak, upper level before it switch sides with the ladies room, though the stalls had doors you can still view the someone sitting on the toilet, in fact the middle stall you look right through the crack and view your neighbor in the handicap booth to your right on the toilet.

-Staten Island Ferry on the JFK boat, Don’t know if it’s still active or not, on the lower level on the left with urinals on 1 side, basins in the middle at the entrance and 4 doorless toilet stalls line from front to back with the last guy in the last booth with more privacy but he can be seen sitting on the toilet, but not directly in front as the other 3.

-Wendy’s @Union Square back in da 80s and early 90s. Open the door to the 2 stall restroom in the basement near the dining area there is a doorless toilet where anyone especially with the door opening can view your on the bowl and the urinal in the rear side. Defunct.

-Central Park, lower west side near Columbus Circle sits 2 toilet stall the first with no door and the last and handicap booth with a swinging door and no lock.

-Central Park, South of 79th St. Traverse with 3 doorless stalls at the entrance and the 1st one behind a wall entering towards 3 urinals and 2 sinks.-

-Staten Island on the Andrew J. Barberi boat, on the mid-level, though the stalls have doors, you can still view someone on the potty and the urinals on both left and right end sides are directly in front the toilet stalls

-The Prospect Park Zoo, stalls with no doors back in the late 70s, early 80s. Interior Probably change.

-Roosevelt Av. Subway station, Jackson Heights NY. First entered years ago with one toilet to a wall and no doors for privacy and another toilet directly nest to two urinals and change to one sink, one small urinal and a toilet with door .

-Central Park at Bethesda Terrace, nyc; toilet stalls are low partitions and high from bottom up. 

 -Baltimore bus station, toilet stalls are low tops and high tops -White Castle, downtown Brooklyn, sink and urinals on one side and an wide open toilet with no toilet on the other defunct. 

 -95th street subway station, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn last stop R train entering the restroom with 2 toilets next to the other open with no privacy, changed, the toilets have privacy, 

 -Metropolitan av/Lorimer Av subway station early 80s nasty with 2 urinals and 2 toilets with no doors and low partition. I remembered once enter with some dude standing in the end stall lounging and another sitting in the previous with his trousers down, looks like a gay porn scene, with other guys hanging, I was in my teens at the time and had to hurry and pee badly, defunct.

-Hoyt/Schemerhorn St. Subway Sta. 2 urinals, with 1 toilet low partition and the last booth full partition no door, defunct.

Jay Street/Boro Hall now Metrotech; Broadway/ENY now Broadway Junction, Euclid Ave & Church Avenue (F) Brooklyn, NY. All began as restroom with low partition toilets with no door, changed to full partitions with doors, move to restroom with one large handicap toilet stall or so.

-Stillwell Ave./Coney Island subway large restroom with some stalls have doors, now 2 stall restroom.

-Grand Central Station, at the west side entrance, where many booths have no doors, from late 1980′s to mid 1990′s, changed from different spots throughout the terminal now in the food court area with 2 men’s room.

-Albee Square Stall, 2 open toilet stalls with rows of urinals directly in front and the handicap has a wall, but no door. late 1980s to the Early 1990s now defunct.

Over the years, I have used plenty of crazy restroom and there are many to add, oh the restroom at Bloomingdales downstairs where there is no stalls, but private toilet rooms.

-Rockerfeller Plaza, the toilet stalls with doors across from other, while you sitting in one, you can peek at the other guy sitting across from you.

-Union Square, on the 14th street West entrance sits a restroom with 2 toilets with no partition beside the other.

-Last, Rockaway Parkway, Canarsie, NY. Entering 2 stall with the entrance door open and there sits a toilet with no door and a urinal in the other.