“Lawrence talks about this mind and body divide but we say that Clifford and Constance had this relationship of the mind but also the body, These scenes give a context to their relationship so you see when they meet and fall in love, and that makes the whole tragedy more poignant. He’s a bit pompous but I really think if he’d not had this injury they would have been happy.”

There’s a heart-wrenching scene where Sir Clifford suffers painful electric shock treatment to his private parts in a bid to revive him sexually, at least to become fertile enough to father an heir. It’s the last attempt before he resigns himself to the fact Constance will have to sleep with another man from the right social class, little knowing she’ll embark on a shocking affair with Mellors.

“The scene was terrifying. It was a weird moment as I kind of blacked out and didn’t know where I was. I’ve never experienced it before. There are moments when my eyes and veins are popping and that was real and quite scary. It was tough to film emotionally and physically and it shows how far he wanted to go for Constance’s sake, to sire an heir. So it’s deeply sad when he breaks down and says, ‘I’ve tried, I’ve tried.’ It’s a tragedy.”

He had much more fun racing around in Sir Clifford’s motorised wheelchair. “We have this take on Clifford that he’s an industrialist, a very successful man who loves machinery and technology. He recently received a motorised wheelchair and in those scenes you see Clifford at his happiest. It was lots of fun for me too. The whoops and wails you hear in the film are genuine – boys with toys. I had a go-kart! In fact, I had so much fun I had to remember to say my lines.”

- James Norton on playing Sir Clifford Chatterley in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, (X)

Photo thanks to farfarawaysite.

Once Upon a Time first look: Find out who’s training the Dark Swan

After the Darkness consumed her in the Once Upon a Time finale, Emma is going to have a little help in becoming the new Dark One, a.k.a. the Dark Swan.

EW has an exclusive first look photo from the upcoming season premiere, in which Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) appears to offer Emma (Jennifer Morrison) a hand in controlling her new powers. “If you’re going to be the Dark One, gotta learn from the best,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis coyly tease.

The real twist of this above first look lies with Rumple. The last we saw of his Storybrooke counterpart, Mr. Gold was put into a coma to save his life after the Darkness was expelled from his body.