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↳ 6. watchdogs (3.14)

A commission for @namidragons for their Eagle’s Heir MC, Hector!! I’m so glad that I got to draw them, I especially enjoyed working on the lineart *_* Thank you!

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Shining Romance by STARISH (Music Video Project)

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fuck now i want a ghibli-style animated movie about snamjoon and co. with the bright color palettes you use 😩😩😩😩😩👌👌👌👌👌

i tried 2 make sum fake screenshots 4 this concept! idk if it looks nice anymore,, but i spent my day on this so here u go. i couldnt come up w ideas 4 sobikook and jin in this but maybe someday ill draw them in ghibli style too!!

Still star crossed -no more it's going to get cancelled
  • They're moving still star crossed to Saturday, which means its most likely to get canceled, so come on EVERYONE PLESSE WATCH THIS SATURDAY's episode please so we don't lose this AWESOME show, we already lost sense8 because Netflix are bunch of assholes, let's fight for this show, let's not lose another great show. Please everyone he didn't watch the first three episodes, watch it now, or just simply watch the latest episode.