stillwater minnesota

Race wheels = Rocket Ship = 5 minute PR

I finished today’s Square Lake Long Course Triathlon in 5:20, my best finish in the 4 times I’ve competed at this race and good enough for 7/19 in my age group and 38 of 121 males.  The race is held in beautiful Stillwater, MN and is comprised of a 1.2M swim, 54M bike and 13M run; I have no idea why they don’t just make it Half-Iron distance.

This year I graduated to the oldest age category and started in the last wave.  I’m not wild about being thrown in with the geezers, but in retrospect I really enjoyed the back half of the run when I got to see all youngsters I passed.

At the urging of my wife, we both rented race wheels and for better or worse I don’t think I’ll do another long race without them  They sound awesome and on flat sections they’re like riding greased lightning.  I averaged 20 mph on a hilly course - for many (perhaps most) of you 20 mph on $4,000 race wheels wouldn’t be anything to brag about, but that’s the fastest I’ve ridden and it felt great.

And being chased by my wife on her way to finishing second in her age group kept me focused!

So, anyone who doesn’t live in Minnesota or Wisconsin…this is a very famous bridge that is used to cross into either state.  It has also been CONDEMNED for YEARS…like since the 80’s (Sorry, don’t know the exact year.)  The states of MN and WI have been trying to build a new bridge since, like, 1392 and every year some stupid ass person keeps filing court orders cuz “it’ll ruin the nature and blah blah blah”.  And with the collapse of the 35W bridge a few years ago advocates for a new bridge have been pushing very hard for a new one.