Looking for a Roommate

So a lot of stuff happened at the end of last semester that ended with me being roommate-less for Fall 2015 - Spring 2016; I’ve already given craigslist a chance last year and it ended super badly for me (a flooded room, a break in, and just really incompetent roommates and a sketchy landlord) so I’m going to try tumblr first. If anyone is going to Oklahoma State University in the fall, I’m looking for a roommate for an apartment i found. The apartment is a 2br, 1bth, about 605 square ft. Pets under 40 pounds are allowed, but I’m currently bringing none. Rent is $450 a month (split between two people, so $225 per person), the place is unfurnished, and we are responsible for the electricity bill. Please contact me for more info <3